Update: December 2013

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December 2013 Chapters
  1. No Hero V1Prologue: Prologue
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C4: "Birds of a Feather"
  3. Female Warrior Prologue V2C7: Number, 7, Halfleaf
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C5: "A Hero Cannot Easily Escape a Beauty's Charms"
  5. Female Warrior Prologue V2C8: Number, 8, Stalemate

Happy end of the year! We have five chapters for you this month. First up is one chapter from our newest project, No Hero! The project page for No Hero has been added to our drop down menu, and you can view the chapter listing for volume 1 as well as novel synopses for the entire series. We’ll also be bringing you two chapters each of Female Warrior and Legend of Sun Knight!

Also, we’ve updated the 1/2 Prince ebook page with an epub for 1/2 Prince Volume 9. You can grab it over here!

We are looking for a contributor to keep the character pages of each series up to date. The character page should be like Female Warrior’s where it is updated after new chapters are released to include relevant new information about the characters. You would be starting with working on No Hero’s character page from scratch, and then returning to 1/2 Prince and LSK when you have time, as they both require a lot of work. Lots of missing characters and information to add. To apply for the position, please complete this application and email it to us at admin@princerevolution.org. We will be looking for applicants with great summary skills and a good grasp of grammar! The application is just to let us know that you will be able to be self-sufficient and won’t need too much support, as we are short-handed as it is. ;) (Don’t worry, you can ask for help to recall information about the characters. You’ll be responsible for compiling all the information though!)

Have a great end of the year, and don’t forget to take a quick vote in our Year End Fanart Contest. Entries can be viewed at the link provided. The poll is to your right!

ETA: We have our contributor for our character pages! :D Next month, we will announce what prizes each winner of the fanart contest chose~

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  1. Yay, two chapters of LSK this month!
    What a wonderful Christmas gift from the PR staff ^^
    Don’t work too hard and have a merry Christmas everyone :)

  2. 5 chapters!!! *_* it’ll be the greatest New Year ever!!! Yahoo!!! Thank you a lot!!! Love you PR!!! <3

  3. thank you for the new novel and the new chapters, especially the two LSK ones. Have a merry Christmas and great new year

  4. Jasae Bushae

    I wish all the luck in second life to the brave soul who takes on 1/2 prince.

  5. *^* ah,,, merry christmas too PR staff…
    XD thank you for this… this… %$#@ gift.. *^*
    2 LSK chapter.. *^*

  6. Thanks for the extra chapters and happy holidays!

  7. Thank you for the releases, its great that you guys give time to translate and share this with all of us and have been consistent with release. Totally adore you guys. ^^

  8. Jasae Bushae

    Squee~! The coming year will be lots of fun ^^
    Legend of Sun Knights volume six and seven
    The second volume of Female Warrior
    The beginning of No Hero
    We are are the dark human squad
    and the standalone, Romance RPG
    Golly there is so much to look forward to X3

  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL…………………………………………..

  10. Happy New Year PR!!! Thank you for your brilliant and much expected work! Wish you inspiration, health, patience, free time and everithing that is needed in the new year!!! *many kisses*
    And Happy New Year to everyone! :)))

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