The Legend of Sun Knight V3C6: “The Road Every Adventure Must Travel – An Underground Cavern”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Sixth Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “The Road Every Adventure Must Travel – An Underground Cavern” – translated by raylight

I slowly opened my eyes, and was not quite able to make out where I was. Afterward, the stabbing pain in my brain, like a drum being hit, reminded me… I had been drunk.

I actually got drunk? Just how much liquor did my teacher order later on? Looks like I totally didn’t have to risk my life to bargain for another one tenth of the reward with the strongest Sun Knight in history… Just by drinking liquor, I probably had already drunk away one tenth of the reward!

I tried to take a look around, wanting to figure out where I was. Who knew that with this one look, I would immediately open my mouth wide…


Under my legs, there was nothing but air, and the distance between my legs and the ground was at least twenty meters! Why was I even taller than the tower of the Holy Temple?

I continued to wail, “Ahhh! God of Light! I don’t want to grow that tall, I will never dare to drink liquor in secret anymore…”

“What are you yelling about? Don’t scare people so early in the morning.” This was my teacher’s voice.

“Actually, it is already noon now.” That was Aldrizzt’s murmur.

When I turned my head to look, my teacher was also floating in mid-air. He had the appearance of having just woken up and was currently stretching… How I really admire my teacher! Even if we are now in mid-air, and there is absolutely no support under our feet, he, the old man, can still stretch in such an elegant manner. Indeed worthy of the former Sun Knight that had been elegant for twenty years.

After I took a closer look, I realized there were not just two people in the air. There was also another fellow whose whole body was hidden by a cloak. That must be Aldrizzt.

His body was currently radiating a very strong wind element.

“You can actually cast the Spell of Flight?!” I was stunned, for I thought that since Aldrizzt is a dark elemental creature, learning dark elemental magic should be extremely easy for him, but other elements probably shouldn’t be as easy.

“I didn’t know how to at first.” The cloaked person turned his head around, and as expected, it was Aldrizzt’s face that looked back at me. With a very helpless expression, he said, “However, Neo said that wind elemental magic is very helpful for travelling, and kept forcing me to learn it. Only after spending a lot of effort did I manage to learn two spells of wind elemental magic – Teleportation and Spell of Flight.”

I felt like I could identify with him. I comforted him, saying, “Yeah, my teacher always likes to force people to learn some very strange stuff. Once you’re used to it, it’ll be fine.”

“It’s been hard on you.” Aldrizzt looked at me, full of sympathy.

“Never mind, I have already escaped from the abyss of suffering. Subsequently, it’ll be hard on you…”

“The two of you, are you treating me as a dead person?” asked my teacher coldly.

Aldrizzt and I suppressed our laughs, and then shut our mouths.

However, I couldn’t help but immediately open my mouth again to ask, “Teacher, where are we going?”

My teacher glanced over and questioned back in suspicion, “Did you drink so much that you forgot about the mission that I mentioned to you before?”

“Of course not.”

My teacher nodded his head and explained, “Right now, we are going to carry out the mission. If we use the Spell of Flight, we can save a lot of time. Also, you would not return to your team too late.”

I thought about it for a moment, and indeed, if the mission didn’t take too much time, then this might even be faster than hurrying back to Leaf’s side on my own.

After settling the problem of transportation, I delved in deeper and asked, “What’s the briefing of the mission?”

My teacher gave me a faint smile. “You don’t have to worry. This is a very simple mission. For you, it will be especially easy.”

“Oh, hehe!” I gave a fake laugh along with my teacher. When my teacher had first started teaching me to how to fall down elegantly, he had also carried such a relaxed and gentle tone… I looked toward Aldrizzt, and his face looked like he had already thrown all caution to the wind.

I had already started considering the options. Between following my teacher, and jumping down from a twenty meter height and then being hunted down by the strongest Sun Knight in history, which one would have a higher rate of survival?

Hmm, neither seems to be very high…

After flying for a whole day and night, I was just about to give praise to Aldrizzt’s strength as to how he can actually fly for such a long time when he landed on the ground, and then very happily announced, “Now my strength has been exhausted, so what happens next is up to you guys.”

You despicable and shameless dark elf…

After silently cursing Aldrizzt for quite a while, I turned my body around to take a look. To my back was a dark cave around which not even a single blade of grass grew within a hundred feet. The whole cave was taking in and sending out large quantities of the dark element, rather like a living thing that was afraid that it was not dark enough. There was also a series of screams and howls coming from the inside, and even the sound of bones rubbing together…

My teacher drew his sword, and cheerily said, “The mission is to clear the undead creatures inside this cavern once and for all.”

Hearing that, I said with a blank face, “Teacher, this is a land of darkness.”

“I know that.”

“Teacher, the definition of a land of darkness is that for some unknown reason, this kind of land will endlessly spawn the dark element. Coincidentally, this place probably used to be a battlefield or cemetery, and that’s why the dead buried underneath number as many as the stars in the sky, and will arise as undead creatures endlessly.”

“I know that! What are you being so wordy about? In the three years that I haven’t seen you, the extent of your wordiness has increased yet again.” My teacher’s face filled with impatience.

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Even if I were to be angry, I wouldn’t be able to defeat him anyway… I tried hard to take several deep breaths, and squeezed out a smile, saying, “Since you know that, then you should know that even if the undead creatures inside this kind of land of darkness were cleared, after two days, it will still be packed full of undead creatures! Therefore, it’s impossible to clear it once and for all.”

My teacher revealed a smile, replying, “Of course I know that, otherwise, why would I bring you here?”

Just now, I should have chosen the option of jumping down the high altitude of twenty meters and then being hunted down by my teacher! I deeply regretted it, but I still forced myself to say, “…Teacher, no matter how powerful my holy light ability is, it’s still impossible to completely purify the dark element in this cavern.”

“With the addition of the Divine Sun Sword and me, put your all into it and give it a try!”

Though my teacher’s tone of speaking was not agitated and his expression was calm, I knew that the calmer my teacher was, the stronger his determination was. It must be done!

“Teacher, why must you purify this place?” I felt curiosity growing in my heart, and couldn’t help but open my mouth to ask, “There are so many lands of darkness in this world, why must it be this one?”

My teacher gave a faint smile and explained, “Do you know the reason this cavern spawns undead creatures endlessly, yet it doesn’t affect the surroundings?”

I shook my head. Indeed, I didn’t know.

“That’s because in the past, there was a regiment of powerful mages that used an extremely strong water element gem, ‘Eternal Tranquility,’ to set a boundary around the cave so as to prevent the undead creatures from walking out of a one hundred foot circumference from the cave.”

So I see. I nodded my head to indicate my understanding. The lands of darkness have always been a source of headache for all of the kingdoms, and each kingdom would employ every method to prevent the damage caused by the land of darkness. Of those methods, cooperating with a mage or a cleric to create a boundary that can seal away those dark creatures is the simplest and the fastest.

My teacher gave a faint smile, and with a calm expression, he gave a declaration that was rather like an explosion, “I want that ‘Eternal Tranquility.’”

I was stunned. So it was like this, my teacher wants that “Eternal Tranquility,” but once he takes the gem, the boundaries around the cave will immediately fall apart. At that time, undead creatures will swarm out from this cave to hurt other creatures, especially humans…

However, I believe that my teacher would definitely not allow this kind of outcome to happen. As such, he would first have to purify this cave, so that when he takes the gem, it would not cause any kind of damage.

Once I thought about this, my face fell as I looked at my teacher, carrying a strand of hope. “Must you have that gem? There aren’t any replacements?”

My teacher indifferently said, “Unless you can find a gem that is equally powerful. However, I have inquired around for a good time, and only ‘Eternal Tranquillity’ is the most suitable.”

I muttered to myself, “Even if there were a gem more powerful than the ‘Eternal Tranquillity,’ I’m afraid that the method to obtain it would only be more difficult, otherwise it would have already been taken away by others.”

It looked like no matter what, I would have to accompany my teacher this time. I turned my head to look at the dark cave, just hoping this wouldn’t end up being my burial spot…

However, I felt that just barging in would not be a sensible act, so I promptly asked the leader of the team, “Teacher, do you have a plan?”

My teacher instantly answered, “Yes.”

Looking at my teacher brimming with self-confidence, I was momentarily filled with boundless hope. I awaited expectantly as I asked, “Then, what are the details of the plan?”

My teacher mysteriously held up his forefinger, and then pointed toward the cavern, saying, “Fight all the way into the deepest, innermost part of the caverns, rest one day as we wait for your holy light ability to recover to the maximum, execute the purification, take away ‘Eternal Tranquility,’ and the mission is accomplished!”

In a flash, my face became expressionless. If this can be called a plan, then, “Find the enemy, defeat the enemy, rescue the princess, go back to the kingdom and get married” would be a knight’s complete adventure plan for rescuing a princess since ancient times, and even after a thousand years there wouldn’t be any need to change a single word.

“This is actually relatively good.” At this moment, Aldrizzt serenely started speaking. “You don’t know about last time, under what kind of circumstances we had to barge into a dragon’s lair to steal a crown…”

“What kind of circumstances?” I immediately asked, for right now I needed to know about more tragic circumstances. This way, I would be able to feel that the current circumstances were quite blissful, and then I could confront them happily.

With tears in his eyes, Aldrizzt lamented, “The cleric didn’t sleep the night before due to visiting a prostitute, and his amount of holy light was less than one quarter of his usual. The warrior’s sword was broken and was sent for repairs, but he had not retrieved it yet. While scouting, the rogue absconded with the money after opening a treasure chest. While the mage was cooking, he accidentally burned half of a magic scroll. The holy knight had drunk too much liquor, and was still hung over…”

At this point, I suddenly felt that something was wrong. I asked, “Wait a moment, who was the mage who was so stupid that he burnt a magic scroll?”

“That was me.” Aldrizzt lowered his head guiltily.

“And the hung over holy knight?” I felt anything but reassured.

“That was me.” My teacher finished his answer and glanced over. Full of threat, he said, “Forming a team with the strongest Sun Knight in history, you don’t have any problems with that, do you? Ah?”

“No, of course not!” Sincerely, I said, “However, teacher, your hangover…”

My teacher sighed and then waved his hand impatiently. “I didn’t drink that much last night.”

I’m relieved.

“So I’m only a little hung over.”


Oh God of Light! Mike, Austin, Ann and dearest Leaf, you guys are the world’s best adventuring comrades. I really have been wrong, please come and save me! Hurry up and come here to take me back into your team. It’s alright even if you want me to be a cleric!

Unfortunately, my relationship with Leaf wasn’t so great that our thoughts were inter-linked, and thus in the end he didn’t come to save me. I could only follow my teacher and step into a cave that was about as dark as my future…

Once we stepped into the cave, unexpectedly, there stood rows of densely packed white skeletons along each side. These skeletons were probably made from fresh corpses, which were provided by adventurers who had come here adventuring and accidentally settled down instead. As the corpses were relatively fresh, there was even quite a bit of “stuff” clinging onto the surface of the skeletons. Also, they had not become completely rotten, so the effect of scaring others was also enhanced. Other than the visual assault, I felt that my sense of smell had also received irreparable damage.

My teacher held his nose as he said, “Why don’t you hurry up and blow them away! I’m dying from the stench!”

I let out an “oh” sound, and casually sent out an explosion of holy light. Following that, what was heard were the sounds of bones scattering on the ground. Once the holy light had faded away, the skeletons that had been standing in rows had already turned into a fine powder that covered the whole floor, as if laid out as a “white carpet” to welcome our arrival.

After that, although my teacher said he was still a little hung over, when we encountered more skeletons, he cut out a path with one strike of his blade as usual. Sometimes, he even accidentally used too much strength, and helped to widen the cave. Although at that moment I was a little worried that the roof would cave in, after carefully thinking about it, even if it were to cave in, my teacher would still be able to carve a new cave from scratch, so there was nothing to worry about.

As for Aldrizzt, though he had joyously announced that he had no more strength left when he had landed, when the skeleton that I had “accidentally” missed and didn’t manage to stop came charging at him, he glanced at it with disdain. Then, in the manner of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, he used an advanced dark magic, “Hell’s Fire,” to roast him crisply.

As the range of Hell’s Fire was too wide, the fire accidentally spread, causing a large amount of skeletons to be consumed, as the fire could not be contained once it broke out.

At this moment, I used my Wind Blade…to help fan myself. How hot!

However, I had started to understand my teacher and Aldrizzt’s strength. There was a good reason they were able to barge into a dragon’s lair under such chaotic circumstances and still return alive.

At this instant, Aldrizzt gave me an especially supercilious look. He said unhappily, “Aren’t you a little lax?”

Before I could speak, my teacher explained, “Aldrizzt, you have to treat him as a cleric.”

“Oh!” Aldrizzt gave a gasp of sudden realization, and then spoke to me, full of apologies. “Sorry, in times like these clerics are indeed supposed to stay at the back and enjoy the cool air. However, could you give me a little bit of Wind Blade? It is indeed a little bit hot.”

“Sure.” I used a weak Wind Blade to chop him, and then reminded him, “Next time don’t use that kind of magic in an airtight space. Letting it harm others is fine, but don’t end up harming our own team too.”

“Yeah!” My teacher started fanning himself with his shoulder plate.

“Yes, yes. I’m really sorry to have made everyone feel hot.” Aldrizzt admitted his mistake with much bravery. This dark elf actually knew how to rectify his mistakes!

After that, the fire seemed to be impossible to extinguish within a short time…because the undead creatures in the depths of the cave kept charging into it non-stop to become fuel… So, with that, the three of us could only sit down and start preparing lunch, using the readily available “fire” to roast our meat.

“Using a fire that is fuelled by corpses to roast meat doesn’t seem very appropriate, does it?” Aldrizzt stared at the cooked meat with a bit of disgust. Worried, he said, “Not to mention that it’s even fire from dark magic, so it might even be harmful to the human body.”

“Even if it is harmful to the human body, it is also none of your concern!” I said confidently, “You’re not a human.”

Aldrizzt thought about it for a while, and said, “That’s true.” After that, he became relieved and also started eating the meat.

After we had eaten and drunk our fill, the fire had also become smaller. Like this, we casually walked across a pile of ashes, and then continued to head further inside. Due to the cave system being accessible from all directions, we had seriously no idea where to go. Thus, we adopted my teacher’s method – head in the direction where the monsters are stronger, and you can’t go wrong.

We fought from the lowest leveled skeletons to the even more foul-smelling ghouls. That is a kind of corpse that is half rotten, and has a lot of rotten meat clinging on to its body. Its movement is slow, but acute poison lies on its body. One would get poisoned with just a touch, and if there were no cleric on the team or no antidote to detoxify oneself, then one can just start digging his or her own grave.

However, getting poisoned by touching a ghoul is irrelevant because it’s so putrid that I’m about to be killed by their stench even standing ten meters away. If I were near enough to touch them, I would definitely cut off my own nose, let alone still care about getting poisoned!

“My goodness! You bunch of putrid dead people’s remains, hurry up and go to the God of Light to repent for not bathing!”

I held my nose with one hand, and with the other used Wind Blade to fan away the stench as though my life depended on it, and then my body shone with boundless radiance, illuminating the whole cavern as though the sun were rising. Once the holy light had faded away, the entire cave finally became clean, and even the air seemed have a fresh and cool smell.

I put down the hand that was holding my nose, and said in satisfaction, “Holy light is, as expected, the most effective method to sterilize and deodorize.”

Afterward, we continued to meet mutated corpses, decaying hellhounds, and corpses that could suck human blood. I have heard that the public has given this kind of monster a nice-sounding name called vampire. Also, we met eye demons that had the appearance of a giant eyeball, shadow ghosts that were black from head to toe…

In conclusion, if there were only one of the monsters with physical forms, it would be chopped into half by my teacher once it showed itself. If the monsters with physical forms were in a large group, then I could witness Aldrizzt’s various kinds of dark magic, and at the same time faintly felt that I had secretly learnt a few techniques. If it were a monster with no physical form, such as shadow ghosts, it would be sterilized by my holy light.

Mid-way, we had even encountered another team that was adventuring here… The five of them had been covered by a giant skeleton warrior, and it was only after my teacher had chopped that skeleton warrior to death with one strike and it had fallen to the ground with a “boom” did we see those five people.

They were a standard adventurer team, comprised of a warrior, an archer, a rogue, a warpriest, and one that was less commonly seen, a druid. This kind of person is an expert in morphing into various kinds of animals, and is a type of druid specializing in healing and detoxification.

The moment we saw them, Aldrizzt had immediately pulled up the hood of his cloak, and covered himself completely.

The five of them stared blankly at my teacher. My teacher was also a little stunned, and then he revealed the “Sun-Style” radiant smile, and with a gentle and elegant attitude that made people have a favorable impression of him in their hearts, he said, “My apologies, my eyes went bad momentarily, and I actually kill-stole your monster. Please treat this skeleton warrior as one that you have defeated, and all of the loot on his body belongs to you guys.”

The party of five all stared blankly at my teacher. The expression that the two females within the group, the archer and the warpriest, revealed was roughly called “love at first sight.” The warrior’s expression was called “crazed worshipping.” The rogue stared at the prized sword in my teacher’s hand and the extraordinary armor and accessories on his body, and his expression could roughly be described as “eyes glistening.” The druid was a lot more normal. He slightly frowned and showed a wary stance.

Looks like in this adventurer team, the druid should be the actual leader, while in name, it’s probably the warrior that is standing in the front!

“You guys are a team? A knight, an assassin and a mage?” The druid sized up the three of us with furrowed brows.

“No, he is a cleric,” said my teacher as he pointed at me, and continued. “I myself am a holy knight.”

“Cleric?” The druid said with a hint of suspicion, “But he’s wearing assassin clothes.”

My teacher had a trustworthy smile, and said, “Oh, that’s because his cleric clothes accidentally got burnt while roasting meat, so he could only change into assassin clothes.”

At this moment, I walked in front, and my hands released holy light to sterilize the skeleton warrior on the floor. It turned into a pile of white bone ashes, leaving only the pile of loot from his body, like armor, precious swords and such.

I nodded my head with satisfaction, but when I turned my head, what I saw was that all five of the other party were staring at me, stunned.

At this moment, Aldrizzt quickly gave a reminder into my ear, “You didn’t recite an incantation.”

Damn it! I forgot.

After seeing this move of mine, even the druid nodded his head blankly, totally giving no thought as to why a cleric would actually put on an assassin’s clothes in a team without an assassin.

However, what I was wearing wasn’t assassins’ clothing either, but the clothes that Aldrizzt had been wearing under his mage’s robes. Nevertheless, because it had two special traits of being black and a bit more skin-tight, it really did seem like an assassin’s garbs.

At this moment, the druid gave a glance at the skeleton warrior as though he couldn’t bear to part with it, and then told us, “This skeleton warrior belongs to you guys. In fact, if you guys hadn’t come, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to walk out of this cave.”

Hearing that, I sized up the other party. As expected, they had a battered and exhausted appearance.

I reminded out of good will, “Then you guys can walk out now. We have already disposed of the monsters behind us, so there’s not much danger along the way.”

The druid gave a bitter smile as he said, “This is impossible. The monsters here only take three days to completely respawn, so I’m afraid that the route would already be filled with monsters again. Moreover, we are not as prepared as when we first came in, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to get out.”

At this moment, the warrior was very upset as he said, “I’m sorry, it’s all because I brought you guys too far inside.”

His comrades started comforting him, “We don’t blame you. No one could have expected that we would suddenly encounter a skeleton warrior and hellhounds, otherwise we definitely would not have had any problems.”

Seeing their looks of wanting to die, I couldn’t help but interrupt them, saying, “But we have just finished slaying the monsters outside, so they haven’t had enough time to respawn yet.”

The other team was stunned. The warrior couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask, “You-you guys, how long did you take to reach this place?”

My teacher was silent without a word and Aldrizzt was pretending not to care, so I could only think hard about how much time it would take an average adventurer team to reach here. I tested cautiously, “About three…”

“What? Three days?” The other party was given a big shock, and exclaimed, “We have five people, but we spent a week.”

“…” Actually, I wanted to say three hours. However, in reality, we only spent thirty minutes. Thank goodness I didn’t say it clearly…

“If you guys had only spent three days, then the monsters along the way really might not have completely respawned yet!” The other party revealed an exhilarated expression.

“Yup! You guys should hurry and pick up the skeleton warrior’s loot on the floor, and then go out. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to us.” My teacher waved to them, and even reminded in “good will,” “Better run out, otherwise if the monsters respawn, that would be bad.”

I stared at my teacher’s indecent behavior speechlessly. As a matter of fact, the other party had three days’ time. Even if they crawled out, they’d still make it in time.

However, when the other party heard my teacher’s words, they immediately picked up the loot and after saying a few words of thanks to us, they left in a hurry.

Seeing the other party run swiftly in the direction of the entrance, as though they would never dare to come to this place ever again in their lifetime, I muttered to myself in disbelief, “We were actually this strong?”

Hearing that, my teacher gave a laugh, and a little teasingly said, “Who do you think you are? Who am I again? Aldrizzt is a mage of what age?”

“Though truthfully, this team of ours can’t be compared to your last team.”

Aldrizzt pondered as he listed, “The warriors are the Son of the God of War and Princess Ann, the hero among the women, who is equally famous in terms of fighting prowess. The archer is one of the Twelve Holy Knights, and in addition, there’s a warpriest who can buff warriors. The healing cleric is nicknamed the Sun Knight with the strongest holy magic in history… Even if you guys name the team ‘Dragon Slaying Adventurers’ Team,’ it would be true not just in name but also in ability.”

Hearing that, I suddenly felt relieved. At first, I was still a little worried as to the matter of my leaving the group, but once I heard that our team actually had the tyrannical strength to slay a dragon, then no matter what happens, there shouldn’t be any danger!

At this moment, my teacher’s face abruptly sank as he chided, “But affairs of life are never absolute, child, and you never know when a stronger group will appear in front of you.”

I bowed my head to receive his advice, but I didn’t quite agree within my heart. Don’t tell me that in this world, there is something that is even more frightening than a dragon?

My teacher probably also knew that he was thinking too much, but for some reason, he still furrowed his brows, saying, “Let’s go! We’ll hurry and finish our business here, so that you can go back to your group. I keep having this uneasy feeling… No matter what, it’s never good to leave the group for too long. Had we not definitely needed you for this, I would not have delayed your going back.”

I nodded my head, but in my heart, I wasn’t really anxious at all. That was because I already knew that Princess Ann was trying to delay time in order to let Princess Alice’s elopement become successful. Even if I went back, she would only lead me on a wild goose chase! Thus, I wasn’t really in a hurry to go back.

Furthermore, I actually felt that I didn’t want to break up an affectionate couple. When I had met the dark knight that was so handsome that people would want to beat him to death, he had after all not laid a hand on me, and was still a considerably reasonable fellow. Therefore, I wasn’t that keen on forcefully separating him and the princess.

At this time, my teacher sighed. “Let’s go! We’ll talk again after things are done.”

I nodded my head, and obediently followed my teacher.

Following that, we spent about three days’ time circling around in the cave, searching for “Eternal Tranquility.”

The three days went by pretty happily. Aldrizzt would always have an endless amount of stories to tell me. He talked about his homeland, the adventures he had after leaving his homeland. However, when it came to the story about himself, he wasn’t very keen on telling me, but that was okay, for everyone had their own secrets.

I, on the other hand, told him about the things that happened in the Holy Temple, and he would always listen enthusiastically. When we talked about the things that happened in the recent years, even my teacher couldn’t help but laugh heartily upon hearing them.

When I mentioned Roland, I cautiously observed my teacher’s expression, fearing that he would criticize me for fooling around and want me to barbeque Roland.

Who knew that when I finished my words, it was actually Aldrizzt who started laughing. “No wonder you hold not even the slightest prejudice toward an evil dark elf such as me. That’s because you had already made friends with a Death Knight, and what’s a trivial dark elf compared to that?”

My teacher, on the other hand, helplessly said, “You truly hold no regard for the law.”

“Teacher, you won’t reveal the matter of Roland, right?” I asked, a little nervous.

My teacher was silent for a while, and stared directly at me. “You need to promise me not to let him leave the Holy Temple. Also, before you retire at age forty, destroy him.”

I was just about to protest against the matter of having to destroy Roland, but my teacher said forcefully, “Living for another ten or so years should be enough for him. If you do not want to let him die at the hands of your student, then kill him before you lose the God of Light’s favor. Otherwise, when you pass the Divine Sun Sword to your successor, you might not have enough strength to kill him.”

I was silent for quite a while, but in the end, I still nodded my head. Though in my heart I had a secret feeling that at that time, I still might not be able to do it… However, something that would happen over ten years from now should be left to the future me of ten years later to worry about!

“This child, you are just too soft-hearted. As long as people don’t offend you, no matter how much of a potential threat the opponent is, you would not do a thing.”

My teacher gave a sigh, and as he patted my shoulder, he said, “This personality of yours can’t be considered to be bad, though. If it weren’t for this personality of yours, Aldrizzt wouldn’t treat you as a friend this quickly. However, this personality of yours is also very dangerous. I worry that there will be a day when you’ll pay the price because of this.”

I lowered my head, and pretended to listen to his advice seriously. My teacher indeed hasn’t changed at all; he still cannot resist tutoring me even after his retirement.


My teacher called me, and I lifted my head to look at him. However, he started stroking my head as though I were a little kid, and said, “No matter what happens, don’t forget that teacher is always here.”

“Count me in as well, then.” Aldrizzt said indifferently.

Hearing my teacher and Aldrizzt’s words, I felt warmth in my heart. However, I couldn’t help but complain, “You still dare to say that! Teacher, once you had retired, you disappeared without a trace. Before, when the king, princess, and I were having a dispute, if you had been there, they would definitely have obediently followed your words, and I wouldn’t have needed to be overwrought.”

Upon hearing my words, my teacher immediately whacked my head, scolding, “You brat, you’re this big already. Are you telling me to stay at your side to be your nanny? As for that kind of trivial matter, go settle it yourself!”

“If that kind of matter is considered trivial, then in what kind of situation could I look for my teacher? Don’t tell me that I can only look for you when we are going to slay a dragon…”

As I rubbed my head and complained softly, there came my teacher’s rolling of his eyes and Aldrizzt’s muffled laughter. Seeing the situation, I myself started laughing. If we really had to slay a dragon, then the Holy Temple would definitely mobilize a large amount of people. At that time, with the Twelve Holy Knights by my side, and with their strength, I wouldn’t need to look for my teacher anymore.

We continued on with our journey while we chatted. Right now, the primary person who sent the monsters flying away was my teacher. Aldrizzt and I were responsible for chatting at the back.

“Neo sure is strong! Even within my clansmen who specialize in fighting, there isn’t anyone who is this strong.”

Inside my heart, I had the same feeling as I said, “Yeah. My teacher is, after all, the strongest Sun Knight in history. He is already this strong now, so when my teacher still had the favor of the God of Light, you can imagine how rampant he was back then…”

“Whether or not he has the God of Light’s favor shouldn’t be that important, right?” Aldrizzt said with indifference. “Even with the favor of the God of Light, it’s not like Neo’s swordsmanship would become better, right?”

“Oh…” I looked at Aldrizzt. He doesn’t seem to like raising the topic of religion?  “His swordsmanship definitely would not become any better. However, there are a few benefits to being the representative of the God of Light.”

This topic seemed to make Aldrizzt a little disgusted. He said, “The benefit of strengthening one’s holy element doesn’t seem enough to me for people to place their faith in God.”

I tilted my head and thought for a while, then raised what was, in my opinion, the strongest example. “I am the thirty-eighth generation Sun Knight, and none of the thirty-seven Sun Knights preceding me died during their period in office.”

Aldrizzt had an extremely strange expression on his face as he asked with disbelief, “The Sun Knight is undying?”

“Of course not.” I rolled my eyes at him. I told him unhappily, “It’s just that it’s very hard for a Sun Knight to die. That’s because the holy light inside our bodies is too abundant, and our resilience is simply too strong. As long as we do not receive a mortal wound, we practically couldn’t die.”

At this moment, my teacher, who was at the front, started laughing. As he killed the monsters, he said, “It is rumored that the tenth generation Sun Knight was pierced through the heart once by a sword, but he still managed to survive in the end.”

Aldrizzt started shaking his head in disbelief.

I smiled as I continued, “Thus, with my teacher’s current strength, if you add on that incredibly strong resilience, how strong do you think he would be…”

I suddenly cut off my words.

Aldrizzt looked at me a little strangely. “Grisia?”

I took in a deep breath and pointed in front, saying, “I think we have found our target. Over there, at the very end of the fork in the road, there’s an extremely strong water element!”

Hearing that, my teacher attacked the monster before him with a swing of his blade, sending it flying away in pieces. Afterward, he stood poised in a stance before he brandished his sword, and paused like that for three seconds. Then, with a swing of his sword…

My blond hair and Aldrizzt’s white hair were swept into a mad dance by the air currents cast by the sword. Both of us stared expressionlessly at that fork in the road that looked as though a magic scroll had detonated there. The whole road went “boom, boom, boom,” and then let out a loud “bang” that would give people tinnitus. Last of all came a burst of smoke that lingered long afterward…

My teacher was in a pleasant mood as he turned around and told us, “Okay, the monsters have all been cleared. Child, after we have gone in and you have rested enough, let’s conduct the purification. As your teacher, I will guard at the tunnel entrance and not allow any monsters to go in to disturb you.”

Aldrizzt turned his head to look at me, and in a harsh tone, said, “I really feel that Neo doesn’t need the God of Light’s favor, and there isn’t anything that can kill him.”

“You’re right.” I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

½ Prince V7C1: Supreme Battleship

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: Supreme Battleship  – translated by dahlys

Gui’s heart…

Without thinking, I immediately leapt toward Gui, but the hateful system was faster than I was. Gui faded into spots of white light before my very eyes, the wide smile on his face showing that he had died without regret… As for me, my whole body slammed heavily into the ground. I felt a powerful urge to cry…

Gui disappeared, Gui disappeared, Gui disappeared! Slowly, panic began to spread from the bottom of my heart. Has Gui really disappeared? He won’t appear again? Then, the Gui who is always grinning cheekily, always letting me beat him and scold him, and always standing behind my back supporting me silently, is gone?

“Prince, why are you in a daze? Flowing Wind is still here,” Lolidragon shouted in exasperation.

With tears welling up in my eyes, I hugged Lolidragon and said, “Lolidragon, Gui has disappeared. What should I do?”

Lolidragon, who was in my arms, suddenly stiffened. She grabbed my head with both arms and with a ‘crack’ sound, turned my head to face Flowing Wind… Ouch, I seemed to have lost a few hundred HP…

Lolidragon said syllable-by-syllable, “I said, Flowing Wind is still here. Do you not understand me?”

“I understand. I will avenge Gui.” I looked at Flowing Wind with bloodshot eyes, “He made Gui disappear, so I will avenge Gui, even if it costs me my life!”

I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and found myself lying face flat on the ground. Before I could figure out what was going on, I heard Lolidragon start to scold me vehemently. “You bastard! Did my words fall on deaf ears? I recently explained that HD is set up so that an NPC will disappear right after killing a player. Flowing Wind is still standing there, unharmed, yet you keep complaining about Gui disappearing! You didn’t listen to what I said at all! Talking to you is a waste of my breath and less constructive than playing a piano to a cow1.”

I raised my head, eyes lighting up with joy. So Gui hasn’t disappeared? This won’t do, I must confirm it. I immediately opened the PM channel and asked hastily, “Gui, Gui, Gui! Are you there?”

“I’m here! Prince, you should be wary of Flowing Wind. I am calling everybody to help out now.” Gui replied anxiously.

I felt utterly relieved when I heard him speak. Great, Gui is still alive!

“Prince! Are you even listening to me? Flowing Wind is still here! Are you planning to stay lying there on the ground and making it easier for him to kill you?” Lolidragon’s voice sounded like it was on the edge of hysteria, so I quickly jumped to my feet, drew Black Dao, and monitored Flowing Wind’s movements.

“Relax, the Dictator forbade us from killing you.” Flowing Wind said coldly, “If not, you would have already died a thousand times over.”

“Why did the Dictator forbid you guys from killing me?” Suddenly, I was very curious. Clay Child had also mentioned earlier that he would not kill me. Now that Flowing Wind was saying the same thing, I had a strange thought. Does the Dictator of Life…not want to kill me? Also, I must be the only exception, as Flowing Wind murdered Gui without hesitation, but did not kill me, the person responsible for his anger.

“I don’t know, but the Dictator’s orders are absolute,” Flowing Wind replied icily.

I tilted my head to one side and thought, Err, the Dictator of Life forbade Flowing Wind from killing me, and Flowing Wind said that he cannot defy the Dictator’s orders, so this means that Flowing Wind will not kill me no matter what I do! I grinned evilly. Then, what am I hesitating for?

“Your life is mine!” I drew Black Dao and charged toward Flowing Wind without a second thought. I immediately began slashing at him with the intent of teaching him a harsh lesson.

However, Flowing Wind dodged all of my attacks calmly and easily. He raised one brow questioningly and said, “You want to kill me?”

“What else could I be doing with a sword? Helping you to relieve an itch?” I shouted, but the Black Dao in my hands never stopped attacking. I slashed vertically and sliced horizontally, but not a single hit landed on Flowing Wind’s graceful body.

“Humans are really the epitome of conceit,” said Flowing Wind as he waved his hand with disdain.

On hearing this, I was so angry I nearly pulled out my blade and slashed at him… Ugh, I think I’m already slashing at him. But Flowing Wind was right. Alone, I couldn’t even scratch him. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. If I couldn’t even touch Flowing Wind, then what about the Dictator of Life?

I shook my head forcefully. I still have my companions! If everyone works together, we can definitely defeat the Dictator of Life!


I heard Gui’s voice behind me, along with the footsteps of many people. Without turning back to look, I already knew that Gui had ‘rounded up some people’ to help me.

Flowing Wind’s expression darkened as he said, “I almost forgot. Humans are also the perfect example of ‘tyranny by majority’.”

A little annoyed, I said, “Hey, remember that you are a BOSS. The mechanics of the game make it impossible for a player to solo a BOSS. This has nothing to do with being human or NPC!

“Ah ah, starting to look for excuses already.” Flowing Wind made an expression that said ‘I knew this would happen.’

This person not only deserved a beating more than my brother and Lolidragon combined, he was as stubborn as Celestial. This made him extremely hard to handle. Sigh, is the Dictator of Life letting all of his subordinates do whatever they want? First, Celestial refused to leave. Now, there’s Flowing Wind. Is he treating my Infinite City as a nursery?

“Prince, let’s defeat him together.” Raging flames burned in Gui’s eyes.

Before I could even open my mouth to reply, Flowing Wind said, “Never mind me, you people are so weak you can’t even kill Celestial. Don’t worry though, I don’t plan to kill you. I came here to take care of the traitor, Celestial.”

“You want to kill Celestial?” A little confused, I asked, “Didn’t the Dictator of Life forbid you guys from killing each other?”

“He did forbid us from killing each other.” Flowing Wind smiled evilly and said, “But since Celestial betrayed us, he can no longer be considered one of ‘us’ anymore.”

That was simply illogical. Both Gui and I made a strange expression.

Flowing Wind’s face suddenly changed and he became more menacing. He growled threateningly and said coldly, “Where is Celestial? If you refuse to tell me, I will shower Infinite City with blood.”

When he finished speaking, the castle began to shake violently. Fierce winds howled, shattering all the windows around me. The wind was so strong I actually felt that I had to use all of my strength just to stand firmly.

Smack! Shocked, I looked behind me only to see Gui and many other citizens of Infinite City glued to the wall, desperately using their hands to block the wind that could be said to be as sharp as a blade.

He’s gone too far! I roared angrily, “I don’t know! Even if I knew, I would never tell you.”

“What can’t you tell Flowing Wind?”

I snorted coldly and said, “Celestial’s whereabouts, of course…” Eh? This voice sounds like… I turned my head and my jaw nearly dropped. Celestial was standing at the door, frowning. He waved his hand and ribbons of Celestial Satin appeared in midair, blocking the wind in place of the shattered windows. Finally, the interior of the buildings returned to their windless state.

The moment Flowing Wind saw Celestial, he immediately roared angrily, “Traitor! You finally appeared. Watch me erase your existence on behalf of the Dictator…”

“Ah, Flowing Wind. Long time no see.” Celestial walked towards Flowing Wind amicably, as if he had just met a good friend he hadn’t seen in many years.

Flowing Wind tripped and nearly fell to the ground. He quickly steadied himself and laughed icily, “Raging Cyclone!”

The warning bells in my heart sounded, and I immediately dove toward the unprepared Celestial. As I pushed Celestial over, pillars of wind that were shaped like spiral drills bore a large hole at the place where Celestial had been standing, causing several explosions.

After I turned around and saw the large hole that let me look down from the third floor to the basement, I flew into a rage and shouted, “You’ve gone too far! Celestial is still one of you. Are you trying to kill him?” More importantly, how much will it cost to repair such a large hole? Yu Lian-dàsăo will definitely not forgive me!

“You’re right,” Flowing Wind’s face was clouded in shadow as he, who had not moved much previously, suddenly began to make a series of weird gestures. Surely, this was not going to be a normal attack!

“Quick! Everyone leave this place, now!” I hollered angrily. Everybody ran as fast as they could toward the doorway. Only Gui looked at me hesitantly, but after I gave him a flying kick, he too flew out the door. Under my intimidating gaze, he finally started to run for his life. As for Lolidragon… I didn’t need to worry about her, since she was the first one to escape.

I looked toward Flowing Wind in time to see the strange sign he had formed and held with his hands. I also saw the smile of satisfaction on his face… Oh no! With Celestial carried over my shoulder, I headed for one of the broken windows and leapt outside. Although it was the third floor, I was very sure that Flowing Wind’s attack was much scarier than jumping off a building.

While I was still in midair, I heard the horrifying sounds of an explosion accompanied by rocks flying everywhere from behind me. The game’s gravity also unkindly started to make me fall downwards. Oh great, maybe the rocks will conveniently bury me at the same time I fall to my death, so that a grave doesn’t even need to be dug for me… Helpless to do anything, I mocked myself.

However, I seem to have stopped falling in midair? Curious, I lifted my head only to meet Celestial’s gaze, which was unusually calm and mature. Was this really Celestial? I felt the beginnings of suspicion. Suddenly, Celestial winked at me playfully and turned back into that confused Celestial whose mental age was comparable to a five year old’s.

Celestial’s body slowly floated upwards, followed closely by my body. Hey, the feeling of floating in midair isn’t so bad… Oh my god. My eyes widened when I saw the castle. My Infinite Castle… why is there only half of it left?!

My face paled as I looked at the castle. Half of the Infinite Castle that everyone had put so much effort into building had become a pile of rubble. The design that Gui had taken great pains to come up with; Yu Lian-dàsăo’s desperate fundraising; everyone becoming unpaid construction workers; everybody feeling moved when the construction of the castle was finally completed… Everything was ruined!

I felt suddenly tranquil, and became so calm that there was not a single expression on my face. Perhaps this was because there was no expression that could express my current… anger!

“Flowing Wind, the Dictator will be angry with you.” Celestial frowned at Flowing Wind.

Flowing Wind bellowed angrily, “I don’t care, I’ve been displeased with you for a long time already. A traitor like you has no right to be one of our comrades. Your punishment from the Dictator is long overdue.”

“The Dictator forbade us from killing each other, and also, we are not allowed to prevent Prince from going to the Northern Continent. You cannot disobey the Dictator’s orders,” Celestial shouted.

I froze for a long moment. The Dictator forbade the Four Heavenly Kings from preventing me from going to the Northern Continent? But he dispatched so many NPCs with HD installed to threaten us into not going to the Northern Continent! What exactly is going on?

“I don’t care, I am going to destroy this damned place, exterminate you, and kill Prince!” Flowing Wind’s eyes radiated cruelty as he started making weird gestures again.

“Celestial! Hurry up and stop him.” I yelled, panicking. The destruction of the castle was causing me enough heartache. If Infinite City also vanished, how was I supposed to face everyone?

Celestial had already begun chanting a strange incantation, but suddenly, he stopped and looked blankly at the sky. I was so anxious, I grabbed Celestial’s shoulders and shook him vigorously.

“Dictator?” Celestial spat out in disbelief.

A look of slight alarm appeared on Flowing Wind’s face. Flustered, he followed Celestial’s gaze. What he saw made him sound like he was terrified to the extreme. He said, “How can this be? The Dictator cannot leave the Northern Continent.”

At this point, I also noticed that there was one extra person in the air. His blood red hair fluttered in the wind and his handsome face had an exotic magic tattoo. With the exception of the look in his eyes, which were not as filled with sorrow from a predetermined fate, he looked exactly the same as the photo Lolidragon had shown me.

“Flowing Wind, you disobeyed the Dictator’s orders,” The Dictator of Life said.

Err, why does this statement sound so awkward… Ah, right, who refers to himself in the third person? What’s going on? I was extremely confused.

Suspicious, Flowing Wind asked, “Who are you? You…are not the Dictator.”

“I am the Dictator’s clone.” The Dictator of Life…no, his clone explained, “The Dictator can find out the happenings of Second Life through me.

“Go back, Flowing Wind. The Dictator is very angry,” the Dictator of Life’s clone said expressionlessly.

“The Dictator is very angry?” Flowing Wind made a flustered expression and said, “Okay, okay, you tell the Dictator that I’ll go back immediately.”

Before he left, Flowing Wind threw Celestial a vicious glare, but Celestial smiled innocently and even waved to Flowing Wind in farewell. Flowing Wind was so pissed he nearly leapt toward Celestial, but in the end he simply glanced at the Dictator of Life’s clone and flew off in embarrassment.

“You are the Dictator of Life’s clone, right?” I coldly obstructed the Dictator of Life’s clone, who was about to leave. He stopped and looked at me expressionlessly, while I glared at him icily. I slowly raised my hand and curled up four of my fingers, leaving the index finger pointing straight out. I pointed at the wrecked Infinite Castle and said with absolute seriousness, “Pay up!”


Agitated, I clenched my fists and yelled furiously, “What? Are you trying to avoid your debt? Do you know just how much money was spent building Infinite Castle?” I wasn’t kidding; if I didn’t collect the rebuilding funds, who knew if I could even reach the Northern Continent? I might be cut into pieces by the Finance Department and the Construction Department while still on the Central Continent.

After maaany seconds, the Dictator of Life’s clone was still motionless and there was no expression on his face at all. I couldn’t help but frown. It’s not possible that this Dictator of Life, the god of Second Life‘sclone wants to evade the debt?

The Dictator of Life’s clone remained silent, but he slowly raised his right hand and pointed toward the half-wrecked Infinite Castle. He muttered some incantations, and a miracle suddenly happened!

The rock debris actually moved! Dumbfounded, I watched as the rocks stuck together to automatically form a wall. The walls then tumbled around and joined to each other, forming rooms. Astonishingly, the wood chips also reformed themselves into chairs and tables before jumping into the rooms and arranging themselves.

Without much effort, Infinite Castle was restored to its former self, without even a hint of damage. I couldn’t help swallowing my saliva while imagining, “What a convenient ability. If I had this ability, I would never again have to worry about Yu Lian-dàsăo swallowing me alive if I break something.”

“Is this acceptable? If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave,” the Dictator of Life’s clone said monotonously.

I immediately came back to my senses and hollered, “Wait a minute!”

“Is there something else?” The Dictator of Life’s clone was still annoyingly expressionless.

Curious, I asked, “You say the Dictator of Life can find out everything that’s going on through you?”

“My eyes are the Dictator of Life’s eyes.”

“Okay, look at me now. Remember to keep looking at me, and don’t turn your head away.” I adjusted my position and made sure I was right in front of the Dictator of Life’s clone. I pointed at the Dictator of Life’s clone haughtily and shouted arrogantly, “Dictator of Life, you just wait and see! I, the Blood Elf Prince, will definitely go to the Northern Continent and finish you off. So, you better clean your neck obediently and wait for me, got it?”

“Got it,” the Dictator of Life’s clone suddenly said softly, and the expression that flashed across his face for a moment… Was it gentleness?

Before I could respond, the Dictator of Life’s clone had already turned and flown away. As I watched him I… resented myself for being unable to fly… Wait, if the Dictator of Life flies like this when I go to kill him, how can I fly after him to chop him? I probably couldn’t ask Celestial to carry me into the air, could I?

Even if Meatbun had a bamboo helicopter2 and could lift me into the air, I would have to cling to Meatbun with one hand. Could I kill the Dictator of Life with just one hand? I’m not Yang Guo from Return of the Condor Heroes, who became stronger after losing one arm!

“Prince, are you okay?” Gui asked, worried. He added, “We were crushed underneath the rocks, so we couldn’t help you. You aren’t hurt, are you?”

I tilted my head and answered irrelevantly, “Gui, is there a way for players to fly?”

“Fly?” Gui asked uncertainly. After that, his body shook violently for a moment and he said seriously, “You’re right, Prince. If we can’t fly, it would be impossible to defeat the Dictator of Life, who can. I must discuss this issue with Lolidragon.”

“Hmm, if I could fly…” I snorted coldly twice and said, “We’d see if that damned Fire Phoenix would still dare to abduct my Meatbun for a flight.”

“I can’t believe that the Dictator of Life actually created a clone that looks exactly like himself.” Lolidragon suddenly cut in and said, “This is troublesome. I guess it’s no longer possible to go to the Northern Continent secretly. Especially since a certain idiot just announced to the Dictator of Life that he was going to kill him.”

For a moment, I felt guilty, but then I remembered Gui saying that the Dictator of Life was omnipotent. In that case, shouldn’t he have found out that we were going to the Northern Continent a long time ago? Just as I was about to rebut Lolidragon’s stupid reasoning confidently, she started speaking before I could.

Giggling, Lolidragon said, “Prince, although there is still some time before we have to leave, do you want to see our means of transportation?”

My interest completely roused, I replied, “What are we using for transport?”

Lolidragon smiled mysteriously and left a statement, “Come with me.”

With enough curiosity to kill many cats, I followed her. Of course my attendant, Gui, tagged along. Lolidragon’s other attendant, my little brother Feng Wu Qing, also picked up his pace and went with us.

We walked quickly, and before we knew it we had reached the edge of the lake outside the city. Although ‘lake’ sounds like the kind of small pool where, for no reason, a beautiful lady was bathing and was then accidentally peeped on by the male main character, this place was different. This lake that is found north of Infinite City is really, really big!

I strained my eyes, but even so I could barely see the opposite shore, which was shrouded in mist. Also, I had to rotate my neck about two hundred and seventy degrees in order to see the left and right edges of the lake. All that being said, the most important thing was, I didn’t see anything besides a lot of water! Was our group going to swim to the Northern Continent? Then should I buy a bikini-… er, swimming trunks?

No, the really important thing was, if it were that easy to swim across the sea, who would want to pay that ridiculously expensive boat fee? Anyone who thought about it would know that it was impossible to swim there, unless Second Life had a mermaid race. Even if there was a mermaid race, would I have to be reborn and start from scratch as a mermaid?

I looked at the smooth surface of the lake, then looked at Gui and Wu Qing. Both of them also had curious expressions, so all three of us looked at Lolidragon – the only person who knew what was going on. Just what kind of trick is she trying to pull?

Lolidragon smiled her annoying ‘hee hee hee’ smile, turned to face the lake and shouted, “Supreme tri-functional sea, land, and air battleship – Activate, Challenger!”

What? Challenger, the supreme tri-functional sea, land, and air battleship? But… after thinking about it for some time, I asked, “Where have I heard the name ‘Challenger’ before?”

Gui replied weakly, “That was the name of the space shuttle that exploded on its maiden flight before it even left the Earth’s atmosphere3.”

What an extremely unlucky name! It’s as unlucky as naming a ship ‘Titanic.’ I sighed and was just about to discuss Lolidragon’s naming ability with her when the surface of the lake, which was originally as smooth as the surface of egg yolk, became covered in many ripples. A gigantic object then rose out of the lake, nearly burying me beneath the huge splash it created.

I stared incredulously at that gargantuan battleship that I thought I would only ever see in the pictures they showed us during military class. At the same time, I gulped and listened to Lolidragon’s triumphant explanation. She said, “The Challenger is five hundred meters long and two hundred meters wide; it can carry more than two thousand people. It has three forms: a submarine, a mobile land citadel, and a flying battleship. In terms of combat ability, the Challenger has one hundred laser cannons, three hundred machine guns, and one Super Nuclear Cannon of Utter Annihilation. It will definitely be very useful when we attack the Northern Continent.”

“Amazing!” I exclaimed. This way, we won’t need to worry about being KO’d by NPCs before we even reach the Northern Continent.

Just as Lolidragon was laughing evilly with the battleship as a backdrop, I suddenly noticed some strange large tentacles stretch out of the surface of the lake and wrap tightly around Challenger. Then, a massive octopus head appeared. My eyes widened as I witnessed the Challenger make a few snapping noises after being completely wrapped by the giant octopus and, like the so-called unsinkable Titanic that sank on its first cruise, the battleship broke into two pieces and slowly began to sink…

No, I sulked. At least the Titanic managed to set sail. Our Challenger has never even seen the ocean before…

“Lolidragon, the ship has sunk.” Feng Wu Qing pointed at the lake, hand trembling.

Lolidragon laughed derisively, “That’s not possible! The Challenger is a masterpiece made with utmost care…”

Probably because even Gui’s face didn’t look so good, Lolidragon turned around skeptically just in time to see the only remaining nuclear cannon above the lake’s surface. After one mighty pull by the giant octopus, the Challenger finally eloped with it, never to return…

I looked at Lolidragon’s petrified figure and slowly said, “I think we should take the flying carpet. Later, we will choose the members of the team. If we squeeze, eight people should be able to fit on the carpet.

“The six members of Odd Squad plus Sunshine and Kenshin already make up a total of eight people. As for the rest…” I frowned and looked at my little brother. Will Wu Qing give up going to the Northern Continent? I asked, “Wu Qing, do you want to go to the Northern Continent?”

Feng Wu Qing looked at me, opened his mouth, and was about to say something when all of a sudden, he froze with his eyes popping out of their sockets. Once again, he raised a trembling hand, pointed behind me and howled, “What a big clam…”

Clam? I was stunned for a moment. I looked behind me and indeed saw a large clam appear in front of my eyes. I secretly guessed, Could this clam be the one I was acquainted with?

Gui, who was standing beside me, calmly sized-up this large clam. Using my one hundred percent accurate sixth sense to make a guess, Gui’s mind must be filled with the specialized knowledge of various creatures, earth science and so on that would allow him to investigate the evolution of this clam and figure out which kingdom, class, order and species4 this clam belonged to.

“Ah, Meatbunbun’s master, I’ve finally found you.” AnRui suddenly opened the two halves of his clam shell to reveal white, tender, and extremely delicious-looking clam meat. Of course, there were two large eyes growing on the meat.

Gui and Wu Qing froze when they heard the clam talk. However, I was not at all shocked. Instead, I raised my right hand, waved, and said, “Long time no see, AnRui.”

I quickly fished Meatbun out of my bag so that he could reminisce on old times with AnRui.

“AnRuiRui!” The moment he saw AnRui, Meatbun, who had just come out of the bag, hopped excitedly to AnRui’s side. He even leapt between the two halves of the clam shell and used AnRui’s ‘meat’ as a trampoline.

My little brother beside me was howling in despair, “The clam actually talked. The clam actually…”

Gui also frowned and mumbled to himself, “Since when did clams have vocal chords?”

Ignoring the two who were close to having a nervous breakdown, I went ahead and asked AnRui, “AnRui, why did you suddenly come out? Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to come out?”

AnRui sighed softly, “Someone entrusted me with a task, so I had to come out.”

“Someone entrusted you with a task?” I didn’t quite understand what he meant, so I asked, “Who? What did he ask you to do?”

“I cannot say that person’s name, but he asked me to take all of you to the Northern Continent.”

I was stunned. AnRui was going to take us to the Northern Continent? How? Would we have to sit inside AnRui? Although AnRui was rather big, that was in comparison to a normal clam. In reality, this clam was only a bit taller than a person. After considering its own meat, there was barely enough space left for me to squeeze in. How could it carry us to the Northern Continent?

“AnRui?” Lolidragon, who had been petrified for a long time, suddenly shrieked, “Are you the sacred beast, AnRui?”

Before I could reply, Lolidragon had already rushed in front of AnRui and asked, “You’re really willing to take us there?”

AnRui’s clam shell wobbled. That was probably a nod of its head, I thought.

“That’s fantastic!” Lolidragon exclaimed excitedly, “We have the strongest battleship!”

“Lolidragon, even if the Challenger has been destroyed, you shouldn’t get so depressed.” I shook my head and said, “Isn’t asking a clam to become a battleship going too far?”

Lolidragon turned to face me, her face expressionless. With lightning speed, she pulled out a dagger and placed it against a certain fatal spot of mine. No, accurately speaking, it wouldn’t be fatal. It’d just hurt so much I’d wish I were dead.

I looked down at the spot that I didn’t really need, but also didn’t want to lose. My expression immediately changed and I said extremely seriously, “I believe that Lolidragon must have a profound reason for calling a clam a battleship. After some careful deliberation, I have realized that this is indeed a good idea. After all, nobody… not even an NPC, will think that assassins are hiding inside a clam!”

Lolidragon pursed her lips and finally withdrew her weapon. She then looked at AnRui like he was a Chanel bag and said, “It’s not a normal clam! It’s the bi-functional land and sea Supreme Clam Combat Submarine – AnRui!”

“I understand if it’s the sea, but I have to ask you a question.” Feng Wu Qing still hadn’t defrosted. He asked, “Have you ever seen a clam running on land?”

Lolidragon did not answer his question, and I also swallowed my own reply as we watched an enormous shadow swoop down on my brother. Wu Qing, who was suddenly eclipsed by an ominous shadow, had only just widened his eyes slightly when the owner of the shadow landed on top of him, bellowing angrily, “Are you discriminating against clams?”

Fresh blood stained the ground, accompanied by the sorrowful howl of a martyr. I looked away reluctantly and said, “Rest in peace, Wu Qing. I will definitely cook more clams for you as offerings.”

After bidding him farewell, I turned to face Lolidragon and said, “Stop keeping us in suspense and tell us how AnRui is supposed to take us to the Northern Continent.”

Lolidragon waved to AnRui and it finally left that unrecognizable heap of flesh and blood that was my brother. After retreating back into the lake, AnRui closed the two halves of its clam shell and slowly started to grow larger. There was a stupefied expression on my face as I watched AnRui grow so large it occupied one third of the lake. The current AnRui could fit not only me inside, but could easily carry a few hundred people.

I was beginning to understand how AnRui could take us to the Northern Continent. However, I never imagined that there would come a day when I was swallowed by a clam… No, not swallowed, but ‘put’ inside its stomach.

I can only hope that AnRui doesn’t reek of seafood…


1 “…playing a piano for a cow.”: A Chinese saying that means something is completely pointless. Cows can’t appreciate music.

2 “Bamboo helicopter”: The propeller-thing on Meatbun can be seen here:

3 “…the space shuttle that exploded on its maiden flight…”: This is an exaggeration by Yu Wo. The real Challenger exploded on its tenth mission. In her online version, Yu Wo also interchanges the name of the Challenger with Apollo 13. She changed all of the names to the Challenger in the print versions.

4 The biological classification system: Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > Species

The Legend of Sun Knight V3C5: “The Mandatory Mentor for an Adventure – A Wise Man”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fifth Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “The Mandatory Mentor for an Adventure – A Wise Man” – translated by raylight

My memory was, as expected, a gift from the God of Light. Although I had only seen the map of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid once, I had already memorized roughly all of the locations of interest. If the queen of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid had known about this, she probably wouldn’t have dared to put that detailed map in front of me even at the expense of her own life.

After walking for half a day, I made it to a small town named Forest Leaf without making any wrong turns. This town was, as expected, special because it was completely surrounded by a forest. Only this patch of a place was grassland with a river flowing through it. Without the river, there would definitely be no way for it to have developed into a town.

Even so, this kind of place deep inside the forest was not suited for supporting a large population. Importing goods from the outside was also difficult.

I guessed that the reason there was a town there at all was probably that there were too many adventurer teams that needed to replenish their supplies while passing through the forest. For merchants, as long as there were enough benefits, never mind forests, they’d even dare to charge into a dragon’s lair!

Just up ahead was a trading post for magical beasts and their products. Although magical beasts were dangerous, they had a lot of market value. From skin and meat to blood, horns, and the like, they all had their own uses. They were also an adventurer team’s main source of income.

After I cautiously used a cloth to wrap up the sun crest on my sleeves, I walked into Forest Leaf. Though the town was not big, the buildings were situated fairly chaotically. After walking in, I was momentarily puzzled as to where I should go to find the tavern.

I stopped an adventurer, and putting on a friendly smile, I asked, “Dear brother, may I ask which direction the tavern is in?”

The adventurer looked at me up and down once, and mumbled a few sentences, “Where did a knight this handsome come from? I really ought to… to be one love rival less.” After a pause he said, “See that alley on the left? Go in from there, walk past two weapon shops, and turn right. After you walk past a general store, turn right again. Then, after walking past two wells, you’ll meet a crossroad. Pick the road in the middle. After walking past a bread store, turn left, then walk straight ahead to the end and you’ll reach the place. Did you get that?”

“Got it.” Smiling, I repeated, “Go into that alley on the left, go past two weapon shops, turn right, walk past the general store and then turn right. Then, after walking past two wells, there’s a crossroad. Choose the road right in the middle, and then walk past a bread store, turn left and walk straight ahead to the end.”

The adventurer was deeply shocked. “My goodness! You can really remember all that?”

I smiled at the adventurer, and the person showed a somewhat frantic expression. Then, I walked into the alley on the left. Hmph! If I can even remember a map that is bigger than five tables put together, how can a mere few small turns faze me?

I followed the road that the helpful person had mentioned, but couldn’t see the two wells no matter how hard I looked… Then I abruptly remembered that at the side of this town, there was a river, so there was completely no need to dig a well for water.

Extremely annoyed, I grumbled, “I really shouldn’t have asked a guy for directions. What well—he probably wanted to dig a well to bury me, to be one love rival less!”

Looks like the only choice I have is to find someone else to ask directions from.

I was just about to go back to look for the owner of the general store to ask for directions when a person whose whole body was enveloped by a cloak blocked the way just a few steps in front of me. My face fell.

Unexpectedly, it was someone who had a dark element… A necromancer? But the element composition seemed to be a bit different.

Before I regained my balance, the other party spoke up. With a gentle tone, he said, “What intense light element! Even me, someone who doesn’t have the ability to sense elements can actually feel the incandescence. How unbelievable! Is this the light of the current Sun Knight?”

My face became pale. Who could have thought that this stranger could actually know that I’m the Sun Knight? Moreover, “the current”? That sounds a little strange…

I was still wildly guessing at who this person in front of my eyes could be, but I needn’t have tried so hard, for the mysterious person was slowly undoing his cloak. His cloak dropped to the floor, revealing the true identity of the one under it. He had… a skin color that even the afternoon sunlight was unable to illuminate!

“A dark elf! No wonder no matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to determine what type of occupation a person with this kind of element belonged to!” I couldn’t help but release a gasp, and then I grew even warier and said, “It had not occurred to me that within my lifetime, I’d ever actually be able to see a dark elf, a notorious race that lives underground! What kind of sinister plan did you come up to the surface for?”

What lay unspoken was: Damn! Recently I’ve really been ridden with bad luck. Touring around in the night leads to an encounter with a dark knight, and walking along an alley I get stopped by a dark elf. Looks like next time I go to the toilet, there might be a possibility of stepping on a dragon… Knock on wood, knock on wood! I don’t actually mean that. Oh God of Light! Please don’t ever take that seriously!

Well, I don’t think I have any choice but to explain what kind of creature a dark elf is, or else everyone would probably be completely unable to understand just how unlucky I was.

In this world, there isn’t just the human race, even though the majority of what everyone usually sees is humans. At the most, one might see some dwarves at the blacksmithing stores. There are hardly any differences between the appearance of dwarves and humans, except that even if a dwarf is an adult male, they would be only two-thirds the height of a human. Their most distinctive feature, however, is that male dwarves always seem to have long beards full of lice, and are exceptionally good at metal smelting regardless of gender.

Elves are another race known by humans. Their reputation is widely spread and practically everyone knows that elves are a proud but extremely kind race. However, almost no one has seen one. This is because they only reside at the periphery of the continent, in the distant depths of the forests. Such places are not where ordinary people are capable of entering.

In addition, there are other races that practically lie in between beasts and humans. For example, gnomes are small creatures that have green skin from head to toe and tend to gather in large numbers. Orcs are a race that appears to have a combined body of humans and beasts.

Although these races are slightly civilized since they have a simple language and are able to use fire and weapons, their lifestyle is not much different from a pack of wolves. Generally speaking, they are rarely included in the rankings of the main races.

Dark elves though are different, for they are definitely one of the main races. Their appearances are very similar to elves, having a slender figure and pointed ears. However, elves are white-skinned, while dark elves have a skin color similar to that of coal and have a head of white hair and red eyes.

Unlike the elves who reside in the forest, they live in the depths of the underground, and have an extreme hatred for sunlight. They almost never come up to the surface and even in a hundred years, you wouldn’t hear someone say that they had seen a dark elf above ground. However, the most important thing about them is their racial characteristics. They are a race that is notoriously evil, and dark elves ranging from an eight-month old infant to an eight-hundred year old dark elf on his death bed all conform to the stereotype of an evil guy.

Besides being evil, they have another important feature: all their citizens are soldiers, making them a terrifying race with unrivalled battle abilities. Their numbers are not high, but regardless of their gender or age, they all rank at elite levels in combat. It is said that as long as there is even one group of dark elves, a town that has an entire military garrison defending it can still be destroyed in a single night.

Thankfully, they loathe the sunlight and hence rarely come up to the surface. If they ever deigned to come up, they would most likely go to create trouble for the elves anyways, due to an ancient feud between the two races.

And even as I say all this, right now, in front of me, stood an evil dark elf who was at least one hundred and eight thousand miles away from home.

He actually revealed an expression of appreciation, and said in a tone of praise, “You are only the second human who has managed to remain this calm upon discovering my race.”

“Oh? Then I really wish to meet the first.”

As I answered, I pondered over whether to change into Dragon’s Saint Brigandine. However, I had heard that the speed of a dark elf was peculiarly fast. If I were to be killed off in the middle of changing clothes, losing my life would be a small matter…

“Sun Knight’s naked body found in dark alley!” *

What kind of perverted, sexual associations would be caused by this kind of headline was another matter, however, for the main problem lay in how this was definitely not an elegant way of dying. If my teacher were to find out that the way I died was so embarrassing and perverted, I shudder to think of what kind of consequences would lay ahead… I believe that everyone here already knows what they would be.

Rather than being repeatedly sent to heaven by my teacher… What were you thinking about? Tsk tsk, you’re so perverted!

I am saying, rather than having to be revived by him after dying, and then die elegantly again for him to see, I think I’ll wear my Sun Knight uniform neatly and meet death elegantly right now.

“You look so serious. Are you pondering over how to kill me off?” the dark elf said with a faint, slightly bitter smile.

No, I’m only considering what kind of pose and expression to use while dying would be the most elegant. A small alley is already not a suitable place for dying elegantly, which is why I must turn the tides by working on the pose and expression!

Seeing that I hadn’t replied, the dark elf’s expression became even more saddened. But that did not eliminate the fact that he may have been putting on an act, for rumor has it that his race was deceitful in many ways. “Before you attack, I still have a friend that I want you to meet,” he said.

A dark elf’s friend? Yay, it looks like I’m really going to die…

Another person wearing a cloak emerged from the corner. Judging by his height, he was probably male. Without saying anything, he immediately took off his cloak. However, he was not a dark elf, but a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. His age was about thirty or so, and on his face there was a gentle smile.

Although this person had an appearance that looked very trustworthy, when I saw him, my pupils abruptly dilated, my whole body became rigid, my hands and legs became icy, my heart pumped violently, and waves of spasms came over my stomach and intestines…


The dark elf turned his head to the blond-haired male, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, saying, “Neo, when your student saw me, this evil dark elf that shouldn’t be anywhere on the surface, he was so calm that his face didn’t even change. But when he saw you, it’s-it’s like…”

The handsome knight with blond hair and blue eyes flashed an open smile, and continued the conversation. “It’s just that he has finally reunited with his most respected teacher whom he hasn’t seen for a long time, and is feeling very touched. Child, it’s been three years since I last saw you. Hurry up and come forward a few steps so that your teacher can take a good look at you.”

I retreated a few steps, and even started to pray for death.

God of Light! You’re really too horrible! I would rather step onto a dragon’s tail than meet…“my teacher.”


At that moment, my teacher turned his head toward his good friend, smiling as he said, “This child sure is shy, right?”

The dark elf smiled wryly and replied, “On the contrary, I don’t really feel that way. In fact, I feel that he looks like he has seen the living likeness of a dragon… Ah! ‘Seeing a dragon,’ that kind of feeling describes this in the most-fitting way!”

You’re wrong! Even a dragon isn’t as scary as my teacher!

My teacher turned his head, still smiling. “My dear Aldrizzt, the joke that you made sure is interesting. However, don’t go overboard with your jokes. Look, my student has been frightened.”

Aldrizzt gave a faint smile. “There is no doubt that he is scared, however, as for whom he is scared of, I’m afraid that is open to question.”

“Perhaps it’s because your skin is too black, that’s why he got scared! As you know, the Sun Knight’s skin color has always been as white as snow.”

“For your student, it might be so. But for you, at most you look like a loaf of bread that has been badly baked,” Aldrizzt couldn’t help but retort.

My teacher’s eyebrows rose. He sighed and said, “Better than looking like a basin of water that a warrior washed his foot in… But don’t be upset, my friend! A trivial problem of skin color cannot hurt our friendship.”

“Friendship?” Aldrizzt said in shock. “So we actually had something like that… Eh! Neo, your student seems to be leaving.”

“Hahaha, Aldrizzt, don’t joke around anymore. Being my student, he would definitely not dare to ‘ignore me,’ ‘not greet me,’ and ‘leave without permission.’”

I froze in my tracks, feeling my own face twitch several times. In the end, my face hardened with the resolve one had before slaying a dragon, and I turned around to walk back to the vicinity of my teacher. At the same time, I obediently started to greet him. “My dear teacher, under the illumination of the God of Light, how have you been recent—?”

My teacher’s face grew serious, and he lowered his voice. Using a commanding tone, he said, “Put the God of Light back into your heart, and then tell me what are you doing in an adventurer team?”

I immediately told him about it in full detail.

After finishing my story, my teacher was still muttering to himself irresolutely. In contrast, it was the dark elf Aldrizzt who criticized me, his expression cold. “As a member of a team, leaving the team on your own initiative is wrong!”

I glanced once at the dark elf. Actually, I want to retort that despite being a dark elf you don’t seem even the slightest bit of evil, and that is what’s wrong! Until I can properly figure out what kind of relationship you have with my teacher however, I don’t intend to offend you.

Suddenly my teacher smiled in understanding. “You left the team because you wanted to investigate me and Aldrizzt, right?” he asked. “A dark element and a light element creature walking together, and always maintaining a distance not too far or too near your team is really extremely suspicious.”

As expected of my teacher, he does really understand me. I’m afraid that if I so much as release a fart, he would know what I ate for lunch.

I nodded and answered, “I had already sensed you at the rim of the forest, but at the time I didn’t really pay attention to it. However, afterwards, when you two were circling around the forest but always keeping a set distance away from us, I became a bit nervous. But I was unable to tell my teammates about it, for it would reveal that I have the ability to sense elements. So instead I could only find an excuse to leave the team to scout a while.”

At this point, an astounded expression flickered over Aldrizzt’s face.

My teacher nodded, and turned his head to Aldrizzt while wearing an expression of pride. “I already told you this much earlier; tailing is not something that you can hide from my student,” he said.

“That is really amazing.” Aldrizzt turned and said to me, “I’m really sorry. I was wrong to criticize you. I take back my words.”

I glared at this dark elf. Could you be a bit more dedicated to your job, and show some evil behavior? Right now, doesn’t this harmless personality that wouldn’t hurt a fly that you’re showing totally contradict the description of dark elves that I gave earlier?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Aldrizzt asked, a little puzzled.

I looked up and down at Aldrizzt, and then asked with suspicion, “Are you really a dark elf? Could you be an elf who has sunbathed too much, and became burnt?”

Aldrizzt was stunned.

It was my teacher who started laughing. As he laughed, he slapped the dark elf’s back and bellowed, “Aldrizzt, oh Aldrizzt! I guessed correctly again, didn’t I? I already told you, even if you were a dark elf so notorious that everyone was yelling to kill you, so long as you don’t attack him, this child of mine would not unsheathe his weapon, even if he were leaning against you with your arms side-by-side… Though regardless of whether or not he is holding a weapon, he’s still equally weak.”

Once Aldrizzt heard that, his gaze toward me softened a lot, and he even smiled an extremely friendly smile.

My teacher’s mood was extremely good. He slapped my back, and said, “Child, it’s rare to be able to see you. So come drink a cup with your teacher! Your teacher has many stories of adventures to tell you, and also wants to ask you about matters in the Holy Temple.”

When he finished his words, my teacher turned his head to Aldrizzt, and laughed as he said, “This child of mine has even better capacity for liquor than me! You’ll definitely like him. Today you guys can drink to your heart’s content!”

“Oh?” Aldrizzt seemed to be exhilarated.

Hearing that, I took in a sharp breath, my gaze shifting non-stop as I pondered which escape route I was least likely to be caught attempting… There!

“Uh… Neo, your student is climbing the wall.”

“…Come back! We will pay the money for the liquor!”

I heaved a sigh of relief and jumped off the wall. With sincerity that couldn’t be more earnest, I said, “No problem, my dear teacher. It is said that the Sun Knight would be drunk within three cups, but since my teacher has requested it, your student will follow you, even into the depths of hell.”

Facing Aldrizzt’s gaze that was full of smiles, my teacher was a little embarrassed as he said, “Getting you to fish money out from your pocket is even harder than sending you down to hell. I really don’t know how your money grubbing personality developed.”

It was obviously taught by you…

“Go and change into Aldrizzt’s clothes, and then we’ll go drinking,” my teacher continued. “You’re definitely not to say that you’re the Sun Knight, for the image of the Sun Knight blacking out after three cups definitely must not be broken!”

Finding it a bit strange, I asked, “Okay, but why can’t I change into your clothes, teacher?”

“That’s because my clothes are a knight’s uniform, but no matter how we look at you, you don’t look like a knight. You can fool the ignorant common people, but in a place like the tavern where experts hide around, you better be another profession! Too bad neither of us have any cleric uniforms, or else when you wear it, the three of us would look like a complete team comprising of a knight, an archer doubling as an assassin, and a cleric! There would definitely be endless missions given to us! Such a pity…”

F*** you! I am a knight!

My teacher glanced at me. “Don’t go cursing your teacher inside your heart, otherwise later you’ll pay the money for the liquor.”

I almost knelt down and begged for forgiveness. “I’m sorry. As your student I should not have gone and cursed my teacher in my heart…”

Aldrizzt rolled his eyes. This eye roll contrasted greatly with his skin that was as dark as charcoal, and thus appeared particularly white. Anyone on the receiving end would feel pissed off upon seeing it. Aldrizzt couldn’t help but say, “Sun Knight and former Sun Knight, when you guys talk, could the two of you not be more vulgar than me, a dark elf?”

“Though under the illumination of the God of Light for so many years, there is still darkness hidden inside my child’s heart. As his teacher, one’s heart is pained, and this one can’t help but embed the God of Light’s radiance in this one’s words, praying that this one may chase away the darkness inside my child’s heart, and return him to the path of radiance.”

“The God of Light’s benevolence envelops the whole world, his radiance shining in the air and illuminating all of the living in the world. However, your student has darkness hidden in his heart, and has directed this darkness to his teacher. This is really a sin that even a thousand deaths would not suffice! Now that his teacher is holding the God of Light’s radiance to reprimand his student, your student is naturally pleased to accept, and looks forward to the rebirth of himself.”

“…I’m sorry, this time I was in the wrong. Please go back to being vulgar!”

Following that, we opened the doors of the tavern. Once we walked in, all the waitresses in the tavern that could see the door looked toward us, and were happily shouting words like “Neo, ” “Neo, you’re back, ” “Neo, I missed you so much.” My teacher also used his gaze to reply to the waitresses one by one. If I didn’t mention which of the previous Twelve Holy Knights my teacher was, I bet that everyone would assume that he was actually the previous Storm Knight.

In comparison, Aldrizzt wasn’t that popular. Although he had his whole body wrapped tightly, quite a few of people sent him looks filled with hostility. It was obvious that they knew about his race.

I looked at Aldrizzt’s attire, and I immediately understood how. Even though he wrapped his whole body inside the cloak, he would still have to reach his hand out when he ate or drank liquor. Just a glimpse of that charcoal-black hand would be enough to let people know that something was fishy.

If he weren’t a dark elf of the legends, then he would have to be a reanimated, burnt corpse, and neither of those were a good thing.

Although the public was very unfriendly to Aldrizzt, the hostility that the “men” held toward my teacher also seemed pretty intense, and I didn’t seem to be very popular either…

Because the public’s hostility toward us was very obvious, we chose a corner seat that was farthest away from the rest of the room’s occupants.

Afterward, my teacher happily ordered dozens and dozens of the strongest liquor and another bunch of dishes to go with the wine. Since it couldn’t be helped, the waitresses served them one after another.

Aldrizzt seemed to be a bit worried as he said, “Neo, we better not get drunk.”

My teacher turned his head around, and asked funnily, “Drunk? With you and me drinking one dozen, how could we become drunk?”

“But you ordered two dozen…”

My teacher said without any hesitation, “Of course. If not, my student will say that I’m stingy.”

Aldrizzt lifted his head up from his cloak, looking at me with vague bewilderment. I’m not sure if I had interpreted incorrectly, but I kept feeling that his bewilderment also contained pleasant surprise… Looks like Aldrizzt is also a drink fiend. I’m afraid that what this three-man team of ours does best isn’t slaying demonic beasts, but rather slaying bottles of liquor in the tavern.

Once the liquor arrived, I, the drink fiend above all other drink fiends, immediately opened the bottles with both hands, and started guzzling ruthlessly. After my left hand had finished pouring, I changed to my right… After a minute, I took out my handkerchief, and wiped away the liquor foam at the corners of my mouth. Hmm, even though this liquor isn’t as strong as Leaf Bud City’s Drunk-in-One, the alcohol level is not bad.

Once I lifted my head upward, I saw that Aldrizzt was staring blankly at me, and my teacher went into a thigh-slapping loud laughter… He wasn’t slapping his own thigh though, but rather the thighs of a waitress who was currently serving the dishes.

Seeing Aldrizzt’s face, I opened yet another bottle of liquor, and then I raised the bottle and said, “A toast to you.”

Aldrizzt was stunned as he asked suspiciously, “You’re toasting me for what?”

Even though I was not drunk, I was feeling a little tipsy. Seeing the whole tavern look at Aldrizzt with hatred, I used a provoking look to glare at them one by one, and then purposely raised my voice to provoke them, “I toast to you for sitting here!”

“Well said, my good child. Let’s have a toast to Aldrizzt for sitting there!” My teacher also raised his liquor bottle high.

Aldrizzt’s expression was extremely serious. He slowly pulled off his cloak, revealing his thick white hair and black skin. He raised his liquor bottle high, saying, “Then I shall toast back in return. I toast to you guys for sitting in front of me!”

When he finished, the three of us drank our liquor with our heads tilted upward. Once I lowered my head, I saw a bottle of liquor flying toward the back of Aldrizzt’s head. Before I could make a sound to warn him, I saw the flash of a shadow. My teacher had actually used his leg to kick the bottle, and the bottle had not been kicked open. It flew back to the person who had thrown it, and the bottle of liquor crashed into smithereens on that person, dripping the liquor down his whole head.

That person was a warrior, a heavily muscled warrior, with a giant hammer lying beside his feet. With his head dripping with liquor and the veins in his face throbbing wildly, he had evidently taken offense.

“Ha!” My teacher jumped to stand at Aldrizzt’s back, and then he turned his head back, smiling as he said, “That’s good, I hate warriors the most.”

Under the influence of the alcohol, and thinking about how Mike and Ann had looked down on me during the entire journey, I too stood up as I returned the smile.

“Like teacher, like student. Teacher, I also hate warriors the most!”

At this moment, Aldrizzt stood up and shouted, “Neo, Grisia, don’t get into a conflict because of me!”

My teacher and I simultaneously turned around and rolled our eyes at him. Who is doing it for you?

After receiving both of our supercilious looks, Aldrizzt seemed to be a little embarrassed. Looking at us, and then looking at the enraged warrior as well as the dangerous atmosphere that seemed ready to erupt any moment in the tavern, he said a little helplessly, “Do you need my help?”

“Drink your liquor.” My teacher answered.

“Eat your food.” I replied.

Aldrizzt sat down, and I wasn’t sure if he was angry. He turned his body around, his back facing the entire tavern, and started eating his food and drinking his liquor for real.

As the hammer-wielding warrior approached us, my teacher, still showing an attitude of calmness within the chaos, said, “Child, your swordsmanship is not good. It will be better for you to go drink liquor with Aldrizzt!”

“Teacher, what I am wearing now is not a knight’s uniform.” As I answered, I gathered water element, and then I solidified the water on my hands into ice.

“Oh, that’s true.”

Once my teacher finished his words, he drew his sword and blocked the warrior’s hammer that was heading toward me. It produced an extremely huge resounding sound of metal, which made my ears hurt. With a slip of my hand, the ice chunk I was holding that was as big as a casserole dish was tossed onto the warrior, just in time to reward him with refreshing joy!

The warrior flew backward and crashed into a table, breaking it into pieces. His fall seemed to have been quite heavy, but he was indeed a warrior with thick skin and meat. He howled a few times at random, and then he climbed back up. With both his eyes bloodshot, he looked left and right and grabbed a table to throw it at us.

The table flew toward my teacher, but he didn’t even blink once.

At this moment, I extended one hand, and executed the Shield of Earth, which is a technique to solidify holy light into a shield used to block attacks… This technique is actually Earth Knight’s special ability, which I had secretly learned.

The table crashed into the Shield of Earth, and shattered into many pieces in front of my teacher. However, because there was a holy shield blocking him, not even a single splinter fell onto his body.

With both eyes red, the warrior roared, “These actions of yours, do you want to protect that black-skinned fellow? Don’t tell me that you aren’t aware that dark elves are an evil race?”

My teacher coldly replied, “You want to find faults to pick on, go ahead. By coming up with a bunch of excuses, you’ve proven that you’re even less proper than a dark elf. If you want to fight, bring it on! I’ll let you witness the powers of the strongest…knight in history!

Thank goodness! I wiped off the cold sweat that had formed. Fortunately, my teacher remembered to take out the word “Sun”.

At this point, the people of the tavern stood up one by one, and shouted, “What knight, anything mixing around with a dark elf is certainly not anything good!”

“Scram out of here along with the dark elf!”

“Leave Forest Leaf Town!”

Seeing that the crowd was standing on his side, the warrior’s confidence had evidently become greater. With all his might, he roared, “You evil thing, along with the dark elf, scram!”

“Oh? Evil thing?” My teacher muttered to himself for a moment, and then he said with a smile, “Interesting, this is the first time that I have been called that. In order to fit this new title…then, shall I become more evil? Hehe… Hahahaha! Just you alone? You’re not even qualified to start a fight with me. My student! Come to the front here and beat up this dog!”

When he finished, he handsomely flung his mantle, and walked behind me. He sat down calmly and started eating and drinking together with Aldrizzt.

Te-Teacher… Acting as the Sun Knight for twenty years wasn’t enough for you? Now you want to switch to acting as a villain? I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but seeing the fact that my teacher was happy right now, it was better to just follow his instructions obediently.

“Yes sir!”

As my shout ended, I didn’t even recite any incantations as I performed my magic… Actually, it was just that I didn’t have enough time to recite. Evidently, the whole tavern had taken me as a mage, and almost the whole continent knows that the best way to kill a mage is having his enemies chop him into mincemeat before he can complete his incantation to execute his magic.

Thus, the speed that everyone came swooping at me was so fast, it reminded me of a groom pouncing on his bride on their wedding night. I wanted to put on an act of reciting an incantation to pretend at being a mage for fun, but because of them, I wasn’t able to. Che!

With my left hand executing the Shield of Earth, and after confirming that the various weapons of all sorts in front of me wouldn’t land on my head, I performed a variety of mismatched magic with my right hand. What wind blades, fireballs, and ice bolts I could manage to produce, I threw randomly. Even if I didn’t manage to hit the target that I was aiming for, it didn’t matter, for before my eyes, there were people everywhere. No matter how or where I threw my spells, I was bound to hit someone. With each spell, there was an anguished wail accompanying it, which felt extremely satisfying.

Behind my back, there even came a sigh from Aldrizzt. “Your student is really enjoying himself. Clearly an intermediate spell could defeat all of the opponents, but instead, he uses minor spells to stir up trouble like this.”

My teacher nearly spit out the liquor in his mouth, and after he chokingly laughed a few times, he explained, “You misunderstand, Aldrizzt. That is because he only knows minor spells. Don’t forget, my student isn’t an actual mage. Even so, with the Shield of Earth added to his list of skills, no one can beat him. This ‘Apprentice Mage’ is actually even more headache-inducing than a mage, or even a master mage.”

“Why doesn’t he learn intermediate spells?” Aldrizzt’s voice was full of curiosity. “Judging from his ability, he should be more than ready to learn intermediate spells.”

“Oh, for the whole fight till now, have you heard my student recite any incantations?”


“He is not a mage, and is unable to get the actual magic incantation. Thus, he actually doesn’t even know half of an actual incantation. At most, he would put on an act of reciting, ‘A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.’ And even he wouldn’t be able to use an intermediate spell without using an incantation.”

With amazement, Aldrizzt shouted, “He doesn’t know any magic incantations? Then how did he manage to learn magic in the first place?”

My teacher said mysteriously, “For this, I’ll have to talk about a certain day when I was teaching him swordsmanship and he practiced it for the whole day. Because of extreme fatigue, I called for a break, and he took the chance to go wander the streets during the break.”

“He was tired but he still went to wander the streets?”

“No, I was the one who was tired. My heart had received too many blows, and was tired…”

“…Please continue.”

“And then he came back. The next day, I taught him horsemanship, and rode for the whole day…”

“Tired again?”

“Yes, I was so tired from being driven mad by rage. I roared to him, ‘You tell me, why do I have to teach you so painstakingly, you idiot! What uses could possibly come out of you? I can’t stand it anymore, I want to replace you!’ In the end, that child thought for a while, and then released a wind blade to fan me. He even went to the kitchen to take a kebab, and then used a fireball to roast it for me to eat. Last of all, he even made an ice bolt and smeared jam on it, as an after-meal dessert… I asked him how he managed to learn that, and he said that the day before while he was wandering the streets, he saw a group of beautiful mages that bullies were trying to take liberties with. They were so angry that they joined efforts and used wind blades, fireballs, and ice bolts to drive the other party away.”

“Therefore, because of the fanning, roasted kebab, and after-meal dessert, you decided to keep this student?”

“Ye—NO! Of course not! Aldrizzt, aren’t you seeing me too superficially?”

Aldrizzt went into a burst of suppressed laughter.

My teacher’s voice, however, became somewhat angry. “Those people were three beautiful mages, and each of them used magic of different elements. He alone actually managed to use magic of three kinds of elements, and that was not even including the light element that he already knew. With that kind of inconceivable potential, do you think I could replace him?”

“Yes, yes, of course you couldn’t replace him.”

“Your voice sounds like you’re not sincere at all.”

“I am a dark elf that specializes in conspiracies and tricks! The fact that I haven’t played a trick on you is good enough. What else do you want to demand from me? I’m unable to even find the word ‘sincerity’ in the language of the dark elves!”

With a “humph,” my teacher shut up.

Hearing that they had finally finished their conversation, I immediately butted in, “My dear teacher…”

My teacher coldly snorted. “If there’s nothing, you won’t add ‘my dear’ in it. Say it! What do you want?”

There are none who know the student better than the teacher. I laughed dryly twice, and said, “Regarding the compensation for damage of this tavern…”

Before I finished my words, my teacher had already replied snappily, “In the three years that I haven’t seen you, you have become stingier and stingier! As long as you are walking together with us, I won’t let you pay a single cent. In the future, stop asking me about monetary matters. Each time you ask, I will make you recall how the title of the strongest Sun Knight in history came about.”

“Yes sir.”

I put my heart at ease and even smiled a little evilly. Maintaining the Shield of Earth, I started gathering large amounts of “water” element. I filled the air of the whole tavern with water element, and on the other side, I also started gathering lightning…

By the time the crowd started to feel their hair on end and realized that something was wrong and then started to chop at my Shield of Earth even harder, I finally shouted, “Web of Lightning!” Afterward, I released a whole chain of lightning. The lightning followed the water vapor in the air of the tavern and scattered all around. Immediately wretched cries rose in all directions.

Web of Lightning is actually just as the name implies. It is magic that is formed by two kinds of elementary magic, water and lightning. An elementary level added on to another elementary level will form intermediate magic. This made me feel, toward the mysteries of magic, kind of…disillusioned.

“Intermediate magic! And it is magic that simultaneously uses two different elements,” Aldrizzt said, amazed. “Neo, looks like your information that you have regarding your own student is now inadequate.”

When my teacher heard this, not only was he not angry, but he even asked me in high spirits after I sat down, “Child, how did you learn that intermediate spell?”

I said honestly, “After you had left your office, teacher, there was one time I wore a cloak, hiding my identity to wander the streets. On the streets, I saw a—”

Before I could even finish my words, my teacher had already waved his hand in impatience. “Forget it, forget it. You probably saw another beautiful mage again. It doesn’t matter even if I don’t listen!”

I felt extremely wronged as I said, “Teacher, this time you’re wrong. The one I saw was an old mage! I had to spend an unknown amount of my patience before could I see that old mage, with his face full of wrinkles, slowly finish his incantation and use his magic. At long last, I managed to secretly learn this intermediate spell.”

At this moment, the tavern owner, though he had a feeble appearance, walked toward us nervously. Following that, he asked while shivering, “Sir Knights, regarding the damaged items…”

My teacher lazily looked at the situation behind us. It was only to the extent of broken tables, smashed-up chairs, flooded water on the ground, and cracks in the windows and doors. After he threw the tavern owner a few glistening gold coins, the owner was just short of saying with a smile, “Continue, please continue to wreck the place!”

Afterward, the three of us sat beside the tavern’s only clean and tidy table, and continued drinking our liquor, eating our food, and chatting.

I also conveniently explained to my teacher the kidnapping of Princess Alice, as well as the details of meeting the dark knight. Although my teacher was retired, he had still been the Sun Knight for twenty years. His experience was incomparable to mine. Maybe if my teacher listened to my story once, he’d immediately know what the core of the problem was.

Once I reached the part where the dark knight said that he had eloped with the princess, but at the same time, he didn’t know anything about the letter, Aldrizzt said in disagreement, “How could you believe in a kidnapper’s words?”

I straightforwardly said, “Because he looked extremely handsome.”

“How handsome?” my teacher asked with a serious face.

I too, replied seriously, “The kind of handsomeness that, when men see him, would make them want to kill him and then chop his corpse apart.”

Once these words came out, Aldrizzt was stunned. However, my teacher nodded his head in understanding, saying, “Then it is as was stated, an elopement.”

Aldrizzt couldn’t help but shake his head, saying, “This is a little too arbitrary.”

My teacher patted the dark elf’s back, and just like an old man talking to an ignorant child, he said, “Trust me, you’re still young, and have not had enough life experience.”

Aldrizzt burst into laughter. “I’m already one hundred and thirty-six years old.”

“Dark elves can live from five hundred up till eight hundred years old. Therefore, converting that to a human’s age, you’re only twenty plus. Perhaps you’re even younger than my student.”

Aldrizzt rolled his eyes at my teacher from under the cloak, and said mockingly, “Life experience and converting should have no relation right? I have long since experienced life for a hundred and thirty-six years.”

My teacher gave a faint smile as he said, “Yet you’re still a child. That sure makes me envious!”

Aldrizzt looked at my teacher, not quite understanding.

My teacher guzzled a mouthful of liquor, and then extended his hand to wipe off the foam at the side of his mouth. He really had the boldness and unruliness of an adventurer, and there was a large difference between now and before, when he was still being the Sun Knight. He patted my back. “Child, do continue your story.”

I nodded my head. “However, I actually felt it to be a bit strange. The queen forced Leaf and me into participating, because she obviously knew that the kidnapper was a dark knight. To warriors, it is a very intractable problem. Only with our participation could it be assured that we could retrieve the princess. However, on the other hand, Ann brought us on a detour. Evidently, she doesn’t want to let us find the kidnapper. Right now, I really cannot understand whether they want us to find Princess Alice or not.”

My teacher gave a faint smile, as though he didn’t think that this was very peculiar. He explained, “That’s simple. It’s because the queen of Moon Orchid and Princess Ann have taken different standpoints.”

“Different standpoints?” I didn’t understand. Being mother and daughter but taking different standpoints?

My teacher smiled faintly again and explained, “As the ruler of a country, the queen of Moon Orchid would definitely want to retrieve Princess Alice, so as to wed her to the Son of the God of War and achieve her aim of consolidating the influence of the Monastery of the God of War through political marriage. However, Princess Ann isn’t a ruler of a country, and Princess Alice is her sister. If she knew that her sister didn’t love the Son of the God of War, and had someone else that she loved, she would more or less stand on the side of her sister.”

“I see.” Suddenly I exclaimed in realization, “So the queen had no other motives, and really wanted to retrieve Princess Alice! The queen, so as to find a reason not to send her soldiers out to find the princess, most likely forged that letter that the ‘kidnapper’ left. And so, she let our adventurer group look for her in secret. After all, her daughter eloping with someone isn’t something that can be told to the whole world. Princess Ann, on the other hand, purposely entered the group and misled us. This would give Princess Alice enough time to escape with her lover.”

My teacher nodded his head in praise, and then added, “And she couldn’t completely mislead you guys, for that would most probably raise your suspicions to the fact that she had collaborated with Princess Alice. If that happened, there was a high possibility that the queen would intervene from her side to retrieve Princess Alice.”

“Thus, we had always been chasing them, not too far or too near,” I continued. “Occasionally we even met with the kidnapper. Unfortunately, the one who had met the kidnapper was me, and I did not have the ability to restrain him, so he managed to escape again.”

Such a good plan by Ann! When we return to the palace, I, the only person who had met the kidnapper, yet was unable to retain him, would definitely become the target of the public’s criticism.

She does really hate me a lot! Otherwise, wouldn’t letting Austin see Mr. Dark Knight have been better? A cleric not having the ability to retain the enemy is normal, and no one would say that he is wrong… But she just had to choose me.

At this point, my teacher’s face darkened, as he reminded me, “Child, you said that, when you met the dark knight, you were wearing assassin’s clothes?”

My body shook, and my facial expression froze. This is bad! If the dark knight were to tell Princess Alice and Ann that the one he met was not the Sun Knight, but an assassin that was full of light element… Those two women would know that something was wrong even if they used their knees to think.

“Think of a way to cover it!” My teacher’s tone was already a little dissatisfied.

“I’ve got it, I will seal up their mouths… When there’s a need to, eliminating them is imperative!” I replied grimly.

Aldrizzt weakly gave a forced smile as he said, “You two, ‘righteous’ Sun Knight and former Sun Knight, could you not discuss the topic of elimination in front of an ‘evil’ dark elf? Such a situation that violates conventional reasoning tempts my weak-willed heart.”

My teacher and I shrugged our shoulders, and for the sake of the dark elf’s heart, we did not continue to discuss topics that were even less like what a Sun Knight should say.

My teacher changed the conversation topic and said, “Child, roughly which direction is the journey headed in so far?”

I thought for a while before answering, “Although we have been curving here and there in our journey, we seem to be heading southwest.”

“Southwest, is it?” My teacher muttered to himself for a moment, and then revealed the Sun-Style’s incomparably radiant smile. “We have a mission that just happens to also be in the south. How about you journey together with Aldrizzt and me, and complete a mission together with us in passing? Okay?”

“Not okay…”

My teacher smiled gently. “What did you say? As the ‘Strongest Sun Knight in History,’ your teacher just now became hard of hearing, and didn’t hear you clearly!”

“Extremely okay!”

After I finished speaking, I ruthlessly guzzled down a whole bottle of liquor. Since I can’t refuse, then I can only take this chance to drink a little more free liquor as a form of compensation.

My teacher laughed and said, “Also, you better not curse me inside your heart. If the mission is successful, I’ll give you three-tenths of the reward. The three of us can do extremely difficult missions, and for difficult missions, the reward is naturally not at all small.”

Hearing that, I immediately put down the bottle of liquor. I couldn’t be more sincere as I said, “How can you say that? Teacher, as your student, Grisia will definitely serve you without sparing an ounce of effort till the very last second of his life!”

“Then I won’t give you any reward.”

I instantly changed my words, “However, a little reward would always boost one’s morale greatly!”

“Then I’ll give you one tenth.”

Hurriedly, I explained, “Morale is also spilt into a few degrees. If the reward is higher (by one tenth), one’s morale would naturally become higher! When one’s morale is high, a holy knight that originally ‘only knows’ Minor Heal can even use Moderate Heal! If the reward were to be higher (by one tenth), then the morale becomes even higher. Perhaps even Advanced Heal could be used! If the reward were to be raised again (by one tenth)—”

“There’s no need to raise it higher,” my teacher coldly interrupted me. “I actually lean more toward putting my sword against someone’s neck to let them witness exactly how valiant the strongest Sun Knight in history is. I guarantee you that morale will rise so high that even Ultimate Heal can be performed.”

My mouth snapped shut. Okay, three tenths of the reward is better than nothing. It’s not worthwhile to compete with the title of “History’s Strongest” for raising the reward by one tenth.

Aldrizzt seemed to have an incessant headache as he said, “This pair of teacher and student… Can either of you leave some sort of good image of the Sun Knight for others to long for?”

½ Prince V6Extra: Life in Search of a Future

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½ Prince Volume 6: The Great NPC Revolt

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter: Life In Search of a Future – translated by nausicaä


“I’m a comrade.” A man with red hair suddenly appeared, floating in midair as Kenshin was taking one of his rare, solitary retreats in the forest.

“Comrade?” asked Kenshin in his usual reserved manner. Nevertheless, he felt something stir inside him. Could this person be like he was, an NPC with self-awareness?

“Yes, I’m like you, a self-aware NPC.”

“Name?” Kenshin asked with characteristic brusqueness.

“Dictator of Life,” the man replied. He didn’t seem to mind Kenshin’s curt questioning.

“Dictator of Life,” Kenshin repeated carefully. He raised his head to face this comrade and said, “I’m Kenshin, and there’s another comrade called Sunshine.”