The Legend of Sun Knight V1C6: “Build your Social Network! Maintain good relationships with others, even if it’s a corpse”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1: An Introduction to Knight Theory

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Sixth Rule of Sun Knights: “Build your Social Network! Maintain good relationships with others, even if it’s a corpse” – translated by Eilinel

“Sun should be safe and sound, right? His recovering ability is so strong…”

“You didn’t see his face when he fainted; he looked like a dead man.”

How rude, who did you say looked dead?! Originally, I wanted to roll over to face the other side of the bed, but my body felt too heavy. Never mind then, I will just continue sleeping.

“Your Holiness the Pope, Sun’s condition wouldn’t happen to be serious? That can’t be, right?”

“He hasn’t moved for two days…”

So I haven’t been moved for two days already? No wonder my butt is aching slightly; can’t someone come and help me change my body position? What if I get bedsores?

The Sun Knight getting bedsores… What if this leaks out to the public!?

I squirmed in my bed with all my might as I fearfully imagined my hideous appearance, covered in bedsores. This action consumed all the energy that I had painstakingly regained, and as a result, I fell into such a deep sleep that I couldn’t even hear the people cheering beside my bed.

“What should we do? Sun has already been unconscious for five days now. At this rate, he will continue to weaken and die…”

“Get out!”


“I said, everyone get out!”

After that, there was a loud quarrel, roars of anger, and sounds of people arguing. All in all, it was noisy as hell!

Don’t you realize that there is a heavily injured person here? Can’t all of you be quieter?!

I turned my body resentfully, blocking all the noise behind me with my butt, and then continued to sleep in peace…

“Sun, wake up!”

I slinked my head back under my blanket, and resumed sleeping.

“Grisia Sun, you get yourself up from that bed right now!”

I froze abruptly …Grisia?

Ah! It had been so long since I last heard it that I had almost forgotten that my name is Grisia.

From the day I took up the position of Sun Knight, everyone has been calling me Sun. But in actuality, only my last name was changed to Sun when I became the Sun Knight. The Twelve Holy Knights still retain their original names; it’s just that no one will normally call us by our given names.

Therefore, I would always forget the names of the other Twelve Holy Knight-Captains. For example, I can never remember whether Knight-Captain Leaf’s name was Elmairy or Strawberry…

To call me by my full name, it seemed like Lesus Judgment was very angry indeed. Looks like if I still refuse to wake up, I might never be able to wake up again…

I opened one of my eyes very reluctantly, and spoke my first sentence in five days in a hoarse voice, “Would it kill you to let me sleep for a moment longer?”


The cold expression on Judgment’s face finally broke. The corner of his mouth turned up into a smile, and he shook his head and laughed, with a “what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you” kind of expression. He brought over a bowl of fish porridge, its sweet aroma permeating in all directions. It even had my favorite spice, a huge heap of cilantro, sprinkled on top of it!


I leaped up from my bed like a spring in response, and with a ravenous expression minus the drooling mouth, I held out my hands to take the bowl full of savory porridge…

However, Judgment moved the bowl out of my reach in a flash, just as I was about to grab it.

“Lesus Judgment!” I called Knight-Captain Judgment by his full name in a grieving tone.

Lesus passed the bowl to me while speaking slowly and deliberately, “Remember to eat slowly. You only had sugar water to drink over the last five days, so a stomachache would be the least of your worries if you eat too quickly.”

I took the bowl and started to eat the porridge in small mouthfuls with a suffering expression.

“Truthfully, you should be eating something even blander than this. I shouldn’t have added the cilantro.” Judgment looked at my bowl with furrowed brows and let out a barely audible sigh. “But if I didn’t add them, you would definitely refuse to eat the tasteless porridge.”

Judgment knows me best—what kind of person would want to eat plain porridge!

Judgment sat down at the side of my bed. While I was eating my porridge, he took out some documents and started to make revisions. He certainly is a person who doesn’t waste any time.

My hunger and thirst from the past five days was finally satiated after I set down my bowl in contentment and had voraciously drunk a whole bottle of water.

When Judgment saw that I had eaten and drunk to my heart’s content, he finally put away the documents in his hands and raised his head to look at me.

Although Judgment didn’t say a word, I understood that he wanted me to explain the entire situation. So, I immediately began describing what happened, starting from the time I went to look for Pink.

The fact that I was in league with a necromancer—Psh! It wasn’t “in league with”, it should be “in contact with”—was theoretically top secret, but Judgment was my best friend after all. I had never kept a secret from him before. Therefore, it was natural for him to know about the existence of Pink, the necromancer who was specially commissioned by the Church.

After Judgment heard everything, he fell deep into thought even as I tried hard to prop myself up on the edge of the bed with one hand while my other hand fished around beneath my bed. …I remember that I had sneaked in a big piece of dried meat under here, now where did it go? Aha! Here it is.

I was trying my best to bite off the piece of dried meat that was larger than my head while watching Judgment’s expression. Normally, he would always look cold while I would always smile. However, beneath the surface and behind closed doors where no one could see us, both of us could show any random, goofy expression. For instance, I was sticking my butt high in the air just now while looking for the dried meat under my bed.

Judgment looked up with a doubtful expression. When he saw that I was eating the dried meat, his expression changed and he snatched it away. He growled softly, “You really don’t care for your health at all.”

I revealed a victimized expression. “But I’m still hungry…”

“I will bring over another bowl of porridge in a bit,” Judgment insisted with determination. He even went as far as tucking my dried meat under his robes to stop me from eating any more.

“I inspected the sword that you had brought back.” Judgment was Judgment indeed, going straight to the point without banalities.

I tilted my head until I recalled that the sword that he was referring to was the one used by the knight that I kicked down in the little house by the execution ground.

“Oh? So did you find the owner of the sword?”

“The hilt of the sword was adorned with the Orchid Crest of the Gerland family. To inflict such a wound on your shoulder and make you choose to flee, the knight should at least be a master knight. The Gerland family only has three master knights: the third son of Baron Gerland, plus two other knights who have sworn fealty to the Gerland family.”

“Which one of them is the culprit?” I asked without the slightest hesitation. I believe that with Judgment’s ability, he would be able to discover 70% or 80% of the facts just from the sword that I had brought back.

Judgment was silent for a moment, and then he finally opened his mouth and replied, “Regarding the third son of Baron Gerland, the master whom he had sworn fealty to is the crown prince.”

I was silenced too. Then I asked with a little hope, “Are you sure it’s the third son of the baron?”

Even though I phrased my question like that, the actual question that I wanted to ask was, was it really done by the crown prince?

For a knight who honors his name more than anything else, doing something as heinous as abandoning a corpse is only possible as an order from their master. If the third son of the baron really did declare his allegiance to the crown prince, then the one who had tortured the corpse couldn’t be anyone else.

Judgment nodded. “Baron Gerland has two master knights who have sworn fealty to him. One of them was out of town, and the other knight had been patrolling the city the entire day. There were even a few knights patrolling with him who could testify.”

“The crown prince…tortured someone to death?” I had a somewhat aghast expression on my face. This doesn’t seem like something the responsible and gentle crown prince would do.

After I uttered this sentence, the whole room became quiet and the atmosphere was stifling. I thought it was because this matter related to the crown prince. If this were true, things would get problematic. Even if we did prove that it was the crown prince’s doing from the result of the investigation, could we send the only heir of the country to the gallows?

“Outside…” Judgment suddenly opened his mouth and spoke that one word before becoming silent again.

Looking at Judgment, I felt that this fellow had been acting slightly oddly today. Normally when it’s just the two of us, he relaxes his expression and wears a smile on his face. His smile, which was a bit stiff from not smiling for such a long time, compounded with his cool demeanor, would give an overall impression that was quite ridiculous looking.

But today, his face seemed taut, and when he first smiled, it looked fake. I could tell it was fake because it was the exact same smile I wear every day.

I stared at him, and he stared back at me. A weird and heavy atmosphere that had never appeared before started to form between us. Judgment’s perpetually resolute black pupils seemed to be somewhat flickering now, and I could even see his indecision from the way he knitted his brows.

“What’s the matter…?” I pulled at my shiny golden hair, then pushed Judgment roughly and said, “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t hide things from me, or I will have a falling out with you.”

Judgment hesitated at first, but under my firm gaze, all he could do was sigh as he replied, “Outside, the whole city was abuzz with the rumor that it was you who had tortured the Death Knight to death.”

When I heard this, I was so shocked that my whole body became still, while Judgment continued to speak.

“The Pope has already given an order that we don’t need to investigate the facts anymore. Now we are supposed to condemn the Death Knight with all our power, and say he is an unpardonable criminal who has committed many unforgivable crimes. When you finally caught him, he repeatedly refused to listen to your advice, so finally he was taken away by Judgment’s men and sentenced to death. He has a grudge against you because you were the one who caught him.” When Judgment spoke this sentence, his tone was calm, as though as he was speaking the truth.

But this clearly wasn’t the truth!

The fires of wrath burned in my chest. I don’t know whether I was angry because that Death Knight was being falsely accused, or  if it was because I dragged my weak body around to investigate the matter, nearly dying on the way, only to receive in the end a “no need to investigate further” decree!

Anyway, the flames of rage in my chest sprung up suddenly like a ravaging prairie fire, spreading wildly and violently burning in my chest. But the odd thing was, my limbs were feeling especially cold, and I was even breaking into a cold sweat.

“Calm down.” Judgment noticed there was something amiss with me, and patted my shoulder with concern.

I brushed aside his hand, and this action left us both stunned for a moment.

He withdrew his hand, still silent. I couldn’t control my mouth, so I pressed on with my interrogation, “You don’t believe me when I say that I didn’t kill that knight?”

Judgment was stunned, and then he raised his head to look at me. After a moment, he said, “I believe the evidence.”

When I heard this, my heart sunk.

Judgment analyzed the case carefully, “Based on the current situation, it is possible that the crown prince had killed the Death Knight, and then ordered his knights to abandon the corpse at the execution ground…”

“But, it was also possible that I did it, right?” I interrupted Judgment in a loud voice. Judgment was obviously startled, but he didn’t refute my words. I became angrier, and I couldn’t stop myself from continuing.

“In any case, the person whom the Death Knight has a grudge against is me, and I was the one who told the whole story of what had happened at the execution ground. I also brought the sword back. Who knows, maybe I made everything up. I probably thought that if I can blame the whole matter on the crown prince, no one would dare investigate whether or not the crown prince is the criminal. Is that right, Knight-Captain Judgment?”

I said the whole sentence in one breath, and I even felt out of breath when I finished. My chest heaved furiously; I don’t know whether it was because I was really tired from all the speaking or that the fire in my chest was threatening to escape.

Judgment was silent for a long, long while, and finally he only spoke a single sentence, “It is possible.”

“F*** off, you son of a b****!” I was so angry that I let out a low roar.

With a dark expression, I jumped up from the bed and opened the closet nearby. I took out my extra cloak, and looking at the Divine Sun Sword beside the closet, I debated with myself whether to bring it along with me. But in the end, I decided not to take it, since I had not yet decided exactly what I’m going to do. I just wanted to vent out my anger!

“Sun, where are you going? Your body…” Judgment stood up suddenly, his face brimming with disapproval.

“I’m going to ask Pink something!” I interrupted Judgment’s sentence, and couldn’t stop myself adding in a sarcastic way, “If you are interested, you can add ‘being in contact with a necromancer’ to my list of offenses as well.”

“You…” Judgment’s face become deathly tight, and he seemed to be quite angry indeed.

Oh no! I suddenly felt a little guilty from the bottom of my heart. I shouldn’t have said that last sentence, and now I accidentally made Judgment angry… Ah! I don’t care anymore. He is angry, but I’m even angrier!

I will go and discuss matters over with Pink first. With this idea in my mind, I decided to take action right away, and I was nearly out the door with the cloak on my arm when I remembered something important at the last moment.  I turned my head toward Judgment and said, “Oh right, don’t spread around that nonsense from the Pope. I will find out the truth.”

When I finished my sentence, Judgment went silent again. This made me feel slightly anxious, as this friend of mine would usually agree to any requests of mine no questions asked, even if they are stupid requests like helping me clear a combat mission, helping me investigate a case, or helping me punish others in the name of justice, but now he was actually being silent…This is bad! I really shouldn’t have angered him just now.

Luckily, Judgment’s tolerance was obviously much higher than I had thought. He only considered it for a moment before answering me, “I can only cover up for you for three days at most.”

“Okay, three days is enough!” I readily agreed as I put on my extra cloak and turned to leave my room.

“Shopkeeper, give me the biggest, sweetest, and pinkest strawberry lollipop in your shop!”

In a single breath, I threw out a silver ducat in exchange for a lollipop that was even bigger than my head. I instantly regretted it. Why did I try to act cool?! I lost another silver ducat from my retirement funds again!

With a remorseful heart, I once again approached Pink’s house. This time, I couldn’t tell whether she had known in advance that I was coming, or if she was just coincidentally enjoying the sun by her door. In any case, when I reached her house, she was already leaning on the doorframe, looking rigidly at the giant strawberry lollipop in my hand, her saliva dripping down almost three feet.

As she dashed towards me, I quickly held up the lollipop high over my head, so that the short little necromancer girl couldn’t reach it despite all her efforts to leap for it. Finally, she pouted and, holding her cheeks in both her hands, she crouched down on the floor and stared at me with a piteous expression.

“Did the Death Knight come back?” I asked while waving the lollipop.

Pink swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Yes.”

When I heard this, I thought, Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere.

“Is he still taking orders from you, the necromancer?” I asked.

“He had never been very obedient right from the start. All Death Knights aren’t very obedient. I told him to sweep the floor and wipe the table, but he ignored me completely.” Pink answered with a pout.

To order a Death Knight to sweep the floor and wipe the table… Alright, since even the esteemed “Sun Knight” was helping her run errands and buying her lollipops, it wasn’t too weird for her to have a Death Knight doing her cleaning.

“That reminds me, Sun, don’t go provoking him. He is very strong now; you can’t beat him in a fight.” Pink cautioned.

I gave Pink a peculiar glance. This anarchistic corpse is actually telling me to avoid the Death Knight?

Pink muttered, “If you were hacked into mincemeat by the Death Knight, then even I can’t sew you back and revive you. Then I wouldn’t have an apprentice anymore!”

When she finished speaking, she tugged at my cloak and asked anxiously, “When are you going to be my apprentice?”

“Wait until I die.”

This was not a rejection!

A number of years ago, when I was still young and naive, I came asking Pink for help just because I couldn’t complete a mission. Of course she wouldn’t help me for free, so I had already promised to give her in return a lollipop, a pretty pink frock, and a pair of corpses—a beautiful female and a handsome male—that hadn’t decayed yet…which forced me to dig in the graveyard for a total of ten days in order to find corpses that fulfilled the requirements in order to repay the debt I owed her.

In the end, I had nothing left to sell to her. I gritted my teeth, Fine! I have no choice but to sell my “afterlife.”

After that, I didn’t dare go to Pink for solutions to my problems again, afraid that I would even sell the “living me” one day.

“What is that Death Knight’s obsession?” I held the lollipop high in the air, hoping this lollipop that had cost me a silver ducat from my retirement fund would be enough to satisfy Pink.

Pink held both of her cheeks in her hands, and her eyes were looking at the lollipop, not quite willing to surrender. She said in an annoyed tone, “I don’t know! He refused to tell me.”

“Then who killed him?”

Pink looked at me oddly, and said in a matter of fact tone, “Aren’t you the one who killed him?”

“I didn’t kill him!” I was so angry now that I nearly went berserk.

“Oh, so it wasn’t you…” Pink said in a long drawn out tone and her eyes had a faraway look. It was obvious that she didn’t believe me at all.

This little girl… I gritted my teeth in frustration, but I didn’t have the courage to actually bite Pink. If I did that, I would probably die of food poisoning from tasting her rotten flesh.

Not to mention, I still have to rely on her to clear my name. Therefore, I mustered the full extent of my smiling skill and wore the purest, most innocent, and the most victimized smile on my face. I guarantee that out of the ten women who saw this smile, all ten would suddenly feel the glow of motherly love in their chest and come running over to kiss me on the cheek. …Ahem! I meant that they would feel unbounded sympathy towards me.

As expected, Pink’s eyes shone with a brilliant light and then she dashed towards me with the burning enthusiasm of a little fireball. Her arms were stretched wide as though she wanted a hug, and she…snatched away the lollipop in my hand.

I looked at my empty hand. So this little girl dashed towards me was because I had forgotten to hold the lollipop up high, so she took the chance to snatch it away from my hand!

Now that I don’t even have a lollipop anymore, how can I get help from Pink? I can’t really sell the “living me”! I couldn’t help but sit down on the ground dejectedly.

Pink was crouching beside me licking the lollipop. Luckily, she still has some conscience left, as she patted my shoulder to console me, saying, “Don’t be dejected, Sun. If you really didn’t kill the Death Knight, just find the real culprit and everything will be fine, right?”

“Easy for you to say,” I replied, rolling my eyes. “This matter involves the crown prince. I can’t just waltz in front of the third son of the baron and ask, ‘Hey! Is this whole fiasco the crown prince’s doing?’”

Pink tilted her head in thought and then said, “In that case, you can capture him and bring him here to me, and I will help you ask him free of charge.”

“…Do you think the crime of torturing someone to death is worse than the crime of colluding with a necromancer?”

Unexpectedly, Pink showed a “you are hopeless” expression on her face. She shook her head and sighed, “Stupid! Can’t you capture him while covering your face?”

Hearing her reply, I started to feel a little tempted. No matter who falls into Pink’s hands, their only option is to speak the truth. I can save myself a lot of trouble this way…

Wait a minute! The third son of Baron Gerland is a master knight whose skill is nothing to scoff at! Although I may be able to win against him in a fight with help from my holy magic and the Divine Sun Sword, winning and capturing him alive are entirely different matters!

Moreover, unless everyone in the baron’s residence is dead, they would be sure to help the baron’s third son. When that happens, I wouldn’t even know how I died!

“He is too strong and has many guards around him. I can’t capture him.” I was feeling even more dejected now.

“Nonsense! You are my chosen apprentice!” Pink pouted, and then she pulled my hand and dragged me into her house. This corpse may have looked like a little girl, but her strength was comparable to a bull. I couldn’t free myself from her grip at all, and could only let myself be dragged away.

Sob! The feeling of being dragged along by a little girl is terrible! Two-thirds of my body was scraping the ground…


After she had dragged me into the house, she slammed the door shut with one hand. Then she released my hand and started digging around in a big trunk off to the side, throwing out a pile of random items in the process. The silent “cleaning corpse” at the side dutifully started picking up the items his master had thrown around.

I watched as Pink dug around, dumbfounded, until a pair of little girl’s laced panties flew on top of my head. I finally could not hold it in anymore and opened my mouth to ask, “What exactly are you looking for?”

“Found it!” Pink shouted loudly at the exact same moment and then took out from the bottom of the trunk a badge around the size of her palm.

Once again, I stood dumbfounded as I watched Pink walking towards me with the badge in her hand. She attached the badge to my chest with a small click. I looked down to examine the badge on my chest. The base of the badge was black, and silver lines formed a simple dragon motif on it. The whole design was simple and elegant; it was quite beautiful as far as accessories went.

However, everything inside Pink’s house apart from strawberry lollipops are all dangerous to a degree, ranging from dangerous, very dangerous, extremely dangerous, to apocalypse-inducing dangerous. There definitely wasn’t an accessory here that wasn’t dangerous.

“What is this?” I asked in slight panic. After all, this badge with an unknown-level of danger was attached to my chest!


Pink used her fingernail to cut open my finger, and then she raised my hand over the badge. The blood dripped on the badge until the badge started to glow with a faint silvery light. I understood that this light meant that the badge was confirming me as its owner.

In this world, there are many items that require dripping blood on them, and some that require even more troublesome rituals, for example adding a magic spell in order to confirm one’s ownership before its true ability is revealed.

For instance, my Divine Sun Sword required an extremely complicated magic spell and a huge amount of my blood to transfer its ownership from my teacher to me. After that, only I can use the full power of the Divine Sun Sword, while others can only use it as a regular steel sword.

Plus, all these items that require ownership confirmation share the same characteristics: they are all incomparably precious, valuable, and expensive!

One might not be able to buy such an item even with a treasury full of gold ducats, and yet Pink just gave it to me like it was nothing. To say that I wasn’t touched at all would definitely be a lie.

Besides, I saw that Pink’s expression wasn’t exactly comfortable. After all, my blood, which is known to be the most holy thing in the world, is the so-called natural enemy of all creatures of the dark.

“It’s done!” Pink breathed out a sigh of relief and retracted her hand. The badge in her hand fell naturally to my lap. I picked up the badge and asked curiously, “What is this?”

Pink eyes glittered with an amused light, and then she urgently prompted me, “You yell, ‘Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, in the name of the descendants of Dragons1, I command thee, activate!’”

I was somewhat doubtful. Who was the deity that created this old-fashioned spell?

I thought about it and decided that Pink wouldn’t hurt me, or more precisely, if she wanted to hurt me, she didn’t need to do something as troublesome as this, so I repeated her words and said, “Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, in the name of the descendants of Dragons, I command thee, activate!”

As soon as I finished reciting, the badge in my hand started vibrating violently and then actually freed itself from my palm and floated in midair, while the gentle silvery glow intensified into a blinding light. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in the presence of such radiance, and I could only feel the badge attaching itself firmly to my chest. Originally, it felt only the size of a palm, but it gradually expanded more and more, until finally it covered my whole chest, and then spread over my back and limbs…

To be honest, I was really apprehensive; who knew whether or not this badge was dangerous at the apocalypse-inducing level, but the current situation was like an arrow that had already been notched to a bow. Nearly my whole body had already been covered—what else could I do at this point?

Since there was nothing that I could do, I might as well close my eyes and endure it for a moment until it passes!

“Woooow! Sun’s physique is as awesome as I had expected!” The surprised exclamation from Pink traveled to my ears.

What? I have an awesome physique? Don’t tell me I’m naked!

I quickly opened my eyes and looked down. Luckily, I didn’t see any fleshy colors. Instead, my clothing had changed into a skin-tight black leotard… No wonder Pink said my physique was very good.

This skin-tight leotard was aglow with silver light. There was silvery armor on vital spots like my chest and the lower part of my body, and even the footwear on my feet became a pair of light silver greaves as well. When I examined the light armor closely, I saw that it was in fact made of scales the size of fingernails, so that my mobility and actions were not impeded at all.

“This is high quality stuff indeed…” I couldn’t stop myself from sighing in praise, but while sighing, I realized that my voice had changed as well. Not exactly changed, per se—it was more like I was speaking in a muffled voice.

I thought that it was strange, so I touched my face, and then I realized the lower part of my face was covered with the light, scaly armor as well.

Full of curiosity, I walked in front of the only mirror in the house. I looked and saw that the man staring back at me was wearing a tight leotard, with silvery scales covering just the lower part of the face, vital points, and feet, which all glimmered with an unassuming glow. The overall appearance was extremely cool and handsome, especially when combined with the black hair streaked with silver. It could be said that this handsome look could make every woman from eight to eighty faint…Wait, Wait a minute! Black hair with silver streaks?!

I was stunned out of my mind.

“AHHHHHHH! My hair color changed! My golden blond hair! AHHHHHHHHHH! I’m going to lose my job! I can no longer be a Sun Knight! I don’t want to be reunited with the God of Light because I’m depressed from unemployment!”

The man in the mirror who could make every woman from eight to eighty faint was now cupping his cheeks and screaming at the top of his lungs.

“This noise is killing me,” Pink commented while licking her lollipop beside me.

“If you provide the badge with 300cc2 of blood you can transform once. The duration of the transformation is 3 hours, and every hour after that requires 200cc more. I suggest you keep the transformation length below 5 hours each time, or else it’d be easy for you to die from losing too much blood,” Pink explained.

Why does it sound like in order for it to work, I have to pay it a salary in blood?

“However, after a transformation, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can transform again,” Pink continued.

So this thing even needs a resting period. Isn’t working for only 5 hours a day a bit outrageous?

“When transformed, your defense is doubled, your strength is multiplied by a factor of 1.6, your jumping ability is multiplied by a factor of 1.5, and your speed is multiplied by a factor of 1.2.”

It was really a pile of troublesome numbers—why can’t it just be straightforward and double everything?

“After the power up, Sun, your strength is probably… 85% of Knight-Captain Judgment’s!”

Damn it! You didn’t need to remind me how weak my combat strength is, alright?

“But taking into account your abnormal recovering ability which is even stronger than that of an undead creature, if you can engage in a battle of attrition against Knight-Captain Judgment lasting 3 days and 3 nights, you would win for sure!”

“…Did you forget that this armor sucks blood? Forget 3 days and 3 nights; I would become a dried up corpse after just 1 day and 2 nights!”

“Oh, that’s right. I had forgotten the armor requires blood…Never mind then! I will demonstrate a few necromancy spells for you… Watch closely!”

Don’t! I’m a holy Sun Knight, if other people were to find out that I can cast necromancy spells, I would be tied to a wooden stake and burned to death!

…I learned it? Oh my god! I only saw it once and I learned it already. Ahhh! Don’t tell me that I’m not only a natural cleric and a genius mage, but also an incredibly gifted necromancer as well?

“Sun…when you became a holy knight, did you decide it by throwing dice? The God of Dice must have a vendetta against you…”

Don’t ask anymore…Sob!

I spent more than an hour in Pink’s cottage, listening to her explanation of the functions of Dragon’s Saint Brigandine, plus accidentally learning a few necromancy spells… Oh god! I must be very careful never to use them in my daily life, or else I would be in deep trouble.

Pink was really becoming more and more enthusiastic about teaching me necromancy spells. When she even wanted to start teaching me advanced necromancy spells, I had to escape quickly from the cottage to avoid becoming a master necromancer before even realizing it.

Let me do some calculations: If I can find the third son of the baron within half an hour, spend another half hour taking him to a desolate location, and then spend half an hour more to extort a confession from him using the necromancy spells that Pink had taught me, it would be possible for me to keep my transformation time within the 3 hours timeframe. Which means I wouldn’t have to pay extra blood to this vampiric armor!

For a person who routinely loses blood continuously, this really is news worth celebrating!

Thus, without further delays, I set out to look for the third son of the baron, so that I could force him to speak the truth using physical force and black magic.

[Sun Knight Volume 1 Chapter 6 End]


1 Descendants of Dragons: Chinese people sometimes refer to themselves as such; (龍的傳人) lóng de chuán rén.

2 “…provide the badge with 300cc”: The original unit is “grams” but blood is measured in volume, not weight. 1g = 1cc roughly. (Blood density ~1.02 g/ml)

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