LSK Manhua Part 2 – Character Designs

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The manhua has finished covering volume 1 of the novel and is now starting on adapting volume 2 of the novels, which brings some new characters! Yu Wo sneakily posted the character designs in her blog and her Facebook page. It amuses me greatly how excited she is about the character designs.

Here’s her blog post where you can find character designs for Sun, Judgment, Moon, Cloud, and Stone:

Stone looks completely different from Ya Sha’s design for the novel art! Truly a very different interpretation of the same character.

The following is a quick translation of Yu Wo’s comments on the designs~. What are your thoughts about the new character designs? :)

Because I said on Plurk that Stone’s super handsome,
Everyone said they wanted to see. XDDD
So I went to ask Neko Kreuz if I can sneakily post these up. XDD
I successfully received permission~~~ Yay~~~~
So I’ll quickly and sneakily post these up. XDDD
Inside also contains some words Neko Kreuz would like to share with you all~~

[Lucathia: I see the manhua artist credited as OS Rabbit Cat in English sites, though she’s changed her name. I’ll be referring to her as Neko Kreuz. I think that’s what she refers to herself as?]

Neko Kreuz:

I’m thinking everyone is probably looking forward to Cloud the most!
After peeking at the side stories, I’ve always wanted to draw him…
Almost everyone makes an appearance in this part! Makes me super nervous. @@
I also love the part where Sun, Pink, and Roland stroll about in town together…
Judgment will be teaching Elijah swordsmanship, Sun and the Son of the God of War will be fighting over the princess, the Sun Knight Platoon and the other platoons will be “carrying out orders”…
Lastly, I also look forward to drawing Roland’s new identity. XDDD

Part two: Grisia Sun
[Pic of Sun]

After some time has passed, Sun actually became even more handsome.
He must have secretly gone to a beauty salon!

(Grisia: Hell no!!!! This is natural handsomeness!!!!)

[Pic of Judgment]

Captain Judgment~~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

(Grisia: I’m supposed to be the main character~~~~~)

[Pic of Moon. Notes by Neko Kreuz: (Image) narcissistic, haughty (Inner) Lives for the sake of love!]

I looove the beauty mark on Moon’s face!!!!

I wouldn’t even mind getting whipped by that whip of his! (wrong)

[Pic of Cloud. Notes by Neko Kreuz: (Image) a drifter, loves books, taciturn (inner) obedient]

Little Cloud~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Feels so pure. I want to bite him ;) ~~~

[Pic of Stone. Notes by Neko Kreuz: in the middle of negotiations (Image) stubborn (Inner) easy to speak with]

So handsome I could die without regrets! .///. ♥ ♥ ♥
Doing negotiations with such an appearance is way too unfair. I bet the queen of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid won’t be able to turn anything down!!!
I want to negotiate with him too. Stone, come negotiate with me!!!

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  1. Hahahaha. Both Yu Wo and the artist are so excited about it, it’s adorable! And yes, I love Cloud, so pretty and young and innocent!

    And shouldn’t it be “After peeking at the side stories” instead of “After peaking at the side stories?”

    • lucathia

      Oops, yes, “peeking” and not “peaking”! XD;

      Cloud is too cute. In any version! Can’t wait to see him in the manhua~

  2. The author and the artist are two cutie pies :P and so hugable ^__^

  3. Cloud is so adorable it makes me want to corrupt him! I agree that Stone is handsome, but I definitely prefer Moon. If I was the fainting type, I would have very dramatically done so when I saw him!

  4. Hi Lucathia! 8D

  5. Wow cloud…definately my fav design :) I think I preferred how Stone looked in the other art and Sun…looks like a lady XD

  6. O.O cloud and moon are soooo cute!!! They are soooo my type XD can’t wait for the manga :D

  7. But in the actual manga/manhua that I read the character designs are different, yet they’re from the same OZ Rabbit Cat? I just mean the version on Mangafox-it’s so…shiny. I like this version better, though. Does anyone know where I can get the manhua with these character designs?

  8. Again, could anyone tell me where I can read the manhua with these character designs? It’s okay if it’s raw. Thank you!

    • [PR]lucathia

      These are just the designs for the characters in the manhua that haven’t shown up yet. They will be showing up in volume 4 of the manhua.

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