No Hero V5Epilogue: Character Introductions

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Character Introductions – translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby)

P29: National Psychiatric Hospital #29.

SCIP: Special Crime Department of International Police Organization.

NC: Non-Human Crime Team.

Xie Yuan Jie: The leader of the operative squad of the SCIP. Xie Wei’s uncle.

Nitewalker: Part of the nightwalker race. Currently residing in Sunset City. His profession is that of a taxi driver.

Nitesea: Part of the nightwalker race. Currently residing in Sunset City. He operates a nightclub called “Seaside.”

Producer Xiao: A producer in the music industry.

Lin Ding: The drummer of the Aurora band. She helped Ah Ye write songs for his new album.

Josh: An escaped convict from P29. He seems to have the special ability of controlling others.

Lieder: A professor of psychological anthropology who teaches at the university An Xiang Ye used to study at.


I seemed to have received several suggestions that the recent two books have been too fast paced, so I have slowed things down a bit, putting effort into making sure the events aren’t so compact that there’s no room to breathe. I’ve written some daily events to balance things out, which conveniently allowed everyone to see what the young master and the butler’s daily life is like. It also conveniently paves the way for future volumes…

As a result, I couldn’t fit in the rest of the plot again.

Actually, there are some plot points that I haven’t finished developing, so they will be moved to the next volume. Such as the bathtub (yùgāng) exploding… Wrong! Such as the matter of Yue Gang discovering the truth and exploding, which hasn’t actually been resolved yet. I can only ask him to let his anger burn longer, all the way to the next volume.

MC isn’t done yet either… Wrong again! MC was finished in five days. It’s NC that I haven’t finished writing yet.

SCIP and P29 will actually both appear again. Everyone, please try to remember the abbreviations. Using the full names would allow me to skimp out on my word count, such as writing, “Special Crime Department of International Police Organization,” every single time. See how long that is!

But! Normally, the word count explodes on me even when I don’t do anything, so there really isn’t a need to pad my word count. Everyone, you should realize that paper is made from chopping down trees, so you must save on paper. Don’t randomly let the word count explode, wasting the trees’ lives!

What? Then why have I written such a useless afterword?

Well… let’s return to the main topic!

Actually, I originally hadn’t intended on writing the secret side chapters at the end. After I’d already written three quarters of the story, I still hadn’t thought of a single secret. I was already thinking that maybe this volume wouldn’t have any secrets.

But, it happened at that moment! One night, Yu Wo’s brain suddenly snapped very seriously. All at once, Yu Wo finished writing all three secrets in an explosive manner!

So, this story tells us, as long as the manuscript hasn’t been submitted, there’s still time for the mind to break, anytime and anywhere!

Oh right, don’t ask me where three dimensional breast cushions can be bought. Please go and ask your own older brother, younger brother, or uncle (between fifteen and forty years of age). They should all know where “men’s stores” might be.

However, I’m not sure if there really are three dimensional breast cushions being sold, but I am sure that there are things such as 3D breast mouse pads… I really haven’t bought one. Please believe me. Thank you.

(If a 3D breast cushion is ever released one day, I might consider it.)

(I’m also not telling you that searching for 3D breast mouse pads on auction sites will yield no results. You have to type “breast (space) mouse pad” for it to work.)

Finally, it won’t do not to have a preview. If I don’t do a preview for No Hero, I’d feel odd from head to toe. It’s practically become a restrictive tradition.

No Hero Volume 6: Heaven or Hell

The cooperation and conflict between humans and non-humans play out scene by scene.

The secrets behind P29, the unknown dark side of the Sun Alliance, the business war among the economic alliances… The fires of several battles continue to spread, the flames even spreading to Sunset City.

Probably no one expected that the person with the most insider knowledge would be a butler!

However, this butler has no awareness of being a main character and will continue to maintain the air of a bystander as he washes dishes and calmly watches the show.

Sunset City will grow more and more chaotic… Or should it be considered more and more colorful?

In this city where you can’t even distinguish between heaven and hell, is the person beside you a deity or a devil… Or could it be both?

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions


Young Master’s impression: Father-in-law

Father-in-law’s words: “Young Master, my daughter is only thirteen!”


Young Master’s impression: Jiějie

Jiějie’s words: “… (Currently rubbing the young master’s head)”

Yue Gang

Young Master’s impression: Feed Me.

Feed Me’s words: “Hey hey! Why am I ‘Feed Me?’ What? Don’t get mad? Okay! Treat me to a meal, and I’ll stop being angry at you!”

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