½ Prince V2C7: A Battle Without Regrets

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: A Battle Without Regrets – translated by K00st3r and Erialis


Despite having completed our final training session the previous night, I continued to be plagued by a feeling of guilt – a feeling that I still wasn’t strong enough. Thus, I decided to apply for medical leave and stay home to train in secret.

To be honest, although we’d fought so many rounds in the tournament, I’d never given a thought to the possibility of us losing a particular match. However, I hadn’t expected that we would come this far in the tournament, either.

Am I really that strong? I couldn’t help but feel a little worried. All I could think of was fighting more mobs and gaining more levels. Will I be able to survive in the midst of six hundred people with my current level of sixty-two? I have no idea! However, the thought “I will lose” still did not cross my mind.

With a horizontal slash, I defeated the last monster and brushed my sweat-soaked hair back from my forehead. It was only then that I noticed that someone had approached. Continued

½ Prince V2C6: The Truth, Revealed?

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: The Truth, Revealed? – translated by Eilinel


“Prince! Prince, are you online? Quick, come to our usual place. We’ve got a huge problem.”

The instant I got online, Lolidragon PMed me with such urgency in her voice that, before I even got a handle on the situation, I had already begun to run toward the meeting place.

“What happened?” I demanded, as I charged into the restaurant booth with an anxious expression.

“Right, now that everyone is here, I can start talking. The officials have announced that today’s match will be cancelled,” Lolidragon said calmly. Everyone in Odd Squad widened their eyes in surprise. “The competition is delayed until next week, when all teams will participate in the melee to decide the champion team.”

“What will the melee consist of? And why did they suddenly change the competition method?” Wolf inquired thoughtfully. Continued

½ Prince V2C5: Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei – translated by Smerian

From the time I woke up, cooked breakfast, chased after the bus, all the way until Gui’s class ended, my mind was on only one thing: Should I sneak into the school clinic and take a peek at Wolf-dàgē or not?

Rationally speaking, it would be wiser for me not to go; after all, who knows if Wolf-dàgē will recognize me or not? However, emotionally speaking… Ohhh, I REALLY want to see what Wolf-dàgē actually looks like! There’s just no way he resembles his in-game counterpart, is there!? That’s obvious, since Wolf-dàgē isn’t a werewolf.

Uncertain about what to do, I could only start plucking flower petals… “Go look, don’t go look, go look, don’t go look, go look…”

Suddenly, a deep voice spoke from behind me. “Miss, you can’t pluck flowers here!” Continued

½ Prince V2C4: Fate

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Fate – translated by Spence

“Listen up, guys!” Wolf-dàgē’s tone was serious as he addressed us before the start of our first round in the finals. “We will need to work harder than ever now that we’re in the finals. The opponents that we are going to face will definitely be worthy foes. We must not take them lightly.”

All of us nodded earnestly.

“Lolidragon, do you know who we’re fighting next?” I asked. Lolidragon nodded, and I took another bite of bread before pressing her for details about the enemy.

Lolidragon wrinkled her brow and said, “They’re called ‘Ascendant Dragons’. I haven’t heard any special rumors about them, but their team’s combat strength seems to be pretty average. They only managed to get into the finals because they haven’t met any strong opponents thus far, so they should be pretty easy to handle.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great, then. It seems like our first match will be a cinch.” Continued

½ Prince V2C3: Odd Squad Strikes Back

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Odd Squad Strikes Back – translated by xosugarhighox

“Ahahaha…” I laughed callously. “Hahahaha, I’m not scared. I’m not scared! Hahaha!”

“Looks like Prince is really scared…” Ugly Wolf looked helplessly at me, who had been laughing maniacally in a corner for a while now.

“Well, he’s always been the one who slaughters everyone in his path. Now that the time for retribution has arrived, obviously he’d be scared!” Lolidragon responded indifferently.

“What do we do, then? With things like this, how are we going to compete?” Yu Lian asked, her voice filled with anxiety. “Don’t tell me we’re going to have to forfeit!” Continued