Cooking Contest Winners

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Hello everyone !
The Cooking contest finally came to an end, and the winners have been decided.

Congratulations to:
Grand winner 1st place: chestnut 
Runner up winner 2nd place: mizuhino 

Also, honorable mention to shyfeather who came in third place. Sorry, no prize for you though.
Both winners will receive a shiny forum badge in the following days.

I invite both winners to contact Lucathia (our official prize distributor) through PMs on the public forums, so they can tell her which prize they want. She will answer them as soon as possible.

A big thank you to all our participants.

Please note that there will be a new minor contest very soon.

Also, prepare yourself for this summer as a big contest is coming our way with many awesome prizes. Make sure you reread all the series and know their content by heart. One of them might actually turn out to be the main subject of this big contest.

More importantly, please have fun!

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