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December 2012 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 10: “Kicking Forth the Truth”
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V5Prologue: The Sealed Sun
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C1: “Frightening Children into Being too Scared to Sleep at Night”
  4. ½ Prince V8C7: The Eternal Legend
  5. ½ Prince V8Extra: Epilogue (End)

Can you believe it? This month, we’ll see the very last chapter of 1/2 Prince! What a journey it has been. Members at PR! have come and gone, but we weathered through in the end, and now we can proudly claim that the project will be completed before the year ends. This won’t be the last of 1/2 Prince you will see though. We’re already working on translating the 1 volume sequel. Still, this brings us to the end of the main 1/2 Prince story. After we publish the last chapter, we’ll be putting up a celebratory post in our staff blog. Come join us then and let us know your journey with 1/2 Prince!

Let’s not also forget LSK. This month is the start of a new volume! Yu Wo mentioned that the main plot kicks in here, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Mysteries will be unraveling left and right.

The end of HP means that you will soon be seeing new projects from PR! First is the HP sequel, followed by Female Warrior. After that, we will be picking up No Hero as more than one of our translators have expressed interest in it. We might also have another surprise for you on top of everything else too. We’ve emailed Yu Wo about our future projects, and she has graciously given us her continual blessing. How awesome is that?

Thank you all for your support thus far, and we hope you will continue supporting Yu Wo and PR! in the year to come. We wish you a wonderful end of the year. :)

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  1. Pergect lineup! Can’t wait :D

  2. Gohankuten

    So sad that HP is finally coming to an end. But I also can’t wait for it. I’m so excited to see the ending though also sad about it.

  3. Well there goes the end of 1/2 prince, the oncoming epilogue, one of the remaining short stories and the beginning of some ominous sounding chapters of sun knight

  4. I’m also sad that HP is ending, but I am excited that we will see No Hero in the future!

  5. Wow… I can’t believe it. :D It’s been a long journey. XD So excited for the new projects. No hero was really interesting.

  6. uwaahhhh…. i’m so excited!!!!!

  7. I almost can’t believe that 1/2 Prince is ending. Don’t know how I’ll be able to wait. And more from Grisia too! Yay!

  8. StarWarrior

    This really calls for an emotional speech. It was a pleasure in reading Prinne’s adventures and seeing all the (idiotic) occurrences “he” encountered starting from level 1. It is good to know that if we live long enough, virtual reality game play will be created for all otakus in the world to destroy. We’ve been through so much! The prize truly was the journey and not the destination. With regrets, we will miss Odd Squad and all the other extras ( Feng Wu Qing: Who you calling extras?) dearly.

    • @StarWarrior
      Well put, but also lets not forget those of us who really thought Gui was gay up unfilled he kissed prince as a girl. It seems to be helpful to read the side stories…… anyways! Ive loved 1/2 prince and all the laughs it gave to me and I’m sure you all do too. From talking meat buns, to in game transvestites, and even more to prince’s idiotic nature and laughable moments……..

      GOOD BYE PRINCE. =………………………………………………………………………………………..(

      (Yes I do cry like that.)

  9. *extreme excitement!*

  10. Is it possible to translate eclipse hunter before no hero? Since no hero is the sequel of eclipse hunter

    • [PR]lucathia

      Currently there are no plans to pick up Eclipse Hunter. Although No Hero is considered a sequel to EH, Yu Wo did publish No Hero separately before even publishing EH commercially for the masses. She wrote No Hero so that it can stand alone. It can be read without knowledge of EH, though reading it with knowledge of EH can provide some dramatic irony.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Having read two of the chapters from a short lived translation attempt of no hero i can testify that your not kidding ^^; Gosh~ I recommend to anyone wanting a good laugh to read some eclipse hunter while you wait XD
      @zlaz They might not be the fastest of translators but oddsquad just completed book 3 a few months ago. http://novel.oddsquad.org/p/eclipse-hunter.html I don’t know how many volumes are in this series but I would put good odds on them finishing it (or at least getting really close) before PrinceRevolution finishes No Hero (considering it is eight volumes)

    • @Jasae Bushae
      Ah~ Eclipse Hunter is a 5 volume series
      Oddsquad has 3/5 translated so far so if you add two female warrior books + eight no hero books + factoring in that the sun knight and its sequel series will be translated alongside it…

      I honestly cannot see how they couldnt mannage to translate eclipse hunter well before No Hero is completed XD assuming it takes them…oh lets say 18 months per volume totalling at three years to complete Eclipse Hunter.
      Prince Revolution generally mannages about two volumes of any given series over the course of the year (keeping in mind their doing multiple series at once so its closer to 4 volumes a month) Using the power of MATHS (which i don’t have any ability with) Prince Revolution shouldnt get any further than volume 5 of no hero (assuming the staff doesnt increase/decrease, no projects are dropped and no new projects like 1 volume Yo Wo stories are picked up between female warrior and no hero) Before Oddsquad complete Eclipse Hunter.

      Also to add onto my own tirade, since Prince Revolution apparently is a stickler for doing their own translations they would likely insist on starting from the very beginning of Eclipse Hunter and work their way translating it. Which means they would be competing with Oddsquad and be translating some already wonderfully translated volumes with both of them probably reaching the final volume at more or less the same time. Thus rendering the whole thing moot ^^;

    • Gohankuten

      OSS is doing fairly well with translating Eclipse Hunter so no need for PR to pick it up.

  11. It’s been a nice journey with HP. Wish the manga would catch up real soon! :D

    Then, that means, more of LSK for the next year! omg, yesssss!

  12. Thank you so much for doing the hard work in translating 1/2 Prince! Kudos to Princerevolution! *u*

  13. Thank you so much guys for the hard work! *u* Gosh, words cannot describe how thankful I am (and I’m sure most of us are) for your efforts into translating Yu Wo’s awesomeness into a language the rest of us can understand ^^
    much kudos to you! (*゜▽゜*)ノ☆
    Btw, were you guys ever considering doing some of the smaller 1 volume titles? Just wondering ^^

  14. Omg thank so much for translating half prince for so long I loved it. And thank you so much on planning to translate no hero. I was following it ubtil the no hero translator went dead for one year…I look forward to your future works as well ^^

  15. hmm…i dont think this counts as spoiler but looking at the cover for the current volume http://www.princerevolution.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/cover51.jpg (and examining the past covers which seemed to show at least some character hints for the story) Who is that behind judgment? At first I thought it was sun but the hairs to short…hair color looks right for cloud but everything else is off…
    im probably overthinking this XD

  16. Ohh, i would love you all forever even more than i do now if you translate No Hero!!!
    You all are the best!! Thanks so much for the 1/2 Prince and LSK up till now!

  17. This is kinda an unrelated topic but just out of curiosity, how many 1 volume stories has Yu Wo done? I know about Romance RPG and Magical Exchange but are there other series as well?

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      That’s pretty much it! Other stories she’s posted are mostly side stories to her main series, like Kill No More. She also has an incomplete story she’s posted, but since it’s incomplete, I don’t believe we’ll ever translate it.

  18. Although I’m happy that 1/2 Prince is ending and we’ll be reading its sequel. And then I am definitely curious about Female Warrior. But I’ve not completely read the first series before No Hero, which is Eclipse Hunter. Is Odd Squad part of this group Prince Revolution, or are you guys separate? I really want to finish that series first, before reading No Hero. Cause I get a deeper understanding of the characters before reading No Hero. Ah~ Yu Wo is such a genius. *faints* You guys are too, for translating so beautifully!

    • Raylight

      No, Odd Squad is not part of PR!, we’re completely separate groups. Odd Squads mostly does scanlation of manhua, and does translation of light novels on the side.

      And also, it’s not required to read Eclipse Hunter before No Hero. In fact, it may even be refreshing to read No Hero without reading Eclipse Hunter first, cause that way, you find out things the same time as the main character. (You see through his eyes, basically)

  19. once half prince is over… a piece of me will die. Thanks for all the translation so far guys. TT.TT wonderful job. oh …tears….no. not until the finale.

  20. Oh I have one idle question about No Hero that im kinda curious aboutt. How many years have passed between eclipse hunter and hero?

  21. What chapter of No Hero will you start on? Someone has already translated up to chapter four here: http://asmodeatranslations.blogspot.com/p/no-hero.html

  22. Can’t wait for the translations of hp to finish yet I’m dreading it at the same time. So contradictory… I want to see what happens but ill miss it so much!!!!! (Wail) U people hooked me onto hp, legend of the sun knight, the upcoming female hero, eclipse hunter (indirectly your fault), and no hero!!!!!! U cruel people what were u thinking (sob) anyway ill look forward to the rest of hp and the other translations before crying and ranting again. Until then :) (truthfully sorry I ranted but needed to do that :p) bye bye for now!

    • @Krystal
      We are thinking of… world domination… and you are just one of our victims who has been hooked on… muhahaha

      Help spread the love so we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Bahahahaha

    • @[PR]dahlys
      I’m another victim XD I absolutely love Yu Wo’s stories! Thank you guys so much :D

  23. But what I really want to know is, when will we have the first chapter of Woman Warrior? (If you already said, sorry, I don’t remember…)

  24. i was in the apple store in my town and used the mac to check to see if 1/2 prince is updated yet. This worker came up and said, “Hey, what are you going there?! If it has anything to do with importance then i’ll let this pass.” I looked at him and said, it is of utmost importance. A royal prince is at his last days and i must know about his testimony.” “oh..i see. well long live that prince.” he said. I whispered to myself,”Amen”.

  25. I’m in love with Yu Wo creation!
    Can I ask about Eclipse Hunter?
    Are there any website who finished translate EH?
    I want to read the next No Hero after I finish EH first if I can.
    And where can I find another translation of Yu Wo creation that PR doesn’t handle? (althrough I think PR translation is the best after all)
    Many many thanks for PR for your hardwork!

    • @monica
      Well oddsquad is working on eclipse hunter http://novel.oddsquad.org/p/eclipse-hunter.html and have all but two novels translated. It might take them a bit longer though because their not quite as speedy as PR

      and giraffe corps is translating Gong Hua though Key of the Sinking moon is the main story their translating so Gong Hua sorta takes a back seat

      aside from those and what prince revolution already has/will be translating in the coming year i think the only other Yu Wo series are kill no more, GOD and the single volume standalone story titled ‘magical exchange’

    • Raylight

      There isn’t really any website that has finished translating EH yet. Odd Squad is translating EH though, and they are at volume 3 out of 5 now.

      Giraffecorps is translating Gong Hua, they are at chapter 2 at the moment.

      Does that answer your questions?

  26. squee~ in a week we will see the end of 1/2 prince and discover the chapter titles for the epilogue ^^

  27. Merry Christmas to everybody here at PR! Thank you for all of the hard work you guys do!
    -presents elaborately-wrapped plate of LSK Cookies-

  28. Every day I check for the HP chapters and I feel excited…. and then absolute Relief that they aren’t up yet.
    Is that bad? I feel kinda bad about it…


  29. I’m waiting everyday….anxious and intrigued.
    I want it to end and yet I’m afraid of the ending…what if 小蘭 doesn’t end up with anybody???
    I am worried about the romance aspect of this manhua….XD

  30. um I have a question… the person that was translating No Hero has came back from “dead’,” so I’m wondering are you guys still translating No Hero in the future? 0.o

  31. Why isn’t half prince chapters out yet?!
    So anxious….
    Hope it’ll be out soon!!

  32. stardust902

    why aren’t the last half prince chapters out yet, ut said in december update that this month wouldn be the end of half prince but there are still two chapters missing……i really would like to read the ending as soon as possible and have been waiting patiently all month but nothing has happened :( how disappointing….

  33. I’m dying here waiting for the last chapters… ITS THE 31st already I wanted to have this series finished by new year so I could move on with my life… SUSPENSE IS EVIL!!!

    • [PR]lucathia

      It’s not the 31st yet where I live. =P Rest assured they will be out before the end of the month. Probably not in your time zone though.

    • no rush~ take your time~ we appreciate the translations ^^
      besides, no matter how soon these two bits come in it will be at least two weeks before we find out events following it so no reason to hurry things

    • [PR]lucathia

      Haha, very true about the second part. Chapter 7 will be up today though, and we’ll see the extra chapter tomorrow. Two chapters in succession. ;) But then it will be back to waiting after that.

  34. Dear PR, I love you so much but why why WHY arn’t the chapters out yet? You’ve always been punctual. Don’t tell me you are purposely holding them back as a “Christmas present”? Have mercy!!!! TT.TT

  35. oh my goodness. it’s going up today. TODAY!!!! O_O i don’t know if my heart is ready for this. oh dear. well. all things must end. bring it.

    • Cat-Alin

      I actually screamed “No” when I saw the last chapter up right now.
      I… I don’t dare to click on it…


    • @Cat-Alin
      totally worth it. but bad choice. i regret doing it. i had nightmares last night hoping for the perfect ending. TToTT

    • Cat-Alin

      I read it and I have no idea how to feel about it!
      Really, I’m just waiting for the epilogue to be uploaded – and I have a picture that can keep me busy for another few hours, so I won’t go to sleep – and see what’s going on. Then I can decide what I think of the ending. Heck, the way things look now from that chapter, I feel like saying “My theories were better”
      However snooty that may sound.


    • @Cat-Alin
      i agree. i think theories are best in this situation. lol. not snooty. XD

  36. all of the frantic anxiousness for the epilogue makes me glad that Alaska time zone is one of the very last for a given day XD

  37. Happy New Years, PR! Thank you for all of your dedicated work!!

  38. Well, thanks for translating Half Prince. I only stumbled on this page about 9 or 10 months ago, so I probably wasn’t as anxious as longer fans, waiting for chapters. Am looking forward to new projects.

    ….I still say that my theories, while being more on the drama side than the actual ending, were actually good. Not better, but at least good, cause it didn’t feel so… fairytale… fluffy… thing.


  39. woo~ the chapter titles are up! and its titled ‘sequel’ wow~ XD
    now…all of the chapters are characters names so im presuming that the stories will be in their perspectives.
    First two chapters are titled ‘Feng Long Ming’ Which I had to double check to discover is the name of lolidragons kiddie (which tells me that the sequel might time skip like a decade)
    Next two chapters are ‘Xiao Xiao Lan’ Which is the name of princes kiddy which furthers that theory.
    Two chapters about Wicked who was kinda the odd man out where the ending was concerned.
    And two chapters about Kenshin whose story was still ongoing (and will involve ColdFox no doubt which im sure the fans will enjoy)
    So the sequel is apparently there to half tell the adventures of their decendents and half to tie up remaining loose ends…Neato ^^

    • @Jasae Bushae
      hmm…im going to wildly speculate that the first half of the book will tell their descendants adventures in the mmo, that the wicked story while it might begin with the daughter being head over heels for wicked probably will turn out in a different direction altogether (as a parallel similar to wicked’s crush on prince) no idea what would ultimatly happen to wicked though
      as for kenshin story….no idea what its going to be XD i can think of a load of wild predictions from kenshin giving into cold fox to coldfox becoming a girl to kenshin moving back to the game so…no idea XD its the last couple chapters so i sall look forward to it~

  40. OMG OMG OMG Its completed QwwwQ 1/2 PRINCE IS COMPLETED ;AAA; Now waiting for the scanlation of the manhua to finish kxfjkjflhdfdkfjajsfkd

    But could you guys update the pdf? ;AAA; I’m going back to uni this 20th and I wanna read the novel when Im there cause theres not internet over there ;_______; PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

  41. Wells since the new chapters are bound to be announced this week I shall make a new batch of wild unsubstantiated predictions of what chapters we will see! 8D
    hmm….I predict we will see both chapters of the ‘Feng Long Ming’ section of 1/2 prince sequel since the two chapters together are essentially on part. (though there is a fair chance we will be seeing all of the chapters released one at a time im hoping otherwise)
    I predict we shall see the 11th side story ‘doing a small favor’ and not see the ‘when teacher wasnt teacher’ until next month
    and that we shall receive not one but two chapters of legend of sun knight putting it all together to a neato 5 chapters total this month!
    squee~ I wonder how off ill be XD

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