The Legend of Sun Knight V1C7: “Don’t Underestimate Anything; Even a Shirt will Bite you if it’s Angry”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1: An Introduction to Knight Theory

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Seventh Rule of Sun Knights: “Don’t Underestimate Anything; Even a Shirt will Bite you if it’s Angry” – translated by Raylight

After coming out from Pink’s house, I pushed forth on my journey with all I had in order to conserve what little blood that remained in my body.

Moreover, although the shirt on my body is cool and suave, it’s also troublesome for this very reason. Wearing this shirt on the main streets is just like declaring that I’m a suspicious character! I bet I don’t even need to walk half a block before being noticed by the Royal Knight Militia Squad plus our own Holy Knights, and then together they would invite me to drink tea with the Judgment Knight.

Thus, I could only become a beam-walker gentleman, a specialist in walking on rafters…or in other words, the rooftops.

Luckily, it was currently nightfall, and with a dusky sky, the line of sight was limited. Otherwise, even if I walked on the rooftops I would still have to pray for the knights’ and holy knights’ eyes to be muddled by clam meat1, so that I would not be discovered.

I leapt and flew around on the rooftops swiftly, my body so lithesome it was as though I could fly. A casual jump of mine was higher than the heights of two people, and even more impressive was that my landings were as silent as a cat’s.

It made me so joyous that I wanted to let out a maniacal laugh.

Pink was indeed an undead creature that had lived for an unknown number of years. What she so casually gifted to others were in fact all incredible treasures, although the name of this shirt is just too strange. Why does it have to be called such a weird name like Dragon’s Saint Brigandine? These days, aren’t all treasures called The Sword of Atlantis or XX Goddess’s Blessings and so forth?

That being said, rather than the name “Dragon’s Saint Brigandine”, the fact that this shirt has to suck blood in order to work is even more abnormal. Where do the huge amounts of blood it sucks go?

Although I suspect that this shirt may be an undead creature of some sort, my blood is probably the most holy thing in the world. Don’t talk about sucking 300cc of my blood; even 1cc would make it reveal its true form… But then again, maybe its true form is precisely a shirt?

Your servant is indeed a shirt.


I stopped in my tracks and looked left and right. Apart from me, the only thing above the roof was the star-filled sky. So who said that sentence just now? Perhaps I have started having delusions, triggered by the excessive blood loss?

Your servant has not sucked your blood yet. The due blood will be paid after my lord’s transformation is terminated.

“Ohhhh… So it’s like that!” I nodded my head, indicating that I understood. “It is rather considerate this way, since people wear the shirt for the sake of battle. If they are dizzy and thus not steady on their legs due to the lack of blood, they would definitely lose miserably.”

My lord, you flatter me.

“No, no. What I said was the truth; this is really… quite… considerate…”

The more I said, the slower I spoke and the wider my eyes became. After a series of glances to the left and right, I can guarantee that the only thing around me that could speak was—!

Then what the hell is talking to me? Moreover, it’s even very polite!

Your servant is Dragon’s Saint Brigandine.

“You are the pitch-black shirt that is on my body?” I stiffly lowered my head, looking at the cool, suave, black shirt covered with silvery light armor, and asked with a hint of suspicion, “Prove it?”

How, may I ask, does my lord want me to prove it?

“What’s with ‘My lord’ and ‘Your servant’? This form of addressing others sure is strange.” I shook my head, and said in an offhand manner, “Then just randomly move around a bit!”

As you command.

I had just heard the word “wish” when my body instantly felt weird. Why is there a… feeling of tightness?

Flustered, I lowered my head and helplessly watched my waist becoming thinner and thinner…As I stared dumbfounded and wide-eyed at my almost-twenty-five inch waist, a sense of suffocation came from my chest. I hurriedly shouted, “Stop, stop, stop! I’m about to be strangled to death! I believe that you are the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, so hurry up and stop!”

As you command.

I was a little touched to see my waist expand back to a normal male’s waistline of thirty inches once more.

“How the times have changed!” I sighed with deep lament.

In the past it was only precious swords or gemstones that could talk. Now in this age, even clothes could open their mouths to speak!

Next time, before buying clothes, I need to test first for whether it can talk. If I didn’t and they started a “Clothes Meeting” in my room, I definitely couldn’t help it but burn all my talking clothes. Then, only after burning them would I remember that they were bought with my money… In the end, I would die an ungraceful death—of heartache.

Your servant is very sorry. Your servant will not open its mouth to speak at will in the future.

Such an obedient and clever shirt! I couldn’t help but ask, “Since you’re so obedient, can you not suck my blood when my transformation is terminated?”

Your servant- your servant cannot obey this order…

As expected, it’s still out of the question. I let out a sigh. Forget it. After this time, I probably won’t use it again anyway, so letting it suck 300cc of blood shouldn’t be a problem.

My lord, there’s movement ahead of you to the left, about a hundred meters away.

What? I was extremely shocked, but what shocked me wasn’t the movement ahead, but the fact that this Dragon’s Saint Brigandine actually has an “auto radar” function! My 300cc of blood certainly was not wasted!

I went in the direction that the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine said for a short distance and found out that the aforementioned movement was actually from our own people. This place was a small square on the avenue leading to the palace. However, it was still quite a distance from the palace and about twenty holy knights had gathered there. Judging from the flame design on their chests, they were from the Blaze Knight Platoon2. Furthermore, their leader, the Knight-Captain Blaze, was also here.

Seeing the situation, I promptly laid down flat on the rooftop so as to avoid being spotted by the keen-eyed holy knights. It would be disastrous if I were mistaken for the enemy.

However, I felt doubtful. It shouldn’t be the Blaze Knight Platoon’s turn to be on patrol this month… If I remember correctly, this month should be the Judgment Knight Platoon’s turn. Every time the Judgment Knight Platoon was on patrol, the public order within the city would be especially good for that month. Forget fighting on the streets, even quarreling couples would only dare to argue softly behind closed doors.

For the whole of this month, the only major event that occurred was the “Death Knight” wreaking havoc. The only reason that the “Death Knight” could actually create a mess for this long and still not be easily disposed of by the Judgment Knight Platoon was that everyone had a tacit understanding that undead creatures should be handed over to me, Sun, to handle.

My doubts didn’t last for long, for there was something that was even more shocking. The opponent that the Blaze Knight Platoon was facing was actually—the Death Knight!

It can’t be wrong, for it was this discolored fellow who cut me with his sword. Just before he left he even said that he would come back to find me, which nearly made me lose enough blood to go see the God of Light.

However, why did this fellow look like he had changed somewhat?

I furrowed my brows, looking at him up and down. It seems like… He’s a bit darker than last time? Could this dead guy resent that his skin was too pale, and so he specially went to sunbathe?

“Ha! I finally found you.”

Blaze’s cold laughter pulled back my attention. I simply couldn’t imagine that guy Blaze could actually laugh coldly. Wasn’t he always very brazen, and his movements as boorish as a gorilla? His way of laughing was supposed to be either loud or maniacal.

Could it be that Blaze is also a guy whose outer appearance doesn’t match his personality on the inside?

I had even thought that amongst the twelve Knight-Captains, he was the one whose reputation matched reality the most. After all, I became familiar with the future six knight-captains of the “good, warm-hearted” faction when I started learning the ways of the Sun Knight at the age of ten. In fact, we were all really clear on what each of us were like when we just started.

Storm was actually a very shy child when he was young. It was rumored that it took his teacher three years just to teach him how to throw flirtatious winks at women without blushing.

Leaf has always been a kind-hearted and well-behaved darling child. After going through the teaching on how to be a nice person, I estimate that in this world, there are few people who can be nicer than him.

That guy, Earth, is in fact very rebellious and doesn’t like to follow the rules. I don’t even know how much effort his teacher spent just to make him at the very least learn how to look honest and trustworthy on the surface.

For Blaze, he was like a wild monkey ever since he was young, and required practically no training on the type of personality that the Knight-Captain Blaze should display.

As for the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction of the Twelve Holy Knights, we became acquainted with each other at around eleven or twelve years old. At that time, everyone had already undergone three years of damage… *Cough* I mean, learning.

Thus, I’m not too sure about the original personalities of the six knight-captains from the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. I only heard more or less about them from Judgment Knight.

“You’re the piece of trash who hurt Sun and even incriminated him! You nearly caused me to accidentally kill him!” Blaze pulled his hand back and drew out the two-handed broadsword that he was carrying on his back. Both of his eyes were red with anger, and it seemed as though even his hair was standing up on end.

Hearing that, I was stunned for a while. So Blaze was angry because of what happened to me? That explains why his behavior was abnormal! This couldn’t be helped though, for Blaze had particularly idolized me ever since we were young. Even now, I still don’t understand why he would idolize me that much. Perhaps it was because his teacher had instilled too much of this kind of thinking into his mind.

“I…am not…TRASH!”

The Death Knight growled in a husky voice. The dark aura surrounding him suddenly swelled up and the sword in his hand looked even more ferocious. Needless to say, the blade was sharp enough to make mincemeat out of people, and the whole hilt of the sword resembled the warped shape of a human in pain.

This situation doesn’t look good…Blaze has most likely stepped onto the Death Knight’s sore spot and made him go berserk.

I started to become vexed with myself. How could I have forgotten to ask Pink whether the Death Knight’s sword was her item, and whether or not it had any special abilities or whatnot?

What was even worse was that Blaze’s fighting ability was not as good as Ice’s, so he definitely couldn’t beat the Death Knight.

Luckily, Blaze wasn’t dumb enough to fight one-on-one with the Death Knight. With only a wave of his hand, Blaze signaled the well-trained knight platoon to surround the Death Knight in groups. Two of them walked into the ring and, along with Blaze, formed a triangle surrounding the Death Knight right in the center.

Good job! I applauded secretly in my heart. Firstly, the ring prevented the Death Knight from running away when he was losing the battle like last time. At the same time, it served the purpose of protecting the spectators, although none of them were on the square. Most likely, the crowd had already been dispersed by Blaze. However, there were quite a number of civilian houses nearby. To the Death Knight, these civilian houses were no more than paper models. It would be terrible if he were to break the walls and seize the civilians inside as hostages.

Although I praised Blaze’s way of handling things, the Death Knight seemed to be even more enraged by this action. The flames in his eyes shook chaotically as he growled. “Shameless, you’re shameless! You are not fit to be a holy knight!”

Hearing that, I frowned. Inside my heart, I thought, Does this Death Knight have a connection to us holy knights?

For most people, if they saw behavior that did not conform to justice and morality they would say that it was behavior unbecoming of a “knight”. They probably wouldn’t specifically point out that this behavior was unbecoming of a “holy knight”. This is because, except for the difference in where their loyalty lies, there is basically no difference in the guidelines of how a knight and a holy knight should behave. It can be said that a holy knight is only just one of the branches of a knight.

Blaze had a naturally explosive personality, and after being scolded by the Death Knight, was unwilling to be outdone. Immediately, he retorted with a roar. “You are the one who is not fit to be a corpse; corpses should keep their mouth shut for good! Charge!” The last line was an order to the two members of the Blaze Knight Platoon.

Once his command was given, Blaze himself charged in front to fight with the Death Knight. The two members of the knight platoon from the back seemed to be used to their captain’s reckless actions, for they reduced the size of the encirclement straight away, and at the same time supported Blaze in battle.

Although it looked as though they were at a disadvantage even with three people besieging a Death Knight, I wasn’t very worried. Even if Blaze and two members of the knight platoon couldn’t defeat this guy, there were still twenty members of the holy knights platoon on the sidelines.

I refuse to believe that a mere Death Knight can be victorious against all these people! After all, the holy knights who are chosen to follow alongside the twelve Knight-Captains are all elites from the Holy Temple.

In the short time while I was thinking, Blaze had already called up two other holy knights. With Blaze at the core, the five people battled with the Death Knight with perfect coordination among them.

Seeing the situation, I was even more at ease. Though Blaze was in a fit of anger, he obviously had not lost his cool. As usual, he had handled this with the best approach, which was not to charge in impatiently, but to engage the Death Knight in a meticulous battle of attrition and to subdue him slowly.

“Shameless, shameless, shameless!”

The Death Knight seemed to stutter suddenly, as he repeatedly chanted this phrase non-stop. At the same time, he seemed to become even darker…

No! It’s the dark aura surrounding him that’s becoming heavier.

Looking at Blaze, I noticed that he didn’t seem to have realized that something was amiss about the Death Knight. Most likely, this subtle change in the dark aura was something that only I, the Sun Knight who has a one hundred percent holy attribute, can feel. What bad luck! I have to find a way to warn Blaze.

Thinking it over, I thought that it was better to just join the battle directly. At most, I could run away without taking any responsibility after that.

Just as I’m going to draw out my Divine Sun Sword… Where would I get my Divine Sun Sword! I looked all over my body, and my physique was really not bad…*Cough!* In short, I was wearing a leotard on my body, so I couldn’t see any place that could hide weapons.

Jump into the battle unarmed? Blaze might just think that I was in the way, and tell me to scram to the side and drink milk.

My lord, your servant can provide weapons.

“Really?” I extended my hand happily. “Then give me one, quick!”

My lord, your servant has an obligation to remind you that the weapon must be exchanged for 200cc of blood.

“Are you a black market merchant? You would need to suck my blood just to get me a weapon?” I asked in shock, “That’s right! You’re a shirt! Grr… How abominable! You ‘black shirt’!”

My lord, your servant is indeed a black shirt.

I was so angry that was grinding my teeth. However, upon lowering my head, I saw that although the Death Knight was being besieged and the wounds on his body had increased quite a bit, the dark aura around him was as thick as ink. Even Blaze had realized that something was wrong. His expression showed doubt and anxiety, but it seemed like he had no intention of retreating.

You big gorilla, where did all my usual warnings go? Didn’t I say that it was better to retreat than to stubbornly force yourself?

Having no choice, I could only roar at the shirt, “Hurry and give me the weapon!”

As you command.

Just as the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine finished its reply, my waist suddenly felt a little itchy. My hand went to touch it, and sure enough, I felt a sword. I drew out the sword in one go…

“F***! What is this? A letter-opener?”

My lord, this is the Sword Breaker.

“Breaker? What the hell?”

I stared in disbelief at the sword in my hand…No! It was a dagger. This small item was only about as long as the length from my elbow to my fingertip, of which about one third was the hilt, like a child’s toy. What was probably stranger was that this dagger had ample thickness and looked extremely solid. The back of the dagger was serrated.

The Sword Breaker, short and small, can be used to assassinate. In the event that the assassination has failed, the serrations on the back of the knife can be used to break the opponent’s sword before escaping.

“Sounds like it is pretty good… But, it’s not like I want to assassinate anyone!” I rolled my eyes.

Even if I wanted to assassinate him, the Death Knight is not going to die from one stab of a short sword, okay? Besides, the sword in the Death Knight’s hand might not even break after hitting it with an iron hammer.

“Do you have an ordinary sword? Even a dao will do!”

My lord, your servant is an assassin’s gear and has no weapons used by warriors.

“These days, even a shirt talks about specialization…” Sighing, I lowered my head to look at the dagger in my hands. Use this to fight the Death Knight? I simply wanted to cry as I asked, “Do you have any other weapons?”

Yes, darts require 100cc of blood; grappling claws requires 150cc of blood…

“…Pretend I didn’t ask.”


I sighed as I reconsidered my strategy. Rather than holding a dagger and joining the battle, perhaps it would be better if I reverted back to my form as the Sun Knight, and then go down and use my blood with its holy attribute and my adept holy magic to help Blaze.

In any case, I probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish my original goal today. I couldn’t possibly leave Blaze here to go capture the third son of Baron Gerland.

Just as I was about to jump down from the roof to find a dark spot to revert back to my original form, the situation changed for the worse. I felt that the dark aura surrounding the Death Knight was no longer ball-shaped, but like a vortex. The Death Knight was the center of the vortex, continuously absorbing into his body the dark aura from not only the surrounding area, but even the entire city.

I abruptly turned back and without thinking, I stabbed my left palm with the Sword Breaker, staining it with my blood. I jumped off the roof and dashed towards the Death Knight, while casting “Wings of God” and “Light Shield” on myself. There was only one thought in my mind.

I can’t let him become a Death Lord!

At this moment, the dark aura on the small square was already thick enough to make those with weak willpower raise their sword and commit suicide. Even those with strong willpower, such as the twenty plus holy knights, were pale-faced and shaky. Only Blaze still managed to maintain his normal state, albeit with some difficulty.

“Shameless!” The Death Knight absorbed the dark aura as he walked towards Blaze. The flames in his eyes had already turned from a discolored red to a grayish-black. When he becomes a true Death Lord, they would be pure black.

“Knight, Knight-Captain Blaze…” As the twenty plus holy knights saw that the Death Knight was walking towards their own captain, they strenuously moved their legs, trying to move forward to the rescue.

“Go! All of you staying here will do no good, hurry up and go inform the Holy Temple.” Blaze roared fiercely to the holy knights.

“No way! Knight-Captain Blaze, you should go first!” The holy knights shouted in succession.

“Not a…single one of you…can leave! Shameless people!”

The dark aura surrounding the Death Knight abruptly turned from a vortex to a ball-shape again, and then the ball of dark aura rapidly expanded outwards. In the end, it was like a giant layer of eggshell, enclosing the small square tightly.

Even if it would delay him from becoming a Death Lord, he still intended to annihilate this platoon of holy knights.

His first target was the leader of the platoon, the Blaze Knight.

Blaze lifted his two-handed broadsword. Originally, the sword was ablaze with purifying flame, but now it was flickering like a candle’s flame in the dark aura that was covering the sky and earth, with the danger of extinguishing anytime.

Dealing with undead creatures has never been Blaze’s specialty; his purifying flame is a spirit’s natural enemy. Though spirits and undead creatures sound quite similar, they are actually not the same thing. The biggest distinction would be that spirits have no physical bodies, but undead creatures at least have mortal flesh.

The effect of purifying flame on spirits was as strong as “when the fire comes, spirits are gone”. However, once there is flesh separating them, the flame becomes a lot less effective. Thus, although undead creatures also loathe the flame, they do not fear it as much as spirits.

Dealing with undead creatures has always been the Sun Knight’s area of expertise!

I held the dagger, and stealthily sneaked near the two people held in a stalemate…

“Who is it?” The Death Knight coldly threw a look in my direction.

Damn it! I had originally wanted to launch a sneak attack, but the holy aura on my body was out of place in this ball of dark aura. To the Death Knight, I probably was as noticeable as a torch in the dark night.

Without saying another word, I quickly started attacking the Death Knight. Conveniently, this action also clearly indicated to Blaze and the others that I was on their side.

The Death Knight didn’t seem to take me seriously, but I forgive him for that. Even I myself would be unable to take a guy who held a dagger and chose to charge directly head-on against people instead of assassinating them with it seriously.

When I made my first attack on the Death Knight, he was still in a half-dazed state.

Bastard, you’re still not taking me seriously! Did you think I wanted to confront you head-on with a dagger? It’s just that as the Sun Knight with a completely holy attribute, I’m probably brighter than the sun in the sky to a Death Knight like you! It’s completely impossible for me to assassinate you, so do I have any choice other than holding the dagger and ‘assassinating in the open’?

When my first blow sliced across the Death Knight’s chest, the front of his chest immediately let out a sizzling sound, like that of fish being fried. He also growled multiple times in pain, and then brandished his sword to block my second attack.

The Death Knight looked at me, saying, “As expected, it’s you.”

He recognized that I’m the Sun Knight already, damn it all! I don’t want to be discovered by Blaze and the holy knights behind him that as a dignified Sun Knight, I actually run around wearing all black and dyed my hair a weird black color with silver streaks. What’s even worse was that I stupidly discarded the Divine Sun Sword along with my common sense, and instead chose to confront him head-on with a dagger meant for assassination.

I can’t possibly clarify myself by saying, “I plead innocence! I was originally going to conduct a kidnapping, so I only brought along a dagger and went on my way.”


As the Death Knight started to call me, I immediately roared, interrupting him in the middle. “That’s right, it’s me! I am the hunter that specializes in hunting Death Knights, renowned in the northern part of the mainland, and is also famous in the southern part of the mainland! I’m Su… Supreme Dragon!3

“Supreme Dragon?” Blaze remained speechless for a while, before turning around to ask the holy knights by his side, “Do you know Supreme Dragon?”

The twenty or so holy knights by his side simultaneously shook their heads in tacit agreement.

“Supreme Dragon…?” The Death Knight seemed to be stunned by my title, and sounding more than a little confused, he said, “Aren’t you…Sun…”

I hurriedly burst into a wild roar, “Prepare to die! Death Knight, now that you’ve met me, the Death Knight killer, you’re dead meat!”

“But then again, it can be said that the Death Knight has long since been dead, right?” Blaze muttered at one side. “Moreover, are there really that many Death Knights to hunt on the mainland?”

“Death Knight, let us have a quick battle to determine the winner,” I told the Death Knight coldly. I was fearful of staying in this place too long, for my identity as a Sun Knight could be discovered easily, and I sure don’t want the reputation that I leave to the future generation to be “The Sun Knight with a costume fetish”.

Nonetheless, my own reputation doesn’t matter, but if my teacher with the title of “The Strongest Sun Knight” finds out that he actually raised “The Sun Knight with a costume fetish”, then I reckon that there will be another piece of scandal that the Church of the God of Light would have to cover up.

“Shocking news! Ex-Sun Knight kills Sun Knight!” is not the headline news that the Church would want to see.

I don’t know if it was my misperception, but after the Death Knight across from me heard that I wanted to have a swift, decisive battle, he seemed to be a bit hesitant. However, after he glanced at Blaze and the others, he coldly replied, “Just what I wanted myself.”

I felt that his reaction was extremely strange. Generally speaking, once a Death Knight meets the object of his obsession, he should become so agitated that he’ll lose all reason… At least, my “Basic Knowledge of Undead Creatures” textbook says so.

But the Death Knight was not sloppy at all. After he finished speaking, he immediately launched his assault. Without any trouble, I threw a Light Ball, which was the most elementary magic. Other than providing illumination, it doesn’t do any actual damage. However, with the sudden illumination in the night, this move was enough to block the light-hating Death Knight once.

As expected, he was blinded by this Light Ball for a while and even had to use his arm to block the light. Under the “Wings of God” spell and the Dragon’s Saint Brigandine’s twofold speed enhancement, I took this opportunity and instantly dashed right in front of the Death Knight. This speed was really astonishing; I reckon that even strong people like Judgment Knight would be at a disadvantage against this maneuver.

Sure enough, this kind of speed caught the Death Knight off guard. Although he could still feel the holy aura on my body even without relying on his eyes, he could only get a rough idea of my position this way and was unable to accurately determine my movements. My left hand first feigned a strike to his chest, and then when his defense was diverted to his chest, I lowered my body and immediately stabbed at his knee with the Sword Breaker in my right hand.

My line of thought was that since the opponent was a Death Knight, even if I really jabbed at his chest, at most it would just carve a hole in his chest. To normal people, this could be a fatal wound. However, the Death Knight was already dead to the extent that it couldn’t die again. As for having one more hole in his chest, perhaps he would just enjoy the improved ventilation!

On the other hand, if I attacked the knee, the damage at the knee joint could reliably affect the Death Knight’s subsequent battle movements. Then, even if I couldn’t defeat him and wanted to escape, I wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not Blaze and the others would be finished off by the Death Knight.

After a painful roar from the Death Knight, his vision had also already recovered. However, I was fully prepared mentally. Shutting my eyes, I released another Light Ball and retreated. Finally, I used my Spell of Grease to fill the area between the Death Knight and myself with a layer of grease.


The Death Knight probably didn’t think that there was someone who would use the same move twice. Moreover, this time the Light Ball even exploded right in front of his eyes. One could tell just by looking at the way he is howling that his eyes really hurt!

This is extremely thrilling! My heart is still beating non-stop. It can be said that this plan was thought up on the spot when I was moving just now and had realized that my speed was so fast. If I had used this move in a situation where either my movement speed or my spell casting speed wasn’t quick enough, I definitely would have been finished off immediately by the Death Knight while I was still closing my eyes!

“This guy wearing the black shirt sure is despicable,” Blaze commented. Blaze was standing at one side and bad-mouthing me… I’d let it pass, but to actually say it loud enough for me to hear? You’re done for!

One of the holy knights suddenly voiced out, “I understand now! So Supreme Dragon is…”

Uh oh! Could they have discovered that I am the Sun Knight?

The holy knights said in unison, “A Ma-gi-cal As-sas-sin!”

I nearly slipped and fell. Last time I was a swordmage, and this time I’ve become a magical assassin?

Bastards! I’m just a holy knight wearing an assassin’s gear and using magic, alright?! I don’t have that kind of strange occupation where I learn magic and become an assassin… Speaking of which, is there really an occupation such as magical assassin?

Shit! My attention was diverted by Blaze and the others, and as a result the Death Knight was actually already charging towards me. I tried to get away, but the surrounding dark aura that was used to prevent Blaze and the others from escaping suddenly engulfed me. The Death Knight’s speed was so fast that I was completely unable to react in time, and the holy light that didn’t require an incantation was also unable to break through the dark aura around me.

Watching helplessly, I was soon going to be divided into eight little pieces by the furious Death Knight. At this moment, the only move that could save my life flashed in my mind. The surrounding dark aura was so thick that if I used that spell, I probably wouldn’t even need to recite the incantation…

“Bone Prison!”

A simple and crude wall constructed from bones appeared between the Death Knight and me.

I used it! AHHHHHH!! I used the necromancy that Pink taught me!

My god, I have become a necromancer! This won’t do! As a Sun Knight, I absolutely can’t use this kind of evil magic…


The Death Knight swung his sword twice, and the prison was on the verge of collapse. In a moment, the third swing was going to chop the bone prison into a pile of broken pieces.

“Bone Prison! Bone Prison! Bone Prison!” I built up three walls in one breath.

“Wrong!” Blaze roared in alarm, “That Supreme Dragon is…”

Shit! Blaze has indeed proved himself to be from the same “good, warm-hearted” faction as me! I’m afraid he has already recognized that I am Sun from my movements…

“Is a necromantic assassin!”


I suddenly had a feeling of abandoning myself to despair. As it happens, the Death Knight’s continuous assault has pretty much destroyed most of the three bone prisons. I was at a loss as to how to escape, and simply seized the opportunity when the Death Knight was still hacking at the bone prison to recite an incantation. I then threw him an enhanced version of holy light. The dense holy light not only forced back the surrounding dark aura, but also forced the Death Knight to retreat more than ten steps.

This time, they really ought to know that I’m not some magical assassin or necromantic assassin!

“They’re all wrong!” Blaze and all the rest of the holy knights spoke unanimously, “So Supreme Dragon is actually a Holy…”

Hohoho! At long last, I got discovered! Although they might not be able to guess that I’m the Sun Knight, but they would at least know that I’m a holy knight, right? I felt a bit relieved.

“Holy assassin!”


I stared expressionless at the scene in which even the Death Knight couldn’t stop himself from laughing out. What a miracle from the God of Light! Our holy knights actually managed to make the vengeful Death Knight laugh.

I roared at the bunch of idiots, “Holy assassin my ass! Is it even possible that apart from knights, the God of Light would also raise up assassins? Bastards! I am your Sun Knight!”

Unfortunately, the sentence above is purely the cry of my heart. Unless I want my teacher to personally send me to the God of Light for re-education, I can only imagine it in my head.

“Alright, we have been watching for too long. Although I don’t know who that guy in the black shirt is, but he doesn’t seem to be an enemy. Let’s go and defeat the Death Knight together.” Blaze turned around to shout to the twenty or so holy knights.

“Okay!” The holy knights shouted excitedly in high spirits.

I nodded my head. With Blaze and me, as well as the addition of these holy knights, I believe we should be able to capture or kill this Death Knight.

At this moment, the Death Knight abruptly shifted the dark aura to separate us from Blaze and the others, successfully isolating the two of us.

This is bad! I was just about to call up another bone prison, and then recite an incantation to release large amounts of holy light to expel all of the dark aura when the Death Knight suddenly spoke.

“Grisia, you have become stronger, good.”

Hearing my own name, I suddenly froze. Although my name isn’t a secret, far too few people call me by this name. Perhaps this Death Knight is an acquaintance of mine?

“Grisia, if you aren’t chosen as the Sun Knight, being a priest wouldn’t be too bad either! Then you’d be able to help heal my injuries in the future.”

The Death Knight said mildly something that didn’t match the current situation at all.

However, I couldn’t be more familiar with these words… And I was very astonished. Only now did I finally look at the Death Knight’s face carefully. Though the Death Knight’s facial color was mostly grayish-white, and his eyeballs flame-shaped, but that serious expression and that pursed up tight lip was ever so familiar. I finally confirmed who he was… Or I should say, who he had been when he was alive.

“Roland? You are Roland?!” I shouted, extremely agitated. How could it be Roland?

Roland, that brown-haired young knight whose swordsmanship was estimated to be three times better than mine, who had contested me for the position of Sun Knight…

But now he had become a Death Knight.

“You still remember me.” Roland revealed a gratified smile.

That smile made me even more certain that he was Roland. I still wanted to ask him how he became a Death Knight when a loud noise came from the surroundings.

“Judgment! Quick, over here…”

Roland had also noticed it. He turned around, wanting to flee. However, he turned his head to look at me in hesitation, obviously fearful of me.

I was suddenly at a loss for what to do. My heart cried with my all might, Hinder him! With my own ability, even if I couldn’t win against him, hindering him should be an easy task.

Also, Knight-Captain Judgment was very strong. With the addition of the whole platoon of holy knights that he was bound to bring, as well as Blaze and his Blaze Knight Platoon, even if I don’t intervene, they would definitely still be able to kill the Death Knight. I am the Sun Knight, and regardless of who the Death Knight in front of my eyes might be, he is still my enemy.

At this time, the figures of Judgment Knight and the others were already visible.

Unable to stay any longer, Roland turned and fled.

I stood blankly for a few seconds, watching his figure recede as he ran. Then I too turned to escape, to prevent myself from being captured by Judgment.

I am the Sun Knight, but I am also still Grisia. If I must uphold the principles of the Sun Knight and exterminate this Death Knight, then I can at least choose the method of extermination.

Roland, I swear I will find your murderer and avenge you.

[Sun Knight Volume 1 Chapter 7 End]


1 Eyes muddled by clam meat: A Taiwanese proverb “眼睛被蛤蜊肉糊到”, which is considered to be vulgar. It means that a man is infatuated with a woman’s female charms and so he ignores the existence of everything around him.

2 Platoon: A military unit typically composed of two to four sections or squads and containing 16 to 50 soldiers. (For more information, see:

3 Supreme Dragon: Sun is pronounced Tai Yang in Chinese. In this scene, the Death Knight actually said “Tai” as the first word of Sun’s name, and Sun named himself as Tai (Greatest/Extreme) Long (Dragon). We’ve changed the name into an English equivalent for consistency.

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