Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C4: Chapter 4

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4—translated by Doza

Everyone was almost done snatching up the food. Just then, the housewife swallowed the last wonton in chili sauce and contentedly set down her chopsticks. The housewife slowly turned to Liola and said, “You! You didn’t eat anything! Do you have a complaint with the food I cooked?”

Liola froze, and then replied honestly, “I didn’t want to fight with anyone over the food.”

The moment the housewife heard that, she gave Cold Fox a glare. Then she said, “Okay, I’ll consider it Cold Fox’s fault. Oh right, I’m called Feng Lan. What are your names?”




Baolilong loudly proclaimed its name. Feng Lan chuckled, saying at the same time, “I know you’re called Baolilong. In the future, don’t eat my Meatbun. It’s made out of metal. You will get indigestion if you eat it.”

After hearing that, Baolilong pouted and muttered, “Baolilong has eaten such a white-white thing before. It’s very good.”


Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C3: Chapter 3

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3 – translated by Doza

At this moment, a cry of alarm was heard. “My god, Baolilong, spit him out quickly. You can’t eat Meatbun! My god, Fire Phoenix, you stop too. Stop breathing fire! Ah, Wife, save me!”

After that, they heard a lot of banging and clanging sounds. Baolilong ran around crying, a white, fat, and round steamed bun in its mouth. Right behind it was a bird that looked like the phoenix of legends, and the phoenix was currently angrily spitting flames all over the place. After several of the flame jets had scorched Baolilong’s little buttocks, Baolilong grabbed the meat bun from its mouth, and its two bulging cheeks showed that Baolilong was truly angry. A dragon roar that made the heavens tremble came from Baolilong’s mouth and simultaneously, a fist-sized lightning ball appeared in front of Baolilong.

Even though Fire Phoenix knew that the lightning ball before its eyes was very dangerous, when it saw Meatbun in Baolilong’s hands, Fire Phoenix did not care and immediately activated its greatest power. It was going to use Blaze against the lightning ball to settle the victor!


Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C2: Chapter 2

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2 – translated by Doza

The two humans and dragon who had been swallowed by the black hole would have rather gone back to accept Barbalis’s cruelty, especially when a kitchen knife suddenly spiraled toward them. Even Liola, who merely tilted his head, had a few strands of his black hair chopped off by the kitchen knife before it pierced into the wall beside his ear.

“My god! A kitchen knife?”

Kaiser turned his head and his mouth dropped open when he saw the solid hilt of the knife and the grayish-silver blade. No matter which angle you looked at it from, the kitchen knife was definitely a kitchen knife. The only difference it had from a normal kitchen knife was that… A normal kitchen knife shouldn’t be able to pierce a wall, right? Baolilong inquisitively used both hands to pull at the knife while its pair of small, chubby legs braced against the wall. Finally, it managed to pull out the kitchen knife, but as a result of its excessive force, Baolilong also spun circles in the air before it was caught by Liola.


Kill No More VS ½ Prince V1C1: Chapter 1

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This story is set during volume 5 of Kill No More and post-series for ½ Prince. Expect spoilers for both series up to that point for each. Translations of Kill No More can be read at Japtem’s website. We have chosen to follow Japtem’s translation terms for Kill No More as much as possible, but there could be some differences.

Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original story in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1 – translated by Doza

Legend has it that in this world, there is the God of Creation, the God of War, the God of the Arts, and the God of Prosperity, as well as many other gods. However, with the passing of time, the legend of the gods has slowly faded from the people’s memory…

“O God of Creation, O God of War, O God of the Arts… O God of Prosperity, please give me lots of money, few troubles, and let me be forever close to my bed!”

… At the very least, in Kaiser’s routine prayers, the gods were still present.


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