The Legend of Sun Knight V4C5: “Overcome Various Obstacles of the Journey”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fifth Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Overcome Various Obstacles of the Journey” – translated by lucathia

After being on the run for several days, everyone felt fairly satisfied living the life of a fugitive. Even Ecilan, our hostage whom we had seized, was living a life of pleasure… How should I explain this?

On the very first night, he swore to the God of Light that he would never escape or harm us. He wanted me to dispel the Chains of Darkness wrapped around his chest so that he could… cook for everyone!

You really couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Although he was one of the exalted Twelve Holy Knights, his cooking skills were even better than Yuna and Sybil’s put together! Once we ate dinner prepared by him, the following morning, no one wanted to eat meals prepared by Yuna or Sybil anymore, not even themselves.

I have a horse to ride and someone to experiment my necromancy on. After tiring of that, I even have delicious meals waiting for me. What in the world can be more comfortable than this?

“Can you not play around with bones while using holy light?”

This wasn’t the first time Yuna had protested, saying things like, “This violates normalcy. You keep breaking the fundamental principle of how holy and dark elements are polar opposites and cannot coexist. You’re completely violating the rules.”


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C4: “Recruit Powerful Assistants”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fourth Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Recruit Powerful Assistants” – translated by ErodingPersona

Earlier, when the unicorn and Ice Knight had both simultaneously used their magic, I had had a faint feeling… that I would be able to perform those magic spells too. Regardless of whether it was Ice Wall or Lightning, I felt I could cast all of them as well. If so, of course I should take the opportunity, while Ice Knight was still walking in slow motion, to quickly and stealthily gather the elements and blast him so that he would be unable to react!

I burst through the small door and yelled to the three people in front of me, “Don’t use that road, and don’t follow me!”

Hearing this, the three of them stopped dead in their tracks and swiveled their heads around to look at me.

I didn’t let the unicorn stop, only roaring again while passing by them, “Hurry up and run!”

“You didn’t even stop!” Sybil grumbled loudly, “To think that I had actually felt momentarily touched when I heard that you wanted to go off alone!”


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C3: “Raise Funds for the Journey”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: Slaying a dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Third Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Raise Funds for the Journey” – translated by bleachpanda

When I went back to the weapons shop, Igor was long gone. He probably got impatient and just couldn’t wait anymore, right? I hurriedly rushed back to the inn. As I thought, everyone was already there the moment I opened the door, including Igor, who had stood me up.

“Where did you run off to?” Igor asked disinterestedly the moment he saw me.

I ignored him. When I thought about it, I felt that women should be more perceptive and better at deducing age than men. I turned toward Sybil and asked, “Sybil, how old do I look?”

Sybil, who had been cleaning up her rope net, lasso, and other things, froze for a bit. Even the others stopped what they had been doing and raised their heads to look at me.

I looked at Sybil in complete seriousness for a while. Then, she also started to stare at my face seriously, closely examining it. Finally, with a look of confidence, she guessed, “Around twenty-three, or twenty-four. At most, twenty-five, you can’t be any older than that.”

No way… I continued inquiring further, “Is it possible for me to actually be eighteen?”


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C2: “A Strong Steed”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Second Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “A Powerful Steed” – translated by ErodingPersona

Iacchi said that after the unicorn freed itself, the entire city went into lockdown mode with only a few small passageways for human entry, so the unicorn had definitely not escaped out of the city yet. However, for some reason, even though searches were conducted meticulously throughout the night, the unicorn still hadn’t been found.

To prevent the situation from dragging on for too long, which might lead to the escape of the unicorn or the capture of the unicorn by someone else who might smuggle it out of the country, the Adventurers’ Guild had decided to offer five hundred gold ducats as an award to whoever managed to capture the unicorn. The only restrictions were that the unicorn could not be killed or allowed to come to serious harm.

I started contemplating Iacchi’s information, but no matter how much I thought about it, I could only conclude that the first thing I needed to do was catch the unicorn before anyone else.


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C1: “Still an Adventurer Team”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The First Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Still an Adventurer Team” – translated by ErodingPersona

Grisia! You can never escape, never…

I awoke in fright.

I hurriedly opened my eyes. However, the minute I opened them, I felt that there was something wrong, but I couldn’t say what was wrong…

Normally, after opening one’s eyes, should there only be darkness?

Then there is absolutely no difference between opening and closing one’s eyes! Since there’s no difference, why should I open my eyes? Or could it be that I… I can’t see anything?

No! I could “see” clearly; in fact, everything was becoming more and more well-defined. It was as if my surroundings were originally covered by some thick, heavy cloth, and someone was now unwrapping it layer by layer. The darkness slowly faded, and the scenes became clearer and clearer.

I “saw” myself lying on top of a bed. The bed’s wood element was very noticeable, so it should be made out of wood. My body was also covered by a thick cotton blanket. There was a chair beside the bed, and a table further away. There were four chairs around the table and some water element on top of the table… It was a pot of water.

I even knew that the water only filled a fifth of the pot.

However, I did not even need to turn around and open my eyes to “see” those items. The images automatically appeared in my mind. I tried closing my eyes and opening them again… The images in my mind didn’t change at all!


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