Romance RPG V1C25: Part Twenty-five

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twenty-five – translated by Minna (proofread by Trespasserby & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Time passed by quite quickly. In game, Meng and Sword Spirit’s work at the dress shop went very smoothly. Even the boss couldn’t help making shoes, a hat, and a pair of gloves to reward her for her hard work. Prince Edward often came to the shop as well, speaking with both Meng and Sword Spirit frequently. Although Sword Spirit didn’t want to admit this, Prince Edward looked like he had a favorable impression of Meng. What a miracle!

Every time Edward came to the dress shop, Ye Meng Ling would be exceptionally busy outside the game the next day because Lin Jian Yin’s face would always be twisted beyond human recognition.

Even though he was that way, Ye Meng Ling could still successfully reduce Lin Jian Yin’s frequency of smashing objects. Their opinion was very well matched, too, so that Lin Jian Yin almost couldn’t find any shows he was dissatisfied about or didn’t want to attend among the assignments.

“You can leave early today.”

Lin Jian Yin told Ye Meng Ling in a neutral way. In reality, he knew that today was special. Ye Meng Ling couldn’t focus today either and looked like she had a heavy load on her mind. If it were a usual day, Lin Jian Yin would have started to scold her, but he forgave her just for today. After all, a ball plus a perfect prince would be enough for any woman to lose focus.

“Can I?” Ye Meng Ling appeared to be very shocked.

Lin Jian Yin shrugged, as if he didn’t mind.

“Thank you.” Ye Meng Ling smiled and began to pack up. Before leaving, she couldn’t help turning her head worriedly, until Lin Jian Yin gave her an OK sign with his hand. Only then did Ye Meng Ling close the door and leave.

Not even a minute after Ye Meng Ling closed the door, Lin Jian Yin impatiently took his car keys, hurriedly opened the door, and almost collided into the person there.

“Bai Xue Chen, did you want to scare me to death?!” Lin Jian Yin said moodily.

“I heard that a certain sword is going to bring his female master to attend a ball today?” Bai Xue Chen evaded his question.

Lin Jian Yin rolled his eyes at him impolitely. “It’s none of your business!”

Bai Xue Chen’s face fell. He suddenly turned very serious and asked, “Jian Yin, don’t tell me that you really plan to take Meng Ling to attend the ball, bringing her and the prince together.”

Lin Jian Yin’s eyes widened, as he didn’t understand why Bai Xue Chen would say that. Confused, he asked, “That’s the game’s objective. Is there something wrong in doing that?”

It was Bai Xue Chen’s turn to widen his eyes now. He pointed his index finger at Lin Jian Yin’s nose. “You can’t be serious about pushing the girl you like away, can you?”

Lin Jian Yin shoved away his index finger, answering without a care, “What are you talking about, what girl that I like…”

“Think about it. A handsome prince might hold Meng Ling in his arms while dancing, and he might even lean into her, whispering into her ear. If they’re walking among flowers under the moonlight, even a passionate kiss wouldn’t be unheard of. Even if it turns out that way, you still wouldn’t mind it at all?” Bai Xue Chen had an incredulous expression.

Meng being in someone else’s arms, held close with whispered murmurings spoken into her ear, and even given a passionate kiss… Lin Jian Yin’s heart was full of stones, an unhappy expression clearly forming on his face.

At least this guy isn’t a whole block of stone, Bai Xue Chen could finally heave a sigh of relief. He clapped Lin Jian Yin’s shoulder, believing that Lin Jian Yin had come to a realization and wouldn’t give Meng to another person just like that anymore.

“Go to Meng quickly. Don’t leave her alone.”

Hearing that Meng was all by herself, Lin Jian Yin stopped thinking and only wanted to get home sooner to accompany Meng inside the game. Her courage had always been lacking and today was a big day, so she must be worried beyond control.

When Sword Spirit opened his eyes, he immediately saw Meng’s back. She had already put on that pink dress and the gloves, shoes, and hat of the same style the boss had made for her. Sword Spirit appreciated Meng’s back, her slim silhouette simply fairy-like. From a grocery shopping aunty to a fairy, this heart-wrenching journey in between simply gave Sword Spirit a misconception of “a daughter becoming an adult.”

“Meng, turn around and let me see,” Sword Spirit shouted out loud.

Meng’s form froze. She turned around a little bit nervously. In that moment, Sword Spirit discovered that she had put on light make up, making her look even cuter and more refreshing. If I had hands, I might not be able to hold myself back from hugging her, were Sword Spirit’s thoughts to himself. He then immediately remembered what Bai Xue Chen had said about Meng being the person he liked. How could that be possible? She‘s my manager, the girl I helped to transform. For me to fall in love with her? This isn’t the Hikaru Genji Plan!

Meng still appeared to be very worried. She knitted her brows as she asked, “Sword Spirit, maybe it’s better if I don’t attend the ball at all?“

“Why?“ Sword Spirit froze. Weren’t these past days inside the game all for this specific ball?

Meng showed a somewhat dismayed expression. “Edward is just too perfect.”

“Is perfection bad?” It was an even bigger mystery to Sword Spirit now. There are actually people who dislike perfection?

“How to explain…” Meng struggled to say, “Too perfect, too…” Even after struggling, she still couldn’t find any faults to voice about Edward. However, not being able to come up with any faults was exactly what made her feel that this was extremely unreal.

“Don’t be stupid!” Sword Spirit interrupted her impatiently, “Snatching the prince is our goal. Are you planning to give up?”

Hearing Sword Spirit say it in that way, Meng was a little bit startled, and then asked, “Has me getting the prince also been your goal?”

“Of course.” Sword Spirit replied pretty much without thinking, but suddenly, the image of Edward sharing a passionate kiss with Meng popped into Sword Spirit’s mind. He knitted his brows. This image made him feel very, very upset.

Meng was silent for a while and replied dully, “I understand. Let’s go. It’s almost time.”

Sword Spirit was thinking about the uncomfortable feeling inside his heart and didn’t notice Meng’s unenthusiastic response. Meng picked up the sword on her own and set off for the imperial palace.

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  1. Adrimiz7

    You should probably explain your goal a bit more clearly, Mr. Sword Spirit.
    Thanks PR.

  2. Citarra

    Yay thanks for the new chapter. (Are both of them made of blocks of stone?)

  3. F_J

    Sigh… siiiiiiggggggh. These two. FOOLS! I thought at least Meng would understand since she’d been in a relationship before, but…
    Many thanks for the chapter.

  4. Xiao Mei

    Aww. Those two blocks of stone are definitely made for each other. They’re both following the script of the game even though they no longer really want to.
    I wonder if Meng realized who Sword Spirit is? She probably did, after all, he’s not the most secretive person.
    Thanks for the translation PR!

  5. dollyfishe

    haha bai xue chen warning failed ? or may be sword will find something to ruin the night ? but then, if the prince were together with meng, will that be automatically happen in real life ? that meng will be pushed to someone else ? ahahahaha dun want to see that happen, that would be awfull

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    Oh my god, did you have to stop at a cliff hanger. I cannot handle this, give me the next chapter. ;-;

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  7. 印乐

    This is so adorable!!!!!! If only life was also like this, every girl and boy would be happy. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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