Help us update our character pages!

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While setting up the Female Warrior project page and going over our project pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK, I noticed that our character pages for 1/2 Prince and LSK could use more work. So here we are turning to you readers to help us update these pages! (our staff are a bit tied with translating and proofreading, so no one is dedicated to keeping these pages up to date).

We will be updating the 1/2 Prince character profiles first.

Here is what I’m proposing. Comment with the character’s name. Give us info about the character. If anyone has anything new to add about that character, reply to the first comment where the character is mentioned. In other words, keep everything about a certain character in the same thread. In the end, we’ll try consolidating everything (so we probably won’t be using everything word-for-word). Please make sure you put things in your own words. Do not copy from other wikis.

What we need to know about the characters are:
1) online name
2) race
3) class
4) short sentence about the character in a nutshell
5) character’s history and background (what is the first chapter the character appears in? what key events are they part of? what’s the character’s personality like? do we know their offline name?)

Currently, these characters have no blurbs about them:
Feng Wu Qing
Playboy Lord
Black Lily
Broken Sword
Li’l Strong

There are also several characters that aren’t even listed yet, such as:

Righteous Blades
Nan Gong Zui
Kong Kong
White Bird
Ice Phoenix
Outside the Window

Fire Phoenix

The Four Heavenly Kings and Related Characters
Scorching Flame
Ocean’s Heart
Flowing Wind
Clay Child
Dictator of Life

The Overlords and Related Characters
Northern Flower
Undying Man
Winter Triumph

Other Characters (not sure how to sort them)
Cold Fox
Perfect Princess
Long Dian

If there are any other characters that aren’t listed, feel free to tell us. If you feel a character that already has a blurb needs to be updated too (such as Prince’s section), feel free to start a thread about Prince too.

See how much work our character page needs? HELP would be greatly appreciated. :)

The Legend of Sun Knight V4C8: “Take the Wrong Fork in the Road”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Eighth Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Take the Wrong Fork in the Road” – translated by lucathia

We continued heading further into the valley with Woodrow leading the way. As we walked, I discovered that things were as they had claimed. There were fewer and fewer undead creatures. Eventually, there were practically none at all.

However, the others didn’t notice that the dark element was also becoming thinner and thinner and that the water element was taking its place.

The reason there were fewer and fewer undead creatures was now obvious; the dark element had thinned out so much that it was no longer able to sustain them.

But why would there suddenly be a spot of land permeated with the water element in this valley overflowing with the dark element?

As I pondered this, Ecilan interrupted my thinking with a precise and simple question, “Where to?”

I hesitated and then told him, “I’m searching for something…”


The Legend of Sun Knight V4C5: “Overcome Various Obstacles of the Journey”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 4: To Slay a Dragon

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fifth Tactic of Slaying a Dragon: “Overcome Various Obstacles of the Journey” – translated by lucathia

After being on the run for several days, everyone felt fairly satisfied living the life of a fugitive. Even Ecilan, our hostage whom we had seized, was living a life of pleasure… How should I explain this?

On the very first night, he swore to the God of Light that he would never escape or harm us. He wanted me to dispel the Chains of Darkness wrapped around his chest so that he could… cook for everyone!

You really couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Although he was one of the exalted Twelve Holy Knights, his cooking skills were even better than Yuna and Sybil’s put together! Once we ate dinner prepared by him, the following morning, no one wanted to eat meals prepared by Yuna or Sybil anymore, not even themselves.

I have a horse to ride and someone to experiment my necromancy on. After tiring of that, I even have delicious meals waiting for me. What in the world can be more comfortable than this?

“Can you not play around with bones while using holy light?”

This wasn’t the first time Yuna had protested, saying things like, “This violates normalcy. You keep breaking the fundamental principle of how holy and dark elements are polar opposites and cannot coexist. You’re completely violating the rules.”


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 7: “An Honest Style”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: An Honest Style

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“An Honest Style” – translated by Lucathia

Today’s sunshine is so strong!

With his eyes squinted, Georgo lifted his hand to block out the sunlight that was blinding him. Even though he was in one of the corridors of the Holy Temple, the corridor had many enormous windows. They usually provided excellent lighting for the corridor, but with today’s weather, with not a cloud in the sky, it was truly bright enough to hurt his eyes.

Once he lowered his hand, Georgo immediately discovered a slim figure ahead of him, with a head of brilliant blond hair bright enough to dazzle one’s eyes. Although he couldn’t really see anything from the back, the hand that he could see was as tender and fair as white lilies.

A superb blond-haired female beauty… no wait, from her build, it must be a young, female beauty! A superb, blond-haired, young female beauty!