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Hello, this is Lucathia, one of the translators you haven’t read a chapter from yet, though I’ve been around. I’ll be helping with livening the staff blog a bit. If you have any topics you’d like to see, let us know!

First up, I thought it would be nice to translate some of Yu Wo’s plurks. She often plurks about random thoughts, sneak previews of her books, and such. I went to the beginning of her plurk and started from there, so it’ll take a while to reach her recent plurks (they also include more spoilers for later volumes of LSK, so I’ll save those for later and leave them out for now). I excluded most plurks that have nothing to do with 1/2 Prince, LSK, Yu Wo herself, and/or her thought processes. You might see some unfamiliar novel titles here and there when she mentions her other works. We haven’t really settled on English translations for the titles of those novels, so keep in mind that English titles are all tentative.

Below are her 2009 plurks with links to her original plurks if you’d like to leave her a comment. If I skipped any plurks you’d like to see translated, comment with a link to that plurk and I’ll include it next time! (Unless they’re very spoilerish~). After reading these, I’m sure you’ll come away thinking that Yu Wo’s quite quirky. ;)

August 8, 2009

A pointless joke from Yu Wo:
I once recommended someone to go watch the movie Dark Knight.
I explained the movie a bit to this person.
In the end, that person used a very incredulous tone to tell me,
“Whoa! This movie is so similar to Batman!”

August 25, 2009

GongHua’s1 progress is falling behind. It’s really hard to write right after summer activities end, or is my willpower too poor…(probably a combination of both, and more of the latter D: )

September 02, 2009

My plan for a trilogy for my new series GongHua has crumbled.
My original plan was to KO it in three steps!
But now I can’t seem to finish writing, and my planned plot has grown a lot.
So the first novel is being split into two…
Why is it that I keep going over recently…or maybe my ability to describe things superfluously has improved!

September 7, 2009

Recently when writing GongHua, I have to put in effort to imagine personalities that are not my own. It’s really quite hard.
The main character lives for revenge that belongs to the past. And whose life’s goal is revenge. This is very hard for me to imagine.
In real life, it’s actually very hard to understand a life goal of hating someone so much that there’s no other option but to kill him.
On top of that, living in the past…I’m actually someone who lives in the present. I plan for the future, and my memory’s too poor, so I’m someone who forgets a lot of the past.
I don’t like and am not very good at writing battles scenes, yet I wrote about knights and heroes who must battle.
I don’t like writing the past yet I wrote a main character who only cares about the past.
Am I a masochist or what? OTZ
Or maybe I unconsciously wanted to bring to life a completely different kind of lifestyle in the book? Ah, this explanation sounds smart, much better than being a masochist. Alright! I’ll pretend this was the reason! (gets hit)

September 12, 2009

I finished rereading the Legend of Sun Knight~
Yup, I pretty much got back in touch with Grisia (his despicability and shamelessness). ~Volume 6 \ / Here I come to write you!!!

September 13, 2009

I want to finish a short story for Female Warrior2 in February.
It’ll basically be an edited and finished version of their encounter, like what I’ve posted on my blog.
But there will be a published version of Female Warrior in the future too, so the beginning will be rewritten then. The plan for the published version is to use a different kind of opening. The time will be fast-forwarded a lot, so that means their encounter in the published version will be shown through flashbacks.
Hm, I wonder how many people will want to buy this if this is the case? It’s always hard to determine how much to print…

September 23, 2009

Finished reading No Kill’s3 new edition. Time to get back into the world of knights.
Even so, I cannot assure you that there won’t be any mistakes. Actually, ever since the three most recent volumes of No Hero and the Legend of Sun Knight, I at least turned in my manuscript seven times for each volume…
But there are always still mistaken words in them. / \
Please pardon me for that. I do my best to spot all the mistakes, but I can’t promise it’ll be a hundred percent free of them…OTZ
The author, the author’s mom, and the editor have gone over these again and again, causing me to turn in my manuscripts seven times, and still there are wrong words.
I am so resentful that even if I die, I would become a death knight and continue to turn in my manuscripts…

September 22, 2009

When I saw that No Kill’s paper manuscript for the new edition was even thicker than a package of newly bought A4 paper, my face became as white as A4 paper.

October 2, 2009

Writing a main character who likes to eat sweets, and likes to eat super sweet sweets, has resulted in repercussions…readers like to bring super sweet sweets to me in autograph sessions.
I actually don’t like sweets that are too sweet! D:
I’m declaring this here! The author is not Grisia. I don’t like to eat super sweet sweets, and when real people eat too many sweets, they become fat.
~~Everyone should just gift me 300 pages of handwritten thoughts about the novels after reading them. (Wrong!)

October 4, 2009

As I wrote Judgment’s background…I was suddenly hit with the ambition to write side stories of each of the Twelve Holy Knights… I better finish what I need to publish for February next year before I deal with this ~OTZ

October 13, 2009

Today when I was updating Eclipse Hunter4 on my blog, I accidentally started reading it myself…and then I opened the files and read until the ending. (hides)
What am I doing! This was written by myself~~ Stop this perverted narcissistic behavior! (in the middle of feeling embarrassed)

October 30, 2009

Someone asked me why I post published words (online). I’ll explain to everyone here. The main reason I post them is because there is too much internet piracy. In reality, each and every book I’ve published can be found illegally online. Even with my non-published works, it’s the same. Talking about this here isn’t a big deal, since probably everyone who knows how to use search engines knows this already, and I believe that anyone who knows how to use Plurk knows how to use search engines.
With my works posted illegally everywhere, the fact that my own blog doesn’t have the texts is something I can’t stand. Instead of having other people upload my works, I would rather everyone come to my blog to view the updates. At least I would receive some comments.
I have also said more than once that when my books are completely finished, I would put them online after a certain time. To those who are still willing to buy my books and support me despite this, I am deeply grateful. To those who are willing to wait until I post my works, I am also deeply grateful.
But I also have to ask readers who buy my books to forgive me, because I will continue to post my works online on my blog for everyone to read for free when the books are completed.
Basically, thanks for everyone’s support~~ In this age where internet piracy is everywhere, I am super thankful to each reader who buys my books and to each reader who comes to my site~~~

November 1, 2009

Recently, every volume is going over the word limit. Is my inspiration overflowing, or has my ability to contain my words grown weaker? Ah! I need to be more positive! It must be that my inspiration is overflowing! That has to, has to, has to be it… (repeats 100 times)
With books by Angel Publishing, one volume is 80,000 words, but recently I’ve been writing around 85,000 words, and every book has gone past 85,000 words. No Hero 4 even got up to 93,400 words or so…but oh well, it’s not like I have to stick to 80,000 words~~

November 11, 2009

From 1/2 Prince’s pocket edition to No Kill’s new edition, looking at the slow evolvement of my past works truly moves me a little. Even though I always want to improve, I have a hard time figuring out if I actually am improving. But looking back, I think I am sort of on the path of improving. This makes me relax a little, but I’ll need to put in more effort to improve from now on.
I’ve even written so many words over time. Each time I see this, I feel it’s unbelievable.
Every time I open my word documents, I feel like I’ll never finish writing. Each time I finish writing and open a new document, I feel like I’m starting from the very beginning.
Breathes out~~
Alright, time to start from the beginning again!!!

December 9, 2009

Battles~~~~I’m actually not good at battles, so I have to put in effort and watch a bunch of movies or read manga so that my mind can think up of enough battle positions, and then I need to rack my brains to transform those images into words. Uses a lot of my brain power. But have I written any books without battle scenes? (short stories don’t count) Eh…I don’t think I have! Blasphemy! This must be a masochistic tendency!!!

December 10, 2009

Each main character in every book will always have some of my personality, or they have a personality completely opposite of mine, like how super sweet sweets are not to my liking. ZhaoSuo5 likes hero films. Films I buy are 70% hero films. Superman~~ Batman~~ Spiderman~~ Actually, I just wanted to say that I just received my Spiderman 1+2+3!

December 13, 2009

Readers often ask me how to write humorous things. Actually, something funny might not actually be funny. Finding something funny comes from viewing life humorously. Even though you’ll still feel sadness once you reach some sort of limit, you can only approach your sadness with a smile, and then continue to march forward with a smile.


1 GongHua (公華): One of Yu Wo’s currently ongoing novels. As of this post, there are 3 volumes out so far. The novel title is also the name of the main character. As we have not settled on a translation for the character’s name, I’m leaving this untranslated.

2 Female Warrior (女武): One of Yu Wo’s novels that she plans on expanding on more after she finishes writing the Legend of Sun Knight. For those of you who are curious about this, Female Warrior is related to the story of the Legend of Sun Knight.

3 No Kill (不殺): One of Yu Wo’s completed novels. Also known as Kill No More depending on the translation. The title comes from one of the main characters, as he is an assassin who refuses to kill.

4 Eclipse Hunter (玄日狩): One of Yu Wo’s completed novels. Also known as Hunting of the Shaded Guardian. Eclipse Hunter is the prequel to another of her series, No Hero.

5 ZhaoSuo: ZhaoSuo is a character from No Hero. It is much too early for us to decide on name translations for characters from other novels, so I left the name untranslated.

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for taking the time and effort to translate this. I really enjoyed hearing how Yu Wo thinks. And made me appreciate her writing so much more, realizing how hard writing books is.

  2. Hehe, Yu Wo is so adorable. <3 Thank you for translating. ^__^

  3. This is so….
    Not all my favorite authors get my respect (not that it matters to them), only the ones whose thoughts or personalities show that they deserve it.
    Now I know and can say that I do respect this lady.

    Thanks for translating this, and thanks for all of the staff for all the translations! I cannot thank you enough!

    That bit about A4 is simply genius… I’m so using it……..

  4. Demoninmysoul

    I can only agree with hobbit!! Thanks for the plurks, and I’ll look forward to see more of them!!! And…. well, hoping you guys/girls will translate more and more of her works. :) (I’ll just be thankful for everything I got!)

    BTW Eclipse Hunter is being translated by Odd Squad Scanlations – I read it there, and love that one too!!!

  5. “Or maybe I unconsciously wanted to bring to life a completely different kind of lifestyle in the book? Ah, this explanation sounds smart, much better than being a masochist. Alright! I’ll pretend this was the reason! (gets hit)”
    I love this author! She’s just as amusing as the stories she writes. Thanks for translating this.

  6. Thank you very much for tranlating this! I loved it!!!

    It’s really sad that we can’t read her other works…

  7. wow, normally i’m pretty indifferent about authors (sorry, authors!), but yu wo really deserves some respect. she’s prolly the first author i really respect and admire. some people call her the taiwanese joanne k rowling, but i think that’s an insult to her (sorry, HP-fans!). i think her books and characters are much better and more interesting than harry potter.

    speaking of translation, (when) do you plan on translating the 7th novel’s synopsis of LSK? also, you misspelled synopses at the beginning … (ypu wrote ‘NOVEL SNYOPSES’)

    • Sorry, where is the “novel synopses” misspelling? I tried to find it using Ctrl-F but I couldn’t find any…

    • dark.chii


      it’s in the headline before the volume covers, under the table of contents

    • Found it! Thanks!

  8. CocoFlower

    Yu Wo is so frickin hilarious!! Her personality is something completely different and unique- funny and adorable yet witty. She’s definately my fav author- it’s a pity there aren’t any english speaking authors similar to her :(

  9. I just read her blog in that crappy google translator… (hic sob hic) LSK is actually done… no more LSK (bawl)… Im so sad.. T_T

    • lucathia

      Yeah, it’s complete, but she’s still planning on writing some side stories (she mentioned 1 to 2 volumes, and it might have an overarching plot in addition to some stand alone stories), so we’ll still get more of the characters and the world! The main plot is complete though. I’m both excited and sad about that.

  10. Lil' Person

    I want to be a famous author, but I got to say; if anything I write has to be better than Yu Wo’s I don’t think I’ll ever get there, but that’s not a bad thing at all XD

  11. Thank you so much for this! <3
    Yu Wo is hilarious. XD And her writing power is amazing, really.
    I felt bad when I read her post on Oct 30, though. I wish I could do something. I would have to go online to buy the novels, but my family is pretty strict about this. D:< I wonder if Yu Wo can see our comments full of love.

  12. Thanks for the translations ! Actually i’ve been meaning to learn more of the author since I’m writing a paper over her. Its pretty hard though if you can’t even read chinese though.THANKS! :)

  13. Thank you for these translations! It’s always nice to read about what the authors of our favorite works do.

  14. Thank you for the translations of these as well! I realize you didn’t have to do this, so it’s rather awesome that you did.

    Because of the parts of her work that I have read, she was already one of the authors I liked. Because of this, she is one of my favorite authors.

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