Update: August 2011 – New LSK Calendar and SLP Update

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August 2011 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V5C6: The Bloody Overlord – Part 1
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C5: “Solve a Colleague’s Problem”
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C6: “Attend Various Ceremonies”
  4. ½ Prince V5C6: The Bloody Overlord – Part 2


First of all, thank you to everyone so far who has bought a doujin! If the North American sales go just as well, we’ll hopefully be able to convince YukiSora to print the second volume in English.

We have some more exciting news this month: YukiSora also has a 2011 & 2012 The Legend of Sun Knight calendar up for sale. She’s willing to start selling them to all of our readers, including those in North and South America. It’s a total of fourteen B5 size pages, all in full color. Here is the cover and slice samples of the pages:

These calendars are being sold for $5 USD each and there’s a shipping discount if you are ordering it with a doujin. Unfortunately, doujin orders for North America still aren’t available, but they should be within this month. You can find the order form up on the menu bar or here: http://www.princerevolution.org/orderform/

Also, for those of you who wanted to wait for more volumes to save on shipping, we have some relatively bad news. Because of the weight of the doujin and the weight classes that shipping is based on, shipping two or more doujin at one time costs pretty much the same as shipping them separately, so unfortunately shipping bulk won’t save you much. Shipping bulk does however mean that there’s less chance of anything happening to your package along the way—but we’re using registered post which means that your order is insured anyway =] Along with the fact that we can’t guarantee that there will be more volumes… We leave the decision up to you, we do recommend that you check out the prices now and see whether it will be cheaper for you to buy now or later, based on what country you are in.

As a side note to that, shipping in the United States will be cheaper in bulk; the above passage is mainly for international shipping.

Second Life Project, the 1/2 Prince video game project, has a new position opening up. Check out the information below and, if you’re interested, please apply! You can view the full application thread here.

Map Artists
A map artist is someone who puts together a fundamental part of the game: what the world actually looks like. The only requirement for this position is the ability to use photoshop. No drawing is required, merely the use of copying, pasting, and an interest in design. You will have a hundreds of images like this:

And you will use them to put together “maps” like this (click image to enlarge):

All resources will be provided for you; you just need to put things together.

To apply:

  1. Download this base map and resource images folder.
  2. Create your example map by taking images from the resources and putting them in the base map. IMPORTANT: Put up a 32 x 32 pixel grid in the .psd file while you work (if you don’t know how to do this, google how to change guides, grids, and slices). The player moves arond on 32 pixel squares, so furniture and walls must be similarly arranged so that the player can easily walk around them. For example, look at this map of an outpost with a highlighted grid and see how items are placed. You can see Prince near the entrance, to give you an idea of the size of the player in comparison.
  3. Upload the .png image file of your finished map to an image hosting site such as photobucket or imageshack.
  4. Email us at secondlifeprjct@gmail.com with the link to your example map. Please include a bit of information about how much time you have to work on the project and why you’d like to join!

If you have any questions about anything, just ask!


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  1. CocoFlower

    aaah I really wish I had the money to buy all of these awsome products- the art looks really adorable! >-< I was surprised that Judge is shown smiling in the second image, but he looks even cuter like that *sqeeee!* In order, is that Judge, Frost, Moon, Metal, Stone then Hell Knight?

  2. infinitewhiplash

    I’m sad that you’ll be only be posting one chapter of 1/2 Prince this month!

  3. Is there a deadline for the map artist position? Like, any time that I need to get the example in by? Because I’m on vacation right now(In Taiwan!:D) And I don’t have photoshop here.

  4. EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeep! 8D
    Thanks for the update!

    … I like the maps.
    And I love the project.


  5. I’ve never even tried anything on photoshop before, but I figured I might as well give it a try XD

    In the applications guidelines, it says something about keeping a 32×32 pixel grid up. No such grid shows up when I open the base layer in PS, and when I set the grid to 32×32 pixels, the squares are absurdly tiny and don’t look anything like the example grid.

    Would someone mind telling me what’s wrong/what I’m doing wrong? Thanks~

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Ah, you have to also make sure that the subdivisions field (the one right below “Gridline Every”) is set to 1.

  6. Could someone listed out the names in the “Good, Warm-hearted Faction” and “Cruel, Cold-hearted Faction” ? I can make out who is in the Good Faction, but i failed in identifying the Cruel Faction.

  7. Can someone point out the characters in the Cruel Faction Sample Picture?

    • eilinel

      From left to right:
      Good, Warm-hearted faction: Sun, Storm, Leaf, Earth, Blaze, Cloud
      Cruel, Cold-hearted faction: Judgment, Ice, Moon, Metal, Stone, Hell
      All knights are named by their title only.

    • Daywalker

      Are you going to expand the character description page? Or is this so far down the to do list, that it’s nearly non-existent?

      At least Blaze did appear already and soon we’ll get to see the Hell Knight.
      But at least the picture together with the name could be mentioned of the rest, cause 4 of the Knights haven’t made any noteworthy appearance yet.

    • eilinel

      I have to admit, it’s pretty far down on the to-do list. But I’ve translated all the character introduction, and we will put them up by this month end. Don’t expect anything extra funny though >_< Erialis is the one who wrote those awesome introduction.

  8. Maybe the map will be easier with some sort of map editor? I’m using Tile Studio http://tilestudio.sourceforge.net/ for some of my games, and it can export the map in one image.

  9. It’s halfway through the month can we have updates, pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee!

    • Daywalker

      I sort of second that, even though i don’t wanna put you guys under pressure :D

  10. not to be rude or pushy or anything like that but just out of curiosity is the delay regarding translated chapters because of a glitch with the website or are these chapters at present still being translated?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      There are no delays at present; our schedule is to upload during the second and third weeks of the months. The chapters are in the final editing phase at present and will be up any time within the next few days.

    • @Shadow Rebirth

      which is actually why i am curious ^^; this is the third or fourth week of the month depending on how one counts such things

  11. When are you guys going to update!! It’s like already halfway through the month!!

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Halfway through the month is our schedule for posting chapters =] The second and third week, to be specific.

    • MoonlightFlower

      @Shadow Rebirth
      FYI, now it’s like the final week of the month >.>

    • Wakuseino

      @Shadow Rebirth

      This is the fourth week though, isn’t it?

      Not that I really mind, since you all do such a great job, but. You can’t really say you’re on schedule.

    • @Shadow Rebirth it’s the fourth week… I don’t want to badger you guys about updates since you’re working voluntarily for the greater community – but it would be nice if you could keep your promises once you’ve made them.

    • Daywalker

      @Shadow Rebirth
      Well, we are in the 4th week right now ;) *applying the thumbscrew and going to get the iron maiden*
      Hope you guys don’t overwork yourself to catch up.
      hm, I see myself rooting more for the LSK chapters to come out, then the 1/2 Prince, even though I started reading with 1/2 Prince. You guys stole your own fan from yourself ;)

    • valkryz

      @Shadow Rebirth
      it’s the end of the third week already =\

      not that because I don’t appreciate your work, because I do and I don’t wish to be pushy xD but I wish that when the schedule is delayed, just say that it’s delayed instead of saying it’s according to the schedule :/ especially when, if it’s actually according to the schedule, the first chapter should have been out since last week already, and not all the chapters can be posted during the time span of two middle weeks of the months, like you stated.

      just saying

  12. It’s nice to know the chapters will be up soon :] I guess we sound a bit pushy, but we – or I at least – still love y’all for translating this stuff (:
    This might be a little pathetic, but I have been checking every single day. Multiple times. Even though I’m currently drowning in work. Hope it’s up soon~

  13. Chill out, they will post it when they post it. I swear people had more patience waiting for Duke Nukem Forever….

  14. SandalHat

    Thanks for all you guys do. I’m looking forward to these chapters but is it going to be a mass release now instead of spreading them out? I mean its already into the 4th week of the month. Don’t mind either way as long as I get my fix.

  15. Sorry to bug you but this is like middle of the fourth week of the month already, is there a delay?

  16. It’s almost the end of the month now, are you guys going to delay the chapters til September?

  17. Ah! XD
    The wait is killing me. Been holding out all month for my HP and SK.
    hope you update soon.
    Love your work

  18. Demoninmysoul

    Hi! I don’t mean to rush you, but it’s already the end of the month….
    Screw it! As long as it’s good, I’m okay anytime! ;)

  19. Not to be a leecher or anything… but it’s now the beginning of the fourth week… When are you guys gonna update?

  20. chicaalterego

    I know this comment will be a bit off topic (considering it was all about the game, and the calendar) but is there going to be a writting competition next month? now that i finally got the hang of fanfictions, I would really love to get into one of those… Sadly is being a while since you did the last one. Will they ever come back? I really loved how they made people get on a writting mood… Speaking of which, if I ever happen to get into one of those, and submit a fanfic… Then it will have to be posted only here or I can also display it on fanfiction.net at some point?

    • eilinel

      You can display it at fanfiction. We only offers a place for readers to share their fictions here (since you probably get more readers here too with all the fans), and we reserve the right to use the story or drawings in our site/pdf if we need to though.

  21. following meow question, now is the end of the month what happened guys?

  22. Hey Wonderful People Who Translate Wonderful Chapters :D
    2 questions:
    First, pertaining to the doujins, are they the same manga that was uploaded onto mangafox and mangareader.net?
    Second, what do you guys consider the second and third weeks of a month?
    Thank you for your wonderful work. KEEP AT IT :D

    • eilinel

      No they aren’t the same. For your second question….You can shoot me, really.

    • Daywalker

      shooting wouldn’t really help would it? Or do you have more time then for translating because of sick leave? ;-D

    • eilinel

      I wouldn’t say no to the sick leave =p.

    • Triellan

      *Shoots Eli with a Soul-Chasing-Arrow*

    • @eilinel
      XD tis ok. Even if the chapter rate was at 1 a year, I would still be happy each time a new one came out :D Keep up the good work.

    • dollyfishe

      totally agree with zo ^^
      i always wish i could read the complete version, but there’s no way i can read the original novel. i guess u all r busy, and that’s ok with me ^^ i’ll patienly waiting for ur updates, and dancing around jumping all the way when i find new chapters. u always makes my day great even after a really bad mood ^^ thanx for ur hardworks

  23. The feeling of being without HP and LSK is similar to starvation… I know you guys must have a good reason for not having uploaded the new chapters yet, and I feel bad for complaining, since I’m actually not giving any help, but… hurry up! The withdrawal symptoms are already begining and if I don’t read HP and LS soon I’m going to die!

  24. It doesn’t matter when yo release the chapters.
    You do and incredible work so we are ok.
    Thanks for all you hard work.

  25. Um, not to be pushy or anything ’cause I love that you guys are doing this, but how come you guys are so late on updating? I mean the month only has like three days left in it! Sorry if I sound like I’m being mean or pushy or anything. And, you’ve probably heard this from a lot of people. So, just wanted to know…..

  26. tjs remind me of Kyon in Endless eight >.<

  27. Gah.. I wanted to talk about the calendar coz I just saw it (super lag, yes I know)

    Judgment and ice have blue hair?? Isn’t storm supposed to be the only one with blue hair since he’s gonna die of cancer from the hair dye? :O didn’t anyone notice that? :/ I think judgment and ice would have black and white hair respectively

    • Yu Wo never said Storm is the only one who have blue hair. But yes, Judgment should have black hair. I assume Yukisora meant it as dark blue hair…but it came out lighter XD. As for Ice’s hair colour, it was never specifically mentioned, but judging from one of the volume cover, it’s more of ice-blue colour.

      Anyway, this is a doujin calendar. There is no rule that you must follow canon. If everyone just follow the canon…doujin wouldn’t be fun anymore~

  28. Hi! Can i ask if u guys are still selling the calendar and doujin?

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