Who is your Favorite Minor Character in 1/2 Prince and Why?

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For purposes of this question, a minor character is anyone who is not in Odd Squad.

Personally, I really like Fairsky’s character. Sure, she’s spoiled, bratty, and even a bit crazy at times, but I really admire her persistence and as Sunshine said, “She always speaks her mind and expresses her feelings honestly, not like others who think one thing and say another.” (v4 Extra) I’ve never been particularly good at speaking out my own thoughts, feelings and desires, so Fairsky’s bold declaration of her love for Sunshine and her unwavering determination to stick with it despite the hurdles really moved me. Although I first thought that she was nothing more than a crazy, obsessed, and superficial girl, after reading the more recent chapters I have come to sympathize with her and to admire her indomitable will in seeking out her own happiness.

Which minor character do you like best, and why?

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  1. acetatedbubble

    Kenshin is my favourite. He’s really badass without being arrogant about it. Also, he’s very human, which I find tragic but beautiful.

  2. Demoninmysoul

    Well, I’d say, I like all of them to some extent, but my favourites would be Ming Huang (Miwa) and Arctic Fox (Ice Fox). I like both of their personalities. I’m always in the shadows, but Miwa’s expolsiveness makes me scream “BUUURNNNN!!!” in my heart. Arctic Fox became one of my favourites with the last manga chapter. He’s the cool and strong type, balancing Miwa’s personality great for me.
    I could choose much more, but I’ll stop for now.

  3. Unkindness

    I quite like Western Wind. He’s so proud and yet he always loses against Prince. He’s funny :3

  4. anyapriya

    Meatbun! I <3 Meatbun!!!!!! He's just so darn adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwww………………….. *huggles* *cough cough* Ummm…. I apologize for my kinda fangirly behavior….. XD

  5. Artemst

    Kenshin and Arctic fox, they have a PhD in Badass-ness. XD

  6. Wicked, of course, but because he’s in the triangle, I’ll pick other people….
    Arctic Fox

    I really like Feng Lang’s parents. They’re terrible at parenting, but that makes things fun.

  7. I would say Kenshin! :D

  8. Meatbun, and Kenshin! Probably Xiao Lan’s brother.


    Artic Fox definitely. Wicked would be 8th on my list. And fire phoenix. (I still can’t believe F.P. is a girl!)

  10. KuranNita

    Arctic Fox and Kenshin of course! They are really cool and the strongest character, aside from the enemies, appeared so far! Moreover, the way Arctic Fox crazy (I would dare say he was “obsessed”) for Kenshin and always tagging him along is definitely amusing to no end!

  11. daystar

    kenshin… the perfect ant-social badass!

  12. daystar

    and i can’t send twitter messages to those who don’t follow me, help?

  13. I would say Artic Fox, Kenshin, Nan Gong Zui and Tian Xian (aka Caelus)

    because later on, they are AWESOME!!! especially in the extra book that takes place after the series

  14. Gui of course! X3
    Kenshin is second on my list.

  15. Chrona Wins

    My favorite minor characters are in order:
    Ming Huang


    Because he’s SO tsun and pretty and cute and short and that hot temper of his is just so ADORABLE. Not to mention that he’s not all talk – he’s actually one of the BEST mages which is a plus point; strong characters are always more preferable to the weaker ones! His colour scheme and collar (in the manhua) suits him too; they add to his manliness and the contrast of cute-pretty + badass is just most charming! He’s also one of the people who can actually stand up against Prince – WHICH IS TOTES COOL in my opinion – because I’m sick enough of people bowing down and acknowledging Feng Lan orz


    yes I’m not making sense. /o/

  17. Meatbun I think he’s the best minor character and have an insane curiosity to know if he and fire “birdy” have a baby and how they are.

  18. honeymilk8

    I love Sunshine, Meatbun, and Kenshin. But Kenshin looks like Himura Kenshin. But he’s still cool. Also her brother. He’s funny.

  19. Totalfangirl

    Well the first time reading the Manhua… I would have said Wicked. Now I realize that Gui is waaaay better than Wicked…. But since we can’t pick a member of Odd Squad (which sadly rules out meatbun and Sunshine, whom i love to pieces…. :/ ) I guess I would have to say…. Feng Wu Qing, maybe? I like to make fun of him… Or the Dictator of Life? Course I like Miwa too…. And galah why can’t we pick Odd Squad members! Grrr… I guess my all time favorite MINOR character would have to be… The Giant Clam… I don’t remember his name… But I love him^^

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