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February Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C3: Market, Chaotic Bustle and Shouting Enthusiasm
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C5: Contract Between Human and Doll Part 1—Under the Starry Sky
  3. Dominion’s End V3C8: The Three-Forked Road, Part One

Happy February! Like recent trends, expect the chapters near the end of the month.

We will also be returning to announce the winners of the Cooking Contest. While we are still judging the entries, why not check them out yourself? Lots of yummy entries!

Anyone use LINE? Check out these new LINE stickers! There are sticker sets for Gong Hua (released under the name Guardian Flower), Dominion’s End (released under the name Doomsday), and 1/2 Prince.

Perhaps those are the “official” English names of those two series? Guardian Flower does describe Gong Hua pretty well. Doomsday is a bit common though.

Last month, Jiang Ziya lost to a tree! But that’s okay, Ziya. Your new book just got released in Taiwan! You are finally free from the cliffhanger of Volume 3’s ending, after suffering for almost three years. Best of luck to you in Volume 4. o7

This month, the poll is about which Jiang is the worst to pick a fight with, submitted by Smol Scared Tree. Now that Jiang Xiaorong won against Jiang Ziya, up next, we have new opponents…!

Remember, you can toss poll ideas at us over here~. See you all later in the month~.

12 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    whyyyyyyyyyy …. the pool questions are always so scary !!! this time i dont wanna choose (well … that’s what i said at first !!!). i will be doomed no matter who i choose !!!
    but …. but … but …. i will never ever pick shujun as an enemy ! definitely ! anger her will anger all the other 3 !!! while anger shutian will “only” anger shutian (although all the merc will back him up, and shuyu will keep an eye). anger shuyu will anger shujun, but not necessary shutian. while anger xiaotian will bring calamity coz shujun and shuyu will immediately come to rescue! (eeeh it seems like i found my answer!)

  2. seikyo

    ugh it’s hard.. Picking a fight with Junjun shall atire you the wrath of siscon Xiao Yu and the 2 dages and picking a fight with Xiao Yu earn you his pettiness, and Junjun’s and the two dage’s wrath (and maybe I’m biaised but I feel like Dage is more protective of Xiao Yu than of Junjun), ugh.. but picking a fight with the ice emperor is no joke either *squint eye suspiciously at the author of the poll*

    • Smol Tree

      I-It’s just purely out of curiosity. It’s not like this is a question that will affect my survival in the apocalyptic world… (Why are all of them so scary…? Sob… I just want to run away…)

  3. Icyheart

    No GOD this month too?!?!
    …its ok i understand u have a shortage of translators but plz try to bring it back in March! >_<
    A bit late but Happy new year PR!!

  4. A Sad Person

    Which Jiang is the worst member to pick a fight with? Guys c’mon. Picking a fight fight with Shuyu or one of the two dage means you’ll probably only die once, maybe you’ll just get a beating or even be left alone if the brothers think it’s too much effort to kill you. Picking a fight with Shujun is like choosing to die 4 times. Even if Shujun doesn’t want to kill you, if she does want to get back a little, you’ll still end up dying 3 times and half dead from being badly electrocuted. You’ll die 3.5 times! What’s even scarier is that one of the dage is a healer so all dem bros gonna be beating you up until they’re satisfied before finishing it off. I prefer picking a fight with one of the brothers cuz if you think about it, dying once is much better than dying 3.5 times.

    Sometimes I feel that this way of thinking is absurd but it’s honestly what I think ._.

    Now that I think of dying 3 times, I kinda wonder if there’s anyone who can revive a person in the apocalyptic world? Maybe if dage gets strong enough he can bring someone back from the dead, I have faith in dage.

    • BlueNailPolish

      I feel this argument is very logical and has convinced me… except I still wish to be close to the Jiang brothers, imagine that Xiaotian goes back to his adult form… just imagine it… that’s right twins!!! So I would willingly die 3.5 times!

  5. NasubiNori

    Small problem with the poll this month. It dosen’t matter who you choose to pick a fight with because picking a fight with ANY of them will result in a fight with all of them.

    All choices are effectively the same.

    (Also, I have been following this site for years and would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication. You guys are awesome, thanks for giving me the chance to read these stories I never would have known existed otherwise.)

  6. mythee

    Grats people! But wait, ‘recent trends’? I don’t remember a time when updates weren’t all at the end of the month! xD (I love you guys though thanks for always translating for us. Much funnies, such reading, wow)

  7. A Sad Person

    Every time something I read updates, I have an urge to just reread the entire series up to the most recent update. This is especially the case with any of Yu Wo’s works, and I find something I missed before or maybe I’ve forgot it and then I just rediscover things again. I love it when that happens, it feels like the adventure never ends.

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