The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 10: “Kicking Forth the Truth”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Kicking Forth the Truth

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

“Kicking Forth the Truth” – translated by dahlys

Kicking doors is really addictive; it’s just so fun and exciting!

But some doors are forbidden. Chikus only kicked them open once, and has never dared to kick them again.

Lesus – Even if you kick his door open, there’s nothing much to see. You will just see Lesus correcting documents, and then you will make him angry.

Grisia – Extremely horrifying things will happen after you kick his door!

The Pope – After kicking his door…???

“I must have owed Grisia in my past life, so in this life,1 I have to repay the debt. But that’s okay, because the other ten people are also repaying their debts.” BY Chikus.

“Rubbish! I’m the one repaying debts! You bastard!” BY Grisia.

“Chikus! I told you that you could only kick ten doors open a week. Why did you break more than twenty doors in one day?”

Furious, the Blaze Knight punished his student, mercilessly knocking him on the head several times with a smoke pipe. This was because the Pope had warned him over and over again that if Chikus continued kicking down too many doors, the repair fees would all be added to his bill.

Originally, he’d thought that it was okay for his youthful and energetic student to kick down a few extra doors. They were just doors, so he should have been able to afford it… However, when the Pope showed him the number of doors Chikus had destroyed today, he almost vomited blood. Chikus had broken more than twenty doors in one day, so that would add up to more than five hundred doors a month. Not even the Blaze Knight’s salary could compensate for that amount of damage!

After being knocked on the head a few times, Chikus lowered his head in mock repentance. Still, he did not learn his lesson and muttered, “Why bother to count how many doors I kick? When someone sees a door, he should just kick it!”

The Blaze Knight pulled his student’s ear ruthlessly until he wailed “OW OW OW!” Only then did he calm down a little and growl, “You think your feet can replace your hands, huh? Well then, since you use your feet to open doors, why don’t I make you use your feet to eat as well?”


Although Chikus shut his mouth, there was no fear in his expression at all because he did not believe his teacher would really make him do that. His teacher may look intimidating and even had sideburns, but he was actually quite sensitive. If he really did something like “using his feet to eat,” the first person to stop him would definitely be his teacher!

The moment he saw his student’s expression, the Blaze Knight knew that his student was not afraid at all. For the sake of his salary, he decided to do something else to prevent his student from spreading chaos. He warned, “You may only kick open ten doors a week! If you exceed that number, I-I will cut your pocket money!”

On hearing this, Chikus exclaimed, “Teacher, how could you do this to me? This is child abuse; the God of Light will punish you for this!”

“Oh? You say that this is child abuse?” The Blaze Knight was so angry he instead laughed, “You haven’t experienced what real child abuse is! Do you honestly believe that I can’t learn from Neo and treat you the same way he treats Grisia?”

“What’s so scary about that?” Unconvinced, Chikus said, “Doesn’t the Sun Knight just have to be elegant? I am the Blaze Knight, so I have to be very aggressive and kick doors!” Kicking doors is not an easy skill to master, and some doors even have to be opened using battle aura!

“There’s nothing scary about that?” The Blaze Knight rolled his eyes and snapped unhappily, “Where do you think Grisia’s pile of documents that he can never finish…”

“Bullshit! Grisia obviously dumps all that work on other people. Since when has he done it himself?” Chikus immediately retorted.

“…His pile of documents that he can never finish tossing to others comes from? I have never made you do any paperwork before!”

After hearing this, Chikus hesitated. He really didn’t want to be saddled with a pile of paperwork because then he wouldn’t have any time to run around and play. If he had to edit a never-ending pile of documents like Ceo… Chikus shuddered and did not dare argue with his teacher anymore.

“But ten doors a week is really too few!” He was scared, but Chikus knew his teacher too well. His teacher looked intimidating on the outside, but he was actually very soft-hearted.

The Blaze Knight thought about it for a while, and he also felt that he was a little strict. He considered the amount he could afford with his salary and said, “You may only kick fifteen doors a week.”

“Okay! We start counting from today onwards!” Chikus shouted happily, “Bye bye Teacher, I’m going to go kick doors now…” After his teacher rolled his eyes, he corrected himself, “I’m going off to play now!”

“Just go!” The Blaze Knight waved a hand impatiently.

Looking at his student, the Blaze Knight felt a little helpless. But on further thought, he concluded that for boys, being lively and active was always a good thing, so he became less concerned.

“Fahr, aren’t you too soft-hearted?”

A shadow swung down from the tree. Without even looking, Fahr Blaze already knew that the person had to be Lanbi Storm, since there were very few people who would have nothing to do during character development training class and who liked lounging in trees or bushes.

Also, he had detected the smell of tobacco a while ago. This guy took my tobacco again! Sigh! Can’t he go buy his own?

“Young people are full of vigor, so naturally, a few broken doors are unavoidable. There’s no need to be so harsh.”

Lanbi leaned on the tree trunk, artfully holding a long smoking pipe. He said disapprovingly, “If Grisia ever dared to kick down several doors, causing Neo to pay for it with his salary, I think he would be dead by the next day!”

That was indeed true. Fahr was left speechless. Actually, this was not the first time somebody had said that he pampered Chikus too much. The sight of Lanbi holding his treasured smoke pipe, though, made him say in exasperation, “Don’t use Neo as an example! Strictly speaking, he is basically abusing children. Judgment should arrest him and lock him up!”

After inhaling some tobacco and then exhaling a long breath of smoke, Lanbi raised an eyebrow and said, “If you really want to be picky, Neo is guilty of at least abusing the entire Church of the God of Light. It’s not as simple as child abuse.”

On hearing this, Fahr said helplessly, “Even in his younger years, Neo was always a troublesome guy.”

“That’s right. Back then we always said that we could never imagine him teaching a student but before we realized it, we’d all become teachers.”

Filled with emotion, Fahr asked concernedly, “How is your student doing recently? In a few years, they will become the next Twelve Holy Knights.”

“Besides having rather serious dark circles around his eyes, everything else is pretty good.”

Fahr also knew that recently, Ceo had been correcting documents from early morning till late at night. A little embarrassed, he said, “Looks like I really have been pampering Chikus.”

“That’s not news.”

“Damn you!”

“Don’t worry.” Almost smiling, Lanbi said, “Grisia will help you train the young Blaze Knight. He will never allow there to be a useless guy among his men. He will definitely use them ‘for all their worth,’ ‘without sparing even the dregs,’ and make sure to ‘spit out the bones after swallowing them whole.’”

…Looks like Lanbi wasn’t really indifferent about his student’s dark circles.

Determined to continue arguing, Fahr said, “Grisia has no choice. He’s still very young, yet he already has to clean up a lot of Neo’s messes. Even Chasel had to admit that with Grisia’s help, his burden has been reduced significantly.”

“He will be a good Sun Knight.” Lanbi blew out another mouthful of smoke and added, “I’m just a father with a ‘marrying off my daughter’ complex. Seeing my precious daughter become someone else’s wife makes me feel disgruntled. Please ignore me.”

Fahr was just about to correct him, when Lanbi spoke up first.

“And don’t remind me that Ceo is male. Ever since he was young, that boy has loved blushing and has always been shy. If I didn’t think of him as my daughter, I would have beaten him to death a long time ago.”

On hearing this, Fahr said sympathetically, “At least he doesn’t kick down doors all day.”

“That’s right!” With a gloomy look on his face, Lanbi said, “He only knows how to stamp his foot and say ‘I just can’t do this.’”

Guess every family has a troublesome little knight…2

Fahr raised his smoke pipe. Coincidentally, Lanbi also raised his smoke pipe, so both of them inhaled a mouthful of smoke and blew out large smoke rings of depression.

I can only kick fifteen doors a week, so I cannot just kick any random door I see. I have to choose which doors to kick carefully!

“Heehee!” As he looked at a door, Chikus giggled like a man looking perversely at a young girl.

This was a door that he had never kicked before – the door to Grisia’s bedroom.

Grisia had warned him time and again not to kick his door, but… this was exactly why it was worth kicking! It was just like a forbidden door, so kicking it would feel more satisfying than kicking any other door!

Therefore, Chikus had been saving it till now. This was one of the main attractions, so he could not bear to kick it right from the start.

Kicking doors is really the most fun thing to do in the world!

The first door he ever kicked was Ceo’s door. This was because Teacher said that he was very familiar with the Storm Knight, so it was okay to kick his student’s door.

At first, Chikus was a little reluctant. What’s wrong with using my hand to open a perfectly good door? Why do I have to kick it open?

But the moment he kicked the door open, Chikus saw Ceo holding a picture of a girl and looking at it while blushing furiously. He even had a towel wrapped around his head and had been in the middle of dying his hair.

Also, when Ceo realized that his door had been kicked open he was momentarily stunned. After that though, he became really frightened, and the sight of him about to burst into a flood of tears was really… too entertaining!

From then on he became addicted to kicking doors. If he could see all sorts of fun things every time he kicked a door open, how could he possibly stop kicking them?

Oh, but he had also kicked a boring door before. That was Lesus’s bedroom door.

Not only was there no fun show to watch behind his door – Lesus would only turn his head around slowly and frown at him – he would also be scared half to death by Lesus’s grim face and receive several warnings. There was nothing good about that at all! He never wanted to kick Lesus’s door again!

Kicking Grisia’s door will definitely be much more fun!

Chikus was absolutely confident of that, since everyone knew that Grisia had countless explosive secrets!

Chikus took a deep breath and positioned himself in front of the door – he raised his foot really high – and kicked!




The door was kicked open; Chikus tried to focus on what was going on inside the room, but he was sent flying out; he slammed right into the wall. His whole body hurt like hell, and his brain was extremely fuzzy. He thought he was going to die.


This voice, is it Grisia? Nah, how could that guy ever say my name correctly? But this voice… A warm feeling spread through his body. This was the feeling one would get when healed by holy light.

Not long after, Chikus woke up. He looked at the person in front of him stupidly. It was indeed Grisia, but at the moment, he was not wearing the uniform of the young Sun Knight. Instead, he was in a white shirt and shorts, his hair and face still wet.

Was he taking a bath? Chikus thought, dazed.

“Why did you kick my door, dear brother?” Grisia asked, puzzled, “Don’t you remember me telling you ‘please don’t kick my door’?”

Chikus said boldly, “I-I forgot.”

Even though he heard this kind of answer, Grisia continued smiling. He said, “Dear brother, you are really naughty! Next time, please don’t kick my door.” At this point, he slowly leaned closer and whispered into Chikus’s ear, “The next time you touch my door, I will blast you from the east side of Leaf Bud City to the west side. Also, no one in the entire Church of the God of Light will dare heal you!”

After he finished speaking, he slowly moved away. Smiling brilliantly, he said, “May the God of Light always protect you, so that you will be free of illness, pain, and committing mistakes, my dear brother.”

Chikus’s face turned pale. He nodded vigorously and made a permanent mental note: Grisia’s door must not be kicked!

Grisia turned around and shut the door that had been kicked crooked. Chikus heard an indistinct mumbling about something he didn’t quite understand. “Damn! Every time I apply my facial mask, someone comes to annoy me. This must be a curse…”

After experiencing that painful lesson, Chikus decided not to kick doors in the Holy Temple. Who knew if he would kick the door of another Grisia?

Thus, he went to the Sanctuary of Light to kick doors. The place was filled with clerics anyway, and he wasn’t afraid of clerics!

Chikus was not very familiar with the Sanctuary of Light, so even when he got there, he couldn’t decide on which door to kick. He walked here and there, trying to identify a satisfactory door.

Luckily, Chikus was wearing his uniform. Everyone recognized him as the young Blaze Knight, so nobody stopped him from wandering around.

At last, he finally found a satisfactory door. The designs on the door before him were no less elaborate than those of the leader of the Holy Temple, the Sun Knight’s door. Perhaps this is the Pope’s bedroom door?

“The Pope?” Chikus rubbed his chin. This is definitely a good prey. I’ve heard that the Pope is already getting along in his years, but he still looks like a teenage boy. Wouldn’t he have a lot of secrets? Of course he would!

In addition to looking like a teenage boy, the Pope only knows healing spells and other similar spells. There is nothing to be afraid of!

Once he finished thinking, Chikus raised his foot once more. He took a deep breath, but as he kicked he suddenly remembered that… Grisia was also just a teenage boy.


“Who dares to break my door? Don’t you know that there are magic traps on it… Huh? Young Blaze Knight?”

The Pope walked out slowly but only saw the young Blaze Knight ensnared and immobilized by the magic traps. The young Blaze Knight’s eyes were extremely wide as he looked at something unbelievable, and that was…

The Pope quickly reduced the amount of magical power. If he caused any lasting side effects, a lot of people would take revenge on him.

Fahr was one of them, and the other was that little devil, Grisia. That guy was only fifteen, but had already tried to demand the young Hell Knight from him. He’d even warned him not to mess with any of the other holy knights.

“Sigh, you keep kicking doors, even kicking all the way to my room! Warning your teacher last time had absolutely no effect! However, for the sake of Fahr and Grisia, this time I will let you go.”

At this point, the Pope thought for a while before continuing, “But I want to dock your teacher’s pay… Forget it, Fahr pampers you too much, doing that is useless. I will have Grisia owe me a debt, and if he refuses, I will lock you up in isolation for a year. He will definitely agree reluctantly, and then get even with you, haha!”

Grisia was going to get even with him… Chikus really wanted to cry. He’d just offended Grisia!

“Child, you cannot remember what you’ve seen in my room!” With a child’s smile on his face, the Pope slowly used his magic to wipe Chikus’s recent memories.

Chikus’s eyes widened, as if by doing so he could remember the great secret he had seen today. But unfortunately…

“Eh? Why am I in the Sanctuary of Light? What was I about to do just now?”

Chikus scratched his head. He looked to his left and right, but saw no people. What am I standing here for…? Suddenly, he had a revelation.

“That’s right! I was going to kick Grisia’s door! How could I forget that? Whatever! I’m going to kick it now! It will definitely be lots of fun! I wonder what secrets Grisia is hiding? Heeheehee…”

“…” Furious, Grisia yelled, “Chikus Blaze, did I owe you something in my past life? You’re dead, this time you’re really dead! If I don’t make you so busy that you don’t have the time to even kick a single door, then my name is not Grisia!3


1 “Past life… this life”: Refers to the concept of reincarnation.

2Every family has a troublesome little knight”: ‘家家有个难搞的小骑士’ (pinyin: jiā jiā yǒu gè nán gǎo dè xiǎo qǐ shì). This is a pun on the Chinese saying, ‘every family has their difficulties’, or ‘家家有本难念的经’ (pinyin: jiā jiā yǒu běn nán niàn de jīng, lit. ‘every family has a text which is unpleasant to read’).

3 “…then my name is not Grisia!”: In Chinese, people often declare that if they can’t manage to do something, they’ll turn their name upside down and write it that way (the equivalent of writing a name backwards). Essentially, they mean that they won’t be worthy of their name.

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