½ Prince V5C5: A Man’s Daily Trifles

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½ Prince Volume 5: A Prince No More

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: A Man’s Daily Trifles – translated by raylight

“It’s really going to be patched…” I suppressed the nervousness in my heart and prepared to go online to welcome the arrival of the new patch.

Speaking of which, that day Neurotic and DanDan followed us back to Infinite City to look around. Along the way they kept staring around at Infinite City dumbfounded, praising Infinite City as well as me. My heart filled with pride, but I also felt a twinge of embarrassment upon hearing the undue praise. At last, I couldn’t help but ask, “Neurotic, it’s going to be time for the patch soon. Is it fine for you two to still be wandering around the Central Continent?”

Neurotic scratched his face and said, “Of course it’s not! It should be about time to go back to make preparations for attacking cities! The group was calling us frantically with their mobile phones, and they just stopped short of making wanted posters for us.”

“Don’t you think that it’s very restricted like this?” I asked, slightly agitated. Without even waiting for his reply, I started mumbling, “In the past, our squad went wherever we pleased, and did whatever we wanted to. Everyone treated me as a friend or even a little brother. But now they always call me ’Liege Lord’, and last time they even kneeled down to pledge their loyalty to me… It really makes me feel, feel…”

“Unused to, it eh?” Neurotic asked simply, with both hands propped behind his head.

“Yeah, when friends all become subordinates, it feels really lonely,” I murmured.

“But they’re still friends. If you look closely, you will realize that actually no one has changed.” Neurotic looked at me with a serious expression.

“They haven’t?” I asked, a little perplexed.

“Yes.” Neurotic seemed to be incomparably resolute as he looked at me.

Still, I sighed in confusion. Neurotic used his large hands to rub my head and ruffle my hair as though he was comforting the neighborhood little boy. As he did so, he said, “It’s too bad that I didn’t get to see you in your full glory this time. I hope that the next time I see you, you’ll have already figured things out.”

“I hope so…”

Waking up from my flashback, I sighed. Resigned to my fate, I put on the reality helmet and entered Second Life.

Once I opened my eyes, I stared blankly at Lolidragon who stood before me. In her hands was a water bucket that was astonishingly big, but there was no water inside because the water…was all on my body. Wet silky hair stuck to my cheeks, and was dripping water non-stop. The originally stylish clothes were also soaked thoroughly and if I removed my shoes, there was an eighty percent chance that I could even raise goldfish in them.

Expressionless, I questioned, “What are you doing?”

Lolidragon replied to me seriously and solemnly, “My apologies, I originally wanted to mop the floor, but my hand slipped and all the water ended up on you. But relax, for I was coincidentally going to take a bath just now and have already prepared the bath water. Therefore, you can go have a comfortable hot water bath right now.”


“Don’t be shy, hurry and go wash! If the water cools down, bathing in it won’t be as comfortable,” Lolidragon continuously urged me.

“Do you want to bathe together?” I suggested.

Hearing that, Lolidragon’s eyes immediately sparkled like a ten-carat diamond. “I can? Then I won’t refuse!”

“Of course…not!” I replied fiercely.

Lolidragon pouted her lips in dissatisfaction. “Fine then, go wash by yourself.”

Wordlessly, I retrieved some rope from my backpack, and started tying Lolidragon to the pillar. All the while she kept on shouting, “Hey, what are you doing? Why are you tying me up?”

After ensuring that the ropes were secure and Lolidragon would be unable to escape in any way, I elegantly extended my middle finger with poise and pointed it at her.  “You better not be thinking that I don’t know about your plans to peek inside while I’m bathing, Lolidragon, you damn nympho, you better stay right here and leave your sweet talking to that pillar until I finish my bath.”

“You misunderstood, I didn’t think about peeking in during your bath, I swear! Hurry up and help me loosen these ropes,” I heard Lolidragon shout to my back as I walked out of the great hall.

“Aiyah, I’m doing this for your own good. You are scared to wash your little XX, right? I can help you!” Hearing that, I raised another middle finger at her. “Grrr, like letting me see it for a while would kill you. It’s rare that I, the great Lolidragon, actually want to see your small XX.” Hearing this coarse language from Lolidragon, I continued to walk out of the great hall without looking back.

“Bathroom, where’s the bathroom?” I shivered while I looked for the bathroom that I had never gone to before. Looks like this patch has really changed the game to be closer to reality this time, for I was not merely soaked but I actually felt cold.

There it is! I looked at the two big words Bath house and dashed into it happily. Looking at the gents at the left and the ladies on the right, I hesitated for a while. Should I go into the gents or the ladies? Since it’s in the game, then it should be the gents, right? Without any further thought, I arrogantly kicked open the main door and sauntered into the gents with huge strides.

“Is the liege lord here for a bath too? Hurry up and get in, it’s really comfortable.” A fully naked Kong Kong waved at me. I only smiled at him foolishly with my eyes fixed on his upper body, not daring to wander below.

I swallowed my saliva, and looked at the bunch of handsome men that were currently bathing in the bathhouse…Nan Gong Zui was leaning at the poolside with his eyes closed. Hearing my arrival, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. Combined with that lean, muscular chest and shoulders, it caused me to drool uncontrollably. Broken Sword… No no no, I can’t look at him anymore. Don’t kid with me, he’s my cousin-in-law, how can I take advantage of my cousin-in-law?

Sunshine is so cute! Kenshin, seen it already. Wolf-dàgē’s whole body is full of fur, so I can’t see much. As for Feng Wu Qing, I have seen it since I was young, there’s nothing good to see… My eyes swiped from the left to the right like this, and then looked from the right again, my saliva just barely short of a waterfall. Oh my god! Could it be that I’m the same as Lolidragon, as in we’re both really perverted females?

“Pretty lad, why are you in a daze? Your whole body is soaked, hurry and remove your clothes and go in, or you’ll catch a cold. I heard that after Second Life’s update, players can become sick as well.” XiMen Feng also entered the bathhouse and was also naked from head to toe. The only difference was that it was currently daytime and ‘he’ was actually a ‘she’… How horrible, she’s actually swinging her chest that is bigger than mine by two cups in front of me, it’s simply looking down on me.

However, I turned my head back to look at the male organisms in the pool, and about ninety percent were holding their noses…. Was it really so serious? Is it possible that Second Life is so realistic that one can even have a nosebleed?

“Hey, pretty lad, you have a nosebleed,” XiMen Feng mentioned carelessly.

Eh? I extended my hand to wipe under my nose, and a whole handful of blood immediately appeared on my palm. God, I looked at guys until I had a nosebleed? “But then, lad, you seemed to have a nosebleed even before you saw me.” XiMen Feng looked at the men in the pool, and smiled wickedly. “Lad, your fetish seems to be a little strange.”

Once XiMen Feng said that, I saw from the corner of my eye that the people in the pool had all lowered their bodies deeper into the water, and kept looking at me as though they had been violated.

“Prince, you bastard! You actually tied me up on the pillar, and came here to see for yourself first!” Lolidragon shouted as she kicked open the bathhouse’s front door, and then like me her eyes wandered from the left to the right and back again. However, unlike me she had a nosebleed that sprayed out like two waterfalls.

“This is really tooooo nourishing for the eyes.” Lolidragon skipped to the poolside, while salivating and scrutinizing the handsome guys there as though she was selecting a piece of pork. If she weren’t afraid that the guys would be scared off and run, I think there was a great chance that she would’ve stuck her head in the water to look.

In the end, I dragged Lolidragon out as the faces of the guys in the pool looked pale. After that, I saw clothed males fleeing from the bathhouse’s doors.

For some reason, nobody seemed to be interested in going to Infinite City’s incomparably luxurious male bathhouse from that day on. I was the only one who would occasionally visit and soak in the waters after tying Lolidragon up in chains and throwing her in jail.

Speaking of which, after the crowd of males escaped, I monopolized the huge bathhouse by myself. After a comfortable bath, I suddenly discovered a very urgent problem, and thus, I bustled about finding someone who could help me solve it.

“Wicked, you’re finally online.” I sprinted in front of Wicked, breathless, and looked at him with an unmatchably touched expression.

Wicked looked at me, full of smiles. “You were in a hurry to find me?”

“Yup, it’s super urgent.” Without waiting a moment longer, I pulled him with me and ran.

We ran into an empty room, and I locked the door behind me and put both my hands on Wicked’s shoulders, looking at him with unmatchably seriousness.

Wicked was blushing a little nervously, and asked quietly in a cautious tone, “What’s the matter, Xiao Lan?”

“A very grave matter.” I opened my mouth to say with incomparable caution, “Zhuo-gēgē, hurry and teach me how males go to the toilet.”


“Hurry up and teach already, I’ve been bearing it for so long,” I urged him, wanting to cry and yet unable to do so.

Wicked revealed an awkward expression and stuttered, “J-just, just pull down the zipper, and then… Urgh, take….take it out, and then support it and aim…”

“Oh, understood. Then I’ll be going to the toilet.” I practically was barging through the door and running all the way to the toilet, ignoring Zhuo-gēgē at my back who was wailing in anguish, “I actually taught her this kind of stuff…!”

I rushed into the toilet in a hurry and followed Zhuo-gēgē’s step-by-step instruction. Finally, I was relieved of the agony of holding in one’s pee. After that, then what? I entered a new predicament that I didn’t know how to solve, for I seemed to have forgotten to ask the steps afterwards.

“Stuff it back in and then pull up the zipper and you’re done.” A life-saving voice came from the side, but I was a little hesitant, and looked at my innocent hand as well as the small XX that I had not dared to look at the entire time. I have to use my hand to touch that thing? Ew, the thought itself is really scary. However, I also can’t let it sway around like that outside, right? Gathering up my “do or die” determination, I extended my right hand and stuffed it back in at the speed of light, as though touching it any longer would make my hand corrode away.

Whew… At long last, I settled a huge problem. However, I have to wash my hands thoroughly. Although it is my own small XX, it is still rather disgusting. I frowned, staring at the hand that had just stuffed my small XX back in.

“Stupid sis, even stuffing your small XX back in makes you look like you’re going to die as a martyr.  I really don’t know how you are going to continue acting as a male in the future.” Wu Qing’s voice rang again.

Expressionless, I turned my head to look at him, but Wu Qing didn’t even glance at me directly, only caring about pulling up his zipper and then running to the sink to wash his hands. I too walked to the sink to wash my hands rather calmly, while saying helplessly, “When did you find out?”

“During the Loyalty Pledging Ceremony. Your tantrum-throwing expression was the exact same in real life,” Wu Qing replied nonchalantly. I think the shock he received when he discovered the truth was probably lower than when he woke up in the morning and discovered that he had grown a pimple.

“Oh.” It’s about time he found out. All those who know that I’m trans have discovered it, except for my brother who had actually known about it first… If he was still unable to find out, I think I really would have to take him to the hospital for a good check-up on whether the part of his brain that recognizes people really has a problem.

Wu Qing couldn’t help but say, “But still, you don’t seem to be acting like yourself lately, sis. You look like you’re really lost, which is not in accordance with your personality of acting first and thinking later.”

“Stop nagging, I am actually a VIP with many troubles!” I retorted resentfully upon hearing my brother’s straightforward words.

“Sure, sure, you’re the VIP,” Wu Qing said in a half-hearted tone.

I was feeling pissed and was about to refute…

“But still, the stupid big sister who doesn’t use her brain to do stuff is much cuter.” Wu Qing’s two hands encircled his head and he walked out nonchalantly.

I suddenly thought of something. “Yang Ming, don’t tell others of my identity.”

“Okay, okay,” Wu Qing replied without even looking back.

“Pig-headed brother, can’t you directly tell me if you are concerned for me? Being this awkward, your personality is practically the exact same as me,” I murmured to myself with a broadening smile only when my brother was out of sight.

“Can’t believe that your brother actually has this side of him, even I thought that he was purely a playboy aching for a beating,” Lolidragon told me as she lazily appeared from beside the toilet door, as soon as Wu Qing’s hind leg disappeared from sight.

I shook my head. “The fact that he has this side isn’t surprising. I’m more curious about why you came to the male toilet, Lolidragon.”

Laughing, Lolidragon said with a whole face of innocence, “Going to the toilet.”

I said coldly, “If I remember correctly, aren’t the female and male toilets on opposite sides of this corridor?”

“Oh…” Lolidragon scratched her head, and after sneaking a peek at my lower body, her eyes revealed an expression of disappointment. It is unknown if I had read her lips wrongly, but I kept feeling that Lolidragon was silently chanting obscene language such as “Like a peek would kill you…”

With a “Humph”, I intended to leave so as to put some distance between me and this completely perverted female.

“Okay, okay, I won’t toy with you anymore. I was looking for you regarding some serious business,” Lolidragon said in a hurry.

“What business?” I asked, bewildered.

“Take it.” Lolidragon tossed something to me. I caught it easily, looked at my hand, and saw that it was a gemstone. I was just about to ask Lolidragon what this was, but she had already opened her mouth and started explaining.

“This is the reward for killing Celestial. Although the company and I busied about for a few days, we couldn’t discover what the problem was, so we can only compensate you with the reward and experience first before doing anything about it.” Lolidragon looked worried, which was rare.

Seeing Lolidragon acting out of character, it seemed like matters were really grave. I didn’t even check how much experience was actually added, and only asked at once, “Is it serious? Maybe it is only a small bug, and every game has them.”

Lolidragon’s expression changed from worried to slightly more relaxed. “Perhaps it is only like that. Maybe I’m worrying too much.”

I seized Lolidragon’s shoulder and joked with her, “Anyway, you’re only a small GM, you don’t have to care about it that much. At most, just change your job.”

Lolidragon let out a small grunting sound and then switched the topic as she smacked my shoulder in return. “Hurry and go to the great hall, everyone’s waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?” I was a little stunned. What was the matter?

“Yeah. After you protested by leaving, everyone has done some reflection and wants to chat with you about how to solve your problem,” Lolidragon said.

I showed a guilty expression. I left home impulsively and let Doll land herself into trouble. In the end, it was still everyone’s hasty help that solved the problem. Now everyone is saying they have actually done some soul-searching? I sighed. The person who truly needs to self-reflect is me.

Without waiting for my reaction, Lolidragon gave me yet another smack to the shoulder. “What are you thinking? Just hurry and go.”

Uttering an “Oh”, I walked through the long corridors with heavy footsteps. Although I had already gone to the great hall countless times, my heart was still nervous, as though it were filled with rocks from the manure pit.

As I neared the great hall, I felt even more anxious. At long last, I turned a corner, and the great hall was just at the other end of the corridor. However, I halted my footsteps in nervousness. Maybe I should think about how to apologize to everyone first? Also, I hope that I can make everyone understand that I want them to treat me as they did in the past.

Just as I was about to burst my brain from all the thinking, a cold voice broke the silence of the corridor. “Prince?” they asked me with the indifference of a machine.

I was stunned for a moment, and replied in reflex. “Yes…?”

After I answered, I realized that something was wrong. The other party didn’t reply and only an abnormal glint of silver appeared. Having the experience of being assassinated by XiMen Feng, I ducked to the side by reflex, and then looked backwards. As expected, the glint of silver was emitted from the dagger in someone’s hand.

I looked closely at the dagger’s owner. It was a woman with a delicate figure who was clad in a tight black bodysuit. However, because she was wearing a mask, her true identity could not be seen. Her two beautiful eyes showed no expression at all, and without even saying a word the dagger moved with shocking speed, once again threatening my life.

I yelled in shock, and didn’t even have enough time to pull out my Black Dao. I could only roll to the side to protect my little life. Turning back to look I thought, Oh my god! It’s that deadly dagger again! How can its speed be so fast?! The thought had just flashed through my mind and my body had already shifted ten centimeters to the side, but the dagger still stabbed into my shoulder. I groaned in pain.

However, I didn’t let her stab me in vain. My right fist swung, and violently punched her in the nose, which led to the sound of breaking bones that I heard with much satisfaction.

Taking advantage of the time after breaking her nose, I immediately tried to pull out my Black Dao. The blade was only pulled out halfway when the female assassin looked back. The dagger once again lurched towards me, as though she was only pushed back slightly, rather than breaking her nose—the most vulnerable body part of human that, once hurt, can give someone so much pain that they’d rather die.

I could only use the half pulled out Black Dao to block the dagger, and simultaneously, my right leg also swept towards the female assassin. However, she seemed prepared for it. As she jumped, the dagger in her hand headed towards me again. I had pulled out my entire Black Dao by this time, and neatly avoided the incoming dagger by turning around. At the same time, I discovered that the female assassin’s strength was alarmingly high. My hand was shaking violently. I actually had to block it by forcing myself. Could it be that the female assassin is a warrior and not a thief? But her speed is also very frightening.

At this moment, shadows and sounds came from the other end of the corridor. I looked back and saw that it was the crowd waiting for me at the great hall. They seemed to have realized that something was wrong, and had decided to go check it out. I felt relieved at this point.

The female assassin had also seemed to notice the sounds of the crowd. She actually revealed a strange, faint smile. Using that voice that was like a robot, she said, “Don’t think that they can stop me, you will still have to die.”

I took in a sharp breath. Did I do something so unforgivable that made her so determined to kill me, a 20-year-old, cute, beautiful, and delicate young girl?

Once the female assassin finished her words, she didn’t hesitate further. Two gleaming daggers stabbed at me again. I roared once, and after an ugly-looking dog-style roll, my left hand was left with a long gash.

Lying on the ground, I spit out two mouthfuls of blood and then lifted my head toward the female assassin. I had already prepared to be killed off; however, I saw that several semi-transparent arrows had forced the female assassin to retreat and dodge. At this time, the fellows that had arrived stood in front of me one by one, protecting me.

Nan Gong Zui questioned with an air of fury that was hard to cover, “Who are you? Why do you want to hurt Prince?”

The female assassin didn’t even reply. With a sudden flash of her silhouette, she appeared directly in front of me.  I was deeply shocked, and the crowd standing in front of me had not yet responded. In the moment where I thought I was really going to lose my life under the dagger, a black shadow moved in front of me. Wicked had actually used his body to block the stab, and he released a painful groan.

“Wicked?” I exclaimed in shock.

When everyone saw Wicked had been injured, they all unsheathed their weapons and without another word, attacked the female assassin. But her speed was simply too fast. Although she was having some difficulty fighting us, she still managed to dodge most of our attacks.

“You have to pay the price for hurting Prince!” Gui lifted his guqin and several Supersonic arrows shot at her. The female assassin, who had been besieged by people, finally got hit as her thigh and arms were promptly stabbed with arrows.

The female assassin halted, glaring at her surroundings with unparalled coldness. At last, when she looked at me, she spoke with a tone of extreme disdain. “Which part of this kind of childish liege lord is worth your protection?”

“I will not allow you to hurt him, just as he would not allow anyone to hurt his friends.” Nan Gong Zui held his sword, determined, as he stood in front of me.

“Childish? Do you know that, even if he was covered in blood from head to toe, this childish person would still not retreat a single step backward, but would stand in front of his companions to protect them?” Yu Lian-dàsăo was steaming with anger, and her hands had already prepared her magic to attack.

Doll had hurried to my side with two streams of tears. After she looked heart achingly at my bloodied upper torso, her eyes burned with fury as she looked at the female assassin and chanted an incantation that I had never heard before.

“The black inferno of hell, in the name of Doll, I command you to forge into chains, and burn on this enemy of mine. Torture as much as you can, inflicting pain beyond death, but let them be unable to seek death – Chain, Endless Torture.”

However, they are still friends. Look closely, and you will realize that actually, everyone hasn’t changed. Neurotic’s earnest expression and words suddenly appeared in my mind. Everyone really hasn’t changed! My heart was suddenly filled with comfort. Although my body was in terrible pain, I couldn’t help but smile.

Once Doll’s incantation was finished, several black chains sprung up beside the female assassin’s foot. Before anyone could respond, the chains tightly bound onto her body, and the sizzling sound of BBQ meat could be heard. She was in so much pain that she released piercing screams and in the air lingered the disgusting smell of grilled human meat.

“Doll, don’t kill her yet, there are still things I want to ask.” Seeing the situation, Nan Gong Zui hurriedly stopped Doll.

With a face of solemnness and seriousness, Doll looked at the female assassin screaming in pain and agony. In a voice of pity, she said, “She won’t die. Chain, Endless Torture has no attack power, thus it will not let the player die. However, it will give the player so much pain that they would rather die than suffer through it.

Looking at the terrible situation of the female assassin, everyone was feeling distressed as well. From their expressions, I guessed that they were thinking about the same thing as me in their hearts. In the future, I’d rather commit suicide by jumping off a cliff and having my carcass splattered into pulp than suffer Doll’s wrath.

“Why do you want to kill me?” I asked as I walked to up to the assassin, enduring the pain from my wounds.

The female assassin ignored my question and instead began to laugh crazily. She shouted, “I have failed, but it doesn’t mean that others will. Just wait, you little imp. You better not count on being able to stay at Infinite City forever and be the liege lord.”

When she finished, she raised the two daggers in her hands, and without hesitation, she stabbed them into her heart. Before anyone could react and stop her, she had already become white light and flown away.

At this moment, my tense body finally relaxed and, leaning against the wall, I slid powerlessly onto the ground. However, the nervousness in my heart increased as many, many questions flooded in… Still, right now the main objective is to wait for Wolf-dàgē to come over and heal my wounds. I was in so much pain that my face had distorted, and my eyebrows had furrowed together as I looked at the fresh red blood spurting from my shoulder like a fountain.

“If Second Life were to have a vampire race, they would definitely love me—someone who is covered with blood so often—to bits.” This was the last bit of nonsense that I thought before I fainted.

Your Highness…Prince…Liege lord…

“Hmm?” I opened my eyes a little hazily, wanting to see which bastard was disturbing my sleep. However, as I opened my eyes, everyone’s concerned faces immediately sprung into view.

“What exactly happened? Who was the one who has harmed you?” Gui asked with a cold expression.

“That assassin was female, and by matter of principle, women wouldn’t want to kill Prince,” Wicked thought as he scrunched his eyebrows.

“I too have no idea what is going on.” I stood up steadily and, as expected, the wound on my shoulder had already been healed.

“Actually daring to assassinate the Liege Lord in front of us, they’re simply belittling Infinite City. If her assassination were a success, then the Liege Lord’s reputation would be—” White Bird started indignantly.

Nan Gong Zui suddenly stopped White Bird from continuing. “Don’t talk about it anymore, White Bird. Right now, what’s the most important isn’t the Liege Lord’s reputation, but how Prince’s life was threatened.”

Nan Gong Zui turned toward me abruptly, and with an apologetic tone said, “This time we were the ones who were at fault, for we’ overdid things and almost totally neglected your original personality, and we haven’t taken into account your opinions.”

Hearing Nan Gong Zui say that, I was just about to refute that it was me who was too impulsive when Nan Gong Zui waved his hand instead, expressing that I should let him finish. “Perhaps because of this, although Prince is the Liege Lord, he has always been following our commands. To tell the truth, Prince, you have never given us any orders.”

Finally, Nan Gong Zui stated profoundly, “Reputation is not obtained just by having your subjects kneel down and swear loyalty to you, Prince. When you are genuinely able to assume your personal responsibility, your prestige will naturally be there.”

“The growing up process may be unbearable, but the final fruit will be very sweet.” Yu Lian- dàsăo smiled as she looked at me and at last she extended her hand to stroke my head. “Relax; our Prince will definitely have no problem.”

I was silent for quite a while. Considering Nan Gong Zui’s words, I recalled grudgingly that I was really a submissive person. No wonder White Bird was always saying that we had to build my reputation, though she had never really convinced me.

Seeing Nan Gong Zui’s encouraging smile, and thinking about my brother’s words, I finally settled on a decision. Who cares, I’ll be whatever kind of Liege Lord that I’d like to be.

Lifting my mouth into a faint smile, I said, “Then, from now on, everyone is not allowed to call me Liege Lord anymore. Prince is my only name.”

“But—!” White Bird hurriedly tried to retort.

“I said,” I continued in a calm voice that brooked no argument, “Prince is my only name.”

White Bird was stunned, her face carrying an utterly shocked expression, while the others smiled.

I did a big stretch, as though I had just awakened from a deep sleep. It’s strange how just one difference in one’s way of thinking can change how someone feels. The disparity between my feelings right now and my feelings just before, when I was walking to the great hall, makes it seem as though I was another person.

As I finished my stretch, I straightened my body solemnly. “Now, let’s talk about the assassin from a moment ago. Having such a strong woman coming to kill me for no apparent reason is already very strange. What is even stranger is that before she died, she said she had failed, but it doesn’t mean that others would.”

Hearing the words that I said, everyone’s faces became serious. Nan Gong Zui said gravely, “If it’s like this, there should be even more people who want to kill you.”

I nodded. “Should be, though no matter how hard I think, I can’t seem to think of anyone that I have offended recently.”

“It’s possible that it’s not a personal grudge,” Lolidragon explained, not feeling surprised at all. “Prince is the person who has the most ability to unite the whole of the Central Continent right now. Moreover, the battle for the cities is close to hand. Just from this fact, the number of people that want to kill you until you’re back at level 1 is probably as plentiful as the carp swimming upstream during mating season1. After all, there are many people who want to become the liege lord.”

I scratched my face, and was just about to ask when the battle for the cities starts. However, there was an eighty percent chance that Lolidragon had already seen my questioning expression, for she rolled her eyes at me and explained, “There are only two more weeks until the battle for the cities. While you were away everyone has already made preparations to attack the cities.”

I scratched my face in embarrassment. “Oh, then should I hurry and train to gain a few levels so as to change how I can’t match up to the other liege lords’ levels right now?”

Lolidragon smiled mysteriously. “War is the best way to gain levels.”

“How?” I asked blankly.

“In this patch there were too many changes, so I didn’t have the time to tell you guys. Actually, killing people can also increase your experience points. Usually, by killing others, you would receive a heavy punishment. After willfully killing others, you would be listed as wanted for a week, so one wouldn’t be able to meet the NPC wardens in the city, and also wouldn’t be able to buy or sell items in the city. However, this penalty does not apply during the battle period. Which also means, Prince, you can go on a rampage and kill your enemies to raise your level during the battle.”

Lolidragon looked at me with a smile. “To kill several tens, hundreds, or even several thousand people during the battle should be an easy feat for the Blood Elf, right?”

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but smile the Blood Elf’s wicked grin. “Looks like I’m going to have another nickname, the ‘Killer Demon King’.”

“You just go and be your ‘Killer Demon King’, our Foreign Affairs group will definitely find out the real culprit behind this assassination issue,” Lolidragon said with great energy, clenching her fist.

“Oh, do your best, Lolidragon,” Feng Wu Qing said while enjoying the cool air at the side.

In high spirits, Lolidragon turned her head with a fierce glare. After pulling Feng Wu Qing’s ear, Lolidragon pretended not to hear my brother’s wails, and dragged him along. Mocking him, she said, “I seem to remember that Young Master Feng Wu Qing is also part of the Foreign Affairs group. I, Lolidragon, will grudgingly allow you to investigate with me.”


1 Carps lay their eggs in freshwater rivers, and must swim up the river during the mating season.

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