Eclipse Hunter V2Afterword: Afterword and Character Introductions

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 2: Having Friends, Having Feelings

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Afterword—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby)

In this volume, our Ah Ye has finally begun to make friends. However, the issue of his mental age makes him run into many troubles. At the same time, because his personality and appearance are like a younger brother’s, he has gotten to know many people who treasure him, such as Elian and Eloise.

But in the end, his favorite friend is still Ezart. Even though they ran into a huge problem in their interactions at first, the many misunderstandings arose due to a mistaken assumption. I think their friendship came out stronger because of their conflict? Or, I should say that without a bit of chilling cold, how would we enjoy the fragrance of plum blossoms? Friendship that has seen strife comes out all the stronger for it.

All the way up to No Hero, Ezart still makes frequent appearances. Even though he doesn’t have much to do with the main plot, I find it hard to imagine that Ah Ye would spend his days completely estranged from Ezart. Therefore, Ezart bursts into the young master and the butler’s life every so often.

In terms of plot, it is sometimes difficult to justify when Ezart’s appearance has nothing to do with the main plot, but compared to whether or not it makes sense, I just like to treat the characters in the books like real people as I write them. They are living their own lives in the books. They will meet many people, experience many things, and continue to walk down their paths.

Maybe some people will be closer. Maybe some will grow apart. Some people may meet by chance, while some may influence another person for life.

Of course, I can’t write a novel completely like someone’s life. Throughout someone’s actual life, they would meet even more people and live even more complicated lives. Chance meetings would be too numerous to recount, while a novel can’t be so disorganized. I can only keep trying to find a better balance to make the novels interesting and also allow the characters to feel real.

However, this balance often sways, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. Depending on different times and backgrounds, or different readers, this point of balance may be different too. Therefore, the author is always striving to find the right balance!

Having written up to here, I realize that I seem to have taken it as a matter of fact that you have all read No Hero. Some of you may be directly reading Eclipse Hunter and haven’t read No Hero. This is just the author’s afterword, so just let me ramble a bit of nonsense.

I can be very casual in writing the afterword. Sometimes, I even jump around with my thoughts. Being able to casually write the afterword has always been a pleasure. I hope you can all bear with me.

The virtual lover game was inspired by Tamagotchi of the past. I wonder if you all have played those things before?

I’m sure they’re very rare now. They were very popular for a period. I also played them for a while, but they were really too unrealistic and easy to lose interest in. I look forward to having super realistic pet consoles to play with in the future. Before this “future” arrives, let’s write it into the book to enjoy it first!

There are many things in my books that come about from the thought “because they’re still not possible now, I’ll write it into the book to enjoy it first.” The most, most, most obvious one is probably heroes. Since we still don’t have heroes zooming about right now, let’s write them into a book to enjoy it first! Haha!

This is also true with “past events.” We don’t have professions like knights anymore now, so I thought to write it into a book to enjoy it! As a result, I came up with the series The Legend of Sun Knight.

For a series to take shape, many factors are involved. It’s not that “a single thing” can form a series, even though I often say that such and such series removes the illusions around knights or heroes. Truthfully, the theme has never been “removing the illusions” of something, but more like the following words:

“Someone’s real appearance is often not as perfect as everyone would think, but the imperfect reality is often much more touching than the imagined perfection.”

I hope that these imperfect knights and imperfect heroes in my books can touch everyone’s hearts a bit.

By Yu Wo

Old Afterword

Devil Author—Yu Wo’s Afterword

In Eclipse Hunter: Friendship, it’s been a devil of a time. Demonic feelings have been rising, perfectly depicting Yu Wo’s feelings and the surrounding atmosphere while she toiled over her manuscript. (Everyone, when you held this book, did you feel foreboding resentment spread from the book? Be wary of Yu Wo crawling out of the book in the middle of the night…)

Anyway, Yu Wo really spent a lot of time to write Eclipse Hunter II!

The main theme of this book was supposed to be Humanity, but as I wrote, it became Friendship. The original theme of humanity will have to be moved to the next book. The main reason is that I discovered that if I don’t have Ah Ye make some friends first, the theme of humanity could only be explored through Ri Xiang Yan’s business devil face. That would be way too simplistic.

Therefore, I changed it to Friendship.

In the previous volume, I used English titles for the chapter names, but this time I changed it to short Chinese poetry (I myself consider it poetry), since the English did not have the effect I wanted, so… Sob, sob, sob. Last time with the English chapter titles, Yu Wo put a lot of effort organizing them. If you line up the first letter of all of the titles, another word is formed!1 But no one realized it~~ Sob, sob, sob, Yu Wo is so sad…

(Quick, go flip through the first volume and find out what that word is!)

Uh huh, for the sake of punishing everyone, Yu Wo is going to turn into a devil now!

I’ll announce the contents of the next volume of Eclipse Hunter to whet everyone’s appetite~~~ Hahaha!

The theme of the next volume is of course Humanity.

Since Bai Lian Yue, this foe who has a history with the Sun Emperor, has appeared, this should clue everyone in that Ri Xiang Ye will be making more appearances in the next volume.

At the same time, how Ri Xiang Yan found his own right hand, Bill… No! Kyle, will also be covered.

There will also be the tragic past of Bai Lian Yue pursing Ri Xiang Yan.

As for Ah Ye’s side, the mysterious principal and the barely mentioned “Death” will probably make an appearance. At the same time, the King of Might Ezart is of course a character that can’t be missing from all of this. Hehe, as Ah Ye’s first friend, Ezart will become stronger!

As for Elian and the rest, hahaha… If you want to see them, please come to Yu Wo’s website to support them!

Also, depending on how things turn out, An Te Qi-bàba’s past will be written or postponed to a later volume.

Finally, let’s have a Rose n’ Siren Eyes & Blue Spider Web type of preview!

Because he was forgotten by Ri Xiang Yan (or perhaps he never stayed in his memory in the first place?), Bai Lian Yue held resentment in his heart and deliberately set up a trap, finally capturing the Sun Emperor.

Having fallen into Bai Lian Yue’s hands, Ri Xiang Ye(‘s chastity?) is currently in danger.

Dark Sun, Ri Xiang Ye, who has sworn to protect his master gēge, falls into the foe’s trap on his way to rescue his brother.

Oh no! Just who is able to save these two brothers?

Please look forward to Eclipse Hunter: Humanity, which will hit the screens in 2007’s summer CWT… Wrong! It’s hit the stacks!

(Sorry, sorry, I’ve watched too many movies.)

By Yu Wo, completed on the night before Christmas
(Still toiling over manuscripts on Christmas Eve, how depressing!)

Yu Wo’s sites:


Ya Sha’s sites:


Character Introductions—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)


Personality in a nutshell: A girl with explosive strength who adores hot guys and pretty boys

Profession: A student from the Elites

Appearance: An attractive girl with short, black hair and dark red eyes

Weapon: Two massive maces

Catchphrase: “Ah Ye!~~ You’re really too cute!”


Personality in a nutshell: The ice cube in the corner who gets easily forgotten by people

Profession: A student from the Elites

Appearance: An ice cube with blue hair and dark blue eyes

Weapon: Throwing knives and mind reading ability

Catchphrase: “…”


Personality in a nutshell: A person hiding their schemes behind a mischievous smile

Profession: A student from the Elites

Appearance: A warm, big brother-type with brown hair and green eyes

Weapon: A pair of energy swords

Catchphrase: “Wow! (An overly exaggeratedly long sigh) Really?”


Personality in a nutshell: A strategist on par with Zhuge Liang who won’t stop until either the job is done or he’s dead

Profession: The Sun Emperor’s right hand and a secretary capable of doing anything

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, earnest face

Weapon: His computer

Catchphrase: “Understood. As you say.”

[Bai Lian Yue]

Personality in a nutshell: Bizarre

Profession: The leader of the Purple Moon Alliance

Appearance: A beautiful man with Chinese tastes, purple black hair, and golden eyes

Weapon: A plasma whip

Catchphrase: “Ri Xiang Yan, someday you will be mine!”


1 “Old Volume 1 Titles:” Here are the titles Yu Wo used for the old edition of volume 1. There was no table of contents, so you would have to flip through the entire book to read each title and line them up.

Prologue: Pass everything to reach the final attachment
Chapter 1: Rain is your tear
Chapter 2: Obey is my only thought
Chapter 3: Tell me what you desire
Chapter 4: Eyes with no feelings
Chapter 5: Call me brother, please
Chapter 6: Tell me what you care
Chapter 7: I care nothing but
Chapter 8: Only you
Chapter 9: Nothing is more important than you

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