Update: September 2020

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September Chapters
  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 8: The Adventure Officially Begins
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C3: It Has Begun, Part 3—The Bookcase
  3. Dominion's End V5C7: Meeting Saint Again
  4. Big and Little Sun Go Go 9: The Investigation Scene
  5. No Hero V8C9: The Chosen One
  6. Big and Little Sun Go Go 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?
  7. GOD V3C7: Misfortune
  8. Eclipse Hunter V2C5: The Definition of Friends

Hey all, here’s the current list of chapters we will definitely release this month. We’re working on GOD, NH, and more Big and Little Sun. If we finish, we’ll add it to the release list. If not, you’ll see them early next month! o/ (The NH chapter is super long, fufufu. We’re so close to the end! Only two chapters left of v8, and then we only have v9 left.) Expect most of these chapters near the end of the month this time.

ETA: A few more chapters have surfaced. Look forward to them!

Please look forward to our upcoming contest over at our forums. We hoped to hold it this month, but it may need to be pushed back a bit. In any case, it is on the horizon and will eventually make its way to you. Contests shall return!

Last month, Min Gui Wen won as the person the most people would want as their teacher, with Jiang Shuyu coming in second. Such eye candy, gosh… Anyway, good thing Neo didn’t win…? We worry for the 9% of you who voted for him. Good luck.

This month, the poll is about Ri Xiang Yan’s secretaries! Who should get some time off? What is time off even? This poll was from anonymous. Thank you very much.

Keep those poll ideas coming~.

5 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    Gosh its always an incredible moment when we near the resolution of a series. By my estimate we will be close to wrapping up Eclipse Hunter by the time No Hero ends if I had to theorize

  2. Ponchina

    Somehow the list of chapters keeps growing :D So excited! Do you ever do sth other than translating in your free time?!

  3. Lodi_Arz

    Pretty please can you update dominion’s end V5C8 before 12 oktober? Because I can’t read it after that. Please I beg you! I don’t want to have any lingering feelings over this. Please let me go off properly ㅜㅡㅜ

    • Haigi

      *prays for the above for their wish*

      PS: Thanks to the team for all the translations once again!!
      Just reread DE from scratch, laughing my head off all the while~

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