No Hero V5C10: Fallen Angel; Angel of Angels

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Chapter 10: Fallen Angel; Angel of Angels—translated by clrfction (proofread by Trespasserby, C/E edited by lucathia)

Dark Sun! Good lord, what happened to your hands and feet… Charles? Why is he here? Is he okay?

“How dare that prisoner control Charles to attack me! I’m going to kill him!”

That prisoner controlled Charles to attack you… Ah Ye, calm down. Didn’t we agree to leave this to Solitary Butterfly and the SCIP? Besides, you’re so badly injured, you should go back and receive treatment!

But… Charles can harm Dark Sun to this degree? Wasn’t it only a matter of two or three minutes… All the injuries are on joints? So that’s it. The joints are key?

Even Charles, who does not specialize in combat, can ambush him successfully. I suppose Dark Sun is not that scarily invincible after all.

“Luo Chu-gē, give me a hand.”

Oh right!

Dark Sun grabbed my shoulders and hopped up on one foot. With a grunt, he used his uninjured foot to kick his dislocated knee back into place, then forcefully pushed his skewed elbow back…

… Actually, still scary.

Dark Sun, do you not feel hurt at all?

“It hurts a lot… I’m going to kill that criminal!”

Bright… so bright!

I opened my eyes but was forced to shut them again due to the piercing light. I blinked several times before my vision began to focus slowly on the scene before me. It seemed like I was still in the Evening Sun Plaza, where yelling, screaming, and crashing sounds created a din.

“What has happened?”

“You’re awake? Oh, just Ah Ye going berserk.”

… What? I pushed myself up hurriedly, turned, and saw that the person who had just spoken was Poseidynne! She was still wearing her ball gown, and she sat on the stairs at the edge of the plaza, also where I was lying.

Poseidynne said casually, “That criminal controlled you to attack Ah Ye, right? Ah Ye got really angry. So angry that he said he’d kill that criminal… Heh! Murderous Ah Ye is so handsome!”

Memories flooded over me like a wave: attacking the elbows, attacking the knees, twisted hands and feet… I could not stop myself from exclaiming, “I injured the young master!”

Poseidynne made a noise of agreement and comforted me, “Don’t worry, Ah Ye doesn’t blame you. He even told me to keep you safe!”

Young Master… I looked around for him but saw an astonishing scene and sputtered, “What is the young master doing?”

“After you fainted, Ah Ye began to madly pursue that criminal. He seems to have resolved to kill that person, so he immediately contacted everyone to help him track the criminal down. He even got me to come!”

Calling people to help track the criminal. But what I see right now is…

“But, but they are ganging up on the young master!”

There were roughly twenty to thirty people in the plaza, all armed to the teeth, and there were even the three other heroes, but they all surrounded a single target—Dark Sun. Yet I soon noticed that rather than “surrounding,” it was more like they stood like a wall in front of Dark Sun. Dark Sun was not forced to be on defense either. Rather, he is on the offense!

Dark Sun swung the huge Death Scythe and knocked people out one by one, without much effort.

At the back of this wall was Dragon Peace, and there was someone lying on the ground behind him who was unarmed. He seems to be unconscious… but who is he?

“Finally, Ah Ye really tracked down that criminal and really wanted to kill him, but the other three heroes and the police wouldn’t let him. Ah Ye was very angry, so he ended up picking a fight with all of them, saying he must kill that criminal and no one can stop him.”

“The young master r-really fought all of them by himself?” I was so surprised that I could not speak straight.

The young master is fighting one on twenty and is not losing, and he actually seems to have the upper hand. But, did I not injure the young master’s joints? Is the young master that powerful?

Poseidynne shrugged and said, “Not really. NC and the other heroes don’t really want to hurt him, so they can’t help but hold back a little. Dragon Peace basically just stands in front of the criminal and doesn’t even really fight. First Wind doesn’t dare use his energy whip to directly attack Dark Sun. The only people who are going all out are Solitary Butterfly and the SCIP, but with so many people around, they can’t fight properly either, since they would likely hit one of their own if they fired carelessly.”

I looked again, and that really was the case. The young master is using his scythe, so no one can fight him hand-to-hand. Knowing they cannot open fire easily, no wonder they are at a disadvantage… No! The young master is not killing anyone either. He is just knocking people out of the ring. To swing the huge, sharp Death Scythe yet not kill anyone is a hindrance as well. If he really went all out and killed…

Poseidynne said, “If only the three heroes attacked Dark Sun together with all their might, the situation would be better for them.”

I could not help but share my observations with Poseidynne.

Poseidynne tilted her head and thought about it, “If Ah Ye went all out and killed people? Mm, then I wouldn’t want to be his enemy. Not at all! You see, Ah Ye has been fighting harder as the fight progressed. At first, he was only kicking people out, and those he kicked out could get up and rejoin the battle. Now, he’s knocking people out with the handle of the scythe, and those who are knocked out most likely can’t get back up. It seems like Ah Ye is getting angrier and angrier. If this continues…”

The young master would not become angry enough to kill, would he?


I looked up and saw that First Wind had left the battle. He shouted as he sprinted over, “You almost succeeded in sneaking an attack on Dark Sun just now, hurry…”

Before First Wind even finished his sentence, I refused ardently, “I cannot hurt the young master… Even though I have hurt him already, at least it is a mistake I shall never make again!”

First Wind ran over anyway, grabbed my collar, and said forcefully, “We have to stop him! Look at the people around here. Look at how they are looking at Dark Sun!”

I faltered, then turned to scan the surrounding crowd. They were the police and even Special Law Enforcement Officers, but their faces were all pale. They looked like they wanted to conceal it, but they still could not hide the fear in their eyes…

“Fear! Do you see it now? They fear Dark Sun, so we must prove that Dark Sun can be stopped, or else he will no longer be a hero, but an existence that people fear!”

So that is what he is thinking. I still shook my head. “I could successfully attack the young master last time only because he did not have his guard up against me at all. It would be impossible to injure him again with that kind of method.”

First Wind and I both turned to look. Dark Sun had tossed his scythe and was using his bare hands and feet to fight.

Seeing this, First Wind began to look relieved, but when Dark Sun landed a hard kick, sent someone flying for ten meters or so, and that person did not even budge after landing, his expression turned very sour.

“His anger level has increased.” Poseidynne said brightly, “I say you guys should stop protecting that criminal. Let Ah Ye kill him if he wants to! If Ah Ye gets even angrier, he might just pick up that scythe, and it’d be one death per swing!”

First Wind clenched his teeth and said, “No matter what you guys think, I mean well for him! We must not let him get past us and kill the criminal!” With that, he turned to rejoin the battle.

I believed him, because the crowd’s fear was becoming more and more palpable with Dark Sun’s every punch, jab, and kick. More and more people fell, and once they fell, it was straight to unconsciousness.

As soon as First Wind returned to the fight, the first thing he did was not to attack Dark Sun, but to grab Solitary Butterfly. The latter asked bemusedly, “First Wind, what are you doing?”

First Wind shook his head and said, “There are too many people. You can’t use your gun, I can’t use my whip, and Dragon Peace can’t swing his fists.”

Solitary Butterfly processed that and nodded. “I understand.” She followed First Wind to retreat.

With Solitary Butterfly out of the picture, Dark Sun began to knock people out even more quickly. Yet as the number of people decreased, the police could open fire more easily, and Dark Sun had to spend more time dodging bullets, so his attacks began to slow down as well.

But five minutes and ten minutes do not make that much of a difference.

“Aren’t you going to help?” Poseidynne asked evenly.

I answered as I shook my head, “I am only the young master’s butler, not someone who tells him what to do.”

“Oh? What if Ah Ye really begins to slaughter people?” Poseidynne asked curiously.

I paused for a bit and said, “Then, I would attempt to stop the young master.”

Poseidynne chuckled. “Don’t you think you are being contradictory?”

I was silent. Even though I cannot come up with a convincing reason, I do not believe what I am doing is wrong.

When only the four heroes remained, the real fight began.

Dark Sun picked up the Death Scythe and faced the three familiar comrades in his way. He did not say anything, but used his stance to convey his intention.

First Wind spoke up. “Dark Sun, we can leave the criminal to…”

“No!” Before he could even finish, Solitary Butterfly interjected. “We can’t leave him to the SCIP!”

Dark Sun finally spoke. “Dragon Peace, you’re on their side, too?”

Dragon Peace did not say anything, but he stayed by First Wind’s side and showed no sign of moving to Dark Sun’s side.

Dark Sun’s voice dropped to a lower tone. “I don’t understand why you are protecting him. He is a dangerous criminal!”

“Is he more dangerous than you?” Solitary Butterfly retorted coldly. “Last time you solved a problem by killing, and now you are trying to do it again. What will you do next time? And after that? Killing him is quick and easy, but you should know, Dark Sun, that we chose the most difficult path when we became heroes!”

“You’re saying I should not have killed last time?” Dark Sun yelled furiously, “What do you think I should have done to solve the problem of criminals using innocent bystanders to blackmail the heroes? What did you do to solve the problem?”

Solitary Butterfly fell silent.

There are no perfect decisions in this world.

This criminal does indeed have dangerous powers. If he goes down the wrong path, he would become a most formidable criminal. Killing him seems to be the quickest, easiest solution.

With that in mind, Dark Sun’s choice is not hard to understand. He is trying to get rid of a capricious time bomb. Yet the other three heroes’ choice is not hard to understand either. They are protecting an innocent person.

A powerful yet capricious time bomb. To kill or to protect?

No matter which choice they take, there will be repercussions.

“I won’t go easy.” Dark Sun turned the Death Scythe slightly and launched himself into… A slide step!

Solitary Butterfly opened fire at once, regardless of whether she could see him, because she knew what Dark Sun’s target was. She just needed to aim around the criminal.

Surprisingly, Dark Sun appeared in front of First Wind, who swung his whip into a circle and used it as a shield to block himself as he growled, “Dark Sun, I won’t go easy either! You be careful yourself!”

His energy whip moved in irregular arcs that upon first glance resembled a ribbon dance… But much more fatal.

Dark Sun let go of the scythe and avoided the tip of the whip with an impossible back bend, but at that moment the body of the whip brushed the ground. Just as it was about to hit his leg, the young master’s feet somehow left the ground, and he flipped sideways several times around one meter off the ground, finally avoiding all of the irregular attacks of the whip. When he gripped his scythe again, it had not even finished falling. He struck out…

Facing the threat of the giant scythe, First Wind was forced to give up attacking and retreated.

“Wow!” Poseidynne was in awe. “What incomprehensible reaction time, flexibility, strength, and speed… Mr. Vampire, your kind is famous for such abilities as well. Can you perform moves like those?”

“Yes, but I would not be able to use it in combat. I do not have the young master’s reaction time.”

To predict the track of the energy whip, immediately come up with a plan, and move to the next position no matter what your current form is before the next attack… Perhaps if I were in mortal danger, I could avoid the first wave of attacks with all my strength, but I would probably be killed by the next attack.

Against First Wind, I would never choose to fight him and his whip directly. That is a weapon that even X had trouble dealing with.

Yet Dark Sun was doing the exact opposite. Not only did he face the attacks head-on, he pressed in, dodging the whip with impossible moves.

While tilting his head to avoid the whip, Dark Sun’s hair extended suddenly, the glowing silver strands wrapping around First Wind’s energy whip, forcing it to stay in place. But with that, Dark Sun’s own movements were hindered. First Wind decided to go for hand-to-hand combat, and he specifically focused on Dark Sun’s knee and elbow joints.

… Did I reveal the young master’s weakness?

“Oh, so Ah Ye wants to take First Wind out first?” Poseidynne looked on excitedly as she murmured, “Ah Ye seems to fear straightforward attacks less! First Wind’s whip is more of a threat to him. Since they’re so close and fighting so quickly, Solitary Butterfly and Dragon Peace can’t do much, as they could easily hurt First Wind by accident.”

I see. The young master is pressing so close to First Wind because the other two are there?

As those two continued to exchange blows, a few snaps sounded all of a sudden, and First Wind’s energy whip broke into pieces, leaving only a handle in his grasp.

First Wind was disoriented for just a moment, but that was enough. Dark Sun smacked him in the stomach with the handle of the scythe, and as First Wind doubled over in pain, Dark Sun chopped at his neck with his hand. At this moment, a gunshot suddenly sounded, and Dark Sun’s head flicked to the side as his body twisted around…

Has he been shot in the head? Poseidynne and I both jumped up in fear, and even Solitary Butterfly, who fired the shot, froze in shock.

“Death Scythe, detach!”

Unexpectedly, Dark Sun used the momentum to complete the turn and flung the blade of the scythe out. Solitary Butterfly cried out, but she did not have time to dodge. The blade sliced clean through her calf and cut off three quarters of it, causing her to crash to the ground. Fortunately, it appeared that her entire leg had been modified, as there was no blood, so she would only need to “fix” it.

Dark Sun turned his head around, and some blood dripped off his forehead. He reached up to pull a misshapen bullet from the frame of his visor and tossed it onto the ground offhandedly.

Even though Solitary Butterfly had fallen down, she could still shoot. She raised her weapons, but Dark Sun said, “Don’t do it. Head-on attacks don’t work on me. If you could shoot while moving, you might pose a degree of threat, but you can’t, so I can avoid all your attacks.”

Solitary Butterfly put her gun down dejectedly.

“Are you going to fight me, Dragon Peace?” Dark Sun turned his head and said, “Your muscles are strong, so I can’t knock you out. If you and I fought, it would have to be until one of us is injured to the point of not being able to get back up.”

Dragon Peace opened his mouth to speak for the first time. He asked in his rich, deep voice, “Do you have to kill him?”

Dark Sun replied coldly, “Unless you have a better solution.”

“Turn him in to the SCIP?” Dragon Peace suggested.


The criminal had somehow regained consciousness. He crawled up, his face full of terror, and begged in a crying tone, “B-Butterfly! Save me! I don’t want to be taken back! I don’t want to be locked up again! Help me….”

“Shut up!” Dark Sun bellowed. “If you say one more word or try to control anyone, I will crush your throat right now!”

The criminal closed his mouth, looking very pale. He looked at Solitary Butterfly, then looked back at Dark Sun, appearing to be at a complete loss at what to do. He does not appear to be an inexcusably evil person.

Perhaps he chose to use me to attack Dark Sun by accident? Even though I still hold my doubts, this criminal really does not look like one who knows my relationship with Dark Sun.

“Run, Josh!” Solitary Butterfly screamed, but the criminal was paralyzed with fear. She quickly turned to Dark Sun and begged, “Dark Sun, please, please don’t kill him. Just turn him in to the SCIP!”

Dark Sun thought about it, but replied coldly, “You’re planning to rescue him afterwards, aren’t you?”

Solitary Butterfly froze and remained silent.

“I won’t let you rescue him and have this happen all over again!”

Dark Sun walked resolutely toward the criminal. Solitary Butterfly tried to stop him by firing shots, but he dodged all of them. Then, Dark Sun recalled the blade of his Death Scythe and used it to block the bullets, so he did not even have to dodge.

“Hey!” Poseidynne shoved me and said, “Didn’t you say if your young master’s going on a slaughtering spree, you would stop him?”

I smiled helplessly and said, “The young master is not going on a slaughtering spree. Not a single person on the ground is dead.”

The young master is not so angry that he cannot make a proper judgment. His judgment is perfectly sound… Too sound!

“Dark Sun!”

This voice finally caught Dark Sun’s attention, because this voice could not be more familiar… It was the young master’s own voice.

DSII walked out from the sidelines, holding Briar’s hand. Briar looked terribly pale, but that did not stop Dark Sun’s steps. He merely glanced at her and then kept walking straight toward the criminal.

“Wait!” Briar cried and began to run toward Dark Sun.

“Briar, don’t go over there!” Poseidynne was shocked.

Yet that did not stop Briar in her tracks. With all sorts of people’s gazes fixed on her, whether they be fearful or regretful, Briar ran straight into the scythe’s range, even brushing past its blade, and landed squarely in Dark Sun’s arms, grabbing him tightly and refusing to let go.

Everyone was frozen in shock, and no one made a single sound, fearing they would agitate Dark Sun and prompt him to kill a little girl.

At this moment, DSII walked up to us and said, “Don’t worry, Briar won’t be in danger. She’s too weak and can’t cause any damage, so Ah Ye won’t attack her.”

Then, Briar seemed to be saying something, but she was not loud, so only parts of her speech were audible.

“Ye… I don’t like seeing you like this… It’s scary! Don’t kill anyone…”

The criminal began to slowly get up while still looking at Dark Sun with a rattled expression, seemingly debating whether he should run or not.

Seeing that, Dark Sun growled at Briar at once, “Move.”

Briar refused to loosen her grasp.

The criminal decided he had a rare chance and bolted at once. His actions seemed to have triggered Ah Ye, who pushed Briar away and rushed in pursuit.

Briar was shoved on to the ground by that push. “Ah!” she exclaimed, and began to cry, “Sob. Owww… That hurt! Sniff.”

Hearing the sobs, Dark Sun’s steps slowed gradually, and after a few more strides, he ultimately stopped and turned to look at Briar.

“M-my knee h-hurts!” Briar sniffled miserably.


Dark Sun looked at the escaping criminal and then looked at Briar. After a moment of hesitation, he turned and came back to Briar’s side and helped her up.

Yet Briar was not buying any of it. She huffed accusingly as she cried, “It hurts! My knees are all scraped! You meanie!”

“I’m sorry.” Dark Sun’s voice was filled with apology.

“Meanie meanie meanie! What were you so mean for?! You pushed me!”

Briar was crying and kicking and throwing a tantrum all over Dark Sun, but all the latter did was continue to apologize as he dusted dirt off of her.

“Can’t be taken down by twenty people yet defeated by a girl less than twenty years old.”

First Wind had regained consciousness at some unknown point and breathed out a huge sigh as he said helplessly, “So that’s all it takes to beat Dark Sun! All you needed was a little girl! If we had known, why would we even bother to fight him directly… I even lost a whip.”

Solitary Butterfly stared wide-eyed at Dark Sun being yelled at and kicked at and not defending himself at all. She relaxed against the ground and burst into laughter.

I looked at the surrounding onlookers, of which only the hidden reporters were left. Their faces were full of shock, surprise, and disbelief, but there was no sign of fear. Some even laughed out loud.

Seems like the issue is resolved… Wait! Not yet.

The criminal had escaped into a small side street. I thought about it and then followed with x-speed.

To avoid being noticed by the criminal, I consciously hid myself in the shadows and made sure my steps were inaudible. Even the young master would only notice me when I am about five steps away from him.

This criminal is too dangerous. Who knows what trouble he might cause if he stays in Sunset City. Let the SCIP take him!

I should be close… I turned sharply, but halted my steps abruptly.

“It’s a real talent to be able to control others through one’s voice… Or is it a mutation? Mutation is the most fundamental step in evolution, and the mutated, stronger creatures eliminate the weaklings. That is natural selection. But then again, to avoid being eliminated, many weaklings gather to become strong as one unit, and they defeat the mutated creature. That is also a human survival instinct.”

The person who spoke wore a khaki trench coat and looked down at the ground at… a body?

“Ah! I’m sorry, my occupational disease kicked in.” He smiled and looked up at me. “I’m Lieder, Professor Lieder, and I teach anthropology. I just came to Sunset City today for work. A pleasure to meet you.”

The person standing before me appeared to be a normal human. He wore glasses, had his short black hair combed neatly, and looked very scholarly. His appearance certainly resembled that of a young professor, but my intuition, or perhaps the silver fountain pen that was dripping blood that he held in his hand, told me otherwise.

The criminal on the ground is likely dead, is he not?

If a professional assassin (even a part-time one) stabs a silver fountain pen into your artery, even slightly off-target, then even a vampire would have a high chance of dying, so there is no chance for a human who only has special powers.

“You’re not going to call the police on me, are you?” Lieder blinked and said innocently, “I’m not dangerous, promise! I never kill unless I’m hired to, and my day job is being a professor. Assassination is just a side job, and I don’t kill often.”

I shook my head to indicate I did not mean to call the police.

He sighed in relief and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the fountain pen clean before sticking it back in his inner pocket. In that instant, I saw he had an entire row of fountain pens in his jacket.

Humans, non-humans, all those in-between, and even those outside those parameters… Everyone has gathered in this city.

Sunset City, you sure are one diverse city.

“You’re smiling.” Lieder asked curiously, “What are you so happy about?”

“Nothing,” I replied with a smile, “I just feel I am very ordinary.”

A few days later…

Perhaps because the criminal had died, the young master seemed to have returned to his normal self completely. He no longer sent DSII to be a hero, but carried out such duties at night by himself and sent DSII to his album promotion jobs instead.

Between filming advertisements, being a hero, researching and developing a new energy whip, and fixing Solitary Butterfly’s leg, the young master was so busy that he had no time to say he wanted to go out to play.

I took special care to watch the news for several days. The young master’s incredible prowess did generate some criticism, but Dark Sun being beaten by a little girl was the headline for several days. Briar became quite famous because of it, and she called to yell at the young master quite a few times. The young master would hang his head and listen quietly every time, not retorting at all.

Things have finally settled down… No! It is not over yet!

I actually hurt the young master! Not only did I dislocate his elbow joints, I also kicked his knees out of position!

My honorable father, if you heard about this up in heaven, you would probably tie me up on a cross and let me burn to a crisp in direct sunlight.


The young master looked at me weirdly and asked, “Charles, the distance between your eyebrows has decreased by 0.1 centimeters. You’ve been looking blue for quite a few days. Is something wrong?”

I could not help but apologize, “Young Master, I injured you and injured you badly. I apologize most sincerely for that.”

“Charles, you’ve apologized so many times already.” The young master patted me on the shoulder and comforted me. “You were controlled back then, so you didn’t mean it! Besides, Bàba has readjusted my joints already, so stop beating yourself up over it.”


The young master thought about it and said, “If you really are that bothered by it, then work harder on learning how to maintain my body. That way, if I ever need to do some minor maintenance or adjustments but not so much that we’d call Bàba, I won’t have to toil over it by myself.”

I replied at once, “Of course. I will master it in the shortest time possible.”

Even though I have never studied medicine, metalworking, or computer programming before, I must learn them all to best carry out my duties as a good butler and serve the young master!

The young master nodded and said, “Charles, let’s head out now.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The young master and I stood in front of a certain public middle school. It was almost time for school to let out, so the school gates were surrounded by people here to pick up the kids, mostly parents… and a fiancé. The young master is here to pick Briar up, right?

The young master just stood at the gates in broad daylight. All the parents there to pick up their children stared at him in shock, directly and effectively causing a traffic jam in front of the school.

The dismissal bell rang, and a wave of students flowed out of the building. Many children looked left and right for their parents, but all lines of vision ended up being glued to the young master’s face, and the traffic jam seemed to exacerbate.

“Briar! Over here, over here!”

The young master saw Briar at once and waved furiously. Briar’s face was filled with shock upon seeing the young master.

The young master hurried over to Briar’s side. The latter glanced at her peers worryingly before pulling the young master to the side. Just as she opened her mouth to say, “Ah Ye-gē, why are you here…,” the young master got down on one knee and pulled out from his pocket a… dagger, and said completely seriously, “Briar, will you marry me?”

…Young Master, even if you did not know to use flowers and a wedding ring for proposals, how, how did you decide to use a dagger?

That is beside the point though. The point is: Young Master, you are standing in front of a public middle school proposing to a thirteen-year old girl?

Briar seemed to be quite startled as well. She looked down at the dagger for a while, then said suddenly in a low voice, “Ah Ye-gē, this dagger looks just like the feathers on your wings?”

“Yeah. I pulled one off of my wings, added a handle, and made this dagger.”

“Who proposes with a dagger?!” Briar took the dagger. Even though she said so, she kept toying with the dagger and had a sweet smile on her lips as she said, “Then, you need to promise first! First of all, there can’t be any other girls aside from Poseidynne! Even if they get in line!”

“O.K.,” the young master nodded without any hesitation.

“And you can’t ever be mean to me!”


“And whatever happens in the future, you’re not allowed to regret marrying me!”

“O.K.” The young master kept nodding as he added, “I’m O.K. with anything you say, Briar… Oh wait! Except for not marrying me!”

Hearing that, Briar pursed her lips and rushed into the young master’s embrace. “Waaaah! Stupid Ah Ye! I only want to marry you!”

The young master held Briar with a wide smile on his face and looked very happy.

I had to intervene at this time. “Young Master, we should go.”

“Just a bit. Just a little more hugging!”

“Young Master, I am afraid we cannot wait for just a bit more. I think the police are on their way. Briar… Miss Briar is only thirteen, so it is illegal for her to be engaged or married.” Now that it is confirmed Briar is the young master’s future wife, the honorifics must be added from here on out.

I smiled as I watched the young master. There were many students and teachers observing us all around us. The teachers had looks of shock and disbelief. Some people were even on their phones. I hope they haven’t called the police already.

The young master’s face crumpled as he mumbled, “What’s the big deal with getting arrested?”

“If you are sued, Master might uproot the police force and court system. That might not be good.”

The young master froze, then laughed. He picked Briar up in his arms and said to me, “Let’s go home!”

“Yes, Young Master.”

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      It was the usual word for “miss,” 小姐 (xiao3jie3), actually. We had a bit of a discussion about what honorific to use there, since the honorific here would be to show she’s the female head of the house and not just a normal use of the word “miss.” The general opinion was that Briar’s too young for “Madam” or “Mistress,” so we went with “Miss” instead.

  7. KT

    With how Dark Sun’s personality changed after the criminal died, I have to wonder if he wasn’t under mind control to loosen his inhibitions. I guess we’ll never know for sure…

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. Citarra

    Someone above thought big brother hired the assassin, but I wonder one more thing: no one else in the action thought of Briar. DSII wouldn’t have come up with it himself. Could big brother have decided to solve he problem by ordering DSII to bring Briar as well as coordinating the assassin to show up at the same time?

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