PR! Year End Fanart Contest – One Day to Go!

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Only one day left to go! We hope you kept our advice in mind and aren’t suffering the consequences from lack of sleep and too much stress. Not everyone has a kind Death Lord around, after all!

Prince Revolution! Year End Fanart Contest

Original art (digital or paper drawing, objects e.g. keychains, stuffed toys, recent cosplay) based on any of Yu Wo’s series, or a coloring of one of the pages from the 1/2 Prince or LSK manhua. Save your submission in .png or .jpg format and send it in to You can submit up to two submissions. All submissions will be posted in PR!’s fanart gallery regardless of whether you win or not.

Deadline: 15 Dec, GMT -11
Winner announcement: 25 Dec

Christmas present to the winner – one free request ticket of PR (terms and conditions apply, reasonable requests only)
Winner can, for example:
1) Request an unpublished chapter or two
2) Hear PR karaoke/audiobook
3) Be a PR groupie for a while (with tour and all)
4) Something else???!!

We’re done with our server maintenance, so everything should be working correctly now. If anything is acting up, do let us know~. Look forward to our December update!

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  1. QAQ Knight-Captain Storm! What happened to you?!

    Q.Q Get your submissions in soon, everyone…

  2. storm.. =_= welcome to my club..
    you’re qualified enough with those eye bags…

  3. The Book Girl

    I was so looking forward to entering, but I was not able to get online soon enough. I wish the best of luck to those that did, though. I’ll put the link in a comment when I do post a picture of them. It was fun experimenting with what few materials I have. I learned things about oil pastels I never would have otherwise.

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