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What happens when you gather a lot of very bored – or very tired – translators and proof-readers together? Below are some of the more…entertaining conversations (that we’ve actually remembered to save for a change) we’ve had lately.

1) The Importance of Ornithology

Erialis: Are geese yellow? I only remember grey goslings

Iskeirka: In my experience, they’ve always bee white, I think

Eri: This is bad

Isk: Why?

Eri: Because Yu Wo writes “goose yellow”, and I’m wondering geese are yellow

Isk: I looked up ‘goose’ on Google images, and they’re anywhere from white to brown or grey, sometimes mixed

Eri: There are yellow ones?

Isk: I haven’t seen any yellow ones

Eri: There are yellow geese. *inserts clipart of yellow geese* XD What a failure

Isk: lol

Eri: Are there any yellow birds?

Isk: I’m sure there’s plenty

Eri: Like chickens. Erk. I’m supposed to describe the Sun Knight as having skin that’s milk white with a tinge of “chicken yellow”?

Isk: lolllll

Eri: *collapses* Utter failure! TT_TT

Isk: That would be very amusing to read

Eri: Or duck yellow. Just need to find a bird now… Aaaaaaaaaaaah figured it out

Isk: Oh?

Eri: They mean the beak of the goose or the colour of goslings

Isk: That would make sense XD

Eri: TT_TT Sheesh. Still. Chicken yellow.

2) The Art of Stripping (Note: This is in reference to SK V1C2, when Sun is doing his body mask thing.)

Erialis: Question: “Strip himself” or “strip himself naked”? Because I just cannot for the life of me figure out whether the act of stripping involves getting naked, or does it merely refer to the act of removing clothes. In which case, being naked is not an absolute result of stripping… Are you laughing yet?

Iskeirka: No, I’m actually considering this seriously.

Eri: XD

Isk: Can I have it in context? XD

Eri: Ok, let me see…

Isk: Well, if you just write, ‘strip himself’, people’s minds would probably jump to nakedness.

Eri: “However, regardless of whether the first Sun Knight was actually an albino, I have no other choice but to strip myself naked and give my entire body a good steaming every week.” True, you can’t steam if you’re not in the nude.

Isk: But I’d say that adding the ‘naked’ in works better.

Eri: Or how about “completely strip myself”?

Isk: That works too.

Eri: I like the naked bit too. Because then you can really imagine Sun…ahem. Let’s not go there.

Isk: lolll, okay, NOW I’m trying to keep from laughing…

3) Naming Weapons is NOT an Easy Task

Erialis: Eili.

Eilinel: Yes?

Eri: “Taiyang Shengjian”… T_T Do we translate it as Sun Sword? Holy Sword of Sun? Divine Sun Sword? *collapses*

Eili: Then we would have Holy Bow of Leaf. Divine Sun Sword sounds the best

Eri: Err… Can you think of any others?

Eili: Hmm…

Eri: Then it would be Divine Leaf Bow? *wince* This is a nightmare, I am not waking up…

Eili: *rofl* Divine Sword of Sun? Weeeird

Eri: Godly Bow of Leaves…ahahaha…or Holy Sun Sword

Eili: That reminds me of Ice’s weapon. We can’t say Ice Stick, can we? >_< (Note: “Popsicle” is literally “ice stick” in Chinese.)

Eri: Icicle. Godly Icicle

Eili: Icicle sword!

Eri: Icicle That Is Holy… St. Icicle Sword

Eili: Hey, then it’s St. Sun Sword!

Eri: Saintly Sun Sword

Eili: Sun Saint Sword

Eri: Totally wrong. Sun Knight = Saint?

Eili: Hahahahaha

Eri: Can you imagine that? Sun with a halo?

Eili: *rofl*

Eri: *clutching sides from laughing too much*

Eili: Anyway, I still prefer Divine Sun Sword

Eri: *snickers*

Eili: Divine Leaf Bow

Eri: Divine Moon Whip!

Eili: Divine Icicle

Eri: XD

Eili: Then what does Judgment use?! Judgment Sword?

Eri: Divine Judgment Sword, I guess?

Eili: I judge you!

Eri: LOL sounds like… “Pikachu, I choose you!” So this becomes… *brain crash*

Eili: Judgment holds up the sword straight and says…

Eri: *because picture of Judge throwing a Pokeball is now in my head*

Eili: I JUDGE YOU!!! …Omg, I think we will get killed…

Eri: Worse still, the image has just changed.

Eili: …if the Taiwanese fans find out about this.

Eri: I had an image of Judge throwing the Pokeball, and then out jumps Sun

Eili: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean, chibi Sun

Eri: Yes, because his hair is yellow…just like…

Eili: Yes… Where is SR…. I wanna ask her to draw it out…

4) Cats and the Advantages of Knowing Chinese

Kooster: nya

Erialis: Ask Eili (Note: Ray was asking a translation question when the entire scene unfolded…)

Shadow Rebirth: nya

Eilinel: Don’t ask me

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Eili: I have no idea too >_<

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

Ray: I think it’s ‘frozen skin’…right??

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Ray: nya?

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Eili: Should be

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

Eili: Since it’s pork skin

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Eili: I wonder what happened to those two

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Ray: Nya stop it

SR: nya

Koo: *runs away*

SR: X3

Koo: We were possessed by dark kitty spirits

SR: lmao XD

Eri: Eili, do you know what I’m thinking?

Eili: ?? Copy and paste all the “nyas” into the update post?

Koo: Yes :3

SR: lmao XD

Eili: Spread the nya >_<

Eri: 我看他们可能是在叫春 *runs away*

Eili: hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Koo: Fack my Chinese is too rusty

Eri: Wahahahaha good

Koo: Can’t tell what the last phrase says

Eri: Very good

Koo: Oh wait, I have that translator

Eri: *cackles*

Ray: haha

Koo: But I think I get the idea

Eili: 早就怀疑他们有奸情!


Eili *runs too*

SR: /is lost/

Eri: *is laughing too hard*

SR: ><

Eri: Shall I translate?

SR: Yes XD

Koo: Wait

Eri: me – “I think they might be cats in heat/making mating calls.”

Koo: Still translating…

Eri: eili – “I knew that there was something going on between them!” *runs away*

Koo: *grabs Eri*

SR: lmao XD

Eri: Eeeeek

Koo: *drags Eri back* :3


Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Koo: nya

SR: nya

Eri: *grabs SR by the tail*

Eili: Eri

SR: Ack ><

Koo: *hisses at Eri* :3

Eili: They are still continuing!

Iskeirka: NUUUUU

Ray: Noooo they’re possessed by evil kitty spirits again

Eili: Nah, Ray—

Koo: *bites Eri’s hand* :3

Eili: —they are *ahem*

Ray: Oic *evil grins*

Eri: 我都说了,他们在叫春!

Eili: Finally came out of the closet

Ray: haha

SR: Wait, what?

Eri: 叫春很少会叫到一半然后停的嘛!

Koo: XD

Eili: yes yes /rofl

Starie: XD

SR: /is lost again/ ><

Ray: Yup XD Isk, did you understand that?

Isk: No D:

Koo: lulz~

Eri: “I told you, they’re cats in heat!”

Ray: Wait for Eri’s translation…

SR: /headdesks/

Eri: “They can’t stop halfway!”

Isk: lol

Koo: nya *nods knowingly*

SR: lmao

Koo: *continues to bite Eri’s hand*

Ray: *laughs*

Starie: lol

Eili: Eri, stuff a plastic fish into koo’s mouth, he must be teething

Eri: Nah, I live on the 8th floor

Koo: *bites down harder* :3

Eri: I’ll just shake him off my hand so he can go join the cats downstairs

Eili: Out of the window /rofl

SR: …

Eri: Without the benefit of the lift or staircases

Koo: *sprouts wings*

SR: Isn’t that homocide?

Koo: It’s nekocide, or animal abuse :3

Eri: I could plead legitimate self-defense, he did bite me first

Koo: *points at SR’s tail in your hand*

Eri: You’re a cat, don’t point

Eili: /rofl

Koo: *points with tail*

SR: lmao XD

Eri: *twitch* *grabs tail as well* *ties the tails together*

Koo: *tail bites your hand*

Eri: …

Koo: Dark kitty spirit, remember?

Isk: Tails have mouths now?

Koo: Mine does

SR: /is laughing too hard to say anything/

Starie: *ditto*

Ray: *laughs with SR*

Eili: Eri, get Judgment Knight over XD

Eri: 危险动物

Starie: LOL

SR: Not again ><

Eili: Lolx Eri likes to bully SR

Eri: I said, “dangerous animals”

Koo: Yup ^^

SR: lmao XD

Eri: Kind of like how they put up signs telling people to beware of animals

Koo: I ate them

Eri: Really?

Koo: nya

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  1. Lostassyria

    hahahaha you guys are awesome. XDXDXD

  2. LOOOL!~ ahahaha everyone is so hilarious xD

  3. *sniff* I don’t stay up late enough to get in all the fun. TT.TT Stupid time zones. XD

  4. starwarrior1234

    HAHAHA! Chinese school is a pain in the neck, but it does good to know that some ppl hav no clue what you’re writing or saying! lol

  5. oh god that was awesome XD

  6. nya!

  7. oh… my… NYAAAA!!!… WTF where did that come from? it wasn’t me… real nya… oy… since when do spirits travel via internet? i’m nya’ut off nya’re…

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    Nya nya nya….RAWR!

  9. Wow!!were u guys chattin on msn,gmail or yahoo? If so add me!!!!!!!!!><

  10. hahaaha, fancy ‘nya’ being cat mating calls.. funny imagination XD

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    • Bridget

      We seem to have the same problem Nabs. XD Though our reasons are different. Let’s be left out together~ XD lol

  12. Very funny! Odd Squad Scanlations have these type of conversations too, but it’s usually over sound effects XD

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    That’s hilarious….XD XD XD

    you know, if you guys use Gmail chat, you can set it to automatically archive your conversations.

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    It’s usually me nowadays who archives the convos, but since i’m missing… these guys don’t rmmbr ^_-

  15. “Eili: …if the Taiwanese fans find out about this.”

    As a Taiwanese fan, I was srsly laughing like a weirdo by myself in front of the computer… LMAO

    Back then before I knew this was going to be translated, I had some thoughts of “hmm I wonder how will the translator translate some part of this book…”

    but you guys actually pulled it out well!<3

  16. Haha, oh geez, those were some hilarious conversations. X’D

    I currently have the Meow Mix jingle stuck in my head, only with the ‘nya’s replaying the meows. XD;

    Great stuff though. ^_^

  17. Bluefeather

    WOW. Just simply wow. I really liked the first ones but I don’t get the whole NYA thingy.
    Someone please explain?

  18. Bluefeather

    OH and yes, I’ve read the whole evil kitty thing but I still don’t get the *nya* thing..y

  19. rofl, 鹅黄 as goose yellow XD a simple “light yellow” turned into “chicken yellow” XD

  20. Evil kitty spirits are taking over the world o.e… RUN AWAY!!!

  21. This was excellent. I kept on laughing throughout it. I’ll probably re-read this whenever I need a laugh. ^.^

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