½ Prince V8C7: The Eternal Legend

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½ Prince V8C7: Eternal Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: “The Eternal Legend” – translated by dahlys

“So you guys came after all. What a waste of the Dictator’s repeated pleas for your lives.” This voice was all too familiar. It was Long Dian’s cold and taunting voice.

I turned and looked at him, unable to believe my eyes. Long Dian no longer had white hair; his black hair had been restored. His leisurely worn white robes and exceedingly beautiful face made him look just like an angel that had fallen into the mortal world.

If I had not known what he was really like, that might have been what I would have thought. However, I knew very well that the man in front of me now was a devil who had murdered thousands of people, threatened the whole world, and even condemned the child he had created! Even though that child had cared so much for him!

He killed the Dictator of Life. I clenched my fists. In the end, I… didn’t make it in time to save the Dictator.

“Is the Dictator of Life already… dead?” I asked in a hoarse voice. No, I must not cry!

Long Dian dismissively said, “He has never been alive, so how could he die?”

“He was alive! No one can understand that better than you. You know that he is not just an intelligent computer.” After hearing what he had said and seeing his attitude, I lost my temper. Did the Dictator sacrifice his life for such a person?

“Of course he’s just an intelligent computer. He always will be.” Long Dian’s expression had also changed. There was no smile on his face, just a cold, heartless expression.

“YOU!” A flash of anger rose up from the bottom of my heart. If I did not let it out, I felt that I would vomit blood. I raised my lightsaber and charged toward him without hesitation. In a few strides, I was already swinging my lightsaber directly at him.

I know that I must not do this. I know that this is murder, but… isn’t him killing the Dictator of Life also murder?

“Prince!” shouted Lolidragon in shock.

Although I swung my blade down, my hands did not encounter any resistance. I hadn’t managed to cut anything at all; it had been just an afterimage. I immediately retreated, raising my vigilance at the same time. Where is Long Dian?

Cold Fox suddenly yelled, “At eleven o’clock!”

I looked in the direction Cold Fox was pointing. Long Dian continued to smile faintly, but his eyes were filled with madness. He raised his right hand and actually moved it directly in front of my lightsaber… Before I could stop my blade, he was already gripping the lightsaber with his hand. That’s right, he actually grabbed a light weapon that could burn though everything with his bare hand!

I could not help but reveal an expression of shock and horror. He can’t even be harmed by a lightsaber. What should I do now?

Suddenly, a shadow flew toward Long Dian’s hands. Long Dian did not pay it much attention—since even a lightsaber could not harm him, what was there for him to worry about?

However, dark red blood started to flow from Long Dian’s hands… No, that probably was not blood. Since Long Dian was no longer human, it was likely something created to mimic blood. Where that dark red blood flowed from, a flying dagger was firmly stuck—Cold Fox’s flying dagger.

For the first time, an expression of alarm appeared on Long Dian’s face. His eyes seemed even more insane and his voice was filled with irrepressible anger as he demanded, “How? How could you hurt me? My skin ought to be made of the toughest man-made skin available that even a light weapon cannot harm… Unless you old folks are lying to me!” Long Dian’s eyes slowly turned to face the group of the world’s most talented people.

“No, we wouldn’t dare lie to you.” Trembling, the doctor who had spoken continued, “We don’t dare to gamble with the whole world at stake. Following your wishes, we used the highest quality and toughest man-made skin. The fact that you just blocked a light weapon is the best piece of evidence for that.”

Long Dian looked at them suspiciously. He was probably thinking that these cowering old folks wouldn’t have the guts to lie to him, so he slowly shifted his gaze toward the person who had thrown the flying dagger—Cold Fox.

Alarmed yet curious, Long Dian pulled out the dagger as if he hadn’t felt any pain and asked, “What kind of weapon is this?”

“It’s a special weapon. I’m the only person in the world who has that weapon,” said Cold Fox indifferently.

Long Dian laughed softly, saying, “Haha, in the future, no one will have this weapon.”

Then, Long Dian actually did something crazy. He stabbed his own stomach with the flying dagger. Just like that, the entire dagger went into his body. After doing this, Long Dian raised his hands and shrugged, saying, “My apologies. Looks like your flying dagger will be in my stomach forever.”

“You’re a total lunatic!” I could not help but yell at him.

Long Dian laughed even more arrogantly. That laughter made all the hairs on my body stand. Could the Long Dian in front of me even be considered a normal human anymore? Why does he seem even less human than before? Previously, he was cold and expressionless, but now… he just made people feel utterly disgusted.

“Dian… Why have you become like this?” Lolidragon finally could not help but cover her face with her hands and cry.

Long Dian finally stopped laughing in that frightening way. The expression that flashed across his eyes, was it concern? I was extremely familiar with the look in those eyes because Gui also often had that kind of expression.

“That has nothing to do with you.” Long Dian went back to his devil-may-care attitude. He said, “Shui Han, you should leave. For old times’ sake, I’ll let you go.”

Lolidragon’s entire body shuddered. She raised her head and asked in disbelief, “What do those words mean?”

Long Dian did not speak. He just smiled cruelly.

“You want to kill everyone here?” Two streams of tears fell from Lolidragon’s eyes. She stood in front of everyone else, her arms wide open, saying, “I won’t allow that. I won’t let you lay a finger on anyone.”

Long Dian smiled even more cruelly. With one movement, he instantly appeared in front of Lolidragon’s eyes, making her jump in shock. However, at that moment, a light sword slashed at Long Dian. He caught the sword unconcernedly and looked at the attacker. It was a young man, and a rather handsome one at that. Unfortunately, he was my younger brother who rarely ever got serious, Feng. Yang. Ming. And now was one of the rare times when he got serious.

“I won’t let you hurt her, be it mentally or physically.” Although his sword had been grabbed, Yang Ming still stared at Long Dian without fear.

“You…” Long Dian’s eyes narrowed.

“A man with no sense of responsibility is not fit to be her man.” Yang Ming smiled an annoying smile that was unparalleled when it came to making one want to hit him. If this were a normal situation, I definitely would not be able to resist dragging him to a game of Happy Corner.1 (Note: An inhumane punishment carried out on a man’s little XX. It often results in irreparable mental and physical damage to the victim.)

But right now, I really admired my little brother, regardless of whether he was actually being manly or was just plain crazy.

Long Dian’s smile vanished again. The insanity in his eyes let everyone know that he was going to start killing now. Yang Ming also became as wary as he could, although that probably wouldn’t make much difference…

Long Dian did not use any flashy moves; he just swung his palm toward Yang Ming. Yang Ming used his light sword to defend against Long Dian’s attack, but Long Dian was so strong that the light. Sword. Actually. Broke!

“Yang Ming!” I howled in alarm. However, I was too late. Everything played out like a movie in slow-motion.

Long Dian’s palm was unavoidable, and it seemed that Yang Ming would lose his life by Long Dian’s hand. However, Lolidragon suddenly threw herself at Yang Ming, her back facing Long Dian’s palm. Shocked, Long Dian could not stop himself in time. He could only shift his hand slightly to the side… hitting Lolidragon’s shoulder!

Lolidragon immediately vomited blood, the fresh red blood spattering on my younger brother’s face and chest. His eyes widened, letting the blood flow into his eyes. He hugged Lolidragon’s body as she slid down, calling in a hoarse and trembling voice, “Lolidragon? Loli… dragon?” Finally, sobbing, he choked out, “LOLIDRAGON!”

“Let her go!” This voice belonged to none other than Wolf-dàgē. Frantic, he tried to pull Yang Ming’s arms, which were wrapped around Lolidragon, away. He said, “Let her go, Wu Qing. I need to look at her wound.”

At this point, I also rushed to their side. I forcefully pulled Yang Ming’s arms away from Lolidragon, yelling, “If you don’t want Lolidragon to die, then let go of her quickly!”

The moment Yang Ming heard that, he immediately let go and let Wolf-dàgē hold Lolidragon. As Wolf-dàgē carefully examined her wound, Lolidragon opened her eyes and weakly said, “Wu Qing, are you alright? I’m… sorry… for getting you involved.”

“I-Idiot!” Yang Ming shouted angrily, “So what if you got me involved? Even if I have to spend the rest of my life immersed in a water tank with you, I would never regret it!”

Lolidragon could not help but laugh, but this actually made her cough repeatedly because of the blood.

“Wolf-gē, how is Lolidragon’s wound?” Yang Ming looked like he was about to burst into tears.

“Her collarbone and upper arm bone are fractured. I need an operating room right now!” Without hesitation, Wolf-dàgē turned to face the cowering doctor, “You guys just operated on Long Dian, so you definitely have the best operating room here. Quickly, take me there.”

“We do have one, but we don’t have any blood for transfusion.” The doctor frowned.

“My blood type is O. It’s the universal donor, right?” asked Yang Ming worriedly.

Wolf-dàgē nodded and immediately bent down to set Lolidragon’s injured shoulder in place. With Yang Ming’s help, he carried Lolidragon into the operating room.

I wanted to follow them, but Cold Fox suddenly stretched out a hand and blocked my path. Not understanding what he was doing, I looked at him, but he was looking in another direction… I followed his gaze and saw Long Dian. Long Dian, whose eyes were deeply filled with pain.

“There is nothing more dangerous than an injured wild beast,” said Cold Fox in a grave tone, worry evident in his eyes.

“I… have nothing left.” With two streams of tears flowing down his face, Long Dian looked up toward the sky and shouted, “I HAVE NOTHING LEFT!”

After shouting, Long Dian started to hyperventilate. However, he suddenly stopped breathing hard and laughed hysterically, “Panting? Why am I panting? I don’t even need to breathe. Hahaha, I actually hyperventilated?”

Has Long Dian… gone crazy? Why is he acting so strangely? I also began to feel the truth in Cold Fox’s words, that there was an injured wild beast right in front of me. A wild beast with a broken heart… insane, yet possessing incredible destructive power.

“WHY? WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE STILL ALIVE AND WELL?” With a deranged look on his face, Long Dian looked at us and said, “You people are just some lucky children who have never gone through any hardships before. Why am I the one who has to die instead of you? I have been working hard for so many years. So many years of happiness, gone just like that… HOW CAN I BE SATISFIED WITH THIS!?”

“Even if it’s like that, it’s not up to you to decide whether others should live or die!” I said severely.

“Really? Even my own life was taken away so easily, so why can’t I take away others’ lives too?” Long Dian smiled faintly; it was a smile full of malice and blood thirst.

He’s going to attack! My heart skipped a beat. Cold Fox, who was beside me, suddenly stuffed something into my belt and whispered quickly, “I have three flying daggers, but my leg is injured. Prince, I need you to cooperate with me in order to subdue Long Dian.”

I nodded. No matter what, I had to help him. Otherwise, all the people behind me would probably lose their lives.

“Wicked, please support us. Although light guns cannot hurt him, they can still hinder his movement,” muttered Cold Fox, his mouth barely opening as he spoke.

“Got it,” said Wicked in a low voice.

Deep breath, OK! I shouted, “LONG DIAN, YOUR OPPONENT IS ME!”

Cold Fox jerked violently, saying, “Prince, you…”

I smiled and said, “I can’t let an injured person do everything!”

I raised my lightsaber, planning on defeating Long Dian in one strike with the flying dagger when he was at his most relaxed. Even… even if both of us get seriously injured and neither side wins, I will not hesitate. I must not let Long Dian hurt any of the people behind me!

“You, a woman, want to challenge me?” Long Dian revealed a look of disdain, as he had only contempt for the word “woman”.

“That’s right, challenging you is exactly what I want to do.” I calmed my emotions. This would be my hardest battle, but in order to protect everyone, it was a battle I could not afford to lose!

Long Dian’s eyes narrowed, and without saying anything more, he immediately leapt toward me. His weapons were the same palms that had hurt Lolidragon, and from Yang Ming’s painful experience, I knew that I must avoid a direct confrontation with Long Dian. I dodged to the side, making Long Dian’s attack miss. However, Long Dian’s reflexes were inhumanly good… Err, he isn’t even human, actually…

Long Dian did not even stop. He simply rotated his body by ninety degrees and charged toward me again. I dodged Long Dian’s palms again, but a sudden strong gust of wind suddenly hit my stomach… Damn it, I actually forgot that Long Dian has legs. There was no way to dodge, so I had no choice but to endure his kick…

The sound of several gunshots rang out, causing Long Dian to pause for a moment. I instantly understood that Wicked was restraining Long Dian, and I glanced at Cold Fox’s eyes — eyes that were waiting for the best opportunity to hunt down its prey.

Create the best opportunity for Cold Fox to strike! I made my decision and pulled out the flying dagger in my belt. I waved the dagger in front of Long Dian on purpose, and observed the change in his expression with satisfaction.

Holding the dagger tightly, I taunted Long Dian on purpose, “Long Dian, let’s have a bet. We’ll bet on this last attack, whether you die or I perish.”

Anger flashed across Long Dian’s eyes.

Moving as quickly as I could, I charged toward Long Dian, hoping that Cold Fox would seize the opportunity to stab Long Dian while his attention was completely focused on me.

“Xiao Lan, don’t…” Zhuo-gēge suddenly warned me.

But how can I stop now? Long Dian’s full attention is on me, so I must keep going! This thought flashed across my mind. In the next moment, just as Long Dian and I were about to clash… Long Dian suddenly disappeared, and I swung my weapon at thin air!

Suddenly, I heard a grunt. Long Dian had actually gone and attacked Cold Fox, and Cold Fox’s body was slowing sliding down to the ground. Shocked, I wanted to run to him. “Cold Fox!”

“Don’t go there!” Zhuo-gēge held me back with all his might, even as he fired relentlessly at Long Dian to prevent him from dealing the final blow to Cold Fox, who was lying on the ground.

However, light guns were obviously completely beneath Long Dian’s notice. He raised the flying dagger that had been in Cold Fox’s hand and was going to stab Cold Fox’s head with it…

“Haaaaa!” Nan Gong Zui suddenly jumped down onto Long Dian’s body from above, a light gun in his hand. However, the difference between him and Wicked was that his gun barrel was in contact with Long Dian’s body, and it was pointed directly at his heart. BANG! Zui fired without hesitation.

Will this shot be effective? Long Dian stood still as bright red blood slowly flowed out of the gunshot wound. Did we succeed?

“Ugh!” Regret showed in Nan Gong Zui’s eyes. It was very vexing for him that a shot fired right next to Long Dian’s heart still could not stop him.

Long Dian stabbed Nan Gong Zui with Cold Fox’s dagger, aiming to push the dagger all the way into Zui’s chest. If Zui hadn’t dodged to the side at the last moment, this dagger would undoubtedly have pierced his heart. However, his current situation was not much better than having his heart pierced.

The flying dagger penetrated Zui’s shoulder, going right through him and even pinning him to the wall. Zui’s face was shockingly pale, and cold sweat flowed down his face. However, even though it was so painful that his face had contorted, Zui absolutely refused to let out any cry of pain.

“Zui!” I was so horrified that my face had also paled. Oh my god, Cold Fox has fallen on the ground and no one knows whether he is alive or dead. Now, Zui has been pinned to the wall…

Long Dian glanced at me and Zhuo-gēge coldly. However, the people he walked toward were not us, but the group of more than twenty professors, doctors, and scientists… With one punch, he sent an old man with a white beard—Zhuo-gēge’s professor—flying. Right after that, a communication device suddenly appeared in his hand. Long Dian smiled icily, saying, “Are you trying to contact the outside world for help? I will let your wish come true.” Long Dian snapped his fingers.

None of us had forgotten that besides having a ridiculously strong body, Long Dian could also move freely around the Internet. A snap of his fingers could mean that… a nuclear missile has been fired? As this thought occurred to me, my facial expression became as ugly as it could possibly be.

“There are four CCTV cameras that can be rotated a full three hundred and sixty degrees in this room. From now onward, a video of everything that happens here will be sent to every broadcasting station in the world. All the television channels will show only what is going on here.” Long Dian smiled brilliantly, saying, “Happy now? Your lifeless bodies will be seen by the whole world.”

What a psycho. Worried, I looked at Cold Fox, who was lying on the ground with his situation still unknown, and Zui, who was pinned to the wall. Both of them desperately needed treatment. We couldn’t afford any more delays.

“Zhuo-gēge, we have to save the two of them,” I said resolutely.

“I will save them, you stay here and don’t follow me,” replied Wicked without hesitation.

“No, Zhuo-gēge, it’s too dangerous,” I stubbornly objected.

“Xiao Lan…”

Long Dian said coldly, “Why argue? I can just go over there instead, right?” After saying that, Long Dian really charged at us. I immediately raised the flying dagger in my hand, which was the only thing that could penetrate Long Dian’s skin…

“LONG DIAN!” Gui’s voice suddenly rang out like thunder.

Long Dian quickly turned his head around to look. The enormous airship to the side had begun to move with Gui standing in its cockpit. The image of two people also suddenly appeared on the transparent glass of the cockpit—Sunshine and Kenshin.

“Dictator of Life!” shouted Sunshine, worried.

Is it just my eyes, or did Long Dian sway a little when he heard the three words “Dictator of Life”?

“Stop messing around, Long Dian.” With a voice so icy that it could chill people’s hearts, Kenshin said, “Otherwise, even if you and the Dictator of Life are the same person, I will not let you go.”

“Oh? And how will you defeat me?” asked Long Dian with a cold expression on his face.

“We will crush your artificial body using this airship. Although you can escape into the online world, Sunshine and I will trap you inside Second Life and infect it with several viruses that will delete everything.” Kenshin described his plan while remaining absolutely calm and composed.

Long Dian’s face had also changed noticeably. He said viciously, “Do you two think that you can escape from the virus?”

“We cannot escape,” said Kenshin frankly.

On hearing Kenshin’s indifferent tone, Long Dian started to breathe harder… Looks like he forgot that he doesn’t need to breathe again.

Long Dian stood there silently, as if he were thinking about something.

Worried, I looked at Cold Fox, who was still lying on the ground, and Nan Gong Zui, whose face was becoming paler and paler. I hastily shouted, “Kenshin, please make him decide quickly. If not, Cold Fox and Zui are going to die.”

Kenshin frowned and was just about to open his mouth to urge Long Dian on when Long Dian suddenly moved. He was so fast that I didn’t even have time to respond as he grabbed my throat with one hand and sent Zhuo-gēge flying with the other.

Unable to breathe properly, I desperately clawed at Long Dian’s hands with my own two hands. However, skin that could not even be harmed by light weapons was obviously not going to be scratched by my nails.

On the other hand, Kenshin fell silent.

Oh no, Kenshin definitely would not be able to smash me to pieces as well. What should we do now? Suddenly, the thought that the Dictator of Life still existed in Long Dian rang out in my oxygen-deprived brain. Even though the Dictator of Life gave up on his consciousness, could he possibly still be around? Otherwise, why would the words “Dictator of Life” have affected Long Dian?

“D-Dictator of Life…” I choked desperately.

Long Dian shuddered again, but he himself did not notice this slight movement. He only reflexively squeezed my throat even harder. Damn it, I’m starting to lose my consciousness.

“Stop, don’t you dare hurt Prince!” Gui, who had been on the airship, suddenly charged at us recklessly.

Since he could send even Zhuo-gēge flying with one shove, naturally, Long Dian did not consider Gui a threat. He simply raised his leg slightly and kicked Gui, sending him a long distance away and making him vomit blood continuously.

Probably because he saw my face turn pale, Gui did his best to crawl back toward us. He said, “Stop, or you will strangle Prince. If Prince dies, you won’t have a hostage to threaten Kenshin with.”

Long Dian furrowed his brows and relaxed his grip. Impatient, he yelled at Kenshin, “Get lost. You two better take the airship and scram, or I will break this woman’s neck.”

“Dictator of Life, I am here because you said ‘thank you’ to me that time,” I squeezed out through my teeth.

Long Dian looked at me suspiciously and tightened his grip, but relaxed it immediately after. His expression changed dramatically as he finally sensed that something was wrong. However, this also confirmed my suspicions that the Dictator of Life had not completely vanished.

“Dictator, do you remember who I am? I’m Prince…”

“Prince…” A look of longing flashed across Long Dian’s face. He lost his focus for a moment and actually released me.

Long Dian’s expression then changed to one of disbelief, and he tried to grab me again… By then, I had already picked up the flying dagger that had fallen to the ground. However, I wasn’t going to stab Long Dian with it; I had another plan.

I cut off my hair with one movement, leaving it around the same length as Prince’s. I leaned toward Long Dian, but said the Dictator of Life’s name instead. “Dictator of Life, do you remember? You thanked me for letting you understand the meaning of love.”

Many expressions flashed across Long Dian’s face. There was shock, gentleness, some regret…

“Dictator of Life, you too saw what your father did. Don’t give in to him anymore,” I shouted rather emotionally.

“Prince…” Long Dian hung his head.

Did I succeed? I moved even closer, hoping to see whether the Dictator of Life had returned…

Long Dian, or the Dictator of Life, held out his hand to me. Is it the Dictator of Life? I watched as he slowly lifted his head, eyes filled with deceit… and that hand was currently being thrust at my heart…

I finally understood how my younger brother had felt when Lolidragon protected him. In front of me stood Gui, a cruel hand piercing right through his chest.

“Gui, please don’t die.” My mind initially blanked out, but it was then slowly dyed with the red of Gui’s flowing blood. No! Gui must not die! At that moment, I finally understood. I definitely cannot lose Gui, absolutely not!

However, the expression that appeared on Gui’s face was part gratification and part apologetic. Before collapsing, he said something in a voice that was too soft to be heard. “Thank god you’re okay…”

There was blood everywhere — Lolidragon’s, Cold Fox’s, Nan Gong Zui’s, Wicked’s, and Gui’s… My comrades have all fallen. Everyone has fallen.

My tears were flowing, but I felt a frightening emptiness in my heart. I raised Cold Fox’s dagger and simply said, “Long Dian, you said that you had nothing left to lose. What a coincidence. I too have nothing left now.”

I glared directly at Long Dian, who actually looked away as if he were feeling guilty. Calmly, I said, “Come. Let us finish this.”

Long Dian also revealed an expression which showed that he wanted to end all this. At that moment, I took the initiative to attack. The terror, the fear of death, and the fear of pain that I originally had, all of it disappeared. The only feeling that remained was the need to defeat the person in front of me, the person who had taken everything away from me!

In a flash, I appeared in front of Long Dian, moving with a speed comparable to his. Of course, the price I paid was how all of the muscles in my body were protesting. No matter how sore my body felt, however, it could not be compared to the pain of witnessing all my comrades collapse one by one.

My flying dagger clashed at lightning speed with Long Dian’s hands. Surprisingly, I could actually match Long Dian’s speed. With his bare hands, Long Dian was defending against a flying dagger that could actually hurt him, so naturally, he did not stand to benefit. Soon, his hands were completely stained with blood.

Realizing that he could not continue like this, a devious look appeared in Long Dian’s eyes again. It was a pity that I could not guess, and did not have any extra energy to guess, what he was up to. I was already pushing myself past my limit just to keep up with Long Dian’s speed. Even the light armor that I was wearing was making crackling sounds, making me worry about whether the armor would last until I defeated Long Dian.

I was still thinking about how to end this battle as quickly as possible, when Long Dian, who had been avoiding the flying dagger, suddenly took the initiative and moved his hands toward the flying dagger that I was holding. Before I could even figure out what Long Dian was trying to do, my flying dagger was already stuck in one of his palms, and his other hand was lunging toward my stomach. Knowing that if the blow landed solidly on me I would probably never get up again, I had no choice but to let go of the flying dagger and retreat in the same direction as Long Dian’s attack. This was the only way to successfully avoid most of the damage caused by Long Dian’s terrifying strength.

However, the remaining force of the attack was bad enough. The immense pain in my stomach made my face turn deathly pale.

Without the flying dagger, I had no choice but to pick up the lightsaber. Although I already knew that it was useless, I was used to holding a dao. Long Dian pulled the flying dagger out of his palm, twisted it until it was like a screw and tossed it aside. He then moved slowly toward me.

Trembling slightly, I could not help but move a step backwards. However, I actually kicked something. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cold Fox, who was lying down on the ground…

“I have three flying daggers.”

This sentence suddenly sprung up in my mind. Three daggers! I calmed my emotions, and charged at Long Dian recklessly. When he noticed that I was wielding a lightsaber, a smile of disdain appeared on his face.

I made a show of slashing at Long Dian with the lightsaber multiple times, blows which Long Dian easily blocked using his hands. However, my goal was not to defeat Long Dian with a lightsaber. What I want to do is… Once Long Dian let down his guard, I used the lightsaber and sliced into the old wound in his stomach… causing the wound to immediately split open.

“You!” Furious, Long Dian slammed his fist onto my back. This blow landed solidly, and blood instantly sprayed out of my mouth like a fountain…

I sank to my knees right in front of Long Dian. Someone who did not know what was going on might’ve actually thought that I was prostrating myself before him.

“So, Prince, you still lost in the end.” Long Dian smiled cruelly, saying, “Now, I’m going to make you die a very painful death. Count it as my return gift for when you made the Dictator revolt against me.”

I had lost too much blood and my consciousness was beginning to fade, but I was only one step away from success. I cut my thigh with the lightsaber, the new pain bringing me to my senses. After that, I stuck my hand into the wound in Long Dian’s stomach without hesitation.

“Hmph, you wouldn’t happen to think that you can hurt me with just your hands, right?” Long Dian laughed, but as if remembering something, he added, “Don’t think that I have any organs for you to injure. My organs are there just for show; they do not serve any purpose.”

I managed to find a hard object while searching around inside Long Dian’s stomach. In an instant, I pulled it out, stood up, tightened my grip on Cold Fox’s flying dagger and slashed at Long Dian’s neck with all my strength…

Thunk! And there was naught but a headless corpse in front of me. In the next instant, I thrust the flying dagger into the head that had fallen on the ground and hacked it into mush. Can I actually kill Long Dian by doing this…? Probably not. I plopped down on the ground. He can return to the online world…

“Long Dian… is dead.” Kenshin actually said this outrageous line.

I lacked the strength to open my mouth, so I just turned my head and looked at Kenshin, asking him a wordless question.

“The two of us have been constantly monitoring him, and he has not returned to the online world.” Kenshin simply stated what he knew.

“Sigh, he’s still human after all. When he saw his own head fall onto the ground, he instinctively thought that he was dead. Just like that, his consciousness also vanished,” sighed Sunshine.

“Quickly… save the other… people…” I panted desperately, before feeling giddy and finally becoming enveloped in darkness.

What all of us had forgotten was that Long Dian had originally wanted the entire world to see our lifeless bodies. However, his plan had backfired and the whole world could see that the terrorist was now dead. Also, he had been killed by a famous person that everyone knew: the Lord of Infinite City in Second Life — the Blood Elf Prince!

Although Prince had been wearing light armor that covered his entire body,2 and no one ever found the real Prince, the legend of the Prince who saved the whole world would always remain… becoming an Eternal Legend!


1 “Happy Corner”: Yu Wo’s description isn’t too far off. DO NOT click on this link unless you really want to know.

2 “Light armor that covered his entire body”: Prince’s face was hidden by the armor, so no one knew if it was actually him.

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