Eclipse Hunter V3Prologue: Prologue

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Prologue—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Elisa and Minthe; C/E edited by Simone)

“Bye, Ezart. Bye, El-gē. Bye, Eloise. And bye to Eli too. I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

Ri Xiang Ye happily and energetically waved at the four people in the doorway. On his face was what his older brother declared was the world’s most adorable smile.

Ezart didn’t even turn his head around and just casually raised a hand in reply.

“Bye, Ah Ye.” Elian displayed a dazzling smile and replied properly.

“Ah Ye, you aren’t allowed to wear those hideous glasses to class!” Eloise warned with her hands on her hips.

As for Eli, he only turned his head slightly and nodded.

Ri Xiang Ye once again waved with all his might. He stood in the doorway until he could no longer see his four classmates and only then reluctantly shut the front door. As soon as he turned around, he saw a handsome person with regal bearing and a haughty expression standing before him. This person had a full head of hair that was such a brilliant gold that it was almost blinding.

“Gēge!” Ri Xiang Ye called out with a silly smile.

As soon as he heard this cry of “Gēge,” the monarch suddenly became an ordinary, neighborly big brother. He smiled indulgently at his little brother. As he rubbed his brother’s head, he smiled and asked, “Ah Ye, were you happy today?”

“Mhm!” Ri Xiang Ye enthusiastically nodded, smiling like a flawless fallen angel. Childlike, he said, “I got to eat together with Gēge, Bàba, and my friends. I was really, really happy!”

“As long as you had fun. Tell them to come over to eat next week.”

Ri Xiang Yan was the older brother of the angelic youth in front of him. He was good-looking, but his heart didn’t match his looks. He always held a commanding attitude toward people, without the slightest undertone of making a request. But knowing his true identity, his arrogant attitude was understandable.

After all, Ri Xiang Yan was the Sun Emperor who had the entire world in his clutches. The word “please” wasn’t in his dictionary, as though that was completely natural.

“Mhm. Gēge, I’m going to do homework.”

Ri Xiang Ye, a youth with an angelic smile, was also the Sun Emperor’s younger brother and received one hundred percent of his older brother’s love. He was a kindhearted and good child, as well as the only student who dutifully did his homework in the class where Yelan Academy sent all their underachievers.

Despite looking like an adorable youth who could captivate anyone, Ri Xiang Ye had a huge secret—he wasn’t completely human.

As a child, he had been despised by his father since birth. His only value had been being made into a cyborg and becoming the ultimate bodyguard for his older brother.

Fortunately, even though this youth didn’t have a loving father, he had an older brother who loved him.

Through great effort, Ri Xiang Yan had finally been able to save his younger brother. He had sworn to protect his little brother’s smile and to let him always be happy.

Currently, this half cybernetic youth who had never had exposure to a lot of people before was also working hard learning to become an ordinary teenager. He was doing his best to adapt to school life, experience everything he could, make a few friends, and in the future, he would learn to become more… Human!

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