Romance RPG V1C24: Part Twenty-four

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twenty-four— translated by EvlNabiki (proofread by Trespasserby & elisa; C/E edited by lucathia)

Sword Spirit’s unhappiness was reflected in the real life version of Lin Jian Yin as well. During the past few days, he had thrown and broken countless microphones for all sorts of bewildering reasons: the sound was inaccurate, the feeling while holding it was off, the smell was disgusting… Unfortunately, his manager was busy arranging his jobs, and he didn’t know where she had disappeared to in the past few days. This caused him to throw microphones even more frequently.

At the moment, Lin Jian Yin was sitting in a lounge after having just finished storming about, and no one dared to come inside and seek their own deaths; however, a few people waited outside on standby. If Lin Jian Yin wanted someone and found nobody around, then they would die even more painfully.

When the suffering workers waiting outside spotted Ye Meng Ling coming over, they immediately showed expressions of deep gratitude; nearly everybody in the company was aware that Ye Meng Ling was the only person capable of suppressing Lin Jian Yin, and that so far, she was also the most successful of his managers.

Ye Ming Ling forced a smile on her lips and waved at the people waiting outside, indicating that they could leave. They glowed with appreciative expressions. As they made their quick escapes, they also gave Ye Meng Ling sympathetic looks.

When Ye Meng Ling saw them flee with such speed that it resembled flight, she couldn’t help but scratch her face and ask, “Is he really that frightening?”

Just then, as if to answer her, came the sound of something being smashed from inside the lounge. It sounded as if something heavy had been kicked over. However, Ye Meng Ling was slightly taken aback but didn’t back down. She already knew that Lin Jian Yin would not hurt her. At most, he would throw and break things. Even if he damaged some things, the company wouldn’t say much. In fact, the boss was even pleased that currently, Lin Jian Yin’s rate of destruction had gone down by 50%.

Ye Meng Ling had only pondered over this for a bit when the sound of glass shattering came from inside the lounge. She immediately pushed opened the door in order to avoid increasing this month’s damage by too many percentage points, causing the boss to decide that he ought to pay more attention to her.


Ye Meng Ling poked her head into the lounge, and completely turning a blind eye to the destruction of the room, looked at Lin Jian Yin, who was sitting on the sofa being angry. She gingerly walked into the room and up to him, but he deliberately turned his head away, pointedly not looking at her.

Ye Meng Ling exposed a shy little smile and took out a box. “This is for you.”

Lin Jian Yin hmphed, but he couldn’t help but glance out of the corner of his eye. It was a black, rectangular wooden box. Lin Jian Yin secretly guessed a few objects from its shape, but there were too many possibilities, and so his curiosity finally overpowered his unhappiness. He took the case and excitedly opened the box to find that there was actually a microphone inside.

“A microphone?” Lin Jian Yin stared distractedly as he spoke. This microphone seems to be somewhat familiar?

“Yeah, I heard that you’re not used to using the microphones here, so I returned to the company and investigated a bit. I found the particular brand and type of microphone you were used to using, and bought it for you. In the future, I will carry it with me. This way, you won’t have to use microphones you’re not used to.”

Lin Jian Yin slowly caressed the microphone. So, even if she wasn’t present, she was still aware of my current situation. Lin Jian Yin’s unhappiness abruptly vanished, and instead, from the depths of his heart, he had the urge to smile, but restrained himself, merely answering with an “oh.”

Ye Meng Ling smiled, intending to continue with finding him jobs.

“Wait, stop right there!” Lin Jian Yin suddenly halted her, and Ye Meng Ling patiently waited for him to speak. He feigned nonchalance and asked, “Last time, why on earth did you run when you saw me?”

Ye Meng Ling was surprised by his question and hemmed and hawed before answering, “A-actually, it was just that you gave me a fright, so I jumped into the car without thinking. It had nothing to do with you.”

Since he had already raised the question, Lin Jian Yin couldn’t be bothered about appearances. Resembling a jealous husband, he interrogated, “Then, what were you doing getting into your ex-boyfriend’s car? Have you forgotten how rude he was to you last time at the supermarket?”

Ye Meng Ling didn’t take notice of the fact that as his manager, she was not actually obligated to explain private matters like these to him. However, after hearing Lin Jian Yin’s question, she quickly answered, “No no, it’s because his mother is very fond of me, and she doesn’t know that we broke up. His mother was quite ill earlier and was clamoring to see me, so he came to me to ask me to put on an act with him.”

“Don’t treat that kind of person so well in the future.”

Having learned the truth, Lin Jian Yin’s mouth still wouldn’t let it go, but his frame of mind had already reached cloud nine, and his whole body felt so light with happiness that he could float away like a feather. It was only after he did his utmost to endure it that he was able to prevent his lips from quirking upwards.

“Okay.” Ye Meng Ling answered obediently. However, she had already discovered Lin Jian Yin’s efforts at restraining himself even as the corners of his lips kept rising, and she couldn’t help but inwardly laugh. He is such an awkward guy!

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