No Hero V8C7: The Serpent and the Forbidden Fruit

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No Hero Volume 8: The End, the Beginning, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Beginning NO.7: The Serpent and the Forbidden Fruit – translated by Raylight (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by Taffygirl13 & lucathia)

Bai Lian Yue was completely shocked. “What is wrong? Your complexion looks terrible.”

“I have a mission for you.”

“… You really don’t treat secretaries as humans, do you?”

Bai Lian Yue’s work efficiency was only slightly worse than Kyle’s, but his ability to complain was higher than Kyle’s by at least three or four times!

“Fine, fine, wipe that scowl off your face. Just give me the job. It’s not like I won’t do it. Do you really need to put on such a frightening expression?”

“Go and kill someone.”

He casually responded, “I thought it would be some kind of grand mission. That’s simple. Who do you want me to kill?”

“Luo Ye.” I calmly said.

Bai Lian Yue’s eyes turned wide as he exclaimed, “Where did he pop up from? Wasn’t he already long dead? Are you certain it’s your fa—”

I gave him a look.

“Urgh, you don’t have to mind that much, right? It’s just your biological father.”

Bai Lian Yue still said it. This secretary was really so daring, for he still had the guts to continue on even as I shot a glare at him. “So what even if you are not Ri Ji Yan’s son? Right now, who in the Sun Alliance has the authority to question you about this? The only person qualified is your Ah Ye, but if he wanted this Alliance, you would give it to him with both hands. Need he even question you?”

Hearing Bai Lian Yue say that, it seemed like the term “biological father” held absolutely no meaning. In that case, why should I concern myself with such a thing?

I suddenly calmed down. Even if I was not Ri Ji Yan’s biological son, even if I had my hands stained in his blood for the sake of saving Ah Ye that year, he had never done anything to let me down. He only targeted Ah Ye, and later on we had also verified that it had not been completely without reason…

“Ah Yan, are you all right?”

I shook my head, and sternly declared, “My father is Ri Ji Yan, not that Luo Ye person! Don’t ever bring up biological fathers again!”

Bai Lian Yue lowered his head and admitted his mistake, “Understood. Then I’ll send people to have him killed now—”

“Hold on.” I indifferently said, “There is no rush to kill him. Go and find out who is pulling the strings first. He is my father’s brother and ought to know what our usual way of handling problems is. It was not easy for him to hide until now, so daring to appear means that he feels secure knowing that someone has his back. We must first find out who or what exactly he is relying on. Also…”

I looked toward the table. There was a folded photo frame there. The left side was Ah Ye as a child with his unbeatable cuteness, and the right side was Ah Ye’s recent photo. Initially the photo in the right frame kept on changing, but now it had not been changed for two or three years. That was because Ah Ye would never grow again. Even if his hair got longer, there was absolutely no change at all in his facial features.

A lifespan of over a thousand years… Ah Ye, what kind of arrangements do I have to make so that you will have nothing to worry about for a thousand years?

I said to Bai Lian Yue with a smile, “Perhaps Luo Ye will be a good serpent and tempt Ah Ye into eating that forbidden fruit.”

Bai Lian Yue, Yue Ya’er who had always supported me, finally showed a change in expression.

“Isn’t it just making sure Ah Ye won’t lose his life to protect you? Don’t go over the top! Ah Ye loves you very much. Wanting to protect you is natural. It isn’t because it’s set into some microchip!”

“I will not go over the top,” I calmly replied.

No matter how over the top it is, it would not top a thousand years.

Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C3: It Has Begun, Part 1—Trouble Arises

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 4: In the Name of God, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: It Has Begun, Part 1—Trouble Arises—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius, Taffygirl13, & Trespasserby)

At first, Liu Yishi hadn’t noticed that his son had gone missing. Both father and son were capable of solo operations. Dividing up the work was much more efficient.

Lu Yang had many resources in Taiwan. He was responsible for connecting them with support for their online operations, while Liu Yishi was responsible for going over what they knew with Hu Lican.

Liu Yishi had Hu Lican focus on the society. That society was extremely suspicious; looking into them was definitely the first priority of the investigation.

Their suspicions had proven correct. Club president Xu Xikai was a transfer student who had only just transferred over during the previous school year. He and Jian Zhi were classmates in the same department. When Xu Xikai first started the society, Jian Zhi was the first member.

Xu Xikai must have approached Jian Zhi because of his guardian spirit, the angel. Liu Yishi did not believe that Xu Xikai could be without any guilt. He had started the society and had personally directed the night venture—he is definitely involved!

But is he the mastermind? Liu Yishi frowned. He had not met Xu Xikai before, but Lu Yang had mentioned that Xu Xikai looked around his age. Even if he was not actually a university student, he definitely could not be over thirty. This was even a conservative guess. In fact, Lu Yang did not feel that Xu Xikai could be a single day over twenty-five.

Could such a youth possibly be the one responsible for this incident?

“We can’t apprehend him.” Hu Lican honestly divulged over the phone, “Even though we know what’s up, he hasn’t done anything on the surface. Even if he was the one who killed Li Yao, we don’t have any evidence at all. We can’t apprehend him based on that.”

Liu Yishi understood it well. If this were overseas, he at least had some connections he could use, even if it were in the name of “cooperating with the investigation” to have the suspect taken to a black room first. Yet, he did not have such means in Taiwan. More accurately, he was not acquainted with anyone who had such means.