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In which Sun commits suicide, Nabs blows up a chemistry lab, and the PR! staff had a ‘Guess what ice cream SR is having’ contest that resulted in the invention of new ice cream flavors.

Btw, for clarification, Requiem is a former translator (Also known as Kai, koo, etc) The rest are all still PR! members. Continued

Greetings and Introductions

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Hello hello!

This is a blog set up for the PR! translation team.

Our members will post whatever interesting tidbits that they’d like to share, ranging from the latest news from Yu Wo to funny situations or conversations that happen amongst us to quality contributions from our readers.

First, a quick introduction to our current team, in snazzy chart form.

organizational chart

*Note, nicknames may not be approved by the user. Use at your own risk.

We hope you enjoy reading our entries while you wait for the next chapter.

As an added bonus, be one of the first 5 users to comment on this post with your email or forum username, and you’ll be given a secret link to an upcoming Half Prince chapter! Enjoy!

On behalf of the Prince Revolution! Team,

Sun Knight Doujin Comic

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To those of you who have fallen head over heels in love with our new series, The Legend of Sun Knight, here’s a bonus treat from PR!. The following 2-pages long comic, which is set at the start of the series, was drawn by a doujin artist, Yukisora. She has very kindly granted us permission to translate and post the comic here. Do take a look at the beautiful artwork on her Deviantart page if you have the time!

Note: Please do not repost the scans elsewhere unless you have Yukisora’s expressed permission. Rabid fangirls should also refrain from posting messages for “moar scans” or “moar releases”. Failure to comply with our request will be seen as a sign that sourcing for and translating doujin artwork is more trouble than it’s worth. (It is easy enough to find doujin artwork, but it is not easy to contact them and obtain their permissions.)

That said, do enjoy the art. Continued


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What happens when you gather a lot of very bored – or very tired – translators and proof-readers together? Below are some of the more…entertaining conversations (that we’ve actually remembered to save for a change) we’ve had lately.

1) The Importance of Ornithology

Erialis: Are geese yellow? I only remember grey goslings

Iskeirka: In my experience, they’ve always bee white, I think

Eri: This is bad

Isk: Why? Continued