The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 11: “Doing a Small Favor”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Doing a Small Favor

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“Doing a Small Favor” – translated by Amgine

Doing a small favor doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when the person you’re helping is Grisia, then it’s a big deal.

One small favor turns into two small favors, and then those turn into three hundred small favors…

Wait, isn’t this number growing a bit too quickly?

Even if the small favor for Grisia is throwing away trash on your way out, you must never ever help him…

Demos sat in his favorite spot under the table where virtually nobody would notice him. This made him feel at ease.

“Hey, why are you crouching down there again? You’re going to scare somebody to death!”

It was a pity that today was an exception, for a young man stretched out his legs as soon as he sat down at the table. Demos didn’t even have enough time to get out of the way before he was kicked, scaring the young man into cursing out angrily and dragging Demos out from under the table.

This young man was actually Demos’ brother-in-law, Yen. Upon hearing the angry commotion, his sister Aris immediately rushed out from the kitchen, shouting, “Don’t scold little D! Why did you kick him so hard? You’ll hurt him!”

“He was hiding under the table again!” Yen replied in rage. “How come he never gets it no matter how much we teach him? Why can’t he just play outside with all the other children instead of hiding under tables? Why can’t this child be a little more vivacious? He’s not cute at all!”

Although Yen had been scolding him non-stop verbally, he had released Demos from his grip and was even looking at his arm for signs of injuries.

Hearing Yen criticize Demos, Aris raised her eyebrows, ready to flip out and release a torrent of insults of her own. However, she caught sight of Demos from the corner of her eye and calmed down, quenching her inner rage. With a tight grip she dragged her husband into the kitchen.

As soon as the pair entered the kitchen, Aris spat out indignantly, “It’s not like you don’t know what happened! How Demos was captured by robbers in the past and held captive inside the bandits’ lair for an entire three years! How can you expect him to just be vivacious?”

“I know and I’m not blaming him. But it’s not a good idea to just let him continue on like this! You wouldn’t want to see him hiding under the table for the rest of his life, would you?”

Upon hearing these words, Aris felt an unbearable sensation inside. She and her younger brother had been depending on each other for their entire lives. Who knew that one day her brother would get kidnapped and go missing, not to return for another three years? And it was a stroke of luck that her brother was able to remember where he lived despite being so young at the time, and was able to return home at all.

Aris didn’t find out until later about the bitter life her brother had led during those three years. First he was abducted by child traffickers, and then those child traffickers were intercepted and ransacked midway by bandits, resulting in her brother being held in captivity in a bandits’ lair for three whole years until that lair was cleared out by the holy knights of the Church of the God of Light. Her heart ached every time she thought about how her brother had been ordered around like a servant by those bandits.

Yen held his wife’s hands, saying, “Aris, listen to me. I have just heard that the Church of the God of Light has recently been seeking out candidates for the next generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. Why don’t we let Demos try out?”

Aris froze, and replied hesitantly, “But with Demos like this…”

“Ah, there’s no harm in trying! At least it would make him get out of the house. Since there’s going to be many kids vying for positions as future knights, we can just treat it as if he were playing with the other children.”

This is not a bad idea, Aris thought to herself.

“Demos, would you like to try out for becoming one of the Twelve Holy Knights?”

“The Twelve Holy Knights?” Demos raised his head and saw his sister smile resplendently. Yet, it seemed that the more resplendent she looks, the more he wanted to stay away from her. He would rather be with the brother-in-law who always scolds him, for his sister looked simply too magnificent… and too blindingly dazzling.

Although his sister used an inquiring tone, Demos had never been permitted to give “no” for an answer during his three-year tenure in the bandits’ lair, so he nodded and responded in affirmation. “Alright.”

Hearing his reply, his sister revealed a particularly resplendent smile, a truly blindingly dazzling sight.

“…So bright!”

Grisia squatted to meet Demos face-to-face. Upon hearing this, Grisia asked quizzically, “Bright? Where is it bright?”

Demos was crouching behind a suit of armor at a crevice in the corridor. This was a shadowy area that took him quite a bit of effort to find. There was even a pair of oversized red curtains on either side of the suit of armor. One would be virtually undetectable when hiding behind those curtains. The more he hung out with these dazzling people, the more he felt himself become darker in return. How did someone like me become one of the Twelve Young Holy Knights? He could never figure out the answer to this question no matter how hard he thought about it. He had been putting all his effort into hiding towards the back… yet Teacher Cloud seemed to loathe the children who strived to crowd up in front of him.

“Don’t get tangled up with me. Play by yourself over there.”

“I’m only going to perform this swordsmanship technique once for you guys, so practice on your own afterwards.”

“Confirm that you have finished reading the Cloud Knight’s list of rules.”

“Hmm, that doesn’t look very elegant… Forget it, I suppose this can still be considered ‘drifting’ of sorts.”

Teacher would always turn around and leave after saying such phrases. Yet, Demos was actually quite fond of Teacher Cloud’s personality. It was precisely because his teacher had this sort of personality that he was able to always hide here like this outside of class. Nobody had discovered him here for an entire three years… except for Grisia who was currently crouching before him. He was so blindingly dazzling and his smile was even brighter than his sister’s. Since the beginning, Demos had been purposely avoiding Grisia.

“Hey! Demos, even though I may be the young Sun Knight, it’s not as if my body is giving off light… unless I’m deliberately gathering up holy light.” Grisia extended his arms and placed his hands on Cloud’s, saying, “Look! Your hand is clearly a lighter shade than mine, and mine is quite light already.”

“Don’t!” Demos suddenly withdrew his hand. Seeing Grisia’s shocked expression, Demos continued in a low voice, “You will get yourself dyed black from me…”

Grisia furrowed his eyebrows, asking, “No matter how dark you may be, you couldn’t be as dark as Lesus, right?”

“Lesus is not dark.” Cloud couldn’t say exactly why Lesus was not considered dark, and even though his hair, eyes, and clothes were all black, “darkness” wasn’t actually dependent on one’s outer appearances.

Lesus always walks in front of the others and is both strong and capable, so everyone listens to him… He isn’t dark at all!

Grisia pondered over this for a bit and said, “If Lesus looks dark but isn’t actually dark, then just because I look bright doesn’t mean I would really be shining in actuality, would it?”

Demos was taken aback, not quite understanding exactly what Grisia was trying to say. Grisia reached out his hand to pinch Demos’ cheek but Demos only stared back expressionlessly, not comprehending what the intentions were behind the pinching of his cheeks.

After pinching for an entire minute, Grisia finally let go and nodded his head in satisfaction, declaring, “Your pushover score is 100%! Even though everyone says you’re hard to associate with, the truth is actually that nobody has gotten to know you yet! Your pushover score is even higher than that of Elmairy’s!”

“…You bully Elmairy?”

Grisia immediately denied it, saying, “Of course I don’t bully Strawberry!”


“I just ask him to help me with some odd tasks, like driving away dogs, letting me borrow some condiments, and editing documents! I definitely haven’t been bullying him.” Upon saying this, Grisia seemed to be thinking for a bit and then muttered, “But ‘Deatheo’ is more useful regarding paperwork. Going forward, it looks like it’d be best if I stick with him helping me edit documents.”

“What is a ‘Deatheo’?”

“It’s Ceo, of course!”


Although Demos didn’t say a word in response, Grisia still continued talking regardless, “However, Deatheo’s pushover score is only 50%, a failing mark! Yet, once I find him, all I would need to do is to put the documents in front of him, and he wouldn’t be able to help but correct them all! It is simply too hilarious! I’ll even tell you a secret: despite Lesus’ fierce appearance, his pushover score is actually quite high at 80%. He wouldn’t reject my requests, even if it’s asking him to buy me some blueberry pie.”

Even Lesus has… Demos couldn’t help but exclaim, “You…you’re so dark…”

“No way! I’m actually the future Sun Knight, so of course I’m super bright!”

“Grisia, where are you immersing yourself in light at this moment? Right now, immediately, come out here right this instant, or else as your teacher, I’ll come looking for you.”

Upon hearing this voice that was graceful yet clearly in a much lower tone than usual, Grisia immediately pulled aside the curtains and stepped inside without another word. Right afterward, he let the curtains fall back.

As if his head were covered in fog, a confused Demos watched Grisia and shortly heard the sound of footsteps walking by… footsteps that stopped unexpectedly, right in front of the curtains.

“Who’s there?”

Demos was quite startled, not expecting that within just one day he would get discovered by two different people. He looked at Grisia next to him; it was obvious that he had no intention of answering, so Demos had no choice but to part the curtains slightly, stick out only his head out and say, “It’s Demos.”

The Sun Knight creased his brow elegantly, asking, “Have you seen Grisia?”

As the perplexed Demos was deliberating how to respond, he felt a light pinch on his lower back, and had no choice but to reply with a “No.”

Upon hearing this, Neo paid no more attention to him and turned to leave, mumbling faintly, “Where exactly did he run off to? I have several documents that must be turned in by tomorrow…”

As soon as Neo left, Demos wanted to go back to fading into his own little world, but Grisia had already stuck his head out from behind the curtains and said, “Thank you! Oh, by the way, can you do me a small favor?”

How come he felt that something was off as soon as the two words “small favor” was spoken? Demos was completely baffled, but helping out with a small favor was no big deal, so he nodded his head.

“Then help me retrieve the documents from Teacher Neo, and then deliver them to ‘Deatheo’ and tell him that those are the documents that must be turned in by tomorrow.” Grisia paused for a moment and then continued, “Why are you looking at me so doubtfully? I can’t do it myself because I have other concerns that I’m busy with! If Teacher finds me, he would surely assign me some additional tasks to work on.”

So that’s how it is. Demos nodded his head, begrudgingly stepping out of his own little world, intending to do this small favor. In any case, all that needed to be done was to retrieve some documents, which shouldn’t take much time at all. However, at this moment, the corner of his shirt was suddenly being grabbed by someone. He turned his head back, looking skeptically at Grisia, who was currently showing a dazzling, brilliant smile. He requested while beaming, “Since you have already agreed to helping with this small favor, then why don’t you also help out with another? Relax, it’s just delivering some messages.”

If it’s just delivering some messages, then it shouldn’t take too long. Demos nodded his head.

Ceo accepted the documents right away, and Demos felt a bit glad inside. All that’s left is to deliver a few messages, and I can return to my own little world. At least this is much better than having to correct a pile of documents like Ceo.

Yet, Ceo who had to correct the pile of documents actually revealed a sympathetic look and asked, “Did Grisia say to you, ‘do me a small favor’?”

Demos nodded.

Ceo remarked mildly, “That’s what he said to me as well when he asked me to help correct documents.” Having said this, Ceo patted Demos on the back and continued, “Welcome to the ‘do me a small favor’ club.”

What’s so bad about helping out with a small favor? Ceo’s expression made it look like he had been inaugurated into the Risk Your Life to Slaughter a Dragon Club or something. Demos didn’t understand at all.

“Grisia told you to come here to borrow condiments?” Elmairy asked while looking at Demos with intense curiosity. Although they were both part of the Twelve Young Holy Knights, and even in the same “good, warm-hearted” faction, he rarely had any contact with Demos, who was truly someone who was not often seen.

Demos nodded and then responded, “There’s also these cases that you need to investigate. He also said, ‘The targets of the investigation are all motherly types, so be sure to dress more adorably to trigger their motherly instincts more easily.’” Although he didn’t at all comprehend the meaning behind Grisia’s words, he was only responsible for reciting them word for word.

Elmairy looked stunned for a bit and muttered in a low voice, “How am I supposed to make myself look adorable when I’m already sixteen…?”

Yet when he looked at Demos again, Elmairy’s eyes were filled with compassion, and he said in a pitying tone, “Thanks for all your hard work. Too bad there’s not much that can be done, so please just bear with it. If it really becomes too much to handle, I’ll help you out. I have been helping Ceo pretty frequently anyway.”


“Grisia says, ‘There has been a large number of discontent spirits appearing at the furthest execution grounds and you must exterminate them.’”

Upon hearing this, Chikus paused in astonishment. To be honest, he had detected Demos’ presence only after he had started speaking. He looked at Demos from top to bottom to size him up, and Demos misconstrued this to mean that his words weren’t heard clearly and repeated himself once again.

“Oh, I get it now.” Chikus answered with a nod. Unlike the others, he did not comfort Demos in sympathetic tones. Rather, he said in admiration, “Grisia is truly too incredible, to be able to get even the most difficult guy to find and associate with to do his bidding. Looks like Georgo is the only one left who won’t help out Grisia. Oh right, what has he been calling you?”

“Calling me?”

“Grisia probably hasn’t been using your real name to refer to you, right?”

Demos replied in puzzlement, “He has just been calling me by my name.”

“Oh…” Chikus thought for a moment and responded, “It’s probably just that you haven’t been acquainted with each other for long enough yet. You’ll find out soon enough.”


After completing every single task, Demos felt joy from the bottom of his heart as he started walking back to his own little world…

“Didi!” Demos continued walking forward. “Didi!” The voice calling out became louder and louder, but Demos continued on his own path since he didn’t have an older brother and thus nobody that would refer to him by “younger brother”… Yet suddenly, he felt himself being grabbed by somebody.

His turned his head to see that it was Grisia, who complained in a resentful voice, “I have been calling for you. Why did you ignore me?”

Calling him? Demos tilted his head. I clearly heard Grisia calling out for his younger brother… Unless he has actually been saying Deedee?1

Grisia latched onto Demos tightly and spoke in a very anxious voice, “Deedee, you have to do me this small favor!”

Didn’t I help out already?

“I still got caught by Teacher! His assignment is for me to go to the forest outside and capture a wolf to give to him. But Ceo is helping edit documents for me, Leaf went to help me investigate those cases, and Blaze went to exterminate spirits at the execution grounds, so it has to be you who must accompany me to fight the wolves!”

Then what task are you responsible for doing yourself? Demos didn’t understand at all, but he wasn’t used to disobeying orders, so he obediently followed Grisia along.

It’s just fighting a single wolf, so it shouldn’t take too long anyway.

Retrieving some documents didn’t take too long.

Delivering some messages didn’t take too long.

Fighting a wolf didn’t take too long, either…

Yet Demos suddenly realized that before he knew it, he had not only retrieved some documents, delivered some messages, fought a wolf, scouted for undead creatures, helped buy ingredients for dessert, handled some documents, investigated in secret, inquired about various information, taught a lesson to an unlucky fool who provoked Grisia, added some laxatives into the king’s meal without being discovered… It could be said that he had been hearing all day, everyday the calls for…

“Didi! Do me a small favor!”

Perhaps it would have been better to have joined the Risk Your Life to Slaughter a Dragon Club than to help Grisia out with even a single small favor! Demos thought as much to himself as he helped Grisia out with another small favor.

Chikus laughed with his hands on his belly, “Hahaha! Di… Didi? Wahahaha!”

Ceo raised his eyebrows and said, “Freakus, somehow I don’t think you are in a position to laugh at others.”

Chikus’ laughs subsided, and not one to be outdone, he replied, “’Freak’ is still preferable to Deatheo! Watch out, if he keeps calling you that, you’ll really die!”

Elmairy patted his own chest and said in celebration, “Good thing Strawberry actually sounds quite pleasant… I wonder what Grisia calls Georgo?”

Ceo responded moodily, “Since Georgo doesn’t even help him out, Grisia didn’t even bother to give him a weird nickname as he wouldn’t be using it to call him to do a small favor day in and day out.”

Having said that, all four of them, including the speaker, turned silent.

How shameful! Had I known it would turn out like this, back then I never would have agreed to help Grisia out with “a small favor.”


1 Didi and Deedee: “Didi” is Chinese for younger brother, pronounced the same as “Deedee” which uses the first character of Demos’ Chinese name. Although we usually try to westernize all names and terms, we thought that leaving “Didi” as Didi would be best, as we did not want Grisia’s pun on “younger brother” to be lost in translation.

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    Please note, there are spoilers for book one following, so if for some God of Light-forsaken reason you haven’t read it yet, STOP NOW.

    Carrying on then!

    *message truncated by PR!*

    • [PR]azakura

      Hi! Thank you for all your valuable edits to the page ;) I didn’t add the last one because… well the Death Knight thing while at first it seemed to be his obsession with vengeance, his unfulfilled wish was technically the Sun Knight thing so I shall leave it as that. (that’s further on in the story lol XD)

      Also, it should be ‘had been’ instead of ‘was’ for that other part I believe~ >_< Anyway good edits XD

  25. Saz

    Grisia is so cunning! hahahahaha! Thanks as ever!

    BTW Is this supposed to be “I just ask him to help me…” instead of “I just ask him to help him with some odd tasks, like driving away dogs, letting me borrow some condiments, and editing documents! I definitely haven’t been bullying him.”?

  26. Freakazoid

    LOL foot-in-the-door phenomenon at its finest. I expected no less from Grisia.

  27. Well, I think Cloud is more fortunate than the others. If he doesn’t want to help out, and can’t refuse when requested of, he can just hide where no one will find him. I mean, if Creus’ mage sight can’t find him, nothing else can…

  28. Person

    Even though Grisia’s motives were completely selfish, they resulted in Demos actually getting to know some of his fellow Holy Knights. I can’t help but wonder if Grisia planned it that way…

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