Romance RPG V1C15: Part Fifteen

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Fifteen—translated by Tentacles

The two dashed toward the parking lot. Lin Jian Yin spotted his red Ferrari instantly. After dragging Ye Meng Ling to his car, he casually stuffed her into the backseat like an object, and then jumped into the driver seat. The red Ferrari made a beautiful reverse swing and shot out like a rocket.

As Lin Jian Yin exhaled in relief, a faint voice drifted from the backseat, “Why did you drag me into your car? My car is still back in the parking lot.”

Lin Jian Yin glanced in the rear-view mirror. The woman in the back sat in a weird position. She was almost completely buried by the two enormous plastic bags on her lap, yet she held onto them tightly, looking worried.

Lin Jian Yin asked strangely, “Why are you holding them so tightly? It’s not like I’ll take them from you.”

Buried under the plastic bags, Ye Meng Ling answered with difficulty, “This is a Ferrari! A FERRARI! I put these plastic bags on the ground not too long ago. If I dirtied your Ferrari, not even selling myself would be enough to pay you back.”

“Nonsense. Just put them to the side.” Lin Jian Yin said, not caring. At the same time, he nodded toward the seat next to him. “Look, mine are there.”

Despite Lin Jian Yin’s instructions, Ye Meng Ling still could not help wiping the bottom of the plastic bags against her pants before putting them down. Simultaneously, she double-checked to ensure no sharp objects were within that could potentially damage the seats.

“Do you have a particular place in mind where you want go for afternoon tea? If not, I will make the choice for us,” Lin Jian Yin asked with ease.

Startled, Ye Meng Ling said carefully, “No, thanks. I just wanted to avoid talking to those two, so I said that on purpose.”

“Eh, you really like babbling. If I say it’s on me, then it is on me. Unfortunately, you’ve just lost your chance at choosing the location.” Lin Jian Yin glanced at the clock in the car just as it hit 3 p.m. Lin Jian Yin full heartedly believed that if the groceries were not brought to Xue Chen soon, Xue Chen would not hesitate to slaughter him.

Seeing Lin Jian Yin being so stubborn on this, Ye Meng Ling could only say, “Okay.”

The car drove to an inconspicuous shop in a small alleyway. Lin Jian Yin put on the knitted cap and sunglasses and signaled Ye Meng Ling to enter the shop. Once she was there, Lin Jian Yin waved at the staff in a blithe manner. The employee present also seemed to know Lin Jian Yin and even rolled his eyes at him while bluntly saying, “And I thought this asshole was standing me up again.”

“I didn’t. I endured a lot to buy this for you,” Lin Jian Yin said with great suffering.

Once Ye Meng Ling saw the individual, she blurted in surprise, “Eh? Mr. Bai?”

Startled, Bai Xue Chen frowned as he studied her for a long time. Bai Xue Chen asked uncertainly, “You are Jian Yin’s manager?”

Ye Meng Ling nodded.

Bai Xue Chen smiled mildly and said, “Sorry, you look so different from last time, I didn’t recognize you right away.”

“You’re good. I didn’t recognize her at all. Though, these two outfits have one thing in common—they’re both hideous.”

Hearing this, Bai Xue Chen smashed the mug that he was wiping heavily onto the back of Lin Jian Yin’s hand. His victim immediately let out a cry of pain. Bai Xue Chen instantly turned his head toward Ye Meng Ling and explained, “Don’t mind the things he says. Jian Yin has always had a sharp tongue. His words weren’t meant to hurt you.”

Ye Meng Ling smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “It’s okay. I know I look terrible…”

“If you’re already aware, then you should change it. Why let yourself look like something that is neither human nor ghost? You even let people laugh at you,” Lin Jian Yin muttered while rubbing the back of his hand. From the corner of his eye, he saw the bottom of that mug flying toward his innocent hand again. He dodged in the nick of time and then fled from the bar counter.

“Shut up!” Bai Xue Chen shouted, eyes narrowing in warning.

Ye Meng Ling jumped in shock and quickly spoke on behalf of Lin Jian Yin, “It’s fine. In fact, I really do need to change. It’s just, just… Sigh! I really don’t have the ability to dress up.”

Ye Meng Ling lowered her head in dismay, and silence settled over the three of them. She thought, I shouldn’t let my troubles affect these two. Just as she lifted her head to explain the situation, she realized that the two guys were staring right at her with gleaming eyes. Ye Meng Ling panicked. She didn’t know what was going on.

Bai Xue Chen was the first to speak. “Straight hair.”

“Yup.” Lin Jian Yin also agreed, “You’re right. Straight hair would be better. She has those classic-looking phoenix eyes, so straight hair would look excellent.”

Ye Meng Ling instantly touched her heavy single eyelids that everyone had laughed at continuously throughout her life. She was a bit doubtful. Are these really phoenix eyes?

Lin Jian Yin leaned in close to Ye Meng Ling and examined her eyebrows more carefully. Ye Meng Ling quickly covered her eyebrows with both hands because she didn’t want him to see her bushy eyebrows that were like caterpillars.

Unfortunately, he had already examined them. With the air of an expert, he said, “Your eyebrows are very thick. With some fixing, you might not even need to draw them.”

Examining Ye Meng Ling’s figure, Bai Xue Chen said, “Your height is around 155 cm. You are too skinny and short, but the ratio is not too bad. Your body is suited for narrow tops. Loose clothing would make your body appear even smaller, making you resemble a little boy.”

“I have already reached 157 cm,” Ye Meng Ling refuted a bit seriously.

“A cup.” Lin Jian Yin said with certainty as his eyes stared straight at her chest.

Ye Meng Ling retorted, “I am a B cup.”

Lin Jian Yin suspiciously asked, “Really?” It was almost as if he didn’t believe that his eyes had deceived him.

Confronted with Lin Jian Yin’s doubts, Ye Meng Ling answered weakly, “I am… sometimes.”

By now, the two guys seemed to have really gotten into it. They began to discuss the clothes that Ye Meng Ling should wear, including the colors of the clothes, and whether she should wear skirts or pants…

“With a small touch of makeup, she will look even better.”

A gentle voice of a lady spoke out. The three of them turned to look in the direction of that voice. It originated from a beauty, who made people instinctively want to protect her. Her small oval face had two beautiful inky black eyes and a small nose. Her lips, faintly smiling, were a bit pale, which made her look more delicate. Her soft, shiny hair was draped over her shoulders. The white dress she was wearing was similar to the white dress that Ye Meng Ling had worn recently but had been told that she looked like a ghost. But when the lady wore it, she looked like an otherworldly flower fairy.

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  1. 15B

    XD Not only will Meng be getting a makeover in-game, but she’s been adopted as a project IRL too? I guess boosting someone’s self-confidence is a pretty good project, though.

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