No Hero V1C3: Practicing Conversation with the Master

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No Hero Volume 1: Vampire Butler

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Diary of a Butler Chapter 3: Practicing Conversation with the Master – translated by Raylight

Dear Father,

I seem to be able to understand a few of the teachings that you once taught. You had said before, that for a genuinely good employer, the reason that would make his or her subordinates wholeheartedly devoted to them is definitely not money. Regarding the portrait that the young master gave me, I could not find any place safe enough to store it. In the end, I could only put it in the metal cabinet that I sleep in.

May you bless me from the heavens, that I will be able to receive more rewards transcending monetary gain.


The Legend of Sun Knight V6C10: “Demon King”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 6: The Undying Lich, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Tenth Week of Annihilating an Undying Lich: “Demon King” – translated by Kiyutsuna

“After you went missing, we searched everywhere for you and also sent someone to alert the king. He immediately gave the evacuation order. The next month was like hell. While we were busy searching for you, we also had to evacuate the entirety of Leaf Bud City.”

“Also, we had to take care of the matter with Charlotte and Stephen. We had no evidence at all to accuse the two of them of being the Demon King and a lich. Silent Eagle was also skeptical about the claim.”

“The Pope said there were traces of spatial overlap in Stephen’s room, not that we understood what a spatial overlap was… Anyway, the point is he said he had a way to find you!”

“However we were worried that citizens might get injured in a head-on clash, so we waited until the evacuation was finished to make our move. The plan was for the Pope to get you out while we stalled Charlotte and Stephen. But they found out halfway through and snatched you back, so we ended up fighting in the plaza.”

The Twelve Holy Knights sat in the meeting room. Everyone was talking over each other to report the happenings of the past month.


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