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July 2011 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V5C4: The Terrifying Side of a Self-aware NPC
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C3: “Manage the City’s Undead”
  3. ½ Prince V5C5: A Man’s Daily Trifles
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C4: “Take Care of the Members of Sun Knight Platoon”

Hello everyone!

We have good news for those of you who live outside the US: YukiSora, the doujin artist, has received her copies of the doujin. She has agreed to handle the shipping for all non-US buyers, so we’re opening ordering for you! If you would like to buy copy of the doujin, head on over to this page. The final price Yuki decided on is $9 USD, plus $2-3 for shipping.

For our US readers, sorry but you’ll still have to wait one more month. The 50 copies that are being sent to us will be just for US readers though, so you don’t have to worry about us running out of stock =]

(And for any new readers, you can find more information about the doujin here.)

This month we’ve update the Fan Creations section with a couple new submissions. In the Fanfiction Gallery we have a new story from chicaalterego called Knight Apprentice’s Journal that they have dedicated to PR!, so go check it out! In the Fanart Gallery there are two new images from larka1121, Fire Pheonix and Meatbun and The Knights Meet. There’s also a preview image for Blique’s fanvideo Rainbow Love Letters. You can follow the link on that video or go ahead and watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LwQDX9AlSQ.

On that note, we’re actually working on putting up a separate Video Gallery in Fan Creations. With luck it’ll be up sometime this month, so if you have anything you’d like to submit, be on the look out for another update!

As mentioned in another post last month, we also badly need Chinese/English editors! For that reason we’re temporarily shutting down translator applications until we get caught up with editing. If you’d like to translate, feel free to apply for C/E editor and request to be moved to translating later on.

Happy reading!


28 Responses

  1. SandalHat

    Woo 4 chapters for July! Well still gotta wait a lil longer, but yay!

    • eilinel

      Yep. Once we’ve post it up, the white links will turn blue.

  2. arc

    Do you mean Chinese -> English editors as in double checking that it’s acceptable English that is as close to the original Chinese as possible? Or checking that the close Chinese translation still makes sense in English?

    • eilinel

      Both. We want it to be as close as possible while still making sense in English. That’s not always possible to achieve though, so we hope if we have 2 or more people who understand both Chinese and English working on a chapter, someone is bound to get the perfect translation XD.

  3. angel

    woohoo!! you guys are awesome :) can’t wait for the chapters. I especially wanna see if Sun finally got his breakfast. hahahaha.

  4. Jhay

    Yay, I’m so glad you guys are planning two more chapters of SK for this month. Love it!

  5. Briar

    Umm…What happened to the chapter links on the front page? It may just be my computer but the links have disappeared..

    • eilinel

      Don’t worry, it has disappeared for me too. We are looking into how to fix it.

  6. Lozza

    Updates should be between 7th & 14th right? Since the first new chapter link disappeared, is there something wrong with the site???

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We’re just having a few technical issues. We’ll try to get things working properly as soon as we can.

  7. Sono

    Also can’t see the mainpage monthly update and now i also cant see the 2 next updates here, only shows the 2 already uploaded

  8. valkryz

    It’s nothing, just that I wonder the two chapters you guys scheduled to release this months, are they ready to be posted yet :O?

  9. Daywalker

    Well, if you don’t hurry up, the month has passed already ^^
    So, how is it going with the last 2 chapters? I hope you’re getting along with them and don’t strain yourself too much.

    • eilinel

      Sorry >__<). But I have some free time now so you might see it soon…We still definitely get it out and get another 4 chapters out next month.

    • Daywalker

      *gives eilinel a 3 month’s supply of Energy Drinks*
      GO !!!!!!! ;)
      Just don’t loose too much sleep over it.

  10. SandalHat

    Well still another day and a half (here) in the month, hoping it will be up tomorrow before I go to sleep

  11. Luijo Frost

    I don’t mind whether they make it in time or not we will get them eventually I’m just grateful for the hard work and effort there putting into posting them while under staffed Ty

  12. guigui!

    and the last day is upon us that makes it a consistent 3 months of this new schedule not working…..keep up the hard work:)…but maybe set your sights alittle more realistically. you all do have lives:p and we do have patience;)

    • Shadow Rebirth

      This is actually only the first month that we’ve posted later than we said we would; you can check the time stamps on the older chapters to see that this is true =] Thanks for your support though!

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