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Hello, all ye rabid ½ Prince fans!

There’s been a lot of not-so-good news on the ½ Prince manhua front, but there is a huge piece of good news for our ½ Prince novel translations. Some of you might have seen the thread on MangaFox, but for those of you who didn’t, here’s the breaking news:

Yu Wo, the wonderful, amazing, awe-inspiring author of the ½ Prince novels, has given the thumbs up for our translation! The conditions are, of course, to not use the translations for commercial purposes or profit, and to make sure that credit is given to the author.

Woot! Bet you all the other translators and proof-readers will be so psyched when they hear about this. (After three antsy days of waiting and checking my email every ten minutes…)

I know lots of you have been really worried that we would have to stop, so here’s a big “THANK YOU” to all of you who have been very understanding and supportive of our actions! Now we can focus on bringing to you the best possible translation fearlessly. XD

So to all the readers, remember to help us make sure that no one attempts to benefit fiscally (that is, monetary gains) from these free, by-fans-for-fans translations! Especially now that we’ve gotten the thumbs up, there will probably be some lout or another who will try to make use of that…

But for now, three cheers for Yu Wo-jiějie!

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  1. Eia

    I have to know, what did she say in her response?

    This is the most awesome news I’ve heard today. Yes, this even beats my acceptance into graduate school.

    • erialis

      She said, “So long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes, and remember to credit the author (herself, that is), then it’s no problem! I’m very happy to see you all so enthusiastically translating 1/2 Prince into English, it must be a lot of hard work! Please keep up the hard work!” Oh, I love her! XD

    • Shiva

      Me too..X3
      That’s awesome!^~^ I’m very glad that she has approved it.

  2. doraemon_918

    Wow, that’s a wonderful new^^ I am glad that the author has approved this project.

  3. serao

    I spilled my drink all over the floor when I saw the post on MF and flailed. This is *amazing* and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like it happening. What an awesome author. She rocks! We’ve gotta do her proud!

    • erialis

      You spilled your drink? I was yelling at my dad, “GET OVER HERE AND EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THIS MEANS”, because Yu Wo replied in traditional Chinese (I’m better with simplified Chinese)…

    • serao

      I’m still really light-headed. And my floor is sticky. But I don’t care. XD XD XD I think I yelled too. This is fabulous!

    • erialis

      If you mean the manhua, it depends. If there’s no group doing it by the time V6 comes out and if I actually have the time (school starts around the same time as V6 release), then perhaps. I’d much rather focus on the novel, though.

    • Jedai

      Please please focus on the novel !

      I discovered Half-Prince by the Manhua but the novel is much more interesting. Thank you very much for this excellent translation.

      Also a splendid gesture by the author. I’ll be sure to buy its books if they come out in French or English.

  4. Lostassyria

    that’s awesome! wooot! i’m so happy that she gave her blessings! :DDD
    i’ll continue to patiently wait for your amazing releases then!~

  5. Ethermina

    HIP HIP HURRAY!!! That’s good news. Now you guys can focus on doing the translations without any worries.

    Thanks Yu Wo-jiejie for the approval.

    And to our translators and proof-readers, great job so far. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves and hope you guys don’t get ill. If you guys aren’t well, we wouldn’t know what to do. Thanks a bunch.

  6. lucky3

    yeah man…way to go guys…thnx for the post and keep the good work up…oooh and big thank you yu wo-jiejie

  7. Xinnie

    O_o traditional chinese O_O :O I can also read traditional chinese, much better than simplified chinese.But I’m really happy that you got approved! YIPPIE! *xinnie dans a round*

  8. Elysian

    OMG… YAYY YAYY~~~!! *actually screaming in front of my pc*
    I love her even more now !!! XD

    Actually I have been thinking bout your request to her.. and want to ask you about the result before I see this page.. :D

    Thank u very much for the approval Yu Wo Jie Jie… XD

  9. Houka Ryuu

    WOW! I can’t believe it. That’s a great job of getting the author’s permission to keep translating the novels in to English.

    You people have been doing a great job of translating and all your hard work has paid off.

    I will definitely keep checking back on this site and keep patient for updates. ^_^

  10. noobzilla

    Yay!! I’m so happy, i thought she would say no, this is such a nice surprise! keep up the good work erialis! lots of love for you and the author!! I will be patient and watch for your updates! so don’t bail out on us poor non chinese speaking rabid fans! <3

  11. soja

    *throws confetti*
    The writer is simply GREAT!

  12. saibur

    Yay! I hope her novels sells even more so much that it gets discovered in america so I can purchase it.

  13. boonz

    congrats!!! YAY!!! At last Prince Revolution officially approved XD..


  14. Andréanne Lamothe

    This is great news! That the author recognizes the importance of a fan translation to make his work known in other contries is nice. It’s a nice gift for you who all do such a good job with the translating and proofreading and those other possible jobs that I don’t know about.
    Keep-up the good work!

  15. alexlmlo

    Nice one, I think we both got Yu Wo’s e-mail reply at the same time then, I bet she is thrilled with the English translation. Got to tell her how happy you guys are then, lol.


  16. Tanequil

    Congrats, guys! This is wonderful news!!


  17. yuchin4life

    *jumps up and down*
    Thank you Yu Wo!
    I’ll ask my cousins to buy 1/2 prince when they go to Taiwan and the manhuas!

  18. devilpyro

    maybe too late, but i say this : haha oh god good2 , this is the best we can hope of. and dont worry. i wont sellin the copy or something like that, rather if i found anyone dares done it i`ll really beat them half death :p ~~

  19. shadowwolf128

    What the heck. Synopsis is spelled wrong. This is bothering the crap out of me.

    • erialis

      This has been mentioned before. Synopses is the plural form of synopsis. E.g. Pig snout (singular), pig snouts (plural). Hence novel synopses, not novel synopsis. >_>

  20. cerealaine

    wow, congratulations! and keep up the good work. XD while i enjoy the manhua, i like the novel far better.

    thanks again for translating it.

  21. brad

    I love thid novel and I love it more and more with every update so I would just be crushed if you had to stop so praise Yu Wo for her generosity and praise all of you for all your hard work and I will wait impatiently for the next update and pray for no delays and once again thank all of you for the work you have put in to this amazing books translation.

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