½ Prince V1Extra: Yu Lian VS Ugly Wolf

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½ Prince Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter: Yu Lian VS Ugly Wolf – translated by Erialis

“Wolf-dàgē, do you think the timing for my spell just now was okay? Is there any area that I should work on?” Yu Lian asked bashfully.

“Not at all, I think it was really well done. The timing, direction, and strength of the magic were all perfect,” replied Ugly Wolf with a gentle smile.


Yes, it was pretty well done, but I think she would do even better if she didn’t stop to ask Wolf-dàgē for his opinion – and end up chatting for ten minutes – each time she finished casting a spell, I thought exasperatedly. I continued to fight mob after mob, even as I rolled my eyes N number of times at the couple, who were happily chatting away.

“It’s been so long and they’re still there in their private little world, and they’re not even paying the rest of us any attention. Their behavior’s…going to make me die of envy,” I complained as I cast yet another somewhat aggrieved glance at the two. Continued

½ Prince V1C6: A Normal Mage?

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½ Prince Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: A Normal Mage? – translated by Erialis

Upon returning to Star City, I headed straight for the inn where the team had agreed to meet up. As soon as I entered, I discovered an extremely somber atmosphere. The other members of Odd Squad were seated about a round table and all of them wore stiff expressions that seemed to suggest that they were actually seething inwardly.

As soon as they saw me arrive, everyone gave me a brief nod, and Wolf-dàgē indicated for me to sit down. I quickly pulled up a chair, not daring to fool around.

“Everyone, what do you think of the letter of challenge sent to us by the Dark Emperor?” Wolf-dàgē said, first asking for the team’s opinion on the matter.

“…?” Confusion was written all over my face. What letter of challenge? Continued

½ Prince V1C5: Sworn Enemies

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½ Prince Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Sworn Enemies – translated by Erialis

I hacked, I slashed, I chopped N number of times. I furiously vented all my frustration on the mobs, even as I thought to myself, What the hell! Not only did Lolidragon abandon me, even Wolf-dàgē turned his back on me, and Doll! Actually saying stuff about how it was more fun with more people…!

Damn Gui, stupid Gui, stinking Gui! Gazing at me with that perverted look from day to night! My back feels as if a hole’s about to be burnt through it!

I turned around and glared savagely at that damn homo.

Unbelievably enough, Gui, seeing that I had turned about and was glaring at him, actually started waving at me enthusiastically, and…

And even blowing me a kiss! I’m dodging it! I hurriedly turned away and went back to fighting mobs, so as to avoid receiving any more of those blown kisses with Gui’s questionable intentions. Continued


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EDIT: Thanks guys for your votes and comments! Here are the results of the poll:

Dark Emperor Team – 44%

Dark Phantom Team – 27%

Either’s fine, I just want to read! – 29%

We’ll go with Dark Emperor Team for now, but please feel free to suggest yet another name – and provide a good argument for it! We’re always open to changing names. The same goes for Wicked’s name – check our characters wiki for more information about his actual name if you’re interested.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – that’s what the Bard says.

The question of the day is this: what would you like us to translate “暗黑邪皇队” as?

For those who have no idea what that is, it’s the name of the team that Wicked belongs to. Before you make a decision, here’s the dilemma:

The name literally means “Dark Evil Emperor Team” – so if we’re going for accuracy (and respecting the original intentions of the author) then it’s definitely Dark Emperor Team.

However, many of you are more familiar with “Dark Phantom Team” – the name which appears in the English scanlations of the manhua.

Just in case you’ve been wondering why we’re translating “Little Dragon Girl” into Lolidragon and “Evil Spirit” into “Wicked” (yes, Wicked’s name is actually Evil Spirit), the reason is because the names are still pretty true in terms of their general impression and meaning (in particular, it was requested that we translate “Little Dragon Girl” as “Lolidragon”). The difference between Dark Emperor and Dark Phantom, however, is quite big.

In any case, you get to cast a vote! We’ll go with whichever’s more popular, but do keep in mind that we’re translating the novel, so it’s always preferable (for us) to stick true to the novels.

I’ve left further information in my response to the other comments, so take a look if you would like to understand the differences and the reasoning behind the translation dilemma. Do keep in mind that the novel is written by a Chinese author, so some of the assumptions you might make (unconsciously) might not hold true! (Such as how Lolidragon is more likely to be used as an MMO name than Little Dragon Girl – hope you guys still remember the footnote about Lolidragon’s name!)

Officially Approved!

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Hello, all ye rabid ½ Prince fans!

There’s been a lot of not-so-good news on the ½ Prince manhua front, but there is a huge piece of good news for our ½ Prince novel translations. Some of you might have seen the thread on MangaFox, but for those of you who didn’t, here’s the breaking news:

Yu Wo, the wonderful, amazing, awe-inspiring author of the ½ Prince novels, has given the thumbs up for our translation! The conditions are, of course, to not use the translations for commercial purposes or profit, and to make sure that credit is given to the author.

Woot! Bet you all the other translators and proof-readers will be so psyched when they hear about this. (After three antsy days of waiting and checking my email every ten minutes…)

I know lots of you have been really worried that we would have to stop, so here’s a big “THANK YOU” to all of you who have been very understanding and supportive of our actions! Now we can focus on bringing to you the best possible translation fearlessly. XD

So to all the readers, remember to help us make sure that no one attempts to benefit fiscally (that is, monetary gains) from these free, by-fans-for-fans translations! Especially now that we’ve gotten the thumbs up, there will probably be some lout or another who will try to make use of that…

But for now, three cheers for Yu Wo-jiějie!

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