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What happens when you gather a lot of very bored – or very tired – translators and proof-readers together? Below are some of the more…entertaining conversations (that we’ve actually remembered to save for a change) we’ve had lately.

1) The Importance of Ornithology

Erialis: Are geese yellow? I only remember grey goslings

Iskeirka: In my experience, they’ve always bee white, I think

Eri: This is bad

Isk: Why? Continued

½ Prince V3C3: Everyone has Assembled

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½ Prince Volume 3: Records of the Vagabond Prince

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Everyone has Assembled – translated by Eilinel

“Sheesh, Prince hasn’t been replying to my PMs for a few days now,” Lolidragon complained.

“Well, you know that he’s a really careless person. He probably just didn’t notice the messages,” Ugly Wolf replied absently. “How’s the trap-setting coming along?”

“We’ve only covered one-quarter of the perimeter. Honestly, this city is too large,” Lolidragon answered, her brow furrowing.

Ugly Wolf turned toward his wife. “Yu Lian, do we still have sufficient funds?” Continued

The Legend of Sun Knight V1C2: “Gracefully, Leisurely, and Most Importantly, Fair-skinned”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1: An Introduction to Knight Theory

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Second Rule of Sun Knights: “Gracefully, Leisurely, and Most Importantly, Fair-skinned” – translated by Erialis

As we had successfully accomplished our mission to persuade the king to stop raising taxes, Storm and I were both given a few days off work.

It might be, though, that the Pope just couldn’t bear to see Storm with his eyes swollen to the size of chicken eggs, obscuring his vision to the point that he was crashing into pillars as he walked… (Or perhaps he just didn’t want to see another pillar damaged – for the record, the pillars in the church are all ornately carved works of art and are terribly expensive.) …which was why he gave us a few days off. Continued

Update: February 2010

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Iskeirka: Hi all! We have two lots of updates for you this month, with ½ Prince Volume 3 Chapter 3 and Sun Knight Volume 1 Chapter 2 on the 8th. Coming on the 11th will be ½ Prince V3C4 and Sun Knight V1C3, so knock yourselves out! (Eri: After or before reading? Because if it’s before, how will they read? *runs away*)

The Valentine’s Day Fanfic Contest has now closed, but an essential part of the competition has now made its way here; voting! Voting is open from the 8th to the 14th, so if you have a fanfic you like, go and say so! Those authors need your support, so head on over and vote. (Eri: In case you can’t see it, the poll is at the top of the thread – scroll sideways until you see it!) Continued

Update: January 2010

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WHEW! Four updates, a contest and a site revamp is not my idea of a relaxed weekend, but what the heck. Since it’s the new year, we’ll spoil you readers for a change. It’s also almost time for spring-cleaning (Chinese New Year is just around the corner), so I figured we might as well spring-clean this place too.

Because there are a lot of changes to our site, I’ll just explain and list out the changes for you guys to keep track of. Continued

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