No Hero V5Extra: The Undisclosed Fallen Secrets

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Extra Chapter: The Undisclosed Fallen Secrets—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

[3D Breast Cushion]

“Kyle-gē, give this present to Gēge for me.”

“Young Master, this is…?”

“Yeah!” The young master nodded seriously as he said, “Aren told me that all guys should buy this something something cushion. I don’t think I saw Gēge with one, so I’ll give him this one.”

Young Master, this is a 3D breast cushion.

A few days later, the young master asked Secretary Kyle, “Kyle-gē, did Gēge like the cushion?”

“When I took out your present, the Sun Emperor first yelled, “Curs…” but when I said it was from you, he then said, “Cu…shion, right? I like everything Ah Ye gives me! I love it!”

“Really?” The young master excitedly said, “Gēge likes it that much? Then, I’ll give him more in the future!”


[Album Name]


“Yes?” I turned to look toward the newcomers, a group of girls, but though they had called me, they did not look my way.

“I know, I know! It’s the Angel’s latest album, ‘Endelis,’ right?”

So they were not calling me. Rather, they are talking about the young master’s newest album?

“Endelis is so great! My truest love!”

This should also be about the album.

“I love Endelis so much that I hug Endelis to sleep every day, hehe!”

Hug an album to sleep?

“I even bring Endelis to the bathroom!”

Oh, you mean you listen to it in the bathroom, too?

“Even my brother and my uncle have fallen in love with Endelis and snatched Endelis away from me!”

…Perhaps I should not have agreed to let the young master use Endelis as the album’s name.



Bramble turned the newspaper and mumbled, “This special squad from the police department sure seems active lately! What’s their abbreviation? Was it MC?”

“No, Captain, that’s not it.” May replied seriously, “I seem to recall it’s WC.”

“Really? I thought it was MC…”

“No, it’s WC!”

“You’re both wrong! It’s obviously 82C!” Dell said without turning his head, eyes glued to the television screen, which showed a beautiful woman in a swimsuit.

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  1. Blargel

    I can’t tell if that last bit was a reference to 85 C bakery or not, lol.

  2. Adrimiz7

    Maybe Charles can convince An Ye to send his brother something else in the future

  3. KT

    Poor Sun Emperor, he’s going to the recipient of many breast cushions and he can’t throw any of them away because they’re presents from his beloved little brother.

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