Romance RPG V1C5: Part Five

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Five – translated by Raylight

“The!” Meng slowly said the first word.

Lin Jian Yin abruptly felt that his body was a little itchy… That’s not right! What body? He looked down, only to see that on his bright and shiny sword blade, a golden word “The” had appeared.


“Wait a moment! I’m sorry. Can I apologize?” He immediately shouted. Stop joking around! He originally thought that having her give him a random name was okay, but who knew that this name would actually be engraved on his own body? He seriously did not want a messed-up name engraved on his body.


“I didn’t do it on purpose. I also didn’t know that your name would become A Hundred Points, Hmph.”


Eh? Somehow until now, it still seems to be fine? Lin Jian Yin was somewhat in disbelief. This woman, could it be that she wants to name me as “The World’s Number One Sword?” Though it is a little cliché, at least it would be a hundred times better than A Hundred Points, Hmph.


As expected, it is “The World’s Number One Sword.” Lin Jian Yin could not help but heave a sigh of relief, and then he looked at his sword body. The five golden words sparkled as they were imprinted on the shiny sword blade. It sure looked awe-inspiring. Lin Jian Yin focused his eyes on them, and saw that those five words were:

The World’s Number One Bastard.1


“I don’t want to be called The World’s Number One Bastard!”

Lin Jian Yin abruptly jumped up, and then frantically scrubbed his own belly with his two hands, hoping to rub away those five words. After rubbing for a while, he looked at his own hands and was stunned. With his left hand, he touched his right hand, and then with his right hand, he touched his left hand. Filled with disbelief, he said, “I-I have hands?”

Looking down, he saw a body and also legs as he expected. Lin Jian Yin still did not dare to believe it and hurriedly ran to the full-length mirror in his room to look. What sword with eyes and a mouth? Don’t I look just like how I did originally? A handsome face, a slender and tall body—nothing was missing. Lin Jian Yin smiled at his reflection in the mirror, and the person in the mirror also showed a dazzling smile that could charm tens of thousands of females.

He gave a huge sigh of relief. Upon turning around, he saw that the sun was already shining into the room. When he instinctively looked at the wall clock, the hands indicated that it was ten thirty in the morning. At this moment, he started to panic a little. He had a meeting with the new manager at eleven o’clock!

He wasn’t afraid of meeting the manager. After all, he had already driven off six managers with his fierce words. What was left for him to fear? It was just that Lin Jian Yin had a principle of not being late unless it could not be helped, and playing games until he fell asleep was not in the range of reasons that could not be helped. Lin Jian Yin could not be bothered that much. He quickly went into the bathroom to freshen up and make himself presentable. Then, he grabbed his car keys and dashed outside.

After some time speeding through the streets, he finally reached the parking lot of the building. As he rushed toward the elevator, he looked at his watch. The hands were pointing at 11:05. He could not help but curse under his breath, “Damn!”

Seeing the elevator doors about to close, Lin Jian Yin immediately shouted, “Wait a moment—”

Halfway through his shout, he suddenly stopped and widened his eyes to look at what was inside the elevator. A female… person? Her hair looked like it had been burned black, as though she had been electrocuted, and all of her hair then took on this exploding appearance. Moreover, the “woman’s” face was as pale as a whitewashed wall, devoid of any color at all. In contrast, her lips were frighteningly red. She was wearing a light and flowing white dress, but her two hands that were placed in front of her skirt had bright red nails.

Lin Jian Yin inhaled sharply. Why would this kind of thing appear in broad daylight?!

“Didn’t you want to take the elevator?” The female “person” said, her voice as light as a feather.

Lin Jian Yin swallowed and hurriedly waved his hand. “N-No need. I’ll go up the stairs. Taking the stairs is good for your health.” After saying that, he turned around and dashed toward the stairway. Although he was not timid, he was still not brave enough to ride in the same elevator as something otherworldly.

As he climbed the stairs with all his effort, he glanced at his watch again, panting. Yet another ten minutes had gone by. He could only hasten his pace and climb several steps in one go. At long last, he arrived at his private lounge. However, he could only place both his hands on his knees, catching his breath while wiping away the beads of sweat that dotted his forehead.

When the door of the room was opened, Bai Xue Chen exclaimed in shock, “Why are you panting like this? You couldn’t have climbed up the stairs, right? This is the forty-second floor, after all.”

Lin Jian Yin was so out of breath that he did not even want to speak. With much difficulty, he straightened his posture. Bai Xue Chen, who did not manage to get an interesting response out of him, scratched his face and reminded him, “Your new manager is here.” After saying that, Bai Xue Chen murmured, “However, I bet you’re going to change to another one again.”

“Don’t jinx it!” Lin Jian Yin replied vehemently, “As long as he doesn’t leave, I wouldn’t chase him away.”

Bai Xue Chen raised an eyebrow and said, “These are your own words.”

Lin Jian Yin could not be bothered to speak with him anymore. He pushed aside his buddy and walked into his lounge. However, within the room, there was an unimaginable “person” sitting there. He started to panic. Why did the female ghost from the basement end up here too? Could it be that I’m being followed?

The female ghost slowly turned her head, and then unhurriedly stood up. Her words were even slower. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Lin. I am your new manager. I am Ye Meng Ling.”

Lin Jian Yin’s eyes turned wide. His brain was still unable to process it. This female ghost is the new manager?

“Miss Ye is so polite. Jian Yin, you should say something too,” Bai Xue Chen said at one side, his tone leaning toward laughing at Lin Jian Yin’s misfortune.

With gritted teeth, Lin Jian Yin forcefully said, “I am Lin Jian Yin…”

The female ghost nodded her head, and then took out a pen and notebook from her bag, which was placed at one side. She started to read out some notes. “From the schedule that the last manager left behind, I sorted out your jobs for the remaining half of the year. The company dearly wishes for you to be able to continue to act in more movies…”

Lin Jian Yin’s face turned dark, and he seemed to be on the verge of flipping out.

“However, in my personal opinion, though movies can increase your exposure rate, Mr. Lin’s acting is… Erm, not very superb, and has received a lot of criticism. This is not very good for long-term development. Therefore, I am more inclined toward accepting more commercials, which would be better than movies. Also, there are a few radio programs that are not too bad. Of course, we will arrange the script dialogue beforehand. Also…”

The female ghost… Ye Meng Ling explained everything in detail in an orderly manner. When she finished, she looked up and asked, “May I ask if you have any problems with such a schedule?”

Ye Meng Ling instead froze, for both of the handsome men in front of her were staring at her blankly. She could not help but start to feel flustered. After all, Lin Jian Yin was not only difficult to work with, he also loved to scold people. His record of having chased away six managers with his fierce words was very well-known within the managing company.

She cautiously asked, “May I ask if Mr. Lin has any dissatisfactions about the jobs?”

Before Lin Jian Yin could even speak, Bai Xue Chen butted in and said with a smile, “How could he be dissatisfied? Meng Ling, you’re practically a tapeworm in his stomach. Your schedule is almost exactly the same as what he had kept muttering to me about in the past.”

“Is that so?” Ye Meng Ling gave a secret sigh of relief, but she still looked toward Lin Jian Yin with a hint of worry. After all, he was not the one who had spoken just now.

Lin Jian Yin too nodded his head, for he practically could not find any areas he was dissatisfied with… No! There was still one area he was dissatisfied with. What is with her ghostly appearance?!

The corner of his mouth twitched, and Lin Jian Yin almost broke into a scolding… but Bai Xue Chen furtively stomped on his foot. It just so happened that Bai Xue Chen was wearing boots with heels today. This put Lin Jian Yin in so much pain that his face started to contort. Bai Xue Chen then put his mouth near his ear and whispered, “Idiot! Don’t talk. Do you want to scare away the seventh manager? It’s rare that there’s a manager who happens to be to your liking. If you were to scare her away, I’d like to see where you can find another one.”

Lin Jian Yin’s expression changed, and he took in several deep breaths. Only then did he manage to swallow the words that he had been about to say. He raised his gaze to look at the female ghost—no, his own manager, and insincerely said, “There’s no problem.”

Ye Meng Ling obviously did not fall for his lousy acting. Full of suspicion, she inquired, “Is there really none? Mr. Lin, if you have any problems, please voice them. It’s only when both sides communicate that we can avoid any problems surfacing in the future.”

Hearing her say that, Lin Jian Yin did not hesitate at all, and the words came tumbling out of his mouth. Even his buddy beside him did not make it in time to cover his mouth.

“There is a problem. Why are you dressed like this? Your face is so pale, and you’re even wearing white. You’re the spitting image of a ghost. Today is not Halloween, so don’t come out and scare people!”


1 ”The World’s Number One Bastard”: She uses Jian(賤) which has the same pronunciation as Sword(劍), but means despicable and cheap.

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