Update: January 2018

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January Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C2: Evening Sun Plaza, a Tangle of Noises, Ill Habits, and Bravery
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C4: This Bookstore’s Part 3—Author
  3. Dominion’s End V3C7: Thirteen, Part Two

Happy New Year! Let’s get this ball rolling! Don’t forget to check back later in the month when the chapters are released. ;)

It looks like Yu Wo has plenty of new books planned for 2018, so there’s plenty to look forward to, including ILT v4. Yu Wo will be holding an autograph session for ILT v4 on February 2nd.

Do you like food? PR! is holding a Cooking Contest~. The contest ends this January on the 20th. For more information, see this post. Here is a list of different foods that have shown up in Yu Wo’s works for inspiration. These characters sure love their food!

Last month, Meatbun-bun got voted out off of the lifeboat! ;___; Followed closely by An Xiang Ye, and Grisia Sun wasn’t too far behind either. Charles and Elmairy were fairly safe though. Not too many people voted for them to get left behind.

This month, the poll is about which Jiang would win in a fight! This poll is brought to us by Smol Tree. Remember, you can throw poll ideas at us over here.

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  1. Kiki

    lmao, i love how so many more ppl said Jiang Xiaorong would win XD

    Thanks so much PR for the chapters!

  2. dollyfishe

    ziya and xiaorong ? what the …. both have no combat skill to begin with. what fight they will be participate in ? for the first time ever, i actually go blank when i read the pool and the choice ! Smol Tree, good question you have there !!!
    (LOL) i will just choose xiaorong tho !!! coz he will win the cutest contest (LOL)

  3. A Sad Person

    Everyone loves the plant .-. I do too. Photosynthesize your enemy to death little guy.

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