GOD V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extras—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & Taffygirl13)


The new edition has reached volume two. If you have read the old edition, you will know that they are visiting a certain kingdom next.

The progression of the plot has finally reached one of the parts that I felt was regretful. I didn’t develop this kingdom enough in the past, so I hope I can add more to their visit of this kingdom. I also want to show more of matters between a certain king and his subordinate.

I have built up Dan’s presence more in this volume and strengthened the mystery behind the Guild. I also felt I could have done better with the Guild, but I have to say that my entire depiction of the demon race was too undeveloped. The new edition will develop them more.

Of course, the elves could use more development, too.

All in all, what I regret the most about the old edition is my lack of development of each race and kingdom. I believe this is because my first series was written in first person. I kept feeling that the story must revolve around the protagonist, so whenever the main characters separated, I would very simply skim over the branching paths of the other characters.

But now that I think back on it, that wasn’t the right way to do it. Wasn’t choosing to tell this story in third person exactly because I can write about things that don’t have to do with the protagonist? Yet in the end, the story still completely revolved around the protagonist, wasting the biggest advantage of third person!


GOD V2C10: The Stone of Original Sin Here to Attack

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 10: The Stone of Original Sin Here to Attack—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & Taffygirl13)

“A demon and a half demon. You think you can defeat me with that?” Braids squawked in a high pitch, “Do you all have any clue of the true power behind the Stones of Original Sin?!”

A demon and a half demon? They were taken aback, a bit confused by what Braids meant.

“No matter how amazing something is, it’d become rotten in the hands of an idiot like you!” Shooting Star shouted, drawing everyone’s attention. The long whip in his hands shot toward Braids as if it were alive.

“You fight him in close quarters. I’ll strike stealthily.” Shooting Star took this chance to whisper to Dan beside him.

Dan nodded. He was a steadfast, mage blade of the earth element. As for Shooting Star, he was obviously the agile type. This way of arrangement was indeed correct, so Dan did not suspect that Shooting Star was being lazy. In fact, in order to prevent Braids from sneakily readying some sort of trap with the grass, Dan actually dashed right at him.

Along the way, many weeds surged up to block his way, but Dan did not falter for even a single step. He let the grass strike at him, the battle aura around his body naturally taking care of such weak attacks.

However, against the personal swings of Braids’s thorny whip, Dan did not dare to gamble. He raised the magic sword in his hand, properly swinging his sword to block the attacks. Even though the whip’s attacks were irregular and ever changing, Dan’s defense was also solid. While the earth element did not have strong offensive power, its defensive power was unparalleled.


GOD V2C9: GOD, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: GOD, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & Minthe)

After everyone finished eating that pot of food cooked from unknown fruits and vegetables and the meat of unknown beasts, Shooting Star cut straight to the point and asked, “So, where should we go now to find your subordinates?”

Dan replied indifferently, “Doesn’t matter where. As long as I give them the signal, they will naturally find me.”

He looked at Bai Saya, who was to the side, and wished to have a discussion with him instead, but once Bai Saya ate and drank his fill, he automatically went to clean up. His light of righteousness he had given off earlier was all used to scrub the pots and wash the dishes. To the side, the elf was currently rubbing dust off of the dragon egg. The two of them didn’t seem to have any notion of how terrible their current situation was, and they weren’t nervous at all either. The only one who was asking questions was actually Shooting Star.

Maybe Shooting Star isn’t that terrible of a companion, Dan thought to himself.


GOD V2C9: GOD, Part One

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: GOD, Part One—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby & elisa)

“Hey! Xiao Bai!”

Shooting Star was looking backward in disbelief. Bai Saya was currently walking at the pace of a tortoise, making Shooting Star so anxious that he shouted, “We’re fleeing for our lives right now! You think we’re taking a stroll or something? Wanna stop and have a bite, too?”

“Huh? Can we?” Bai Saya was indeed walking very slowly. First of all, he knew that the dragon wasn’t going to chase him, and second of all…


“I’m so hungry.”


GOD V2C8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Stone of Fury, Wrath, Part Two—translated by Jia Ling (proofread by Minthe & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“How heavy.” Bai Saya was a bit surprised to feel the weight of the egg.

“The egg is about to hatch. However, it is just too small. I am unable to take care of something so small.”

The dragon sighed. Regardless of how willing she was to take care of her friend’s child, she was forced to face reality and put the egg in the care of others. Unfortunately, although they had formed a friendship, she had not concerned herself with her friend’s family. She also did not know if the latter had other extended family members that could help take care of the child. She had no one to ask anymore either.

“Human, you are male and unable to take care of this child. However, are you willing to help me find a mother for the child?”

Looking at the egg in his hands, Bai Saya’s heart was filled with pity. As Shooting Star would say, he was radiating the light of righteousness everywhere again. The swordsman naturally could not refuse the request because of his morals. He nodded and said, “All right, I will do everything I can to find him a good mother.”

“Good.” The dragon nodded her head and replied, “You can take some things from here as you wish as your reward.”

“How could I…”