Update: January 2014

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January Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 15: “Pride”
  2. No Hero V1C1: Trying Hard to Become Familiarized with the Work Environment
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C6: "The Hero Saves the Beauty"
  4. Female Warrior Prologue V2C9: Number, 9, Younger Brother
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C7: "When the King Meets the Demon King"

Welcome to 2014! We have five chapters for you this month, three LSK chapters courtesy of a request from one of our contest winners. ;) Two are from the main story and one is Vival Moon’s side story. Last month, our contest winners Kiyutsuna, Chibi, and Ivy chose to have previews and to have three LSK chapters posted this month! In addition to our LSK chapters, we are publishing one chapter each of Female Warrior and No Hero.

The entries for last month’s art contest have been uploaded to our fanart gallery! Feel free to take a look!

Finally, dethsteal has joined us to maintain the character pages. We will be leaving the 1/2 Prince section alone for now (as we will be completely revamping it in the future). The No Hero and Female Warrior character pages have been updated to reflect new information gained from last month’s chapters. Look forward to seeing the LSK character page updated as well! (So many characters to add for that one!) Here’s hoping to a great year ahead! :D

ETA: The simple pdf for LSK side stories has been updated with Side Story 15. Enjoy!

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  1. ? Laica Moon’s short story? Moon’s short story or Metal’s? o.o?

    XD But I have to say I’m glad there’s 3 LSK chapters this month! The plot is getting very exciting.~

    • LOL, sorry, that should say Vival Moon. :) My mind is clearly not with me. But you’ll find out why my mind jumped to that when you read the story, haha.

  2. thanks for the hard work PR!
    Happy new year >.<

  3. For the one who requested LSK… I am sooooooo happy~ (give cookies~)
    Yay, 3 chapters of LSK this month.

    Don’t overwork yourself, PR! Translation!

    Happy new year >_<

  4. Just a small OT question I do not know where to put:
    Why do I get weird e-mails (“New post”) about the posts from October – December since last month? By now I got used to it, but in the beginning I was like “Awesome, a new post! … Huh!? Somehow I know that already…?”

    • Our email subscriptions are currently giving us some problems. What it’s doing is sending out digests of updates now and then. I’m not sure why it does that.

  5. Dear PR, I just came across an author that is already working on “no hero”. She has 5,5 chapters by now. I just thought that maybe it would be a good idea to combine the afford since you are doing the same job. Sorry if I’m saying something obvious but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to at least mention.

    • Hi there! We know about the translations and have made multiple attempts to contact her since many months ago. We have not received a response, so we decided to start from scratch. We’re already done with translating chapters past what is posted on that site. (Proofreading will still take some time though)

  6. Can I ask a question pleeeeeeeease? Just wondering if something happened to the PR International cause it has been a year and still no news of the Spanish translations (my granpa dosen’t know english but he’s hooked up in LOTSK).
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • The international team works separately from the main team. We don’t keep a very close eye on each other, but we can give them a poke for you!

      It’s super cool that your grandpa is reading LSK too!

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! It is very cool!! When I found PrinceRevolution and LSK I totally fell in love with it. It certainly is an amaizing book and an amaizing translation web page! Really good job!! So I showed it to my grandpa cause we have the same tastes and he loves it too! My grandma said she wouldn’t like the book, as always the other way round from what we say, but I found her one day reading it and laughing like there was no end hahahahahahhaha but she won’t admite she likes it ahhahahahaha.

      Thank you very much for sending a message to the international team hahahaha thank you very much :D

  7. …wasn’t Chinese New Year in February? Or am I thinking wrong…


  8. Jasae Bushae

    Happy Valentines day Prince Revolution!

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