No Hero V6C1: Sunward University, Learning Knowledge and How to Remain Unperturbed

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No Hero Volume 6: Heaven or Hell

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Heaven or Hell, First Level—Sunward University, Learning Knowledge and How to Remain Unperturbed—translated by Tentacles (proofread by Faren & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

[AD 2110]

Why does a girl want to become a hero?

“I do not mean to discriminate against women.” First Wind panicked. “I genuinely feel it is such a pity for a girl to cut off perfectly good legs to install cybernetic ones.”

My legs were amputated because of a car accident, not for the purpose of modifying them.


Your left arm was amputated for cybernetic modification?


Modified to become a hero?


Do you regret it?

“No,” First Wind said, “I have a reason that I had to become a hero. You? Have you ever regretted choosing to become a hero?”

No, not at all. I also have a reason that I had to become one.

First Wind chuckled. “My reason is my parents. Yours?


To be exact, he couldn’t be regarded as my husband, as he died on our wedding day.

Curtis was truly efficient. Only three days had passed since I called him, and the enrollment procedure was already done. Class schedules were also in my hands. Because of my identity as a transfer student, I could choose whichever courses I wanted. It was also even possible to directly attend courses reserved for seventh years.

The courses were roughly divided into preclinical and clinical curriculum.

First year and second year mostly covered basic courses, such as psychology, general chemistry, biology, medical sociology, and more. Only during the third year would there be clinical training like basic medical experiments, gross anatomy, and other hands-on clinical courses. Only after the fourth year would pre-medical students intern at a hospital.

Father had once said that, as a butler, one must possess a large variety of skills, but one must not be cursory in his learning and become incompetent. Thus, no matter which skills one were to learn, one must build a solid foundation, never mind the medical arts which involved a person’s life. Therefore, I wanted to study step by step, starting as a freshman.

Ring… Ring ring…

I lifted up the phone and took a glance. I hurriedly answered. “Hello Mr. An Te Qi.”

“You’re Ch… Char, Char—what was it again…”

“Charles,” I promptly replied.

“Oh, yeah! Charles, sigh, Ah Ye’s brother kept nagging me to see you or else he would shoot me. My current experiment needs a month to complete though, so I’ll see you next month!”

“All right.”

“It just so happens that I have a fairly simple experiment for you to do. Next month, don’t forget to call and remind me to meet up with you! Otherwise, I would definitely forget, and Ah Ye’s brother would murder me.”

“All right,” I replied quickly and firmly committed this matter to memory.

“Say, are there any specific kinds of corpses you like to dissect? Human? Non-human? Adult, child, male, female? Tell me so that I can keep that kind in reserve for you.”

“Do I really have to go straight to dissecting a corpse?” I asked back with great horror.

Mr. An Te Qi said definitively, “Of course! Or else, where do you want me to start teaching?”

I promptly suggested, “Basic chemistry or medical sociology?”

“What are those?”

Basic medical school courses.

Mr. An Te Qi said, “Anyway, that’s settled. I will meet you next month. I think you should start with dissecting a human corpse. To dissect a non-human corpse at the start would be too difficult.”

“Mr. An Te Qi, even if it is a human corpse, it will still be too difficult…”


I stared at the phone that had been hung up on me, stupefied for a long time. I shifted my eyes to the schedule of courses and then dialed Curtis.

“Curtis, could you please help me arrange for courses in the following: pharmacology, basic medical experimentation, histology, and gross anatomy.”

“Are you starting from the third year?” Curtis asked with a little surprise and then said understandingly, “You must have already learned the basics, right? However, the course load may be too heavy. You will not have time to rest.”

No, I have not learned any of the basics. It is just that I will actually have to physically dissect by next month. If I start learning the basics this month, I am afraid it would be too slow to meet this pressing need.

“The minimum amount of sleep I need in a day is only two hours. It will not be an issue even if I missed sleeping for a few days.”

“Yes, Family Head, but currently, the university has already started their classes quite a while ago. I am afraid that you will need to begin your studies in the middle. Will there be any problems?”

The problem was indeed significant, but this might actually work better. In the next month, I would have to personally dissect and experiment. If the professor was still only doing start of the term introductions, it would make me burn with anxiousness.

“No problem. Please arrange these courses for me.”

“Yes. Family Head, I have something to trouble you as well.”

Hearing this, I was a little surprised. “Please say it.”

“For the next few days, Sunset City might not be very peaceful. Please try to avoid the city center’s commercial buildings. If you really must go, please do not stay for long. During this period, I will arrange for twenty people to observe the situation in Sunset City. If you really run into trouble, you must call me. This is what I will trouble you with!” Curtis deliberately spoke in a lower voice to emphasize the last several words.

That Sunset City was not peaceful was not new news. However, specifically mentioning the city center’s commercial buildings was unusual. I could not refrain from asking, “Why do you say that?”



This was the young master’s summon. I hung up immediately and walked into the young master’s workroom.

“Yes, Young Master. May I please ask if there is anything you need?”

On top of the young master’s desk lay two legs… Of course, they were not human legs but cybernetic ones. Those were Solitary Butterfly’s legs that the young master had sliced. To compensate her, the young master brought her legs back to repair and further enhance them.

The young master stood up. He pointed at the legs one by one and explained, “The left and the right thighs can be opened. The left thigh contains grenades, the right thigh contains flash bangs, the knees can shoot out energy bullets, the side of the lower leg and the toes can project blades, and the soles of the feet can project wheels for sliding. The speed of the sliding can go up to 60 km/h.”

Explaining up to here, the young master paused. He turned and asked, “Charles, given this, what other functions could I still add?”

Those really were a pair of powerfully offensive legs full of practicality. After contemplating for a moment, I bowed and said, “Young Master, I apologize. Charles really does not know what other functions could be added.”

The young master nodded. He relaxed a little and said, “Then, it should be good enough, right? I hope Solitary Butterfly will like them. Last time, I really gave her a lot of trouble.”

“I believe Solitary Butterfly will like it,” I said while smiling.

“Really?” The young master also smiled and then said, “Next will be First Wind-gē’s whip… Charles, what are you holding?”

Following the young master’s curious gaze, I only then realized that I was still holding the schedule of courses. I handed over the schedule of courses and explained, “This is what I mentioned to you last time. This is a schedule of courses for the medical major.”

The young master let out an “oh” and said, “Charles, are you going to study at the university I went to?”

I froze for a second and then remembered that the university Curtis arranged for was indeed the university that the young master had once studied in—Sunward University.

This result was not too unexpected; Sunset City’s most famous university is Sunward University. Curtis would obviously arrange this university for me.

“Charles became my underclassman!” Beaming, the young master said, “Although our fields are different, you’re still my underclassman!”

I humbly said, “Yes, I am much honored to become Young Master’s underclassman.”

“But if it is Sunward University…” The young master tilted his head while looking at the schedule of courses. He then said, “Then, I’ll prepare two more guns for you! I don’t know the medical major’s situation, but guns are quite necessary for the combat major. I don’t think you want to use your blood ability to attack your classmates, right?”

Of course not, but if I could, I also do not want to use guns to attack classmates.

“Young Master, is college truly that dangerous?” I could not refrain from inquiring.

The young master tilted his head and pondered for a moment. He then said, “With your strength, it might not be that dangerous. I’m more worried that you’ll be naively deceived. Remember to ignore perverted professors and also perverted classmates. Don’t buy the things suggested by classmates. Don’t eat food from unfamiliar classmates. That way you might not have a problem.”

Although it did not sound like there would be no problem, I could only say, “Yes, Young Master.”

“When are you starting?”

“I can start whenever. I will probably go within the next two days because Mr. An Te Qi has given me a call saying that he will teach me starting next month.”

“Next month? That fast?” The young master considered it for a moment and said, “Then, do you want to report in today? For the next few days, I’ll be going to Luo Chu-gē’s studio to shoot photos. I could drop you off at college along the way. After I’m done shooting photos, I could pick you up.”

I felt a little unprepared, but the sooner I attended the classes the better. I bowed and said, “Then I will have to trouble Young Master.”

“It’s no trouble at all! Charles is going to college because of me!”

The young master stood up. He glanced at the two legs on the table and muttered, “I’ll just bring these to Luo Chu-gē while I’m at it. His relationship with Solitary Butterfly seems fairly good. Wouldn’t it be better to let him hand over the legs to Solitary Butterfly?”

After he finished speaking, he looked toward me. I quickly said, “Such an arrangement is excellent.”

After getting my response, the young master appeared to be relieved. He turned his head and shouted, “DSII, wake up. Come take me and Charles to school.”

The motorcycle leaning against the wall lit up its light. A thrilled voice sounded. “Can I break the speed limit? Can I? Can I?”

The young master firmly refused. “No!”

DSII’s headlight flashed nonstop, “Please~! It’s been a long time since I went out and played as a motorcycle! Ah Ye always asks me to be Dark Sun! Being Dark Sun is so boring! I can finally be a motorcycle! Let me ride a bit faster! Ah Ye~~~”

“Uh…” Faced with a pleading motorcycle, the young master wavered.

Now, I seemed to become the one unable to stop worrying.

The young master glanced at me and then glanced at DSII. He said with difficulty, “Then, the speed must be under 100 km/h.”

“Oh yay!”

After getting off the motorcycle, I looked up at the school gate. Sunward University was indeed Sunset City’s best university. The gilded bronze gate was very grand and well-maintained for its shine.

The young master asked worriedly, “Charles, are you okay?”

I nodded and said, “Young Master, I am fine. A speed of 100 km/h is not too fast.”

I did not know if I was already accustomed to it or if 100 km/h compared to the usual 200 km/h was really nothing. I, without a doubt, felt fine. The riding experience this time was not too bad.

“I rode really slowly!” DSII protested.

“Quiet down!” The young master patted DSII on the headlight. He said with a little dissatisfaction, “How many times have I told you? Don’t speak randomly outside. You’ll scare people!”

DSII muttered, “Fine!”

The young master turned his head and said to me, “Charles, I wanted to ask you. Is the sunlight now not too bright? You will have to go to school during the day from now on. Will you be okay with this brightness?”

It was certainly bright, making me feel extremely hot. Fortunately, last time I bought some clothing at X-Killer that was not very revealing. Now, I was wearing a silver-gray, long sleeve T-shirt and black jeans. Olga even helped me pick out a black leather hat that was said to be popular among young people. I was currently wearing the hat, which prevented the sunlight from shining directly upon my head.

I answered, “Young Master, my hat and clothing already block much of the sunlight. I will not feel too uncomfortable. Also, I will soon head into my classroom. There will be no sunlight inside.”

The young master nodded and looked me up and down. He said admirably, “Olga is really amazing. Even I didn’t think that Charles wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and a leather hat would not be weird at all! I don’t know why the T-shirt has so many thin strings tied to it, but it looks pretty good.”

I also did not understand why a T-shirt required so many strings tied to it. These thin, black strings began from the edge of both sleeves and crisscrossed upward to the chest and back. They caused me to feel bound, although the strings did not intertwine tightly.

I asked, “If Young Master likes this kind of clothing, I can go to X-Killer and buy a set for you.”

The young master shook his head and said, “I said it looked good because many people are stealing a glance at you.”

Stunned for a moment, I looked around. He was right. Originally, people by the gate came and went with haste, but now there were some people stopping by the gate and casting their glances toward me.

Fortunately, the young master had not taken off his helmet. Otherwise, with his current fame, I was afraid it would not just be the problem of being noticed or not but rather of causing an uproar.

The young master suddenly looked toward the left behind me and said, “Oh, it seems like someone is coming to make a move on you!”

I froze and then heard someone shout out. “Charles Endelis!”

Very few people used my full name to address me. I turned my head to look. A man with black hair and who was wearing a beige trench coat walked toward me with a smile. Surprised, I said, “You are…”

“Lieder,” he immediately filled in. Pretending to be sad, he said, “We met each other not too long ago, and you already forgot my name. This really breaks my heart.”

I had not forgotten his name. It was just that I was a little surprised that he had appeared here… Oh right, at that time when Lieder had introduced himself, he had said that he had come to Sunset City to teach. Do not tell me it was as a Sunward University professor?

Perhaps university is indeed very dangerous.

The young master asked curiously, “Charles, who’s this?”

I quickly introduced him. “This gentleman is Professor Lieder. He just came to Sunward University to teach. I remember the professor’s subject is anthropology, am I right?” For the last few words, I turned and asked Lieder.

Lieder nodded while smiling.

Fortunately, my major was medicine.

“So he’s a professor?” The young master greeted respectfully. “Hello Professor! I am An Xiang Ye. I graduated from Sunward University not long ago.”

Lieder pushed his glasses up with his pinkie, which I rarely saw people use to push up their glasses, and then smiled dazzlingly. He said, “Student An, hello. From the day I became a professor, I have never seen such an obedient student like you.”

The young master asked curiously, “Professor Lieder looks so young. You can’t have been a professor for long, right?”

“Hahaha, young but not that young, I’m already thirty years old.”

“Eh? You’re only thirty and you’re already a professor? That’s so young!”

Seeing that the two of them were conversing so harmoniously, I hesitated over whether I should tell the young master that this professor had once pressed the tip of a silver fountain pen against my neck.

“Charles, do you want to report to the educational administrative office first?” The young master hesitated and said, “I’ll take you there. I’m almost going to be late, but Luo Chu-gē should be willing to wait for me.”

“How about I take him there?” Lieder proposed sincerely. “In any case, I don’t have much to do. Additionally, I can help familiarize him with the campus. This way, you won’t be late either.”

Hearing this, the young master shifted his eyes to me as if to ask, Is this okay?

I nodded and said, “Then, I will have to trouble Professor Lieder.”

With good manners, the young master thanked Lieder. “Thank you, Professor.” He turned his head and said to me, “Charles, I’ll pick you up in the evening.”

After saying that, the young master got on DSII and rode away.

At the same time I saw the young master off, Lieder came beside me, saying, “Has anyone ever told you that you have no sense of self preservation?”

“No one has said so in those particular words, but there was someone who had said something similar.”

That person’s name was E.X.

The original words went roughly like this: “There is no vampire as naive as you are! Compared to a ten-year-old girl, you are easier to abduct. That you’re still alive is entirely a miracle… No, it’s because Sadina made this miracle happen. She must have been unlucky for eight lifetimes to fall in love with you!”

Returning back to the present, I saw Lieder staring at me with a smile that was not quite a smile. With this type of smile in addition to his gentle face and polite manners, he still did not appear dangerous at all. He said, “I am an assailant who once held you under duress, yet you let your young master leave and are facing me alone. Don’t you lack a sense of danger too much like this?”

I politely said, “I just believe a professor would not use his fountain pen to stab and kill a student in the institution where he’s teaching in broad daylight.”

“Oh, I agree, so to speak.” Lieder nodded. He suddenly twisted the topic and said, “But now, in this era, if I secretly turned an inconspicuous corner while leading you to the administrative office and killed you there, this—I’m afraid—wouldn’t be too odd, right?”

…Indeed, it would not be too odd.

“Haha, I’m just kidding. Don’t be too serious.” Lieder blinked and said, “If no one has employed me, I won’t attack.”

There was no need for clarification. I was actually not nervous. Perhaps it was because Lieder had not harmed me at all last time when he held me under duress. Therefore, I believed he was friendly. Besides, if he really did attack, I did not think I lacked the ability to defend myself.

“Let’s go. If we don’t go now, I’m afraid some people will come and make a move on you.” Lieder laughed and said, “I don’t think you will be especially happy because someone hit on you, right?”

We walked through the school gate. By this time, the school bell had already rung. The people near us were gradually decreasing. Even if there were people near us, they passed us hastily.

Compared to others, Lieder and I walked at a relaxed pace.

From the start, Lieder was even considerate and walked under the shadows of trees without my asking, not letting the sunlight hit me directly. He then nonchalantly started to chat, “What are you studying?”

“Courses relating to the medical field.”

“Medical field?” Lieder froze a bit. He turned his head and looked at me. He asked, “Don’t tell me you want to be a doctor?”

“Of course not. It is just for me to serve the young master better.”

“To serve a master, you also need to study medical courses?” After receiving my nod, Lieder said with a smile that was not quite a smile, “A butler is such an exhausting profession.”

I politely said, “I believe a professor is a profession much more exhausting than a butler’s.”

Lieder laughed and said, “Probably the combat major professor’s is! But I teach anthropology. The students in this major are relatively gentle and quiet. They’re not hard to teach.”

“I see.” I said with a smile, “May I ask, what are anthropology’s main contents?”

“My pleasure. Is it not for a professor to be asked? It is just that I encounter very few polite students who would say ‘May I ask.’ It is such a pity that you are not an anthropology student.” Lieder blinked and said, “Anthropology delves into the similarities and differences among humans. This can begin from many aspects such as their culture, biology…”

While casually conversing, we walked into a building and took an elevator to the third floor. Who would have known that right after we stepped out of the elevator, we would hear a muffled boom.

I froze for a moment. Was that… the sound of an explosion?

Lieder patted my shoulder and said, “Don’t be nervous. That should be a lab exploding. This is normal. The fire alarm didn’t even go off, so it must be a small explosion.”

I thought only Mr. An Te Qi’s laboratory exploding was a common thing.

Just after Lieder walked out of the elevator, he exclaimed, “Ah, it seems to be blocked ahead. Let’s go from upstairs!”

Blocked? Could it be under construction… I looked ahead. In the hallway, there was a confrontation between two groups of people. Each group had about ten people. Everyone’s face was fierce. If it were an ordinary brawl, it would not be a big deal. However, all kinds of high tech weapons were in their hands; even energy weapons were no exceptions. If a gang outside of the college started a brawl, one might not even see so many high tech weapons.

“Those are just combat major students dueling each other.” Lieder patted my shoulder and comforted me. “Don’t worry. Death does not occur often.”

Not often… Which means, people have been killed before?

We did not get the chance to turn and leave in time before both groups started their brawl. The leading figure let out a battle cry, and everyone charged forward, using all kinds of weapons on their hands to start their fights.

The scene in the beginning was a little chaotic, but people soon found their own main combat target. Forming pairs, they fought each other. Instantly, the hallway was filled with various kinds of sounds from the metal collisions. There were even gun shots and humming sounds from the collision of energy weapons.

Bullets and energy beams flew everywhere. Fortunately, in the hallway, apart from the two battling groups, there was only Lieder and me…

After a quick dodge of a bullet with x-speed, I took the opportunity to return back to the elevator and then call out for Lieder. He looked back at me—I do not understand why—with a surprised expression, but he, with his head lowered, also followed into the elevator.

I immediately pressed the button to close the door. Only after the elevator’s door was completely shut could we then not hear the chaotic noises from outside.

“You sure are fast.” Once he walked in, Lieder admired, “I completely did not see when you entered the elevator. If every vampire has your speed, I’m afraid that this world’s strongest race would be the vampires.”

I looked at Lieder and said while smiling, “I was just a little faster.”

“No, in this world, speed determines everything! Power can be borrowed from external forces to level up continuously, but speed always has a limit. A human’s brain cannot handle too fast of a speed.” Lieder said lightly, “Imagine, if you are holding an almighty energy weapon, in addition to making a sudden attack, how many people will be able to react in time to block your attack?”

“Many people,” I said sincerely because, recently, I had seen many battles. Furthermore, those battles were all between heroes or non-humans. I really doubted my fighting capacity could be compared to these people.

“You give yourself too little credit. From what I see, you just need a little training, and you can…” Speaking until here, Lieder suddenly stopped. He said with a smile, “Didn’t your young master graduate as a combat major? Let him train you?”

This Professor Lieder sure knows many things, but does he know that the young master is Dark Sun? Since he already knows I interfered with the heroes’ and police’s business, maybe he already knows Dark Sun’s identity?

The more I thought about it, the more uncertain I was. But no matter what, as long as I did not reveal that the young master was Dark Sun, then there should not be any problems.

“Yes, the young master did graduate from the combat major.”

“Given his appearance, he must be really strong, right?”

“The young master is indeed not weak, but what does this have to do with his appearance?” I completely did not understand. Going by the young master’s appearance, he really was not the strong type; he was even leaning toward skinny.

Lieder did not successfully stifle his laughter. “You misunderstood my meaning. Your young master is so beautiful. If he does not have enough power or authority, how would he protect himself?”

I smiled. “What you have just said is right.”

Lieder stopped walking and gestured at the doorplate on the wall. He said, “We’ve arrived at the administrative office. Come in!”

Right after I walked in, I did not get the chance to say anything because Lieder immediately pulled me everywhere to sign in, register, and receive the course selection list. Watching him being so busy with my arrangement, I felt that this Professor Lieder person was a little too passionate.

Although I could not deny the existence of passionate, friendly people in this world, this Professor Lieder’s part-time job was actually that of an assassin. A passionate, friendly assassin was such a conflicting profession. This was something I really could not accept. I would rather believe that Lieder is scheming something, but what is his scheme?

“Let’s go! Let’s find the professors to get their approval.”

Holding a few documents, Lieder tugged at my sleeve, gesturing for me to follow him. However, once he turned, his body suddenly wobbled. Seeing that he was about to fall, I extended my hand to grab him. Only then did he not plummet to the ground.

I helped him stand straight. After making sure he could stand firmly, I asked with astonishment, “Are you all right?”

Lieder straightened up. He turned his head to smile at me and said, “I’m okay, I’m okay. I probably tripped over something!”

Tripped? But, there is nothing in front of him. What could have tripped him?

I stared at Lieder. Although he was wearing a smile, he face was very pale, and his chin had stubble. Also, heavy dark circles were hanging below his eyes. This appearance reminded me of Mr. An Te Qi…

“Lieder, when did you have your last meal?”

Stunned, Lieder frowned and contemplated, “My last meal must have been breakfast. I must have eaten… Uh, maybe I haven’t because, at that time, I was still sleeping.”

I continued asking, “Then, did you eat dinner last night?”

Lieder ruminated. He then gave up and said, “I don’t remember.”

It was as I had expected. He was indeed a Mr. An Te Qi type. I suggested, “The time is about right. How about we have afternoon tea?”

“Huh?” Lieder looked at me strangely and said, “You want to have afternoon tea?”

“That is just an excuse,” I said while laughing. “Is not everyone like this? Although phrased as afternoon tea, the real intention is to converse.”

Hearing that it was for conserving, Lieder’s eyes brightened. He agreed at once. “Okay, let’s go!”

Although Lieder said “let’s go” promptly, he did not know where we could have afternoon tea. In the end, he went back to ask the people in the administrative office. Only then did we know where there was food and drink served.

After reaching the cafeteria, I asked Lieder what he would like to eat. Apparently, he did not mind what kind of food would be stuffed into his mouth. This point was very similar to Mr. An Te Qi. The latter, except for instant noodles, ate everything; he did not particularly care what the food was made out of.

I could only try to order food that was both fully nutritious and aromatic. Once the food arrived, the aroma, as expected, caused Lieder to notice that he was hungry. He lifted up his cutlery. As he was about to devour his food, he looked up at me. Given his expression, he seemed to feel a little apologetic.

I took out a blood bag and poured the blood into a disposable cup. I then smiled and said, “I will also drink my afternoon ‘tea.’”

Upon seeing this, Lieder laughed. He gave me a thumbs-up and then started eating.

While drinking blood, I observed the cafeteria. Currently, it must be class time or so; therefore, there were only two or three students here and there. The students were either reading or watching the large televisions on the wall while eating. Each of the surrounding four walls of the cafeteria had a large television. Each television broadcasted a different news network. In this current world, there certainly were televisions wherever one goes. No matter what happened, one could always know the latest news.

Breaking news alert:

The Sun Alliance’s highest authority, also known as the “Sun Emperor,” will be visiting Sunset City in ten days. It is unknown how long he will be staying. The alliance claims that their main purpose is to meet with Dr. Ni Cai, who won an award some days ago for submitting a thesis on modifying the brain, in order to discuss a collaboration.

However, outsiders are speculating that the real purpose behind the Sun Emperor’s visit is to expand their economic development in Sunset City and to further establish multi-enterprises…

“Ri Xiang Yan will be coming to Sunset City?” Lieder exclaimed.

I, on the other hand, was not very surprised. Not too long after I became the young master’s butler, the master had already visited the young master’s apartment. It was a private visit then; outsiders did not know of it, and of course there was no news report of it. On the contrary, the name Lieder used surprised me more.

He actually directly addressed the Sun Emperor by name. Not many did that. Everyone seemed to have forgotten the Sun Emperor’s real name. If I did not know the young master, I would likely not be able to react to who “Ri Xiang Yan” was.

Come to think of it, does Curtis not want me to go near commercial buildings because the master will be coming to Sunset City? He might have somewhat overthought it. There should not be anyone wanting to attack the Sun Emperor.

Lieder was bewildered. “Sunset City’s economy is very developed, but the public order is notoriously bad. Those business top brasses rarely come here, not to mention Ri Xiang Yan. Why is he coming over so suddenly?”

Notorious public order, yet the young master chose to live in Sunset City.

The young master’s friend Ezart always participated in dangerous expeditions, but perhaps the young master liked danger even more than him, directly choosing to live in a dangerous place.

Lieder continued with his bewildered tone. “Dr. Ni Cai’s research is indeed impressive, but does Ri Xiang Yan value him to the point of coming personally?”

“I also do not know.” However, I think that he might not value him that highly.

Compared to that doctor, Mr. An Te Qi, who had modified Dark Sun into existence more than eight years ago, could not be inferior in any aspect. Despite that, according to Mr. An Te Qi, the Sun Emperor, would often press a pistol against Mr. An Te Qi’s forehead without worrying that it might go off accidentally. Therefore, I concluded that this doctor should not be able to make the Sun Emperor value him to the point of coming to meet him personally.

Mostly likely, he just wants to visit the young master on the way… No! He is specifically coming to visit the young master and just to meet the doctor on the way, right? I think, this ought to be the case.

I wonder if the young master knows the news that the master is coming? By any means, I should still announce it to young master when I return home.

Ring ring… Ring

I glanced at my phone’s display screen. I simply apologized to Lieder and then walked to the side to answer the phone.

“Hello, Secretary Kyle.”

He made a noise of acknowledgement and then directly got to the main point. “Soon, the Sun Emperor will be going to Sunset City and will visit the young master on the way. He said he wanted to surprise the young master. Therefore, don’t let the young master know that the Sun Emperor is coming to Sunset City.”

“… But the fact that the master will be coming to Sunset City is already on the news. I am afraid that it will be the top news story for these next few days.”

“Therefore, during this period, you will be responsible for preventing the young master from watching the news. Don’t let him know about this!”

“I am afraid this is a bit difficult…”

Secretary Kyle coldly interrupted me, “This is a command. There is no room for negotiation.”

After the last syllable of negotiation was spoken, the call was ended. I stared at my phone with a small feeling of not knowing what to do. Nowadays, in this world, no matter if one were sitting in a restaurant or walking on the street, one was able to watch television at any moment. How does one prevent a person from watching the news for a continuous ten days?

Not to mention, this person is the young master; he can even search Wikipedia in his own head!

After pondering it over, there were still no good solutions. I suddenly remembered that the young master was currently in Ji Luo Chu’s studio. Maybe they are already watching the news?

I quickly dialed Ji Luo Chu’s phone number, but no one answered. Without any better options, I could only call Ah Da’s phone.

As soon as the call went through, Ah Da’s big and hearty voice sounded. He said, “Hi, Butler. Looking for Ah Ye?”

“No, please do not catch the young master’s attention,” I said immediately. “Mr. Ah Da, I will have to trouble you. Please prevent the young master from watching television!”

“Prevent him from watching T.V.? Why?”

“Because of some reasons, I will have to trouble you to discretely prevent the young master from watching television.”

“Ah? I really don’t know what you want to do, but Ah Ye and Luo Chu just went out. Because there’s a bank robbery near Evening Sun Plaza, they might go through the plaza. So if Ah Ye were to see the wall T.V. there by the plaza, then I wouldn’t know!”

The wall television in the Evening Sun Plaza… If I go to stop him now, it would be too late, right?

No, the young master went to solve the urgent matter of a bank robbery. He might not notice the wall television. Instead, on the return, he is more likely to pay attention to the wall television. If I were to go now, I might make it in time.

“Thank you for telling me.” I hung up and returned to the table. I said apologetically, “Lieder, I am afraid I will have to go now.”

Hearing this, Lieder did not say much but extended his hand and said, “Then, hand me your phone! I will enter my number for you. If you have any problems with the courses, or if the professors refuse to give their approval to get you added, you can come find me.”

“Thank you very much.” I handed my phone to Lieder. He easily entered the numbers.


I reflexively looked down. Something shiny had fallen to the ground. Upon closer look, I then realized it was actually a fountain pen. I bent down to pick it up. The carvings on the pen were very complicated, and the style was very classical. Nowadays, very few people used these types of pens.

I handed the pen over to Lieder and said, “Lieder, your fountain pen.”

Lieder lifted up his head and said, while smiling, “Your phone.”

We smiled at each other and took back our own item at the same time. I said, “Then, I will take my leave first. Please finish your meal and also remember to eat in the future.”

Lieder blinked and said, “As expected of a butler. I will try to remember to eat, so will it be all right now?”

This person’s personality must not be too different from Mr. An Te Qi’s. I nodded while smiling and then turned and left.

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  1. A Sad Person

    I took about an hour to read this… And I savored every word. Lieder doesn’t seem that bad a guy. He seems more into people than Ah Ye’s papa. Maybe that’s just cuz it’s Charles who he met on one of his missions? I hope he stays in the “good guy” book cuz I really like his disposition “passionate friendly assassin”. I have questions tho: does Lieder know that Ah Ye is Dark Sun? He dealt with that voice manipulator guy last time but who commissioned it? If he hasn’t yet, will Lieder connect the scenes with Charles’ involvement with heroes and the police with Ah Ye being Dark Sun since they have the same hair color? How did he end up with such a strange minor job? Also, Lieder is only in his thirties and is already a professor so he seems really smart. How did he end up with such an interesting mix of occupations and personality? So interesting, I like this character. Hope Yu Wo gives us plenty of surprises with him.

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    I kinda want to listen to some of Ah Ye’s university days. Did he fight differently from how he fights as Dark Sun? I’d love to hear how he did with his first time being sold strange things and dealing with perverted teachers and classmates.

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    So that’s why Solitary Butterfly rejects all those suitors. Well, aside from the fact that they only know her as a hero, so they really barely know her at all.

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    Good thing Solitary Butterfly just wears a leotard, or she’d be reaching down her pants to get those grenades. No jet boosters in her feet, though?

    So I wasn’t the only one thinking that Charles is too naive for following a known assassin somewhere alone…

    It does feel pretty strange to have someone who seems so familiar with Ri Xiang Yan pop up this late… Lieder is a little bit younger than Ri Xiang Yan too, so he might not be one of the many classmates Ri Xiang Yan’s forgotten. Although, maybe Lieder doesn’t actually know Ri Xiang Yan personally, but just insists on calling the Sun Emperor that to humanize him, instead of deifying him as a lot of other people seem to do… Just as something an anthropology professor interested in studying humans might do. But that would make for a fairly boring plot point. There probably really is a connection.

    Hm… “Don’t let Ah Ye watch TV to avoid ruining Ri Xiang Yan’s surprise” feels kind of like… A weak filler subplot. It feels oddly unnecessary and without any particular depth to it. So it’s really just there to make Charles run around when he’d other just have a (relatively) peaceful school life.

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  5. RenTheWitch

    He totally bugged Charles phone, dropping the pen to distract his attention

    • A Sad Person

      Woah in actually never thought of that! Nooooooooo I don’t want this new character to be bad, I really like him so far! Well if it does turn out that way and he uses the info for something mean, I think I’ll start not liking him at that point. But… I really wanna like him, he seems quite fun.

    • Crystal

      Yea you read my mind! I’m quite sure he bugged Charles phone (oh all the conspiracy theories)

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