Update: July 2018

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July Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C8: Sewers, A Stifled Voice
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3Prologue: Prologue
  3. GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part One
  4. Dominion's End V3C10: Returning Home, Part Two

July chapters are here! We’re starting a new volume of Illusions, Lies, Truth. This next case in the series spans two volumes and is called, “In the Name of God.” Hope you enjoy! We’ll also be bringing back GOD this month. Bai Saya and Shooting Star’s adventures continue. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more chapters soon as we get our stockpile rebuilt again over the summer.

Check back soon for more news on our next contest that will be held over at our forums! It is happening this month. Don’t miss it~

Remember, we are always looking for more translators! What better time to start than now? :3 (Especially if you’re on summer vacation~)

Last month, blueberry desserts won the poll for what you regret not stocking up on for the apocalypse. Nothing like having dessert to keep you going!

This month, the poll is about getting a villain on your side, submitted by Juzefa. Who would you choose?

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

Look forward to the releases!

8 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    foolproof magic ? the only fool it point will always be me *laugh* so there’s no much different on who accompany me *another hopeless laugh* since that’s what happen, i will choose my fave between the three *evil laugh*

  2. EliSan

    Hi, PR! I’ve just visited Yu Wo’s page on facebook and noticed that “Dominion’s End” is actually translated as “Endless World” there and “Illusions, Lies, Truth” as “UnReal”. Are those the official English names? if so, will you be changing them?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Hello! Don’t worry. We’re aware of the English titles Yu Wo has given her series. Sometimes we feel like the names for some volumes or series don’t quite carry the meaning of the original Chinese titles, so we try to translate them in a way that gives the original meaning rather than always strictly following published English names.

      (Some examples I can think of include: No Hero volume 1’s title “Vampire Chamberlain” probably fitting better as “Vampire Butler”; “Dark Sun” being released as “Black Sun” on a stamp one time, but DSII’s name wouldn’t make much sense if he was Black Sun instead of Dark Sun; and No Hero volume 3’s title “Killer No Men” really should be “Non-Human Killer” unless we also called non-humans “no men” in the rest of our translations as well.)

  3. Jasae Bushae

    I know we are quite a ways off on this (maybe a year and a half?) and that this isn’t accounting for new books, But assuming PR catches up on ILT and GOD, what Yu Wo series would get picked up next?
    Kill No More? The prelude to No Hero? Gong Hua?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Um… We’ll just cross that bridge when we get there. Eventually…

  4. Jasae Bushae

    That polls a tricky one…
    I suppose id pick the Dictator of Life since 1/2 Prince has shown having someone who can reshape the world really would serve to benefit

  5. ArmadaTW

    Without Thirteen, the apocalypse would still proceed with a different aberrant as the big enemy. Awaitsun could already be said to be aiding Sun, just not from the beginning. So I think Dictator of Life is the only one that would significantly change the course of the story from the second half on. He was already aiding Prince in the beginning, and would allow Second Life to continue running as normal throughout the story instead of changing it into a story about humans vs NPC’s.

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