The Legend of Sun Knight V4C10: “Slay the Dragon” Doujin Manhua

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My first scanlation ever! Read right-to-left and top-to-bottom.
If the pictures seem too small, right-click and open image in new tab, or copy image url and paste it in a new tab.


Artist: Chi Yu

Disclaimer from the artist:

    1) Because this is based on a novel, I definitely copied stuff~

2) To make the manhua flow better and express their emotions better (either because the original text is too long or my hand would become disabled were I to draw it), the scenes and dialogue in the novel were altered slightly.
3) Some places that Miss Ya Sha did not draw (because that part was blocked by something, e.g. a weapon) were improvised.


½ Prince V8C7: The Eternal Legend

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½ Prince V8C7: Eternal Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: “The Eternal Legend” – translated by dahlys

“So you guys came after all. What a waste of the Dictator’s repeated pleas for your lives.” This voice was all too familiar. It was Long Dian’s cold and taunting voice.

I turned and looked at him, unable to believe my eyes. Long Dian no longer had white hair; his black hair had been restored. His leisurely worn white robes and exceedingly beautiful face made him look just like an angel that had fallen into the mortal world.

If I had not known what he was really like, that might have been what I would have thought. However, I knew very well that the man in front of me now was a devil who had murdered thousands of people, threatened the whole world, and even condemned the child he had created! Even though that child had cared so much for him!

He killed the Dictator of Life. I clenched my fists. In the end, I… didn’t make it in time to save the Dictator.

“Is the Dictator of Life already… dead?” I asked in a hoarse voice. No, I must not cry!

Long Dian dismissively said, “He has never been alive, so how could he die?”


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 10: “Kicking Forth the Truth”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Kicking Forth the Truth

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“Kicking Forth the Truth” – translated by dahlys

Kicking doors is really addictive; it’s just so fun and exciting!

But some doors are forbidden. Chikus only kicked them open once, and has never dared to kick them again.

Lesus – Even if you kick his door open, there’s nothing much to see. You will just see Lesus correcting documents, and then you will make him angry.

Grisia – Extremely horrifying things will happen after you kick his door!

The Pope – After kicking his door…???


½ Prince V8C6: Deception

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½ Prince V8C6: Deception

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: “Deception” – translated by dahlys

“Fox? So this is a fox.” I had never seen a fox before, so it was no wonder I didn’t know what it was… But to think that foxes actually have nine tails! That was a real eye-opener.

“So foxes actually have nine tails…” Sigh, if I had known this before, then I would have put more effort into studying biology properly. How could I have not even known that foxes have nine tails?

“Of course foxes don’t have nine tails!” Lolidragon said as she fiercely punched me.

“This should also be a robot,” said Wicked, who immediately pulled out his gun as a precaution.

“A robot?” I exclaimed. “I don’t believe it. It’s too beautiful.”

“Humans…” The fox actually talked, and it had an extremely pleasant voice too. It said, “You are not my master. Besides my master, no one else is permitted to enter this place.”

“Oh?” I calmed down a little. Since the fox could talk, it couldn’t possibly be a real fox. After hesitating for a bit, I asked, “Do you know what we have to do in order to continue going up? Why can we only reach the second floor?”

“Haha,” laughed the nine-tailed fox. “I know how you can continue going up. Once you have defeated me, the elevator will automatically allow you to go up.”


Female Warrior: Gender Crisis?

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Here are the pictures of the first generation Twelve Holy Knights!

Which are male and which are female? Not all of the characters have appeared in the novels yet, so only Yu Wo knows the answer for now… But what do you guys think? It’s speculation time!

Also, match the pictures to the knights =)

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