We are not the Dark Human Squad

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Yu Wo has been plurking snippets from the promised side story, “We are not the Dark Human Squad” featuring Neo and Aldrizzt’s adventures. Here are the translations of the excerpts she has shared so far. It’s great seeing that she is still working on the stories from the end of the year event from 2012! This particular story came out 2nd in the poll. 1st place was “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher,” which we have already translated. Third place was a side story for Kill No More. I hope we’ll see a complete version of this side story soon!

Oct 25, 2013

Mysterious excerpt:
“Stop joking, Neo!”

Aldrizzt struggled with all his might, but his strength was so meager in comparison to Neo’s that it could practically be disregarded.

The fact was, there really weren’t a lot of people who could put up a struggle against Neo Sun.

“What in the world are you struggling for?” Neo finally lost his patience. If they continued tugging and pulling like this, when would they ever reach their destination? He didn’t have that kind of patience.

Aldrizzt was stunned. His anger rushed to the forefront. He shook Neo off forcefully, the latter letting go without too much fuss after tiring of all this tugging.

“This is something I should be asking instead, isn’t it? What are you so adamant about dragging me into such a large city for?”

Oct 26, 2013

“The excerpt that won’t make you want to smash walls”

Neo was very dissatisfied. With his and Aldrizzt’s strengths, there was no mission they couldn’t take on, right? Yet, just because they were lone adventurers and had not made much of a name for themselves, none of the big missions would consider them at all. Most of the time, they only received missions for gathering and escorting, and Neo was not very interested in escort missions. As opposed to protecting someone, Neo was much more skilled at beating people up, so the only missions left after that were stupid ones for collecting flowers and plants!

Aldrizzt was quite interested in missions for collecting flowers and plants, but they left Neo feeling completely dismal. The adventurer’s life he imagined was not being a gardener!

Come to think of it, the only interesting thing that happened since he left Leaf Bud City was when he met Aldrizzt and got chased by a bunch of dark elves. Everything after that has been super boring.

Oct 31, 2013

[Because I couldn’t finish in time, I can only post this excerpt as an apology]
“I don’t want to do another gardening mission!”

Aldrizzt rolled his eyes, unhappily saying, “The locations of these ‘gardening missions’ are places that even warriors might not be able to go. I have already done my best looking for the most dangerous harvesting spots. What more do you want?”

Without hesitation, Neo said, “Register our adventurer squad, find an elven archer, and take on the most dangerous mission, like the kind for slaying a dragon!”

Why are you so intent on getting an elven archer? Aldrizzt was very distressed. Neo definitely knew that elves would not favorably regard Aldrizzt, a dark elf, yet even so, Neo wanted an elf for their squad.

Oct 31, 2013

Aldrizzt couldn’t find himself caring about the words “slaying a dragon” anymore. Since traveling together up until the present, nothing Neo wanted to slay fazed him anymore.

“Hasn’t the last time we entered a small town taught you anything?” Aldrizzt said in frustration, “That time, we were surrounded by the citizens, stuck in the inn during the middle of the night. If it wasn’t because our strengths were enough to allow us to escape, it wouldn’t have been strange for us to be burned at the stake! Do you know how many people are in a large city? We might even get surrounded by thousands of people!”

“Get surrounded by thousands of people?” Neo’s pair of blue eyes shone. He rubbed his chin and said, “Although being surrounded is nothing new, being surrounded by thousands of people sounds much better than a gardening mission.”

He was truly wrong. The thing Neo loved most was danger. Even if he were surrounded by ten thousand people, Neo would probably just laugh. Aldrizzt felt an endless regret.

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  1. Thank you for translating these.

  2. LOL :D And I thought Aldrizzt already realized that Neo loved danger the most! Well, I guess it’s a toss up between that and fighting.

  3. Wow, I’m surprised she’s still doing the stories from last year. Can’t wait! Does this take place around the time Neo and Aldrizzt begin traveling together?

    • She just posted part 1. It sounds like it happens early in their adventures. :) (They’re still trying to register their squad name)

  4. Jasae Bushae

    I only just realized that it has been nearly a year since the contest ^^;

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