The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 1: “For You All”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

For You All – translated by raylight and lucathia


Neo paused in his footsteps and turned around elegantly, exclaiming, “Ah! Is this not our great and most respected Pope?”

Hearing that, the Pope stopped his movements and cautiously stared at the Sun Knight, who was smiling even more radiantly than usual. With a hint of suspicion, he asked, “Sun, have I angered you recently?”

“Ho ho, how could the great Pope have done anything to infuriate Sun? It’s just that I have been wondering who has been telling my fellow holy knight brothers that I use magic to maintain the appearance of being in my early twenties?”

“…Oh?” The Pope gave a sweet smile and gave a doubtful expression as he said, “Is there really someone saying that? What an ignorant fellow! He doesn’t know that the Sun Knight is actually naturally good-looking. Even if he is turning thirty this year, he still looks exactly the same as when he first became the Sun Knight.”

“Pope, you are also always so young and ‘cute’!”

“Ha ha ha!” The two looked at each other and laughed heartily.

Neo’s face darkened, and he pulled out the Divine Sun Sword. Fiercely, he said, “The next time you dare to leak my age, I will kill you.”

“Who doesn’t know that the Sun Knight is turning thirty this year?” The Pope was so angry that he was shaking. He pointed the scepter in his hands at Neo. “You’re not allowed to call me cute ever again, or else I will take you down with me, even if it kills me.”

As the two confronted each other, there came a sudden sound of footsteps.

Someone is coming! Neo and the Pope put their weapons away instantly, and adopted their elegant smile and solemn expression respectively. With a curious expression, the Pope asked, “Sun Knight, there are still ten candidates left for this year’s Sun Knight Selection. Have you made a decision yet?”

Neo muttered, “This year there are a lot of talented people, but if I really have to pick one of them, I think I need to consider further…”

“Both of you, stop acting. It’s just me.”

The person who had appeared was dressed completely in black, and even his hair and eye color were dark. He had deep creases between his brows, and looked like he would usually be a solemn person. However, at the moment there was a helpless smile on his face. He walked up to the side of the two people, and then spoke to Neo, who had withdrawn his smile.

“Sun, there are a lot of talented people among your candidates, but the number of my candidates is dwindling. All of them are dishonorable, ill-intentioned bad eggs. I’m afraid that if I don’t pick the only good child among them, Lesus, the first person that the God of Light would judge would be me.”

“Lesus?” Neo revealed a puzzled expression.

The Pope rolled his eyes at him in displeasure and explained, “Last time, when you went to see the Judgment Knight candidates sparring, he was the one who had the best swordsmanship.”

“Oh, that child!” Neo nodded his head.

“You! Can’t you remember anything else other than swordsmanship?” Judgment said helplessly. Seeing Neo’s look of indifference, he could only give a sigh and begin asking about what he really wanted to know. “You have quite a few talented people. Who do you want to pick? Roland? Arthur? Angus?”

It was not only Judgment who showed his curiosity, for even the Pope started staring steadily at Neo. However, Neo just stared back at the both of them expressionlessly.

Judgment, feeling that something was slightly amiss, said, “Don’t tell me you don’t even remember a single candidate’s name…”

Neo shrugged his shoulders, and replied, “I remember Roland. That child’s swordsmanship is good.”

“You really are…”

Neo said with abrupt realization, “Oh, yeah, and Grisia.”

“Grisia?” Judgment questioned doubtfully.

“The child who is very good at holy magic?” The Pope immediately shouted, “No way! I want to drag him into the Church; you’re not allowed to pick him!”

A little surprised, Judgment asked Neo, “Did you remember Grisia because of his good holy magic?”

“No, it’s because…” Neo frowned as he continued, “His swordsmanship is so lousy that it’s difficult for me to forget him, even if I wanted to!”

The Pope immediately gave a smile. “If that’s the case, then you better not pick him. His holy magic is so good that I remembered him just by taking a glance at him. He is a cleric! Definitely not a knight!”

One of you only looks at swordsmanship, and the other only looks at holy magic—there’s really not much difference between you two. Deep down, Judgment smiled wryly.

“If that’s the case, do you intend to pick Roland?”

Judgment nodded his head, full of approval. “I also remember him; his swordsmanship is quite decent, and he looks like an upstanding child.”

“So are you going to choose Roland?”

Neo thought about it, and it seemed like there was really nothing wrong with the choice. Then again, other than having good or bad swordsmanship, he really couldn’t tell the difference between the children.  However, should the Sun Knight really be judged based on how good his swordsmanship is?

Looking at Neo’s hesitation, Judgment asked in puzzlement, “You feel that he’s not appropriate?”

“No,” Neo said casually while frowning, “I just need to think it over some more.”

“Why do you want to be the Sun Knight?”

For the sake of not letting himself pick a child based solely on their swordsmanship, Neo started asking every candidate questions in private.

For justice.

This was the most common answer. Neo smiled, and asked in reply, “What is justice?”

When they heard this question, the children would hesitate.

Neo secretly ridiculed the answer inside his heart. For justice? How could a twelve year old child understand the meaning of justice? Most likely it was the answer set by the ignorant knights’ education.

“Why do you want to be the Sun Knight?”

Neo gazed at the brown-haired boy in front of his eyes, and he really hoped that this child’s answer would be different—because this child was Roland. As the child with the best swordsmanship, he was indeed worthy. His gaze was extremely determined and one could tell that it was a gaze that had been trained through long periods of hardship.

“I wish to discipline all of the evil-doers!” The child’s eyes revealed resentment.

Neo was stunned for a moment, and then he started secretly laughing bitterly inside his heart. This answer is one that Judgment would have wanted to hear… Why am I the one hearing it?

He thought for a moment, and questioned, “Then, what are you willing to lay down your life for?”

Every word of Roland’s resounded as he said, “For the sake of disciplining all evil-doers, I would be prepared to do whatever it took, even if it meant I must lay down my life!”

Child, you really have chosen wrongly. You should have gone to compete with Lesus, and given Judgment a few more options. Neo could only continue forcing himself to smile.

“Hey, have you decided who to pick?”

Neo turned around to face Judgment as the man approached him with small footsteps. “I’m not sure,” he replied a little helplessly.

“Tomorrow is the selection and you still aren’t sure?” Judgment asked, surprised.

Neo remained silent for a moment, and then asked in reply, “Judgment, have you asked your young Judgment Knight as to why he wanted to become the Judgment Knight?”

Judgment nodded his head. “Of course. The reputation of the Judgment Knight has never been very good, and in each generation there are only a handful of good candidates. But Lesus’ swordsmanship is good, and his moral conduct is also good. No matter what he does he shows great promise, so I was also very curious as to why he wanted to become the Judgment Knight.”

“Wait a moment!” Hearing that, Neo became more curious about other matters and couldn’t help but ask, “Since you say that, why did you want to become the Judgment Knight in the first place?”

Judgment laughed. “You’ve known me for almost twenty years already, and you’re only asking that question now? Isn’t it a little too late for that? How about we make a trade with our answers, why did you want to become the Sun Knight?”

“I…” Neo looked blank as he replied, “I’ve forgotten.”

“That’s really typical of you…”

“I really forgot! And there’s really no need for a reason, is there?” Neo said impatiently. “Which twelve-year-old child doesn’t want to become the Sun Knight?”

“That’s true. The Sun Knight is glorious and impressive, not like the Judgment Knight who will be scorned everywhere he goes.”

Hearing that, Neo was silent for a while. At last he asked, “Do you regret it?”

“No! I will never regret it.”

Judgment turned around and stared at Sun directly as he elaborated. “My father was a drunkard. If it were just the drinking, then it wouldn’t have mattered. But whenever he was drunk, he would want to hit people. First, he beat my mother to death, pushed her into a river, and then claiming that she had drowned. Although I saw it from the beginning to the end, I was only eight years old, and nobody believed me. Afterwards, he lost control again and beat my three-year-old little sister to death. I was twelve at that time, but I didn’t say another word about my father’s crimes. I just walked to the Judgment Knight Selection, and then got chosen as the young Judgment Knight. After that I told my teacher about the matter, and let him judge my father.”

Neo was speechless. He had been colleagues with Judgment for twenty years, but had never known that Judgment had such a past. Was he really too obsessed in training his swordsmanship?

“As such, when I asked Lesus the question, I was already prepared in my heart to hear that there was a criminal about to enter the Judge’s complex,” Judgment calmly said. “However, contrary to my expectations, he actually refused to tell me who the sinner was. All he said was that he wanted to become the Judgment Knight, because he hoped that all of the sinners in the world would never have a chance to commit a second sin.”

“Then are you satisfied with this answer?”

Judgment gave a faint smile as he replied, “I don’t have the right to be dissatisfied, for I’m unable to think of a better answer. So, Neo, have you also asked this question?”

“Yeah!” Neo frowned and then hesitantly added, “But you and I are different. I can’t find a satisfactory answer… I…I myself don’t know what kind of answer is the correct one.”

Judgment asked, “Have you asked all of the candidates?”

“No…” Neo furrowed his brows as he said, “There’s still Grisia, but his swordsmanship…”

“Go and ask him!” Judgment said with a smile. “Even I have been able to find a satisfactory candidate amongst a bunch of bad eggs. Don’t tell me that you don’t believe that you can find your young Sun Knight?”

Neo wordlessly gazed at Grisia, who was a hideous mess from head to toe. His clothes were filthy and torn in several areas, and his face had more bruised areas than unblemished. If you were to ask which part of him looked like a Sun Knight, it would probably only be that head of golden hair that was still incomparably brilliant despite its messiness.

“You were in a fight?”

“I got beat up.” Right when Grisia spoke, he irritated the wound on the corner of his mouth. He winced for a moment but then smiled even more brilliantly as he spoke. “But that’s okay. Roland helped me hit them back!”

“You sure are worthless!” Neo rolled his eyes at him. “You have to fight your own battles!”

“Why should I?” Grisia immediately refuted vigorously. “They had ten people! Roland and I together still only make two! Two winning against ten is already very impressive!”

“Don’t you mean one winning against ten?” Without any mirth, Neo said, “With swordsmanship like yours, you can’t even handle a single person.”

Although Roland’s swordsmanship is good…could he win against ten people? A sliver of doubt flashed through Neo’s heart.

“I helped too!” Grisia protested loudly.

Nevertheless, Neo’s face was still full of disbelief.

Grisia shouted, “Even though I couldn’t help him defeat our enemies, I was able to help him block attacks. I helped him draw the enemies away, and I even found reinforcements! Had I not gone and found Lesus, even Roland wouldn’t have been able to defeat ten people!”

“You know Lesus?” Neo couldn’t help but sigh. Although this child was not strong, he actually knew all the strong people… That is a kind of talent too, right?

“I don’t know him,” Grisia replied in a firm yet boisterous tone.

“…” Neo fell silent for a bit before he reminded Grisia, “You just said you went to find Lesus.”

“Oh yeah!” Grisia said naturally. “The first time I saw that guy, I already knew he had to be a good person. All he needed was to see that Roland and I were just two people, and yet we were outnumbered by so many. No matter what the reason, he’d definitely help us out! So when I saw that Roland couldn’t win, of course I left him to find Lesus right away!”

This is also a kind of talent, the talent to be a despicable person… Neo fell silent for a while,  pretty much holding no hope when he asked his question. “Forget it. Let me ask you, why do you want to be the Sun Knight?”

Once he heard the question, both of Grisia’s eyes started shining.

“Because I want to stand in your place!”

“My place?” Neo furrowed his brow. Did he mean that he wanted the Sun Knight’s position? But this way of putting it sounded a little strange.

Grisia started gesturing excitedly, waving both hands around by his sides as he spoke. “Yup! I want your place! You have a lot of people standing on both your left and your right sides. I counted. There’s eleven! I want them to stand by my side too. It’d be like having eleven brothers. It must feel awesome!”

Neo laughed out loud. “Even if you become the Sun Knight, they won’t be the ones standing by your side. The ones who’ll be standing by your side will be the next generation of the Twelve Holy Knights.”

“Huh?” Grisia asked, looking like he didn’t fully understand. “The next generation? Are there still eleven people?”

“Of course.”

“Then that’s fine!” Grisia replied with a happy smile. “There’s still eleven! I’m fine if it’s eleven altogether, but if there’s one extra, that’d be even better. Six on the left, six on the right, how awesome would that be!”

Neo truly couldn’t say what he thought about such an answer, so he could only ask the next question. “Then what would you willingly sacrifice your life for?”

Grisia was like every other twelve year old child who had never given thought to such a question. He lowered his head, deep in thought with his eyebrows furrowed. Neo wasn’t in a hurry, so he patiently waited for Grisia to finish thinking.

Finally, Grisia smiled as he lifted his head. By chance, the noon sunlight struck his golden hair, so dazzling that Neo was almost blinded.

“For the sake of protecting… I’m willing to sacrifice my life.”

When Neo surveyed everyone present, he found that practically everyone’s gazes were focused on him. Neo smiled a little and then shouted boisterously, “I have decided that the next Sun Knight will be Grisia!”

First, everyone present fell silent. Soon after, an uproar broke out.

“Why was I chosen?”

Grisia was evidently shocked silly. Even though he walked forward, he kept glancing back out of the corner of his eye, toward a certain friend of his.


Neo looked at Roland, whose face, arms, and calves weren’t covered by his clothes, and could be seen to have next to no wounds. He then lowered his head to look at Grisia whose skin was covered in bruises. He smiled as he said, “Perhaps it was because of your beautiful blond hair!”

This was completely absurd!

The Twelve Holy Knights and one royal knight who would soon be marrying the princess went as far as gathering in the Sun Knight’s bedroom, opening the cellar, and moving out the closely packed wine hidden within. Now they were gathered in a prayer room, drinking wine. All of them drank several bottles, becoming intoxicated to the point that they could only be described as “completely wasted.”

Seeing this scene, Roland, who didn’t like to drink very much, sighed, but he also felt strangely relaxed. The absurd actions of the genuine Twelve Holy Knights practically made the fact that he was a death knight dwelling in the Church of the God of Light seem not very absurd at all in comparison.

Because no matter how absurd something was, there was nothing more absurd than the fact that the Sun Knight had a wine cellar below his bedroom.

Roland looked toward the Sun Knight who was the most absurd one there. It was a hard event to come by, but with everyone’s attempt to drink him under the table, Grisia was actually so drunk that his face was completely red and his eyes were misty.

This was way too different from what he had always imagined of the Sun Knight’s image. Why was he the Sun Knight?

Roland couldn’t help but admit that this question had bewildered him since Grisia had been chosen ten years ago. He tried recalling the past and concluded that the questions the previous Sun Knight asked him at the time must had been asked of Grisia too. Could it be that his answers were better than Roland’s?



“Why did you want to become the Sun Knight?” Roland asked, finally voicing the question that had been bothering him for many years.

“For you all, of course!”

Us? Roland looked at Grisia. He was so drunk that he was wobbling. Could it be that he was too drunk to know what he was saying? Roland furrowed his brows but couldn’t help saying, “Then what are you willing to sacrifice your life for?”

“Ah? What did you say…?”

Grisia slumped onto the table, his face full of an idiotic smile. In a loud voice, Roland repeated his question. “What are you willing to sacrifice your life for?”

Grisia looked at Roland. He looked at everyone and smiled drunkenly.

“For you all!”

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