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Hey everyone! We had a great turn out for our Year End Fanart Contest (so many that we don’t have enough poll options to list them all separately, so if someone submitted two entries, they’re grouped together). Thanks so much for participating! We will choose two winners — one staff pick and one reader pick. Below are our entrants. Please take a quick vote in our poll, thanks! :) The poll is to the side of our site and will be closed in one week, on December 26. Had to push the schedule back a bit. The winners will be announced shortly after the polls close (but please give us some time~).

Any kind of art was fine. We received fanart entries, colorings, and also pics of plushies. Click on the “read more” to see the entries!

ETA: Thank you all for voting! The poll has now come to a close, and our winners are Entrant #5: Kiyutsuna (who happens to be staff), Entrant #18: Chibi (Staff Pick — We loved the Meatbun plushie!), and Entrant #16: Ivy (Reader Pick). Since Kiyutsuna is staff, we decided to have three winners in all.

THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING! Let us know if you’d like to see more contests! o/

Entrant 1: Smiling Sun Knight

Entrant 2: Lesus Judgment – Gonna Take a Bath [Picture was Secretly Taken by Storm]

Judgement : [said in extremely low tone] “Who took this photo? And who multiplied then distributed this on the streets?!”

Storm : “It wasn’t me! I swear!”

Judgement : “…” [gave Storm cold glare]

Storm : “Sob… I said it wasn’t me…”

Pope : “Actually, I ordered him to do that.” [calmly sipped his tea]

Judgement : “…” [gave the Pope cold glare]

Pope : “Hey, I just wanted to increase the reputation of this church! And as icons, the Twelve Holy Knights must be the first to gain it. Especially you, Judgement. People always see you as a scary entity. If we could change that, at the very least every women in the country must be head over heels to you.”

Sun : “It’s not fair! Why only Judgement? Why didn’t you use my photo too?”

Earth : “Yeah! You should’ve used my photo!”

Pope : “Earth, you already have too much fangirls. Adding it even more would not be too much profit for us if compared to the profit we’ll get from Judgement’s fangirls. And Sun, you are the embodiment of beauty, not sexiness. Nowadays women prefer sexy men over beautiful men.”

Sun : “… So you said I’m not prefered?”

Pope : [sipped his tea] “I guess you already know the answer.”

Sun : “…” (“I really want to strangle him.”)

Pope : [glared at Sun] “Don’t you even dare think about that.”

Sun : (“Sh*t, he knew!”) [set an innocent expression] “What? What exactly did I think just now?”

Hell : [entered the room] “Knight-Captain Judgement, I just caught a woman who had tresspassed into your room. This is the fourth time today.”

Judgement : “………”

Entrant 3: No Hero

Entrant 4: 1/2 Prince, Gui and Xiao Lan

Entrant 5: Cold Fox and Kenshin, Hair Train

Entrant 6: Facing the Darkness

Entrant 7: Judgment and Sun, Meatbun and Ohmygod

Entrant 8: Meatbun-bun, Guardian Angel

Entrant 9: Sun Knight

Entrant 10: Gui

Entrant 11: Small Miracles

Entrant 12: Half Prince Christmas

Entrant 13: Sun and Judgment

Entrant 14: Smiling and Mad Sun, Blind Sun and Whitey

Entrant 15: Grisia Sun and Sweets

Entrant 16: Grisia and Lesus

Entrant 17: Merry Christmas, Storm!

Entrant 18: Meatbun Plushie

Entrant 19: Sun Without His Memories

Entrant 20: Christmas Grisia and Lesus, Promise

As a reminder, the winners can get one free request ticket of PR (terms and conditions apply, reasonable requests only)
Winner can, for example:
1) Request an unpublished chapter or two
2) Hear PR karaoke/audiobook
3) Be a PR groupie for a while (with tour and all)
4) Something else???!! (such as some LSK or Half Prince merchandise~)

Looking forward to your vote and your comments!

33 Responses

  1. So many awesome pictures.

    Congrats to the winner, whoever you are in the end.

  2. They all look so good! (≧∇≦)great job everyone!!!

  3. They’re all so amazing! I can’t choose!
    I can’t wait to see who’s the winner!

  4. There’s a Meat bun bun plushy XD

  5. ~RenTheWItch~

    I fell in love with entries 15 and 16!

  6. BISHHIIIEEE JUDGE!!!!! -nosebleeds-

  7. i like entries 7 , 11 , and 16 …. sun and judgement just looks oh so good together !!! so yummy licious~

  8. ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I really love the Hair Train!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee and funny!!!!!!!

    great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  9. I like 5, 14 and 20 reindeer judge is just too cute :3

  10. Wow they ser all so cute!! Reindeer judge is so CUTEEE!! And sexy Judge is sooooo cool! The hair dresser training is nice also ^^ OMG! SO many great things! But I am more into leaf knight, wonder why he wasn’t in any drawinng :( perhaps I should have drew him myself! (not that I haven’t xD) when all of this ends I’ll send my fanart :3

    Cofcofvoteforwhiteycofcofheishandsomecofcof xD

  11. I like entries 5, 9, and 14…
    No. 9 especially!!!

  12. I was pleasantly surprised by how many entries there were & by how fun they all are to look at. Everyone has so much talent. (BTW, I never before thought of MeatBun & OMG together – it’s oddly disturbing! LOL!) Thank you for posting all this artwork.

  13. I like entry
    Entrant 5: Cold Fox and Kenshin
    Entrant 6: Facing the Darkness
    Entrant 7:Meatbun and Ohmygod

  14. In terms of humor #5 hair train is the leader!!! But I also liked the #6 attempt. It might not ended up into best art ever, but i believe that author has potential to create beautiful and interesting art in the future. #19 thumbs up to you!!! It a very expressive art! I really liked it ))) although there happened to be a mistake with coloring (Left sleeve. white “triangle” should have been pink instead)
    Grate job everyone ^^

  15. Jasae Bushae

    I confess I couldn’t help but vote for the meatbun plushie XD

  16. I can’t choose between the entries 5, 12, 14,16 and 19 !!!
    They are all beautiful and cute !

  17. Honestly I had to go with the most detailed or realistic approaches. I ranked my favorites as followed.

    Entree 9: This was the most interesting for me. The darker tone and expression along with the contrast between the skull and the wings was a marvelous touch. Overall, I think this is a good contender for the best of the submissions.

    Entree 16: The detail and shading, or toning, within the clothes was in and of itself quite noticeable. You can tell the effort made into this piece from the wrinkles of the cloth twisting on the arms and the billowing of their cloaks. The hair was also nicely drawn but I thought the background could have been better without the simple backdrop. Was not sure what was going on with the first picture of the set and it sort of detracted the mood and contrast that could be seen from the second. Good submissions regardless.

    Entree 14: The portraiture of the character was nicely done but the expression on second picture with blue sun was a bit off for me. The detail on the hair for both pictures, as well as the muscle tone on the Unicorn was quite nice.

    Entree 19 is an honorable mention. I love the tone and look, but honestly would think it to be the former Sun knight due to musculature and overall look. Aside from that one point, the only major negatives were the easily seen gridlines and the bed sun was sitting on being a bit too rushed in the coloring, if it was done with as much detail the artist put in the clothing, it would definitely be in my top 3 for the submissions above.

    • @drewjn
      I would like to mention that #9 is a coloring of a page from the manhua and should be judged for its coloring more than the art, as the lineart is not original.

  18. 5, 9 and 14

  19. I vote for 2 and 6… Although I love Sun, I think both renditions of Judgement made an impact to me..

  20. First vote for 5, my second choice is 14.

  21. #7(meatbun and ohmygod), #19, then #6 and #9

  22. I love entry 5 and 18, but they’re all sooooo cute!!!!!!

  23. I like entry 20.. Never knew Santa was so handsome lol

  24. Is it possible to already send the other pictures for next years fanart end contest? im just asking cause i already drew two pictures of the Hell Knights but i missed the submission date and i really wanna submit them…

  25. NanoLaughing

    ENTRY 5!

  26. SniffingYou

    I chose Entry 2 because it does lift Judges image and it also helps the church to gain new followers… Oh scratch that! its because he’s HOT that’s why!

  27. I chose entrant 14 because it really does suit and capture Sun’s image

  28. In terms of skill, I’d have to say 10 and 16.

    Boohoo, I’ve lost.

  29. Huh? A staff ..? How’d did you sneak in… (I’m kidding)… By the way, can we know what the winners choose as a prize? I’m so curious and maybe everyone else is too?

  30. so sad i didnt get even one vote -__- !! Aghhh any way it wasnt good ! but am glad to draw sun’s smile hes so adorable and Cough n* pure XDDDDD

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