Calling All Linguists!

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We are in desperate need for more Chinese/English editors! We have a number of both HP and SK chapters that are translated, but are backed up in the editing process because we only have two official C/Es for them to go through. So if you know Chinese (and reasonably good English) and would like to help speed up our rate of release, please head on over to our recruitment page and apply!

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  1. Mochiko

    waaah….i would, but i haven’t the slightest clue about Chinese. if you ever need someone to help out with a backlog for just English editing, tho, i’m very good at that. :)

  2. Sunny

    How good does our Chinese have to be? I can just barely manage to struggle through HP chapters with the help with a pinyin annotator, but my English is pretty good. Would that be of any help?

    • eilinel

      Mm your Chinese needs to be decent I will say, as we will be relying on you to catch mistranslation and rephrasing the translation so it flows better etc. Maybe you should try to apply for English proof-reader when we have a position open =).

  3. prlvr

    Since the last few months PR hasn’t been able to follow through with their chapter projections, y don’t you just do one chapter of each story every month? If the manpower isn’t there then the work load should be in accordance with that rather than unrealistic expectations/goals….If more ppl could read and translate chinese 2 english…etc they would but as u can c, its harder 2 find. As grateful readers we understand that u all have lives and do this for free and because of ur love for the stories. If it’s only one time a month at least we know for a fact that can be done and if u happen to be able to do more than that a month(for just that month) then it becomes a pleasant surprise:)…at least until you get the ppl u need 2 increase the workload;)…n e way thanks for your hardwork!

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Not quite sure what you mean, since except for one month this year we have followed through with our chapter projections, and have been releasing one chapter per series. What we mean is that if we can get a few more C/E editors, we may be able to release 3-4+ chapters a month. Otherwise, thanks!

  4. Li

    I was wondering, isn’t there a decent online course to learning chinese? Rather than only searching for c/e translators, why not make them? Sure, it takes time in order to learn, but this means once they’re done there will be more potential translators available. Like an investment for future translating. Aditionally, I am currently learning Japanese, which uses largely the same system of characters. With the right guidance I might be able to adapt what I know of characters and they meanings (in Japanese) to chinese. It won’t be thst easy for pronunciations, but it’s a start. And hopefully others can use that strategy too. I’m just brainstorming, though. ^-^ I have no idea it’s a usible way, but there’s no harm in trying to come up with more alternatives, right?

  5. Claria

    Seems like I’m pretty late, but I would love to help with translating. I have experience translating, but only in mangas. I have decent Chinese, I have learned Chinese since I was like 5 and am still learning it. I hope I can be of some help. As for my English, I was born and raised in Canada so I have pretty good English.

    • eilinel

      Please head over to our recruitment page for instructions on how to apply. We are currently only recruiting C-E editor, but you can always switch over to translating later in our group if you feel that is more of your cup of tea.

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