Update: December 2017

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December Chapters
  1. GOD V2C1: Rivals in Love Meet and Suffer Extreme Jealousy
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C4: This Bookstore's Part 2—Talent of the Innerworld
  3. No Hero V6C1: Sunward University, Learning Knowledge and How to Remain Unperturbed
  4. Dominion’s End V3C7: Thirteen, Part One

My, where has the year gone? Here we are in December! Happy December. Take a seat and let’s read. GOD returns with V2C1, though it might go missing again next month. We’ll see.

To welcome in the end of the year and the upcoming new year, we’re holding a Cooking Contest! To participate, head over to the forums. The deadline is January 20th.

Last month, Lesus Judgment’s route won the poll. :3

This month, the poll is about leaving someone behind. Oh no! Who will you choose to leave behind if they can’t fit on that lifeboat? This poll is thanks to Sacrifice. If you have any poll ideas, throw them at us over here~.

We’ll be back with those chapters later this month. o/

11 Responses

  1. [PR]Trespasserby

    *roaring* 15 PEOPLE WANT TO DITCH AH YE ON A SINKING SHIP?! The character who probably can’t even swim because his metal bones would weigh him down too much?! At least ditch Grisia, who likely could just control the water element to get to shore safely. Unless you’re all too afraid of Grisia’s wrath by bluntly telling him that you’d leave him to fend for himself?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Ah… But maybe it’s most logical to leave Ah Ye behind after all…
      Both he and Grisia could fly off the ship if the ship isn’t sinking so fast he wouldn’t be able to get his wings out in time.
      Ah Ye also actually really loves flying, in contrast with Grisia, who seems to be pretty neutral toward it.
      And if Grisia isn’t focusing on controlling the wind element to fly, he could maybe propel the life boat towards shore safely and quickly while Ah Ye flew by overhead with GPS directions (if they’re in a world with satellites).

  2. Twilight eclipse

    No one would dare leave Leaf behind if Grisia’s there too. All hell would break loose if Grisia found out what we did. After all, he’s one of Grisia’s Twelve Holy Knights.

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Most of those listed would be able to save themselves. ^^;
    Meatbun is the only one id be genuinly worried for

    • Panda

      Yep I agree lol. Most of the people there can save themselves like Ah Ye and Grisia who can fly, and Charles… I assume he can use x-speed to run on water haha. Meatbun and Leaf can’t fly though, so they will get to sit in the boat XD I’d probably leave one of the first three behind.

  4. RenTheWitch

    meatbun bun can fly or be the boat! Ah Ye was the other option, i mean, he must weight a TON and welp, he can fly and is mostly inmortal

    • Panda

      Eh? Meatbun can fly? :o I thought its always riding on Fire Phoenix and so it can’t fly

  5. lulumoon

    This is not a choice! If I try to leave Grisia, Elmairy would volunteer to stay himself, which would make Grisia angry and he would fly out or make room by getting rid of some people (all witnesses too.) If I leave AhYe, Charles would volunteer which would bring out Dark Sun then there would be plenty of room in the boat since anyone who tried to leave Charles would be gone. If I were to even consider leaving meatbunbun, I would cry and then it would cry and the need for a boat would be gone since it would cause a flood and sink the boat.

  6. liolia

    Hmm, 13 part one, an indication that things are about to get fairly intense. We have no idea whether or not 13 will live in the end, or if our boy/girl will strive.

  7. Twilight eclipse

    @lulumoon You’re really thinking so very hard about the poll? I never thought the poll I submitted could cause so much… headaches. Makes me kinda regret I posted that :v

    • lulumoon

      I usually do. When it involves my favorite novels, I tend to obsess. It’s the important decisions I have trouble with. Still voted Grisia out

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