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Hello guys,

For a while we have been advertising that a new big contest was going to be held in July. It will be an ultimate test of 100 questions about your knowledge of the novel series that started Yu Wo’s career as a writer: 1/2 Prince. The answers to the questions can be found in all 9 volumes of 1/2 Prince and in the crossover KNM vs 1/2 Prince.

I recommend that you start preparing now as it might take a while to answer. If you could also pass the word around about the upcoming contest to all your friends who have read 1/2 Prince in the past and liked it, it would be very nice. We’re hoping this will at least bring back some of the oldest fans.

Please participate in great numbers, the prizes are going to be awesome. :D

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  1. lulumoon

    I reread 1/2 Prince at least once a year. Last time was around 4 months ago. Now I’m going to have to do so again to make sure I remember everything correctly. Do we get one chance to answer the quiz, whoever gets the most right first, or will it be scored by points?

  2. [PR]AkaiiRia

    Scored by points. In case of several ties, then it will be in order of whoever sent their answers before the others. The rules of the contest will be published during the first week of July.

  3. Kiki

    Ehhh??!?!?!? Nuuu how about a LSK one? Or a Dominon’s End one? Or a GOD one? ;-; 1/2 Prince is too difficult

    • [PR]AkaiiRia

      We already did an LSK test. There isn’t enough chapters of GOD for it to be worth a 100 question tests. We may make a DE test eventually. Just not yet.

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